John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Friday, August 22, 2014

The LBJ Library: President Lyndon Johnson- Meeting with Governor George C. Wallace (3/13/1965)

Source:The LBJ Library- President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat, Texas) talking about his meeting with Governor George C. Wallace (Democrat, Alabama) in 1965.

"President Johnson's Meeting with Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, March 13, 1965. Index terms: Civil Rights; Speeches; Press Conferences; George C. Wallace; Selma, AL; Voting Rights LBJ Library video MP 538 donated by CBS. No usage fees. Footage shown here was a gift from CBS for the LBJ Library. They are pool coverage of live presidential addresses and are not copyrighted.  The Library has made them available (excluding any network commentary) for decades without incident." 

From The LBJ Library

Lyndon Johnson vs. George C. Wallace was a mismatch at least when it came to persuasion. Because Governor Wallace was a master at propaganda and touting his own, well excuse my French, but bullshit. Even though I doubt he believed his own bullshit, but instead use it to hold power. 

But LBJ wasn't someone you bullshitted without any response and LBJ would cut people off if they knew they were simply wrong. And tell them: "Don't shit me! We both know better." And tell them what is actually going on and ask them: "What you intend to do about it?"

What I believe happened here during this conversation between President Johnson and Governor Wallace at least according to the LBJ tapes, was the Governor trying to convince the President that he was limited in what he can do to see that everyone in Alabama can vote. Because he governed his own administration, but not all of the local governments in Alabama. 

And what the President said was: "Don't shit me, George! We both know who has the power in Alabama and that person is you. Now are you going to enforce the civil rights laws down there or, am I going to do that for you?" This according to President Johnson's speechwriter Richard Goodwin. 

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