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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mariah Riley: 48 Hours Mystery-Vanity Fair Hollywood Scandal- Natalie Wood

Source: Mariah Riley- Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner-
Source: Mariah Riley: 48 Hours Mystery-Vanity Fair Hollywood Scandal- Natalie Wood

I don't see much of a mystery here and certainly no foul play, at least no evidence of any foul play. We know that Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, had a fight about Christopher Walken on their boat the night that Natalie drowned, but then they separated and went to different rooms on the boat. And Natalie for some reason by herself goes up on deck on their boat. We also know that they were both drunk and that Natalie not only couldn't swim, but was scared of water and didn't want to be in it.
Source: Vanity Fair- The death of Natalie Wood
So that might pose the question what was she doing up there and did someone force her to go up there. The problem with that is that she was drunk. Not that I know this from personal experience having never been drunk in my life, but from what I've seen with intoxication is that people don't think as well when they're drunk, as when they're sober. When you're drunk you just lost some braincells and the consequence of that is that you're not as sharp and aware of what's going on around you and you also don't have complete control of your movements.
Source: Alamy Stock Photo- Nat & RJ
You do and say silly things and perhaps eve stupid things when you're drunk. Walking around on the deck of a boat on a cold November evening even in Catalina California and getting close to the freezing water, would qualify as stupid. Especially in the dark and being there all by yourself. Especially when you can't swim and are afraid of the water, at least when you're sober.

This wasn't suicide or murder, but a woman who accidentally killed herself. Similar to a driver losing control of their car and being the only person in their car and crashing the car and dying instantly with no one else being there during the crash. Which happens with drunk driving accidents. This to me looks like a self-drowning accident. Perhaps the deck of the boat was wet and she was too close to the edge. Maybe she saw something and reached over to try to pick it up and lost control and fell in the water. With the other passengers on the boat away from her and no aware of what's going on.

I'm going off the available evidence that has been made public about this case that is now over 36 years old in late 1981. If someone wants me to believe something else, show me some actual evidence. Not a conspiracy theory and arguing well this happen or that happen and Robert Wagner really didn't love his wife and was jealous and saw this way to get back at Natalie because of her affection for Chris Walken. Even if that were true that still doesn't put Wagner with Natalie when she died or right before she died. Instead all you have is a decent fictional mystery story. Perhaps a tabloid story but nothing with anyway real evidence to it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Marmar: Ava Gardner Documentary- From a Southern Belle To a Hollywood Goddess

Source: Marmar- Hollywood Goddess Ava Gardner- 
Source: Marmar: Ava Gardner Documentary

The way I feel about Ava Gardner is similar to how I feel about Lauren Bacall. And I put both Ava and Lauren in the top class of both Hollywood actresses and Hollywood Goddesses of all-time and I'll explain what I mean about Hollywood Goddess later.
Source: Reporter At Large- Hollywood Goddess Ava Gardner, in The Killers
But there are actresses in Hollywood that become famous simply because they're famous. They've overly sexual and perhaps overly attractive as well and seem to need to be to be successful in life. Who are known for their personality and doing wild things, for using catch phrases that become famous and popular. Who fit imperfectly with the current pop culture scene and how people are acting and communicating. But aren't in Hollywood either on TV or in the movies because they're great actresses and highly intelligent. They get seen because of their appearance and their personality and become popular for those reasons.
Source: Philly Voice- Burt Lancaster & Ava Gardner, in The Killers 
With agents, producers, directors, and executives, thinking we can make a stars of these women simply because they're popular, even though they can't remember their lines and struggle at just showing up for work. But directors in Hollywood thinking they're worth the extra work and trouble, because of their popularity and makes shows and films that are passable as far as material and the work, but are known for the lead actresses appearance and personality. Not because of the work that was put into the production or professionalism of it. Lindsay Lohan comes to mind and you can probably name other actresses and actors light that yourself from every era.
Source: Classic Movie Chat- Ava Gardner & Artie Shaw
And then there are Hollywood Goddesses. Gorgeous women, who can be both little girl adorable and highly sexual but without overdoing it, but the most important thing once and if you can get pass their Goddess appearance is they're great entertainers. They have great personalities, but they're great actresses and entertainers as well. And they're all very funny and interesting and are just women you want to hang out with and get to know, because you'll never have a boring time with them. You can't stop looking at them or wanting to talk to them. That is where both Lauren Bacall and Ava Gardner come in and fit into. Great looking women, but also great entertainers as well.

