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Sunday, December 21, 2014

John Fun: Video: The Tyrone Power and Lana Turner Love Affair, The Man That Got Away

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I don’t know much about Tyrone Power at all and I’m just starting to learn about Lana Turner from her movies and a little documentary footage I’ve seen from her. But from what I’ve seen in this video and what the documentary footage I’ve seen of her so far, this doesn’t seem that surprising to me. Because Lana lived the life of a lot of the characters that she played. A very talented person professionally, but someone with serious issues at home. Some who lived a wild life, with not a lot of discipline and someone prone to controversy and getting into trouble.

So to see why someone as important and successful as Tyrone Power not wanting to marry someone as hot, adorable, sexy and talented as Lana Turner, is not that surprising to me. Especially if Power was a man of discipline and self-worth and someone who knew what was best for him and rational. But again other than knowing that Tyrone Power was a successful person in Hollywood, I don’t know much about how he lived his life and what he did for Hollywood.
Lana Turner

Archilochus Lgn: Video: The Dick Cavett Show: Jack Benny in 1973

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I can speak freely about Jack Benny’s famous “I’m always 39″ joke, because I’m actually 39 right now. I have a birth certificate to prove it, that says I was actually born in 1975. Exactly when in 1975, I was born, you have to know me well enough and I have to trust you in order for you to find out. But I would hate to be 39 the rest of my life. Why, because that would mean I would die sometime between now and I next birthday. Imagine having less than a year to live, with still so much you want to do and simply not enough time to accomplish those things before you die.

And as far as aging and this might sound corny. (Gee I hope not) But age is really just a number, seriously, it really is. We now have Americans who are healthy and working and their seventies and eighties. And not all of them are still working because they forgot to save for their retirement, (Gee, it just slipped my mind) or their 401K’s were flushed down the toilet, hopefully accidentally, but because they don’t want to play golf everyday. And even though they love their grandkids, they are glad their kids are already grown up and have moved out. Ao they don’t have to spend so much time with their kids.

We have older Americans in age, who still want to work and are still damn good at their jobs and still very productive. And why are they, because they bothered to take the time to take care of the one person they have the most control over, which is themselves. If you live well, you’ll live well, because you take care of yourself, which allows for you to enjoy life for a very long time. And it gives you a lot more choices as far as what you can do in your senior years. Just relax and enjoy yourself, or do those things as well, but do something else you also enjoy which is working and producing.
Jack Benny

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Classic MLB 11: Video: ABC Sports: MLB-1985-MNB-Detroit Tigers @ Baltimore Orioles: Highlights

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Interesting matchup between two non-contending AL East teams in 1985. The Detroit Tigers finished in third place, but fifteen games out of first. And the Orioles finished fourth sixteen games out of first. But the AL East was deep in 1985, with four teams, the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Tigers and Orioles all having winning seasons. And the Boston Red Sox were a 500 club that year. So it wasn’t like the Tigers and Orioles had bad years in 85, it was just that the Blue Jays and Yankees were both very good. And had their been a wildcard back then, both the Jays and Yanks would’ve made the AL Playoffs.

The Orioles were in transition in 85 especially as it relates to their pitching with Jim Palmer retiring after the 84 season. They were still good enough to be a winning team, but no longer a serious contender for the AL East. Their pitching wasn’t nearly as good as it was in the early 1980s and 1970s. And became a power hitting team that needed big offensive games to win. The Tigers won the MLB World Series in 1984 and were still good enough to contend in 85. But they slipped back as the Blue Jays and Yankees finished first and second.
Baltimore Memorial Stadium

Michael Svat: Video: Karen McCullough, "Generation Y's Self-Esteem is Higher Than Talent"

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I agree with Karen McCullough on actually everything here, which isn’t saying much, but that just might be because this video is only about three-minutes. In case you were thinking I was taking a shot at her. But you want to know why Americans are stereotyped as stupid around the world? I’ll tell you anyway and give you one reason. We have this generation of young Americans, somewhere around seventy-million people who know a lot about stuff that just isn’t that damn important. And not a hell of a lot about things that are actually important. That effect their pocketbooks and who is leading their city, state, country, who represents them in Congress and so-forth.

Another reason why Americans get stereotyped as stupid, is because Valley Culture was rescued from the dead where it still belongs that died in the late 1980s or so, that the Millennial Generation brought back to life in the late 1990s. Thanks to Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson and later on Miley Cyrus and I’m sure several other people all from this same generation. Valley people are experts on technology, tabloid and celebrity news, but lets face it, dipshits about things that are actually important. Sally and Brett could both tell you what is Paris Hilton’s favorite thing to eat for lunch and which current jail she’s residing in. But couldn’t tell you who the mayor of their city or governor of their state is to save their lives.

Sally and Brett were also the two first people to buy the latest iPhone and iPad when it came out and bought them just after midnight. Because they camped out at the Apple Store a week straight. None of these things add up to people who are very bright. I don’t know of a generation that thinks more of themselves and is worth less than the Millennial Generation. They are drowning in college debt and have a hard time just finding a job, but at least they all have the latest computers, smart phones and iPad’s and are all experts on celebrity culture. So not a completely lost generation, at least not yet.

BFI Trailers: Video: The Bad and The Beautiful 1952 Trailer: A Look at Hollywood Life

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I’ve seen The Bad and The Beautiful I guess five times now and it is a very good look inside the lives of Hollywood workers. The life of the star actress Lana Turner, who has a very complicated life and is a very complicated person in general. Just like in real life and you have the up incoming producer played by Kirk Douglas. The up incoming director played by Barry Sullivan and the studio boss played by Walter Pidgeon. As well as a successful author played by Dick Powell, who is brought in to write for movies and becomes a screenwriter.

