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The Boxing History: Video: ESPN Films, Muhammad vs. Larry: Muhammad Ali, the God of Boxing

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on Blogger, May, 2013

Imagine being a man whose about the closest thing to God that an athlete has ever been. You have both great physical strength and intelligence and you are the best that ever was and is and will be at what you do. You would feel pretty powerful like you can’t do anything wrong. Perhaps feeling invincible. 

I mean think about it, that is the career of Muhammad Ali a man whose boxing career starts in the 1960s a product of the Vietnam Generation who get’s drafted into a war that most of his generation was against, who get’s drafted into it, who refuses to serve in the war, who wins his court case and loses not just his World Heavyweight Championship when he was clearly the best heavyweight in the world. 

But Muhammad also loses his boxing license as well. Who get’s reinstated and get’s an opportunity to retain his world championship against another great heavyweight in Joe Frazier, who wins his rematch and then wins his title back against the strongest heavyweight of this generation in George Foreman. Now Muhammad is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion on top of the world for the second time in ten years.

Then Muhammad loses his title again to Ken Norton I believe in 1976, but wins it back against Leon Spinks after Spinks beat him in the first fight. Easily one of the biggest upsets in boxing history, but before that in 1975 wins the Thrilla in Manilla against Joe Frazier. Wins a fight where both he and Joe Frazier were lucky just to survive that fight, let alone win or lose it. 
That should’ve been the fight where both Muhammad and Smokin Joe retires because they took so much punishment in that fight that they were never the same and have been both paying the price for it physically ever since. But you are Muhammad Ali, you are essentially the God of boxing who can’t be stopped and not face any challenge, but overcome it. 
And after the last Frazier fight in 1975, from that point until 1980 with the Larry Holmes fight, Muhammad wins the World Heavyweight Championship for a third time which was a record then and now feels like he can probably do anything even beat the best heavyweight in the world when in Larry Holmes. When in reality Muhammad needed to be ten years younger probably or at least pre- Frazier III fight to beat Larry Holmes.
The reason why this fight happened at all all, was for one the money of course for both fighters and everyone around them. But because Muhammad was someone who thought no challenge was out of his reach and that he was still on top of the world. Because of the incredible career that he had that no heavyweight had before or since as far as success. When the reality was instead that Muhammad was also human and not invincible and someone who took a fight that he had no business being in. And took a hell of a beating as a result. 

Gary Johnson: Video: MSNBC's Alex Witt Interviews Gary Johnson in 2012

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on WordPress, January, 2012

I don’t believe Gary Johnson is running for President, especially with the Libertarian Party because he believes he’ll be elected President of the United States in 2012. Or even have a good shot of being elected President. The LP simply doesn’t have the ballot access needed to win enough votes for their presidential candidate to be elected President. But that hopefully Gary Johnson is running for President especially for the LP, because he wants to get more attention and publicity for the Libertarian Party.  
And the broader Libertarian movement and put them on the map. And to tell voters especially Independent and Libertarian voters, that there are other choices out there, than just the Democratic and Republican parties. And that you don’t have to settle for Democrats or Republicans. Or left to vote for a third party candidate that has no shot of winning. And feel left to wonder if you threw your vote away. But to encourage Independents and Libertarians that are anti- big government and believe in individual liberty, to "check out the Libertarian Party and make their political home there.
The Libertarian Party is the largest third party in American politics. But thats not saying much, considering they still lack the political access to be a major threat to Democrats and Republicans. But if you look at the libertarian movement in the Republican Party with Ron Paul and the liberal movement in the Democratic Party, that are against things like the War on Drugs, Patriot Act, indefinite detention, Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, invading Iran, support legalizing marijuana, gambling, same-sex marriage and other things, there's a real movement for Libertarians.  
There’s enough voters out there for the LP, especially as young people tend to get more liberal and libertarian and tolerant as we move along as a society, that not this year and probably not by 2014, but within 10-20 years if the LP brings in these voters and recruits them to run for public office and recruits credible political candidates people that are actually qualified for the public offices that they are running for, something that the LP hasn’t always done, that the LP could become the official third party in America.
Gary Johnson’s Presidential Campaign is not about winning in 2012. But promoting the LP and broader Libertarian movement in American politics. And if they can get Ron Paul to drop the GOP and join the LP, they would have another credible candidate to join the cause. And build the LP to the point that it could take on Democrats and Republicans and actually win.

Shawns Girl: Video: Janet Jackson If, Scream & Rhythm Nation, From Sydney Australia

Just to speak very personally and frankly for a minute and then I'll go back to being a distant lier. Ha, ha, but checking out Janet Jackson up close and personal, which was the title of this album, feels like a great Christmas gift. With that voice, that body, her in those tight Levis black denim jeans, the boots, that belt, the tight black t-shirt, makes me want to get down on my knees and thank God I'm a man. Or at the very least get down on my knees and scream, yes!!! At the top of my lungs.

Janet is one of the cutest, sexiest, sweetest, singers and performers you'll ever see and she's still only like forty-eight years old. Obviously not a little girl anymore, just with a face that makes her as cute as a little girl. And then you throw in that she's a hell of a writer and singer who sings about her real life as a person and what is going on in the world around her. As attractive as she is. her professional talents as a dance, singer and writer or just as great.

Janet Jackson is not a one-hit wonder or a bimbo whose famous because of who her father is. And there are plenty of women and men who are and I'm sure you are already aware of this, unless you've grown up in Afghanistan or some place that is completely isolated from the world. There are plenty of people who are famous because of their parents. Janet comes from a great music family, but she's been as successful as she's been unlike some of her siblings because she's a great talented performer.