They're prettier actresses than Ava Gardner. They're even cuter actresses than Ava Gardner. And they're sexier actresses than Ava Gardner. They're might even be better actresses than Ava Gardner. Extremely short list on the last two points when you're talking about a women with both great comedic timing and a great comedic wit in Ava Gardner, as well as great dramatic appeal and affect as well as Ava Gardner.

But similar to Sophia Loren, you'll have a hell of a time finding an actress who is prettier, cuter, sexier, more entertaining, smarter, and more honest, and funnier than Ava Gardner. She wasn't a total package, she was the total package, at least of her generation. Sophia Loren is better looking, sexier and prettier, but Ava, Lauren Bacall, and Rita Hayworth, are the Hollywood Goddesses of their generation. Incredibly stunning and adorable women, who are all great actresses. And it's just a damn shame that we couldn't get another 10-15 years of the great Ava Gardner.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Alfred Hitch Blog: Wemisse- Vertigo 1958: ‘I Need You To Be Madeline For a While’

Source: Alfred Hitch Blog- Kim Novak, under the Golden Gate Bridge-
Source: The New Democrat Plus

I saw North by Northwest for like the 200th time last night ( not that I’ve been counting ) because it’s my favorite movie and I hadn’t seen in about like an entire year and it has my favorite actor in Cary Grant, as well as my favorite director Alfred Hitchcock. I was just in the mood to see that movie again and watch Cary make a comedian of himself in every basic scene in the movie, with absolutely no direction from Hitch. The scene where he’s climbing out his hospital room and sneaking into another room from by going out his window into another window, is a perfect example of that. So I’m sort of in a Hitchcock mood, plus I love Kim Novak as well.

Source: Paste Magazine- Hollywood Goddess Kim Novak 
 Vertigo is not the perfect movie, but North by Northwest is, but Vertigo has a lot things in it that are perfect. Where the movie takes place and is shot which is San Francisco, which is at least arguably the best looking big city in America, if not the world. You couldn’t shoot a movie in a better looking big city than San Francisco. The director who I don’t need to mention. The two lead characters with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. Kim playing a woman who in many ways is a lot like herself. Sort of shy and lacking in self-confidence. Which is almost impossible to believe when you look at Kim Novak and then she’s also a very good if not great actress as well, because she’s so real and turns herself into the women she plays.

Source: WTOP Radio- Hollywood Goddess Kim Novak
To be familiar with ‘I want you to be Madeline for a while”, you have to be familiar with Vertigo itself. Which should go without saying, but it’s about a man who hires an old classmate of his who is a retired San Francisco police detective ( or inspector ) who is now in retirement completely and I guess living off of his pension, to essentially spy on his wife, because he believes she in some type of trouble. Or that’s what he tells Scottie ( played by Jimmy Stewart ) but really what this is about is Gavin Elster ( played by Tom Helmore ) playing Scottie for a fool and making him believe that Madeline ( played by Kim Novak ) is in love with him. And he falls in love with her and then she suddenly dies in the movie or that is what Gavin and Madeline want Scottie to believe. And he goes crazy and has a nervous breakdown and is not able to communicate at all and even does some time in a rest home to recover from his condition.

And then Madeline comes back, except that Madeline is now Judy Barton ( also played by Kim Novak ) and Scottie sees Judy who he believes strongly resembles Madeline at a store and Scottie is still in love with Madeline and decides he wants Judy to be Madeline and dress like Madeline and go to the same restaurants and places that Scottie and Madeline went to when they had their affair. Except that Judy is really Madeline Elster and she never actually died. She and her husband are just playing this scam on Scottie that he never figures out ( even though he’s a detective ) until the last scene in the movie. Where she actually does die for real.

