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Lou Dobbs: 'The Dobbs Forum on Immigration Reform'

Source:Lou Dobbs- forum on immigration.

Source:The Daily Times

"Not only did President Obama demand quick implementation of immigration reform rather than thoughtful, practical, and thorough policy changes, but his claims of a more secure border do not align with the facts."

From Lou Dobbs 

I don't know where Lou Dobbs gets the 40% figure (perhaps from the waste basket where it belongs) but that fact is that deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States are up and at record levels. Just look at the numbers from U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

And as far as the bogus (to put it nicely) amnesty figure that the Far-Right likes to throw out there: amnesty would be if we granted all 10-15M illegal immigrants in this country American citizenship or legal residency, just for being in the country. Which no one serious in this debate is suggesting should be offered.

Under comprehensive immigration reform, the illegal immigrants would have to pay a fine for living in the country illegally, based on how long they've lived in this country, illegally. And have to pay back taxes for any back taxes they may owe at the Federal, state and local levels. And would be probational residents in this country for at least ten years and have to meet certain standards. Just to stay and live in the country, like holding a job, paying their taxes, not committing felonies, etc. And payoff the fine that they owe. 

So unless you don't understand the word amnesty or are simply using it to score political points, you can't seriously call this plan amnesty in a credible way. Because you're calling it something that it isn't either through ignorance or being dishonest. And trying to make the case that these illegal immigrants shouldn't be in the country anyway. Whether they came to the country legally or not. 

Joe Jetson: Ted Kennedy and The Chappaquiddick Tragedy- 7/18/1969

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal: Joe Jetson: Ted Kennedy and The Chappaquiddick Tragedy- 7/18/1969

Despite this horrible tragedy, Ted Kennedy made a very successful and productive life for himself afterwords. Ted Kennedy, was basically still a frat boy in 1969 even at 37. He was married and already had kids, but wasn’t very serious about his marriage and liked other women. He was still dealing with the assassination of his brother Bobby and perhaps Jack as well. He simply wasn’t ready for the national spotlight and people to be looking at him as the future leader of the country. Because he was still trying to grow up, something that he didn’t really accomplish at all until the mid or late 1990s when he was already in his sixties with grandchildren. Up till then he was still trying to balance his personal life which could be chaotic and his professional life as a U.S. Senator.

If you watched the 2009 HBO documentary about Ted Kennedy which really was Senator Kennedy in his own words I really think you see how responsible and hurt he was from his own childish and immature actions that cost the life of a young women Mary Joe Kopechne. First of all, he’s driving this women home instead of his wife from this party. Which I believe is a big clue there. And driving her home when he’s had too much to drink. Ted, was still dealing with alcoholism in his early sixties. He drives the car into a lake and the first thing that comes to his mind is his personal survival. And the second thing his is professional survival. Not the women who was in the car with him. That came after it looked like he might be held personally responsible for her life.

Of the three Kennedy brothers that served in Congress and had successful careers in politics, Ted Kennedy had the best and longest career. Even though he was never president. But compare his Congressional record with his brothers and most people who have ever served in Congress in either the Senate or House and Senator Kennedy is in the first class, whatever you think of his politics. And all of this despite his lack of maturity and personal responsibility. He was never built to be President of the United States. By the time he was personally ready for that and to even make a strong run at that, he was in his early sixties. And Bill Clinton was already president and the Democratic Party was moving away from Senator Kennedy’s more social democratic politics. But Senator Kennedy, once he finally grew up became a great man and a great senator.

Vinicius Vieira: Video: FX's Rescue Me Theme Song C'Mon C'Mon

Source:The Daily Post

I’ve only watched a handful of episodes of Rescue Me which came out less than three years after 9/11 in I believe the summer of 2004. Dennis Leary and his partners wanted a show about the New York City Fire and Rescue Squad as a tribute to the New York heroes that rescued a lot of people during 9/11. And that is really about what this show is about the NYC fireman and the life that he lives and the job that he has. As well as several other characters on the show. Not that Rescue is a bad show, but I believe the thing that sticks out about it is the theme song from The Von Bondies. C’Mon C’Mon which I first heard in a movie theater the same summer that Rescue Me came out. And the theme song and the whole intro of the show the credits and everything will at least get me to see the first scene of the show. Because it really gets me going and wanting to see more.

