John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

American Thinker: Opinion: Selyn Duke: 'Libertarian Folly'- Why Everybody is a Social-Issues Voter

Source: American Thinker: Opinion- Selyn Duke: Libertarian Folly: Why Everybody is a Social-issues Voter

At some point the Republican Party at least the leadership and establishment are going to have to figure out if they believe in individual freedom which is the freedom for individuals to live individually, (make sense don't it) the freedom of self-determination and be able to make your own decisions in life, or do they just like talking about individual freedom to try to convince Independents that is what they believe. As they are working to get government more involved in our personal affairs and have less freedom.

Because Americans more and more everyday are deciding that they truly want individual freedom both economic and personal and not have government interfering into our lives and instead limit government to doing what we need it to do for us. Which gets to things like protecting the innocent from predators who would hurt the innocent. Financing infrastructure and making sure that everyone has a shot at getting themselves a good education and a few other things. But what limited government is truly about.

And if Republicans decide to sound like politicians and say what they want people to hear, but govern the way they want to and those things are different than they will continue to lose voters in this country. Especially young Americans and minorities as big government becomes even less unpopular in this country from either an economic or personal perspective. And the Republican Party will be left to only their rural Anglo-Saxon Protestant male base as everyone else are either Democrats or Independents living where most of the country lives in urban and suburban America.

That is my larger point. To Selyn Duke's article in the American Thinker today as far as what he wrote. He made the classic mistake that people on the fringe either Right or Left do. Which is taking political beliefs to the extreme to make them look like something that they aren't. He compared people who believe in legalizing same-sex-marriage as people "who must believe in pedophilia as well". As if there is any real or solid movement in America that believes pedophilia is a good thing to begin with and should be legalize. Or that "if you believe in personal choice you believe the KKK has a right to commit terrorists acts." Its the KKK's choice to do those things right?

Personal choice is not the right to hurt innocent people as much as Neoconservatives and the Christian Right claims that it is. Personal choice is exactly that, personal the ability to make their own decisions regarding their own lives. Not the right to infringe on others freedom. Whether it is theft, robbery, assault, murder, rape go down the line. Personal choice is a big part of individual freedom and Republicans are going to have to figure out if they really believe in individual freedom or not. And if they decide they don't, they put their party in serious jeopardy with a lot of the country.

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