If I had to do a scale for the best Hitchcock movies of all-time, Vertigo would be like number five. Alfred Hitchcock made a lot of films and made a lot of great films, but North by Northwest, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Dial M For Murder, Family Plot, are all better so Vertigo wouldn’t even be in my top five, but again Hitch made a lot of great movies, so number 6 is actually pretty good. But it had a great cast, great director, the writing is a little cheesy with grown men and women using words like darn with no sense that any of these people are very religious at all and there in San Francisco and in the late 1950s when moderate swearing in Hollywood movies was becoming somewhat noticeable. But it has am iterating plot and Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak, are both very entertaining by themselves and Kim is hot, sexy, and adorable enough to get met to watch her in anything that she does.
Source: The Monty An Drew: Vertigo 1958- 'I Want You To Be Madeline For a While'- Jimmy Stewart & Kim Novak

Friday, May 11, 2018

Vanity Fair: Bryan Burrough- The Miranda Obsession: The Story of Miranda Grosvenor

Source: Vanity Fair- Male friends of Miranda Grosvenor?
Source: Vanity Fair: Bryan Burrough- The Miranda Obsession

The only people who know who Miranda Grosvenor actually is, would be whoever Miranda is in real-life, the people who know her and perhaps Bryan Burrough himself, assuming she's been honest and forthcoming with her. To the rest of the world she's just Miranda Grosvenor and had I not been watching YouTube on my TV ( which you can do if you have Verizon FIOS ) looking at videos there doing research for future blog posts, I would have have no idea who she is either, because I would've never had heard of her.
Source: The Advocate- Miranda Grosvenor?
She's not a woman that even men who've had let's say phone relationships with her ( for lack of a better term ) how else do you describe people who only communicate through phone calls who never actually physically meet her, know who she really is and have I guess until Bryan Burrough did this story for Vanity Fair and Vanity Fair in conjunction did this documentary about the last days of actress Natalie Wood with a segment about this Miranda Grosvenor woman, no one else would know who she possibly is either, because she hasn't made it public who she is and the men she spoke to famous entertainment and in some cases political celebrities like Senator Ted Kennedy, haven't made there conversations public either. And have said they've spoken to this woman either.

I believe it was actor/comedian Buck Henry who said that probably every man wants to talk to a Miranda Grosvenor at some point. Someone who sounds sweet, sexy, intelligent, and interesting, with literally no strings attached. Married men could communicate this way with her because they're literally not cheating by doing this. All these guys were doing was sharing their personal thoughts and being entertained by a woman whose name they don't even know and have never even seen before even through photographs, let alone actually met. Where they're literally just free to be themselves and have nothing to lose, because they're probably never going to make these conversations public and Miranda or whoever she really is, doesn't want the conversations to be made public either.

I have some experience with online dating so I have some idea what these guys were going through talking to woman online and even over the phone, knowing they may never actually physically meet who they're talking to. I did have one advantage though which was I got to at least see photos of the women that I talked to. But I can see why guys would be intrigued by this especially if they're not married and currently single and perhaps looking for something different when it comes to romance and dating, perhaps coming off of a bad divorce or breakup. And perhaps thinking they might actually meet the woman they're talking to in person. Which is what at least one guy that she talked to wanted to do.
Source: Carrie Heffernan: Vanity Fair- Natalie Wood Investigation - Christopher Walken  & Natalie Wood

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Firing Line With William F. Buckley- U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater: The Future of Conservatism, From 1966

Source: Firing Line With William F. Buckley- Mr. Conservative, U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater, R, Arizona-
Source: Firing Line With William F. Buckley: U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater: The Future of Conservatism, From 1966

What I'm going to do with this piece is explain what conservatism is in the political sense which is conservatism at it's core and what it isn't. As well as other political factions that use the conservative label and call themselves Conservatives and believe they own the real conservatism. As well as other forms of conservatism like religious conservatism especially Christian Conservatism or cultural conservatism, ( if you prefer ) that might be conservative in a religious or cultural sense, but not in a governmental or constitutional sense.
Source: The National Review- Mr. Conservatives, William F. Buckley & Barry Goldwater 
Cultural or Religious-Conservatives, would like to see the government bigger in some areas, who take anti-conservative pro-statist position on amendment's like the First and Fourth Amendment's. And even would like to see the U.S. Constitution amended in some areas like as it relates to the First and Fourth Amendment's, since the U.S. Supreme Court have consistently ruled against them. Like in areas of speech as it relates to music and other forms of entertainment, pornography. Christian-Conservatives would like to see homosexuality outlawed and for that to happen they need to amend the Fourth Amendment to do that since the U.S. Supreme Court keeps ruling against their anti-homosexuality laws.
Source: Wikipedia- Mr. Conservative Barry Goldwater
When I'm talking about conservatism, I'm talking about it in a political, constitutional, and governmental sense. The role of government in America based on the U.S. Constitution. Not one's or others religious and cultural values and believe certain things should be illegal and legal, because of their religious and cultural values, not based on the U.S. Constitution and what the role of government is in a constitutional sense.
Source: Slide Player- William F. Buckley 
The American right-wing even before you get to racist groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and others are made into four ideological camps, at least as I see it.
Source: AZ Quotes- Mr. Conservative Barry Goldwater 