What all of these characters have in common, including Kirk Douglas, character Jonathan Shields is that they all get screwed by Jon Shields. Or used to put it in a lighter way, but they are all taken advantage of to the point that it puts Shields out of business and he has to start over. Shields jacks Fred’s movie script played by Barry Sullivan, which obviously breaks up their partnership. Shields makes a big star out of the Lana Turner character and makes her believe he’s in love with her. When he’s actually involved with another women, who I guess is next on his list for stardom.

The Jon Shields character played by Kirk Douglas, is basically a charming prick who is talented, but is lacking character, experience and perhaps even judgement to be a big star. At least he’s not ready yet and ends up using talented people to further advance his career. And you see that the people he use are able to bounce back and do better without Shields, while Shields at the end is just struggling to work his way back to where he was before. It is a very good movie about how movies are made in Hollywood.
The Bad and The Beautiful

Fatal Ish: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1978-Los Angeles Lakers @ Washington Wizards: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Highlights

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Interesting video about Kareem, considering that the Bullets won this game and the Lakers lost. But the person who did the video decides to show Kareem’s highlights in this game. But again in this video, you see how great a player that Kareem was. Not just as a scorer in the post, but the great defensive player and rebounder that he was. And how big, tall and strong that he was. Where you got a tank in Bullets center Wes Unseld, who was built like a defensive lineman. And yet Kareem was consistently getting great position against Big Wes in the post.

This game is one of those deals that the other team’s great player can have a big game. As long as we win the game and Kareem’s teammates aren’t killing us as well. What you see here is the Bullets without a traditional center anyway. The Bullets tallest player at least in their starting lineup was Elvin Hays. A 6’9 strong power forward, but a power forward and someone who didn’t play center as their first position. But would play center to give Wes Unseld a break. Unseld was the Bullets center and a great defender, rebounder and passer, but he was 6’6 maybe 6’7. Sort of like the Charles Barkley of the center position size wise. And Kareem could easily shoot over both Bullets big men.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lee Grossman: Video: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: Best of Michelle Bachmann Fails

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Just to state a fact here and hopefully not my only one in this post, it is kind of funny to hear from Rachel Maddow and really anyone on MSNBC talk other than maybe Larry O’Donnell and Ed Schultz, talk about the lack of facts coming from really anyone, including Michelle Bachmann. Who at least in the Representative’s case, she has a following, unlike MSNBC. To correct Rachel Maddow, Representative Bachmann only serves in the House. So she doesn’t sit on the Intelligence Committee in Congress, but on the House Intelligence Committee, which is bad enough. And also to correct Rachel Maddow, Representative Bachmann wasn’t appointed by the Congressional Republican Leadership to the Intelligence Committee. Just by the House Republican Leadership. Since Representative Bachmann only serves in the House and not the Senate as well.
So how about my greatest hit of the distinguished Representative from Minnesota who hopefully for the rest of the country, not including comedians and bloggers on both sides if the aisle, will be spending a lot more time back on the Frozen Tundra next year as she departs the House of Representatives at the end of the 113th Congress.

I think number one has to be which was in her 2011 presidential campaign announcement speech about saying that “same-sex marriage being the number one threat to national security”. I don’t know this as fact, but I believed she included pornography in that speech as well and said both pornography and same-sex marriage are our number one threats to national security.

You know, you would think someone who serves on one of the intelligence committees in Congress, not the Congressional Intelligence Committee in Congress, (to take another jab at Rachel Maddow) would be getting briefings and, gee I don’t know intelligence, (I know wild idea) about what are truly the national security threats to America. And hear things like North Korea, Islamic Republic of Iran and their state-sponsorship of terrorism, Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Syria, that also occupies part of Northern Iraq. And think, “gee perhaps these states and groups are real threats to American national security”. And same-sex marriage and pornography, which would never even come up in a House Intelligence Committee hearing at all for no reason whatsoever. Well because they have nothing to do with national security.

I’ve never viewed President George W. Bush as a dumb man. Well at least not post-9/11, because at that point at least I thought President Bush was up to the job at least when it came to national security and foreign policy. And it looked like when, even including Vice President Dick Cheney, that the President was in good hands with a good team around him. Even with the Iraq debacle, I saw him as unqualified, sure, but not stupid which are two different things. But I could easily see why others viewed him that way with his horrible habit of saying things that are simply false. But whether you think G.W. Bush is a bright guy or has bricks for brains (to put it lightly) the man looks like an English professor at Harvard in comparison to Michelle Bachmann.

Whether Michelle Bachmann needs to be institutionalized, or under some therapy for some mental handicapped she’s suffering from, or simply an asshole who specializes on speaking out of her ass, which could be said by a lot of people in Congress both House and Senate, there isn’t an easier person to make fun of in Congress than Representative Bachmann. And yes I have to admit, as a blogger and political satirist myself, I’m going to miss her for those reasons alone. Plus, she’s so damn cute and funny both intentionally and unintentionally. Intentionally when she’s not going off on Democrats with nothing more than a bucket of spit. That I hope she keeps herself in the public eye in the future. Just as a private citizen, perhaps as a political satirist, columnist, blogger, radio talk show host. All jobs she’s actually qualified for, unlike her current one.
Michelle Bachmann