Raquel Welch: Ready To Groove

Raquel Welch the sexy performer with a great voice. The cutest, hottest, sexiest thing on stage. She was built and created for the 1960s when you had all of these sexy funny musical comedies come out, including the hippie movies as well. Raquel came out at the perfect time for her as far as what was going on in Hollywood and what she brought as far as talent. Hot baby-faced adorable women, with a great body, great voice, who moves very well, who can also act and is a hell of a satirist. Physically she's one of the top Hollywood Goddess's of all-time, but she's one of the top Hollywood goddess's of all-time as an entertainer as well. She's in the same class as Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, as far as women who look incredible, but who are also great performers as well.

I don't know much about the movie A Swingin Summer. But the fact that Raquel is in and did this number is the only reason I need to see it. The movie might be trash and one of the worst things ever made. But she's in it and she's great. Or the movie could be very good and very funny Myra Breckinridge, with Raquel in, but with Raquel in it the movie is that much better. She brings guys to movies just to see her. That is the sign of a Hollywood star. People thinking they might be taking a risk seeing this movie, but since Raquel is in that is a risk worth taking. Because again she's in it I'm going to keep an eye out for this movie so I can see it and get a copy of it if I like it. I did the same thing with Myra Breckinridge which is now one of my favorite satires of all-time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mod Cinema: Such Good Friends (1971) Dyan Cannon Stars

Source:Mod Cinema- Hollywood Goddess Dyan Cannon and an actor who looks like Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC.

Source:The Daily Times

"Based upon the novel by Lois Gould and adapted (under the pseudonym Esther Dale) by Elaine May, Such Good Friends focuses on Julie Messinger (played by Dyan Cannon), a woman with intense, often wild emotions that are held in check beneath a rather conventional fa├žade. After her chauvinistic and self-centered husband Richard checks into the hospital for a simple mole removal that goes seriously wrong, Julie discovers that he has been titanically unfaithful to her. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back, and Julie decides it is time for her to break out of her shell, no matter what the consequences. She begins to exhibit a sexual interest in other men (sometimes indiscriminately, as when she seduces her family doctor, played by James Coco), and speaks her mind to others, including her egocentric mother (Nina Foch) and her hypocritical best friend (Jennifer O'Neill). At the end, Julie wanders into Central Park and, presumably, a new life."

From Mod Cinema 

This sounds like a hell of a script. A woman who finds out her ailing husband has cheated on her and decides to get revenge on him by going out with his friends. It also sounds like a very funny movie, especially considering Dyan Cannon is the lead actress and she’s so adorable and funny to begin with. 

I mean think about it, the wife of a very wealthy man who will never have to work a day in her life, just as long as she’s married to this man and doesn’t screw that up. Just screws him without hurting him. Whose husband is now in the hospital with a rare and perhaps fatal condition. A man whose given her so much. 

And how does she take his serious condition? Does she freak out and spend time with her family and seek their support? No! She goes into his little black book to see who he’s been socializing with. And decides the best thing to do is not to make sure that her husband can get the best care that he can, but to get try to get revenge on him by sleeping with his friends while her husband is in the hospital. Except for the obvious physical attraction. I’m glad this woman is not my wife. Actually, I'm glad I'm not married, but that's a different story. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Investigation Discovery: Wicked Attraction: Kidnapped

Source:Real Life Journal

I’m not sure how a couple could successfully hold someone hostage for seven years without anyone knowing or having any idea where the kidnapped victim is. I mean playing the percentages the victim would probably have multiple opportunities to escape. Criminals don’t tend to be so efficient to the point that they can’t go that long without making some mistake that gets back to the authorities and screws up their operation. The kidnappers have bills to pay and have to go out from time to time, they have to keep their victim not only alive, but healthy to do whatever they are expecting from that person. And for someone who went through that amount of pure torture, worst than spending long periods of time solitary confinement in jail, she seems pretty healthy both physically and mentally.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jack Hammond: Video: Students For a Democratic Society: To Change The World

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on Blogger

I actually believe as a current affairs blogger that todays Occupy Wall Street movement was born in the 1960s as part of what was called the New-Left. Because if you look at where Students For a Democratic Society were for back then and what they are trying to accomplish then and today, the end of war and that basically means all war, this movement is exactly what a person whose called a dove looks like and is. A dove is someone who tends to take a soft approach when it comes to areas like national security and foreign policy. Law enforcement, areas where government sometimes involves itself in the personal lives of individuals.