Conservative-Libertarians ( the real Conservatives ) the Barry Goldwater's of the world. People who I could call the political Conservatives who look at public policy and government through a constitutional sense, not a cultural or religious sense. Who don't believe their religious and cultural values are so superior over everyone else that their values should be the laws of the land, even if they're unconstitutional at least with how the Constitution currently reads.

Conservatives are pro-strong national defense, but believe in a limited defense. And don't believe America can govern and police the world by itself and want to invade other countries because they don't like who is current in charge of that country. Who believe in fiscal responsibility and that deficits and national debt actually do matter. ( Unlike the current Republican Congress and Administration )

Conservatives believe the U.S. Constitution and fiscal responsibility go together and that one way to keep deficits and the debt from going up is by limiting what government actually tries to do for the people. And doesn't increase government spending simply because they don't want to raise taxes or cut spending spending in other areas. And don't believe borrowing money to meet current political objectives is irresponsible. ( Unlike the current Republican Congress and Administration )

When an actual Conservative like a Barry Goldwater or a Senator Rand Paul or Senator Mike Lee, Senator Jeff Flake, Representative Justin Amash, Representative Adam Kingsinger, and other Republicans in Congress in both chambers, say they believe in individual freedom, you should believe them. They don't just believe in low taxation and regulations on the wealthy and business's, religious freedom for Christians, free speech for their political allies.

Conservatives believe in both economic and personal freedom. Believe both in property rights, as well as privacy rights, and free speech and not just political speech, but free speech broadly. That it's not the job of government to protect people from themselves, even if those actions offends Christian-Conservatives moral and religious values. That people should be free until they hurt innocent people with their freedom.

Conservative-Libertarians obviously don't represent the entire right-wing in America, just the Center-Right. You have Christian-Conservatives and you even have different factions in the Christian-Conservative movement. You have Christian-Conservatives who are hawkish on defense, believe in low taxation and regulation on business, believe in fiscal responsibility, but also believe that government can be useful and has a role in helping people who are struggling. Both in helping private charities through subsidies and grants, but also through public assistance programs. But who have big government statist positions on social issues. Like free speech as it relates to entertainment, but also sexuality, and other personal choice issues like alcohol and illegal narcotics.

And then there are the Christian-Nationalists or just plain American Nationalists in America, who are just as conservative as the Conservative-Libertarians on economic policy and national defense, but less interventionist and internationalist than the Conservative-Libertarians, But who are as Far-Right as big government on social and cultural issues. Who believe freedom of religion doesn't apply to Muslims and perhaps other non-Christians, to use as an example. Who believe the right to privacy doesn't exist and that homosexuality can be outlawed and you don't need warrants to pickup suspects, especially if they're suspected of terrorism.

Nationalists tend to have fascist leanings when it comes to the free press and that government can shut down media outlets that they see as Un-American. We're currently seeing this with how President Trump and his allies deal with media outlets that are critical of the Trump Administration and have reported negative information about President Trump and his Administration.

Nationalists tend to be anti-immigration, at least anti-non-European immigration and in some cases even anti-non-Northern-European immigration. This is basically the Phyllis Schlafly wing of the Republican Party. The best way to describe Nationalist Republicans, is Ron Paul on economic and foreign policy and Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee, the Christian Coalition on social policy. Pro-small government on economic policy, but pro-big government on social policy.

And there are the Neoconservatives on the Right, people who are actually fairly progressive on economic policy. Things like Welfare To Work from the mid 1990s is actually a very Progressive Republican idea. That we as a country should put low-income non-workers, who are currently on public assistance, to work and to school. So they can make a good life for themselves and no longer need public assistance at all. But Neoconservatives also gave us supply side economics from the late 1970s and early 1980s. That now three President's have put into law. President Reagan, President George W. Bush, and now President Trump. This idea that deep tax cuts for business's and wealthy individuals, pay for themselves. Which of course has never been proven to be true.

