Friday, June 21, 2024

Boris Sanchez: 'Steve Bannon Makes Longshot Request to Supreme Court to Avoid Prison'

Source:CNN talking about convicted felon & soon to be prison inmate Steve Bannon.

"Steve Bannon, a conservative podcast host and former strategist for Donald Trump, asked the Supreme Court to pause his prison sentence while he appeals his conviction for contempt of Congress. Bannon’s former attorney David Schoen weighs in." 

From CNN

"Who can use executive privilege?

Executive privilege must be invoked by the President but can be used to cover the President, Vice President, and other members of the executive branch. Members of the executive branch can include advisors to the President, cabinet members, and perhaps executive agencies.

What are the limitations of executive privilege?
The right to use executive privilege is not absolute. The privilege is qualified and once it is claimed there is a presumption of privilege. Congress or the party in court seeking the documents must show that the material is essential to justice in the case." 

As my colleague Rik Schneider wrote about this 2 weeks ago: 

"So Steve Bannon's defense here is basically: "President Donald Trump claimed executive privilege on the conversations that I had with him about Jan. 6. That's why I din't comply with the House subpoena to speak in front of their Jan. 6 committee." 

The big problem that he has here (and I'm not a lawyer) and you can see why he keeps losing his appeals, is that Steve Bannon in January, 2021, didn't work for The White House or any part of the Trump Administration. Donald Trump fired him in the summer of 2017. 

Mr. Bannon was just a private citizen during the entire presidential election season of 2020 and the transition period from November, 2020 when Joe Biden was elected President of the United States, defeating President Trump, till the day that President Trump's term expired and Joe Biden becomes President Joe Biden. And the Jan. 6 insurrection attempt happened 2 weeks before Mr. Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, succeeding President Trump." 

I think perhaps the other major, character flaw that Donald Trump has, other than being a dictatorial narcissist who believes that he's above the law, is that he had a bad habit of talking about illegal acts and perhaps committing illegal acts, or having people commit illegal acts for him, with people who didn't actually work for him. Meaning people who don't have executive privilege. And that's probably because most of the people he hired as President of the United States, weren't willing to go to prison for him. I guess Peter Navarro is the exception to that.

Once again, I'm not a lawyer, but if you look at the Steve Bannon case here, that's why he keeps losing. He was subpoenaed by the U.S. House of Representatives to testify in front of the January 6 Committee and refused to even show up. As former Trump White House advisor Sarah Matthews told CNN a couple weeks ago, had he just shown up and plead the 5th to everything that they asked him, he's not looking at prison right now. 

His case has 2 weaknesses: 

He was a private citizen when the conversations that he had with President Trump happened, that the House was interested in. 

And executive privilege doesn't apply to criminal acts. The House wasn't interested in what Mr. Bannon was telling the President about economic policy or anything else relating to government policy. But their discussions relating to their attempts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. He has no privilege here. 

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Jesse Dollemore: 'Republicans Send Out Their MOST IMMORAL to Defend 10 Commandments in Classrooms!!!'

Source:Jesse Dollemore talking about MAGA and the 10 Commandments. They really should actually learn about the TTC (as Donald J. Trump calls them) before they preach about them. Just to make sure (if for no other reason) that they actually believe what they're saying. Because 1 of the 10 Commandants is:"Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor"

"Jesse talks about the hilarious hypocrisy of sending Donald Trump and Lauren Boebert, of all people, to defend the law in Louisiana, which requires that the King James version of the Ten Commandments be placed in clear view of all students in every public school across the state."

1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
2. You shall not make idols.
3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5. Honor your father and your mother.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet.

As my colleague Rik Schneider said on Threads today: 

"Name 1 of the 10 Commandants that Real Donald Trump actually believes in. You have the rest of his life to come up with 1." 

As a lot of the opposition to MAGA has pointed out going back to 2017, including a lot of people on the center-right in America, like this blog, but The Bulwark, and a lot of of center-right commentators, Donald Trump's MAGA movement is a political cult. 