Doves were around pre-1965, but they really came alive in the 1960s with the Baby Boom Generation. And some of their kids today that is part of the New-Left who actually grew up, are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement today that’s again anti-war period. But also believes in things that Social Democrats call social justice. Creating an economic system that of course is government based that would work to see that there’s economic equality throughout the country. That no one has too much and no one has too little.

Pre-1965 or so even Progressives in the Democratic Party were cold warriors. People who were anti-communism and authoritarianism across the board. But progressive to socialist on economic policy. President’s Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson all come to mind. And there were the so-called doves in the party that became the New-Left. The Henry Wallace’s of the world, but they weren’t as vocal and didn’t have the numbers that the Liberals, Social Democrats and Conservatives even back then.

The Democratic Party did have a right-wing, but this all started to change in 1965-66 and so did the Democratic Party. The New-Left emerges and became what I and others call the Far-Left of the Democratic Party. People who are more socialist on economic policy, but non-interventionist across the board when it comes to national security, foreign policy and law enforcement. “That force and violence are never an answer and can never be a replacement for reason and understanding.”

Today thanks to the New-Left the Democratic Party is still a very diverse political party. And one of the reasons why we are the largest political party in America if not the world. Because we represent so much of the country, but we are a mixture of Liberal Democrats such as myself, Social Democrats, people who tend to be called Progressives, socialist on economic policy, but again dovish or soft in areas like national security and law enforcement to use as examples. And then we have Centrist Democrats, or people who are Moderate Liberals and that all happened as the New-Left emerged in the 1960s. That makes up what we see from Occupy Wall Street today.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Teenage Nightmare: Coyote Ugly (2000) One Way or Another

Source:Real Life Journal

First of all, I don’t believe this scene is believable and at risk sounding valley, it looks totally Hollywood. Which is sort of another way of saying that it looks made up, not real. I mean you essentially have a bar fight if not riot in the bar and this very young women who could pass as a little girl if she needed to wanted to, gets up on the bar and stars singing and the fighting stops to hear her sing. Now having said all of that, Piper Perabo did a very good job with a very good song. She doesn’t make you forget about Joan Jett, but I’m not sure that is possible. One of the great things about Coyote Ugly, the movie or the real business is the music. And this is an example of that. And the music might only trail the women of Coyote Ugly as far as importance to it.

It's Time For a Change: Video: Raymond Massey For Barry Goldwater in 1964

Source:The Daily Post

What apparently Raymond Massey wasn’t aware of is that Senator Goldwater was in favor of a full-out war against North Vietnam. And doing what it took to win that war and secure that country for the democrats in the South to govern a United Democratic Vietnam. President Lyndon Johnson was the so-called peace candidate in the 1964 presidential election. Even though President Johnson escalated the Vietnam War by getting America completely involved and in the war. And doing a lot of the fighting and supplying the resources to South Vietnam and ourselves to fight and end this war. The so-called Tet Offensive of 1965 put America not only in this civil war in Vietnam. But with a lot of if not most of the responsibility for winning this war. And trying to prevent Vietnam from going communist. Which it did anyway by 1975-76.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mr. Holt History: Video: Martin Luther King Jr. On Love and Nonviolence

Mr. Holt History: Video: Martin Luther King Jr. On Love and Nonviolence

There were at least two reasons for Dr. King’s message of non-violence. One, that he actually believed in it. And I’m not trying to suggest that he didn’t, but the other had a political component to it. He knew that for him and his movement to accomplish what it wanted which was equality and civil rights for all Americans, that he needed more than just African-Americans behind him. That he needed Americans of other races. Because he was facing a simple numbers game.

That African-Americans at least to this point were a relatively small minority. And that they couldn’t go up against even just Anglo-Saxon Southerners who had most of the power down South, on their own. And that he also need positive media attention and not look like violent radicals, or anarchists. But serious intelligent people who had a message for the entire country and that they needed their support. Which is how he was able to bring in so many non-African Americans to his movement.