Neoconservatives also gave us the 2003 War in Iraq and have the belief that regimes that pose a threat not just to us or our allies, but to their own people, should be eliminated and that it's the job of America wipeout authoritarianism and authoritarian regimes, especially if they also fund terrorism. The George W. Bush Administration, is really the only neoconservative administration that we've seen in America.

Neoconservatives are also big believers in the public safety net, as long as it's used through conservative market principles and used to move people out of poverty and into the self-sufficiency. Welfare To Work is a perfect example of that. Neoconservatives also tend to be racially, ethically, and colorblind, pro-immigration. Things along with their approach to the safety net that I tend to respect. They also tend to be hawkish not just on defense but law enforcement as well and tend not to believe in civil liberties.

To ask what it means to be a Conservative, I almost have to answer that with a question. Are you talking about Constitutional Conservatives, ( the Conservative-Libertarians ) are you talking about Christian-Conservatives who look at public policy and cultural sense through a a conservative religious fundamentalist vantage point, are you talking about Neoconservatives who in some cases actually sound very progressive like as it relates to public assistance?

When I think of Conservatives, I think of political Conservatives who are strict believers in limited government based on the U.S. Constitution ( Conservative-Libertarians, if you will ) people who believe in conserving our Constitution and individual rights. Not forcing their religious and cultural values on the rest of the country through the force of law. People who judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, or their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexuality.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Vanity Fair: Natalie Wood's- Fatal Voyage

Source: Vanity Fair- Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood-
I'm only going to make one reference between the death of Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood here, which is how they died. Marilyn at least from the best evidence I believe anyone has ever seen and at least has made public, killed herself but accidentally. She didn't want to die that night in August of 1962 even if she was feeling depressed. But she drank too much and was overly medicated, because she had a history of depression and even mental unbalance.
Source: Yahoo- RJ & Nat
Natalie didn't want to die in November of 1981 either and had no history of mental illness or even depression. But she was drunk when she died, couldn't swim, was on a boat, was way too close to the water, just had a major argument with her husband Robert Wagner, and probably slipped and fell into the cold water. Where again she's drunk and couldn't swim even when she was sober let alone drunk.
Source: CNN- Hollywood Baby Goddess Natalie Wood
Robert Wagner making a bad decision here thinking the only thing that happened was that she fell into the water and even though she's drunk, he believed that she could get herself out of the water. And did this to teach her a lesson which is don't get involved with other men including Christopher Walken. He was jealous of the guess friendship that Natalie had with Chris Walken. But there is no actual real evidence that RJ personally killed his little, adorable, little girl like even, beautiful wife Natalie Wood.

And if someone wants me to believe otherwise, show me some actual real evidence. At the very least show me a witness even a drunk one that Wagner pushed his wife into the water and watched her drown and did nothing to rescue her. Or got into the water and personally drowned her himself. You're not going to be able to do that because Wagner wasn't on the deck when she drowned in the water.
Source: Buzz Feed Blue: The Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood- Hollywood Baby Goddess Natalie Wood

Monday, May 7, 2018

The New Republic: Opinion- Win McCormack: 'Are You Progressive'- Differences Between Progressive, Socialist & Liberal

Source: The New Republic- Progressive Era-
Source: The New Republic: Opinion- Win McCormack: 'Are You Progressive?'

Before I offer you my own personal definition of progressive and progressivism and there really isn't any official of progressive and progressivism unlike liberal and liberalism, or conservative and conservatism, I want to lay out what progressive and progressivism isn't. Even if others believe their so-called progressive values are the real progressive values. And people who disagree with those values are regressive or right-wingers.
Source: The Slide Player- Theodore Roosevelt, Progressive Republican 
Progressives aren't Liberals and they're not Socialists either. Progressives and Liberals, share similar values, but Progressives also share similar values with Conservatives, which I'll explain later. You can be a Liberal and believe that people who are down should be able to get help from to help them sustain themselves in their time of need ( for lack of a better phrase ) and to help them get back up. And you can be a Progressive who believes in free speech, the right to privacy, personal freedom generally, but who isn't a Liberal more broadly.