MAGA is not a political faction, or a religious movement, or even a theocratic political movement, this is a political cult. They get up everyday (when when they're hungover, which I'm sure is not a rare occurrence) dreaming up new lies, new trash, that they can dump on their own movement and he country, just to advance their cult. And sell it like they're testifying under oath, or to Jesus Christ himself.

And MAGA sends out the Lauren Boebert's of the world to talk about and promote genuine, Christian values, that they don't believe in. 

Lauren Boebert's son is about to become a convicted felon because apparently he broke the 8th Commandment by becoming a thief. I guess his parents didn't teach them that Commandment. 

Their cult leader breaks most of the 10 Commandments everyday. 

Steve Bannon is headed to prison in 3 weeks because he's in contempt of Congress, because he refused to even sit down with the House January 6 Committee in 2022. 

And these are the folks that they have going out there on TV and on their podcasts preaching about the need for morality in America. It's like hearing a pro-life speech from a serial murderer who is about to be executed: "I found Jesus on Death Row" 

And not to take another shot at Louisiana, but they put themselves in the national MAGA spotlight with this. I mean a state that ranks 47th in education, feels the need to post the 10 Commandments in all of their schools. I mean a lot of their own students probably can't even read the 10 Commandments. So what could they possibly learn from them? 

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Tim Miller & Adam Kinzinger: 'Yes, Donald Trump is Dumb & Erratic As Hell'

Source:The Bulwark talking about Donald J. Trump's political cult.

"Felon 45 didn't even really like being president and no one is taking his ludicrous tariff plan seriously, but Republicans can't stop tripping over each other to show him their fealty. Plus, Putin's desperate trip to North Korea, Netanyahu shows his ingratitude to Biden, the national debt keeps growing, and Trump's fond memories for his glory days on The Apprentice." 

Donald Trump talking about dead people voting in 2021. You'll understand why I'm sharing this later in this post: 

"With CNN and other media outlets including Fox News having called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump and his allies continue to argue the results were somehow fraudulent.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign claimed that the identities of four deceased people were used to vote in Georgia.

The campaign tweeted out the names of the four deceased former residents of Georgia, claiming that a ballot was cast in each one's name in the 2020 election. The campaign also put out a news release that day with the same allegations, which were repeated later that evening on Fox News by host Tucker Carlson." 

From CNN 

From what my colleague Fred Schneider wrote about this story yesterday: 

"But even with what I just said, you don't have to take Ramin Seodeh's word or anyone else word about Donald Trump's mental decline. Just look at and of his recent interviews, where you have his professional bootlickers (to be kind) like Sean Hannity or Dr. Phil McGraw, try to prop him up, so he doesn't sound crazy and out of the mainstream. 

Or, just look at any of DJT's recent campaign rallies where maybe half of his speeches because he's speaking off the cuff, are gibberish. Or, like in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago where he gets caught actually being honest and literally tells his melting audience in the 110 degree heat, that he doesn't care about them. He just wants their vote. 

But if you are still making up your mind about who to vote for in November, or not even voting at all for President, you need to see these stories and reports. We don't want, can't afford, a mentally incompetent, crazy man, as President of the United States. The job is just too powerful and serious for someone like that." 

I think Adam Kinziner had the perfect point here about Donald Trump. They were talking about Ramin Seodeh's interview of Donald Trump and Mr. Trump telling Ramin Seodeh that he was more happy as an entertainer and not happy doing the job as President of the United States. 

And that Adam Kinzinger would've been very happy with Trump just as an entertainer, regardless of what he was doing and even threw in a Top Gun reference. And said his film could've been something like: "The Revenge of Goose", or something like that, with Donald Trump playing Goose. (For you Top Gun fans and I'm 1) And Kinzinger said he could do things like this because at least Trump wouldn't be able to hurt the country anymore. He would just be an entertainer, but not someone with any governmental power. 