I’m not trying to say that Dr. King was a true pacifist and that if America was under attack from another country, that it shouldn’t fight back and that would be just one example. But he did have a pacifist approach when it came to the civil rights movement. He directed his people and marchers to simply just take it, for lack of a better phrase. Put up with the violence which help get out the message of what his movement was facing from the Anglo-Saxon racist establishment in America. Especially from the South. That way to fight back was to show the opposition for what they really were. Which were radical violent racists and win legal and policy battles.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

CBS News: President John F. Kennedy's Presidential Inaugural Address

Source:FRS FreeState

Inaugural address’ are interesting at least for this reason and depending on what the President at the time says can be interesting for that reason as well but they are at least interesting because it gives the President the opportunity to layout for the country the situation that the country is in and where he wants to take the country in the next four years. And if the President is reelected an opportunity to layout where the country was four years earlier. The progress that has been made and the challenges that still lay ahead. But inaugural address’ aren’t partisan in the sense that the President will hammer the opposition party, but to layout their own political and governmental philosophy which will be different from the opposition party.

And what they believe the role of government is. And based on that where he wants to take his administration and what direction he wants to lead the country. And that’s the opportunity that President Obama will have tomorrow. “This is where we were, this is the progress we’ve made and this is where I want to lead the country based on my thinking and the facts on the ground.” As a Liberal Democrat I would like to here Barack Obama tomorrow speak in the spirit of Jack Kennedy. Not to quote him exactly, but speak in his spirit of terms like “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Speak in terms of Bill Clinton’s opportunity society. “There’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be cured with what’s right with America. That we’ll expand freedom and opportunity for all as well as demand responsibility for all.” Speak in terms of individual freedom for all. Especially for Americans that don’t have it and are still struggling. Speak in terms of how government can empower those who don’t have the individual freedom to take care of themselves to have the same freedom and opportunity that the rest of the country has and how we as Americans ourselves can build the best America. Rather than what government can do for us. Which is different from a speech by Franklin Roosevelt to use as an example. The difference between a Liberal Democratic speech and a Social Democratic speech.

To be honest, I’ll be surprised if President Obama speaks in these terms tomorrow and probably will give a somewhat safe speech. And go out of his way not to offend anyone and not leave much to be remembered. Or give a speech that’s full of great words and phrases that few other people can do as well. But not have a lot of meaning to them. A speech that sounds good, but with not a lot of meat to it. But here’s the opportunity to not only layout for the country where he wants to take America. But where he wants to lead the Democratic Party and I hope he takes advantage of it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ODN: Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton Scandal

The person I blame most for the Monica Lewinsky White House intern scandal and perhaps the only person I blame, is President Bill Clinton. For acting as irresponsible as he did, for getting involved romantically at all with an intern. Doesn’t mean I believe he should’ve been impeached for it and definitely not convicted which the Senate didn’t do. Independent Prosecutor Ken Starr and the House Republicans if anything acted more irresponsible than President Clinton. But the fact is this scandal doesn’t happen without Bill Clinton.

And Clinton, gave the meat to the Confederate Republicans that I now call them, not all Republicans, but the far-right in the party, who’ve been looking to kick Bill Clinton out of office since he became President back in 1993. And if anything were looking to kick Clinton out of the Governorship in Arkansas when he was Governor there in the 1980s. Because he was a Baby Boom Liberal Democrat from the 1960s, who believed in things like civil rights, equal opportunity, reducing poverty. But who also believed in things like fiscal responsibility. And not someone they could label as a tax and spend Progressive and beat in an election. So the path for them to defeat Bill Clinton was much harder.

Bill Clinton, I believed scared the hell out of the Far-Right in America, because he reminded most of the country of John F. Kennedy. And someone who was part of the New Democratic Liberal coalition in the party. That had moved past the Roosevelt-LBJ Progressive Era. And someone who could communicate to a wide ray of Americans and had moved past the 1950s culturally. And understood that it was no longer the 1950s and that the country was becoming more diverse. Ethnically, racially, culturally, regionally. And Confederate Republicans hadn’t moved past the 1950s yet. And were still in that little box and weren’t ready to see Americans that most of the country wasn’t familiar with in the 1950s.

The Far-Right, or Neo-Right, isn’t ready for a country that was becoming more liberal and libertarian culturally and socially. As well as economically and they saw Bill Clinton as a threat to their way of life and what they saw as Traditional America. And someone who had to be stopped. Without President Clinton’s irresponsible behavior, this scandal and grand jury testimony never happens. President Clinton’s behavior was the red meat that Confederate Republicans thought they needed to kick him out of office. Since the rest of the country wouldn’t do it for them and they betted that the country with fall inline with them. To oust President Clinton from office, which of course didn’t happen.

DW-TV: Claudia Kleinert- Doing the Weather: 1-19-2013

Source:DW-TV- DW-TV meteorologist Claudia Kleinert, actually makes the daily weather report look interesting all by herself. 