And just as important, Progressives aren't Socialists ( democratic or communist ) and Socialists aren't Progressives. In many cases the opposite is very clear. One of the most if not most regressive ( anti-progressive ) political philosophies in the world is communism. ( For all you young hipsters who think Communists are cool and communism is cool and wear Che Guevara t-shirts ) When it comes to Democratic Socialists, similar to Liberals, Democratic Socialists share similar goals and in some cases values. The belief in a minimum wage, the right for workers to organize, health care for everyone, that poverty should be addressed, etc. But tend to differ in how to accomplish those goals and don't have a big centralized welfare state tax hike solution, to accomplishing all those goals.

Again, about what progressive isn't, you can be a man-hating, anti-Caucasian, Che Guevara and The Weather Underground loving, radical feminist Marxist-Socialist, or just a Socialist but not a Marxist with those other political characteristics. Who believes individualism and property rights are selfish and capitalism and private enterprise is racist, and personal freedom and free speech are dangerous, or you can be a Progressive. Who is forward looking and believes that progress can be obtained through government action, but isn't looking to destroy or takeover the American Federal form of government with checks and balances and replace it with a  socialist government. But you can't be a Progressive and a Socialist-Communist. They don't go together and tend to be at odds with each other. Progressives believe in progress through government action. Socialists and Communists, believe in collectivism, whether it's democratic or communist.

So what is progressive, what are Progressives and what is progressivism? I actually know the answers to these questions, otherwise writing this piece would be a waste of my time.

As I briefly hit on before in the last paragraph Progressives believe not only in progress, but that progress can be obtained through government action. Doesn't have to be the Federal Government necessarily, we live in a federal republic with a federalist form of government. Which means the states and localities have a role in addressing a lot of these domestic issues. Also doesn't mean that the Federal Government doesn't have any role in addressing issues and problems in the country. Again, Progressives are different from Socialists, but also different from Conservative-Libertarians.

One thing that I like and respect about progressivism is how non-ideological and pragmatic it is. Barack Obama should really be the modern spokesperson and father for what progressivism really is in America, because of how pragmatic he was as President.

Progressives like to solve problems in American society. They're not looking to nationalize this or that, or restrict this current freedom or take that one away and make the country more collectivist.

And this is true going back to the Progressive Era ( which actually was progressive ) to the New Deal of the 1930s, the Dwight Eisenhower Progressive Republican Administration of the 1950s, where President Eisenhower successfully addressed civil rights in America with school desegregation and gave us along with Congress our national infrastructure system. Or the Great Society of the 1960s, as well as smaller but important accomplishments of President Richard Nixon dealing with the environment, President Carter with energy independence, President George H.W. Bush with civil rights, President Clinton with family and medial leave, President Obama with health care. Which I believe is just as important as anything from the New Deal, if not more important.

The first word in progressive is progress and the second word is ive. Maybe someone will someday define ive for me, ( ha, ha) but nowhere in the word do you see socialist, collectivist, communist, feminist, or even liberal. Our most Progressive President's have been our most anti-authoritarian and anti-communist President's. Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Barack Obama even with his major campaign against Islamism and ISIS.

I mentioned earlier ( feels like yesterday at this point ) that I would show you something that Progressives and Conservatives have in common. ( Mission impossible to believe, right ) Well, I just did that with the President's that I just mentioned. The belief in that America has to be both strong at home as well as abroad. That liberal democracy is a great thing that needs to be defended and supported and that authoritarianism whatever the philosophy, needs to fought and defeated. As well as limited government and fiscal responsibility. Before President Bill Clinton, the last American President to have a balanced budget, was President Lyndon Johnson. something to think about when you're looking at political philosophy and labels.

There's been a lot of discussion the last few years, more like going back to the start of the Obama presidency, about what's the difference between Liberals and Progressives, or are they the same thing and what's the difference between Liberals and Socialists, or Socialists and Progressives, are they the same things. Senator Bernie Sanders, has been labeled as all three or that he's all three. Which is not true because he's a Democratic Socialist and a proud one at that.

When you think of Socialist, think of socialism democratic or communist depending on the person. When you think of Liberal, think of liberalism which is about liberal democracy. When you think of Progressive, think of progressivism through government action, but in a limited form. Not government trying to do everything for everybody and trying to run people's lives for them. Which if anything is actually regressive with all the individualism and freedom that people would lose as a result.
Source: Learn Liberty: Progressivism & The New Deal