Adam Kinzinger's point about Donald Trump, is almost my point. If this guy was just some reality TV slimeball, (to put it lightly) like a lot of those characters that so-called reality TV fans see almost every night, he would be no more dangerous than the reality TV characters that you those fans see every night. Or the wannabe reality TV and pop culture celebrities that people see on social media everyday. 

Donald Trump has only been a threat to the country, when he was President of the United States and getting close to getting back in The White House today. But only if Democrats don't do their patriotic duty and simply vote for President Biden, simply to save the country.

The the dead people thing: Donald Trump apparently told Ramin Seodeh that Joan Rivers voted for him in 2016. She died in the summer of 2014. So if you think about it, the only dead person whose only voted in America, is Joan Rivers. (RIP) I'm not making fun of her. But she voted for him, according to Donald Trump. 

I'm just trying to give you an idea of how out of this world Donald Trump is. That he doesn't live in the real world mentally. He lives in reality TV world, which we know is not even reality TV, let alone the real world.

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Source With Kaitlan Collins: 'Author Says He Has Cognitive Questions About Donald Trump After Interviewing Him Six Times'

Source:CNN talking to author Ramin Setoodeh about Donald J. Trump.

"CNN's Kaitlan Collins speaks with “The Apprentice in Wonderland” author Ramin Setoodeh about his half dozen interviews with former President Donald Trump since 2021." 

From CNN

"RAMIN SETOODEH, an award-winning journalist, is the New York bureau chief for Variety. He was formerly a senior writer at Newsweek and has also written for The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and U.S. News & World Report, among other publications. Ladies Who Punch is his first book. He lives in New York City." 

In case anyone is wondering why I put up a little of Ramin Steodeh's background here, I'm going to tell you anyway. It's just in case anyone who reads this (especially a MAGA person) thinks this guy is some left-wing hack from some left-wing, political rag, like Salon, The Nation, AlterNet, etc. Or some plant with the Biden Campaign out there just to try to hurt Donald Trump. Ramin Setodeh obviously has a mainstream journalistic background. 

But even with what I just said, you don't have to take Ramin Seodeh's word or anyone else word about Donald Trump's mental decline. Just look at and of his recent interviews, where you have his professional bootlickers (to be kind) like Sean Hannity or Dr. Phil McGraw, try to prop him up, so he doesn't sound crazy and out of the mainstream. 

Or, just look at any of DJT's recent campaign rallies where maybe half of his speeches because he's speaking off the cuff, are gibberish. Or, like in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago where he gets caught actually being honest and literally tells his melting audience in the 110 degree heat, that he doesn't care about them. He just wants their vote. 

But if you are still making up your mind about who to vote for in November, or not even voting at all for President, you need to see these stories and reports. We don't want, can't afford, a mentally incompetent, crazy man, as President of the United States. The job is just too powerful and serious for someone like that. 

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Carl Higbie: 'Profiles In Freedom'

Source:C-SPAN covering author Carl Higbie's book event in New York City.

"Newsmax host Carl Higbie argued that the Left wants to rewrite American history to exclude or demonize those who don't live up to contemporary progressive standards. This event was hosted by the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City." 

From BookTV


But our history is in danger of being rewritten by the progressive left and the “woke” mob.

In PROFILES IN FREEDOM: HEROES WHO SHAPED AMERICA , Carl Higbie shines a light on the real heros of American history.

Ronald Reagan warned in his 1989 farewell address: “If we forget what we did, we won’t know who we are. I’m warning of an eradication of the American memory that could result, ultimately, in an erosion of the American spirit.”

The “woke” mob tries to silence voices of reason. They try to remeasure by their liberal, progressive standards our historical heroes who made an impact on our country. They must redefine everything to fit their narrative. They don’t teach our actual history because they hope that by ignoring it, we will forget, for when it’s forgotten, it is effectively erased. But people should not be erased, nor should our history. We should learn from it and grow, always climbing higher than the previous generation.

Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL and national news anchor of Carl Higbie Frontline on Newsmax TV, believes in REAL America and the need to remember the heroes who made this country great. In Profiles in Freedom, he reintroduces some of the Americans who made this great country what it is today. People such as:"

From Amazon

Before I get into sounding like I'm simply bashing Carl Higbie and basically accusing him of speaking out of his ass, (to be frank) I want to get into where I actually agree with him. Which should be shocking enough for you. I mean, let's face it Carl Higbie is a Newsmax host. I agree with them on anything, about as often as Seattle runs out of coffee and water, or Hollywood runs out of celebrities and scandals, Millennials take a break from social media and staring at their phones. Almost never. 

He's right about the (let's call them) woke-left. But I think most of that has to do with American culture, especially pop culture more than anything else. I'm about 10 years older than him and I'm having a hard time finding a lot of the programming and movies that I grew up with, simply because you have far-left, radical feminists, who simply think shows like the Dukes of Hazzard is either racist or sexist, if not both and the same thing with The Fall Guy, which just recently made it back into reruns on the Heroes & Icons network. 

Even though the Dukes of Hazzard and The Fall Guy are two shows that are actually very popular with the American people as a whole. But you have beautiful, sexy women, wearing very tight outfits on every episode of these shows. And even though America as a whole loves these shows, the militant feminists of today have enough clout to keep them off the air. At least until recently.

As far as the woke-left in the military: Joe Biden is President of the United States. He's more hawkish than Donald J. Trump could ever possibly dream of being. Donald got out of military service because of bone spurs. Joe Biden either as a U.S. Senator, Vice President of the United States, or now as President Biden, has a personal relationship with both military and foreign service, going back 50 plus years, when he was originally elected to Congress. While Donald Trump feels the need to be loved and share love stories with our foreign dictators. 

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Steve Schmidt: 'Want to Advance Politically? All You Need is Anger, Rage & Stupidity!'

Source:The Warning With Steve Schmidt talking about the king of the reality TV scumbags, Donald J. Trump.

"At a recent Trump rally, the crowd erupted into "Send Them Back" chants. Steve Schmidt poses a question: when does that chant become more violent? And will Donald Trump act on those words if he's re-elected? He has told us he will. "Scumbaggery is his rocket fuel" and all you need is anger, rage, and stupidity if you want to advance politically." 

I don't want to make this sound like this a pro-Joe Biden post. I think you already know who The New Democrat is endorsing and who we're going to vote for in November, if you follow this blog. But there's one point here where I disagree with Steve Schmidt on and it's not a small one. 

If you ask the average Independent voter about the choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and what they think about that choice, not who they're going to vote for, but what they think about that option, they don't like it. As I talked about on Tuesday: 

"But picking the next President of the United States is not like shopping around for a car or a house. It's more like picking a meal on an airplane. (Hopefully in 1st class) It's generally a choice between 2 people who can actually win the election in America. And it's generally not about who you like more. But in many cases do you even like 1 of the choices or none of them. Or, maybe you just dislike 1 of the choices more than the other." 

I can see why Independents might think this is a horrible choice. You have a convicted felon and career conman, running against someone who at times might seem like he needs to be a seniors home and in bed most of the day. And of course Independents don't like inflation and 7% interest rates either. I'm just talking about how Independents perhaps see these two candidates and their options right now. But that's not what's going on here. 

What's going on here is a choice between a 34 time convicted felon, a career conman, someone with the personality of a 2nd world dictator, versus someone whose served his country for the last 55 years, who was financially the poorest member of Congress in his 36 years as a U.S. Senator. But only because he didn't spend most of his time writing books and playing the market with insider information, or got a huge inheritance from his father, but because he was in Congress for a long time just doing his job. 