Alannah Myles Vevo: Video: Alannah Myles Official Black Velvet Video: One of the Top Rocker Chicks From the 1990s

I first saw Alannah Myles black velvet in late 1990 or early 1991 when I was a freshmen in high school. And I was blown away by the video. The blues rock sound was about as good as anything I've ever heard from Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen, my two favorite blues rock artists. I was also blown away about how sexy Alannah looked in the video. The concert footage of the video with her in that black leather motorcycle jacket and the black leather chaps over black denim jeans and the black leather biker boots. She looked like a classic rocker chick in the video and way rocker chicks should look.

VH1 played this video from when it came out in 1989-90, to early 1992 or so and the song did very well. But the thing that I've never understood about Alannah is how come her career isn't bigger. With that beautiful blues sounding voice that goes great with blues and classic rock and how well written Black Velvet was written. I'm not an expert on the music business obviously, but you would think those qualities and her beautiful sexy look, would've led to more opportunities.

Alannah Myles career to me at least is a "what could've had been". Because she is a talented writer and singer, but her career just quite hasn't taken off. Joan Jett who I do like, whose been in the business going on forty years now, is not as good as Alannah. They have slightly different sounds and Joan is more of punk rocker than Alannah. But Alannah has a better voice and has better music, but right now over twenty years later , she's basically a one hit wonder. She is known for Black Velvet and that is about it.

Tammy Rose: Video: Hot Biker Babes Take on the Boys

Professional career women and no not that kind of professional women that you might be thinking about, (stop thinking with your dick) but real professional women who have college degrees and are perhaps cops, teachers, doctors, construction workers, bankers and so-forth. Who work hard and are productive during the day and week. But also no how to have a good time at night. Beautiful sexy biker babes on the weekend and perhaps at night.

This is what sexy women look like and are. Not that all sexy women are biker women, but women who are intelligent and do not need to be sexy to make a good living. Do not need to work on a street corner trying to sell their bodies and satisfy their pimp. Or have to work at a strip club to make a good living, but real women  with real intelligence. Who also happen to be beautiful and sexy and are because they take care of themselves and know how to have a good time.

Mal Partisan: Video: O.A.R.: Liberalism, the Philosophy of Individual Rights & Freedom

I’m a Liberal and when I hear the term ‘Modern Liberal’ today it makes me a little angry. Because today’s so-called ‘Modern Liberals’ would be called Socialists in any other country. Because they have a collectivist view of society and believe that government should always be looking out for the society as a whole, even protecting people from themselves. Both an economic and personal point of view, instead of allowing the individual to make their own decisions. Today’s so-called ‘Modern Liberals’ are really collectivists or Democratic Statists if that makes any sense. Instead of Liberals or perhaps even Progressives.

When people hear the term Classical Liberal and they are pretty familiar with American politics, they tend to think of Libertarians, but the problem with that is that Libertarians tend to be anti-state and anti-government really all together. Liberals aren’t anti-government or even anti-Federal Government, but we are anti-big-government. We don’t want government trying to manage our own lives for us and invading our privacy. We want government doing the things that we can’t do for ourselves. And that isn’t practically everything for us and it is not practically nothing either.
If you read the Far-Left or what are called Progressive blogs and publications today and I read them online everyday, they have a role for government to do practically everything for us. They come short as far as nationalizing the entire economy, but would nationalize some industries and nationalize some things that state and local governments do as well. But liberalism or classical liberalism is not about a big state. But having a liberal amount of freedom as well as responsibility for the individual. 
Liberalism is a very pragmatic and mainstream political philosophy especially in America. Even though it would be viewed as pretty radical in most of the rest of the world. Canada, Germany and Switzerland would be exceptions. But it is about defending and expanding freedom for the individual and seeing that we all have freedom over our own lives until we hurt innocent people and that is when our freedom would be taken away. But that all of us have the opportunities that we need to live in freedom. Creating an opportunity society for everyone.
Classical Liberal
Classical Liberal

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Malcolm X Network: Video: Muhammad Ali: "Why I Refused to Go to Vietnam

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on WordPress, May, 2013

One thing that I respect about Muhammad Ali is that no one pushed him around for the most part. Except for Don King perhaps with all the money he screwed Muhammad out of as his promoter in the 1970s. And Muhammad perhaps the most famous athlete in the world not just in the United States in the 1960s. Who was at the heart of the American civil rights movement because of his race. 

But also because of Muhammad's intelligence and the attention that he could bring to himself and because of how honest he was and wasn’t nice to the American establishment no matter the race. And always said exactly what was on his mind so when he said he was against the Vietnam War in the mid 1960s. Like most people in his generation and was not going to fight against a country that never harmed him. Or denied him his freedom and constitutional rights because of his race and his complexion to fight against a country that never hurt him.
Muhammad wasn’t going to fight for a country that was trying to hold him down and when he said "I’m not going to fight for a country that’s been trying to hold me down, because of my race to fight against a country that never called me Nigger". And so-forth and he was being honest and serious. Muhammad was the Malcolm X of professional sports as far as someone who knew American history and the state of the African-American community. 
And what African-Americans were going through and wasn’t going to take trash from anyone and be pushed around. Just like Malcolm X even if it meant his life. Malcolm was assassinated something that Muhammad has avoided. Muhammad was going to live his own life and try to help people that he felt he could and make a positive difference where he could and because of his intelligence. And his personality that he wasn’t going to sacrifice his own freedom. And his own constitutional right to stand up for what he believed even if it meant getting his boxing career back. To fight for a cause that he believed was unjust.
What you see in this interview is Muhammad Ali being himself. And the interviewer bringing up for example all the money that not taking part in being drafted into the U.S. Army to fight in the Vietnam War and so-forth and losing his World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. And his boxing license and the millions of dollars that came with that and Muhammad saying that "yeah I could have that". But I’m not going to take it at the cost of my freedom. Muhammad Ali wasn’t going to be bought.