Source:The Daily Press 

"Am Samstag dem 19.01.2013 moderierte Claudia Kleinert sehr charmant und verf├╝hrerisch das Wetter im Ersten." 

From DV-TV

Can you imagine an American female meteorologist doing the weather in skinny denim jeans in boots? And perhaps there are a few local female meteorologists who do that. Or perhaps they do it on smaller cable channels that show mostly entertainment and entertainment news.

But how about a national TV network or a cable news network with a sexy woman like Claudia Kleinert with her body especially her legs showing today’s whether in skinny jeans in boots. I’ll tell you one thing, more guys would watch the weather. Even if they live in Los Angeles or Miami where the weather almost never changes.

European women tend to be more liberal as far as how they dress even at work and even in the news media and even in the broadcast news media. They are further along than the American news media when it comes with style and how you are supposed to dress at work.

Skinny denims aren’t considered sloppy over there at work if you dress them up with a nice shirt as Claudia is wearing in this weather cast. And the jeans are stylish as well and not looking pornographic where they don’t cover the woman’s whole body and you are always looking for the butt crack when the woman sits down or gets up.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Raquel Welch: On Meeting Mae West For Myra Breckinridge

Source:The Daily Press

A very funny sexy baby, Raquel Welch. She’s like 72 at this point and still sounds and looks this adorable and gorgeous and the body. I mean her with those curves at this point of her life gets me to thinking that maybe there is an afterlife. And that we don’t die, but come back as something better. I think Raquel is a sexier women now than when she was in the 1970s. Especially if you look at her bootie. But we’re not just talking about a red-hot adorable sexy goddess in Raquel Welch. But a women whose a hell of an actress especially when it comes to satire. As you see with her impression of Mae West, (speaking of funny people. She has Mae down and it would have been priceless to see Mae’s reaction to Raquel playing her. I believe she would have taken it well and even made a joke about it.

Not sure if the Raquel Welch-Mae West combination was ever designed to work. If you look at Myra Breckinridge, I believe they only had one scene together anyway. Mae, came from an era that was learning how to drive basically. Where airplanes were only read about in sci-fi fiction stories. Where even radio was new where watching movies was like going to library except for a big screen in the room, because all the movies in the 1920s were silent. Raquel, is about as modern of a women as any women has ever been. Actually, Myra Breckinridge might be as modern of a movie that has ever been and perhaps 10-20 years ahead of his time. When you’re covering both open homosexuality, where queens have a big role in public in the movie. But you’re also covering transsexuality. And men who were thought to be gay, not comfortable as gay men and they become women.

Mae West, who I believe is one of the best entertainers, as well as actress’s of all-time who was hysterically funny in Myra Breckinridge, had to be impressed with Raquel Welch when she met her. I mean I think you almost have to be blind, death and gay not to be impressed by Raquel Welch. I actually think gay men when meeting Raquel for the first time might say to themselves, “OMG! what have I been missing all of these years? Instead of acting like a women, I could just have them instead.” A little tongue in cheek there, but that wouldn’t surprise me. Raquel and Mae, weren’t a generation apart, but at least two generation’s apart. Mae, grew up when horse carriages were still a dominant form of transportation. And Raquel grew up with televisions and movies where people actually talked to each other. So they were very different, but they made a hell of a funny movie together.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Boots N Leather: Mandie- in Leather Jeans in Leather Boots

Source:Boots N Leather- Mandie, in leather jeans in boots.
Source:The Daily Press 

"Boots N Leather: Mandie- In Leather. Mandie in Leather Boots, Pants, Gloves & Jacket Outfit.” Originally from Boots N Leather, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.  

"The New Democrat: Boots N Leather: Mandie" 
Source:Boots N Leather- Mandie showing off her leather jeans asset.
From Boots N Leather

A very sexy woman in skin-tight leather jeans in boots. You can tell she’s sexy just by listening to the sound those jeans makes when she moves and stretches. You can tell how well they fit on her and her legs and butt are able to fill out those leather jeans. 

That is what skinny and skin-tight jeans are about, whether they are denim or leather skinny jeans. They are for sexy women and for sexy women with curves, which to me at least all sexy women have which are tight curves. Muscle on their legs and waist are, butt and tush. Which is why you see sexy women in skinny jeans tucking their shirts into them. To show off the legs of course, but also their butts and tush. Which is what this woman did in this video.  

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960