This is not a good choice. But not because you have two bad candidates. It's not a good choice because the choice is so clear and obvious about who should win this election. Joe Biden should win by 10-15 points in the popular vote and not just win the rustbelt states that he has to have, as well as Georgia and Arizona, but North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio, as well. If this was simply about who is better suited to be President of the United States: the career public servant, or the career conman/reality TV personality, whose lived off the Manhattan tabloids for most of his career.

As far as Steve Schmidt's point about anger, rage, stupidity, and scumbaggery: This is what happens when reality TV and I would add tabloid culture and tabloid pop culture, not just meet American politics and government, but actually get into government with real positions of power. 

Independent voters despite Donald Trump's background as a reality TV star and entertainer, his narcissism, thought he was worth the risk in 2016. But now they've seen the consequences of taking that risk when he was President of the United States and everything we've had to live with as a country since he became President in 2017. 

And now I think American voters simply want to go back to a time when leaders led and served the people. That's what Joe Biden has going for him, that's his best political play here. He's not in it for himself. (To paraphrase the Biden Campaign) He just wants to serve his country and protect it from the people who would take over the American government just to serve themselves. 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer: 'Jane Fonda Lays Out Reasons She is Campaigning For Joe Biden'

Source:CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer talking to Hollywood Goddess/political activist Jane Fonda.

"Actress and activist Jane Fonda talks to CNN's Wolf Blitzer about why she is campaigning for Joe Biden." 

From CNN

"Fonda was a political activist in the counterculture era during the Vietnam War. She was photographed sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun on a 1972 visit to Hanoi, during which she gained the nickname "Hanoi Jane". During this time, she was effectively blacklisted in Hollywood. With Barbra Streisand and ten other entertainment business women, Fonda cofounded the Hollywood Women's Political Committee in 1984, to help promote liberal politicians and policies. Fonda protested the Iraq War along with violence against women, and she describes herself as a feminist and environmental activist.[6] In 2005, along with Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem, she cofounded the Women's Media Center, an organization that works to amplify the voices of women in the media through advocacy, media and leadership training, and the creation of original content. Fonda serves on the board of the organization. Based in Los Angeles, she has lived all over the world, including six years in France and 20 in Atlanta." 

From Wikipedia

Just on a few personal notes first. 

First Lady Jill Biden is 74 years old and if you watch the CNN video here with Jane Fonda and the First Lady and you never even heard of seen either woman before, hard to imagine that Jane is 13, almost 14 years older than Jill. That's not a shot at Jill Biden, who I think is beautiful and still is. But even at 86, Jane Fonda is still a doll face. 

 Another personal note: it’s rare if ever that I’ve gotten through a Wolf Blizter interview where I didn’t feel like I needed a nap either during the interview, or right after. Inmates in prison would sleep well for weeks, if not years straight, if they had to listen to him speak everyday. He usually does an excellent, if not spot-on impression of Captain Obvious, or says something that’s already been said, as if he’s making an insightful comment. But I think he did a good job here, especially about the part why Jane Fonda is supporting President Biden.

And then the other thing is actress Rosario Dawson has nothing on Jane Fonda when it comes to Hollywood, left-wing, political activism. And she supported Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders for President in 2016, perhaps in 2020 as well. And Susan Sarandon supported Socialist Bernie in 2016 as well. I mean Jane basically took the side of the Communist North Vietnamese, at least against America, if not democratic South Vietnam as well in the late 1960s and early 1970s. 

My only point here is if someone like a Jane Fonda can support a Henry Jackson/John Kennedy Liberal Democrat (meaning someone who believes in liberal democracy) for President of the United States, like a Joe Biden, then so can all of these young leftists in and outside of Hollywood, who are currently debating whether to not even vote, or vote for some third-party Socialist like a Jill Stein. 

Jane makes the case that America would be a lot worst off if Donald Trump returns to The White House and that everything that they're currently working for, would disappear in a new Trump Administration.

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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960