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Discerning History: 'History of the Filibuster'

Source:Discerning History- talking about the rule that encourages hot air in Congress.

"Discover the interesting history of the filibuster, from Cato the Younger to Rand Paul, and see why it is an important part of the American system of government. 

UPDATE: On 11/21/2013 the Senate rules were changed to eliminate the requirement of a super majority for cloture on all appointments except to the Supreme Court. The silent filibuster can still be used on bills and Supreme Court appointments. Halligan's nomination was withdrawn in March, 2013. 

CORRECTION: When Senate Rule 22 was originally passed in 1917, a cloture vote required two-thirds of senators. This was only changed to three-fifths in 1975.

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You want to know why there's so much hot air in Washington? For one its in an area that gets about five months of summer. Sometimes more, hot, humid, endless, summers, at times, where people pray for rain. Which only makes the area hotter and more humid. But these summer showers all five- minutes of them do give us some temporary relief. Another reason for hot air is we are the seat of power for not only the United States but North America and the rest of the world.

We are an area of six-million people where people from all over the world come to express their five- minutes worth. And get to tell Congress exactly what they are thinking in order to get their help. And when they talk to senators, senators get to speak until they decide to shut up. Or there are sixty votes to tell Senator Hot Air and their allies, to "shut the hell up!" Or there's a Blizzard in South Florida, you know whatever comes first, it used to be worst.

Up until 1975, it took 67 votes to kill a filibuster, which meant that 34 Senators could defeat 66. If you're a sports fan, that probably makes as much sense as the team with twenty-one points beating the team with forty-two in a football game. 

I don't have a problem with the current sixty vote rule. I do believe in things like minority rights. So there's some type of check and balance in Congress both in the House and Senate. And that the Minority Leader, the Leader of the Minority Caucus and Ranking Members, the Leaders of the minority memberships of committees, should be more than just their caucus's chief spokesperson's. But that they shouldn't be able to rule the Senate like they are in charge.

Two problems with the Senate and there are problems with the House as well, but since this post is about the filibuster, which only happens in the Senate (Thank God!) I'm just going to focus on the Senate. Can you imagine a filibuster in the House, with 435 Representatives being able to talk until they run out of breath, or 261 votes are gathered to get them too, "shut the hell up! "You're not the only one with nonsense to say!" You think there's already too much hot air in Congress now, have a filibuster rule both in the Senate and House.

There would be so much hot air in the House, people could do their sun tanning on the House floor. No more weekend getaways to Florida or Southern California paid for by lobbyists because they could do that on the House floor. But the two main problems with the Senate have to do with two rules, one of them needs to be replaced. The other needs to be thrown away like the piece of trash that it is. The trash is the Motion to Proceed Rule, get this it currently takes 60 votes just to move to a bill in order to debate a bill.

The Motion to Proceed rule makes the the Leader of the Senate as weak as what the Vice President use to be, before the President gave them a real job. The Leader should just be able to call up any bill that they put on the Senate agenda, or 51, instead of 60 votes to move to any bill. Thats passed out of committee or that the Leader and Minority Leader call up together under Emergency Rule. And this way the Senate would look more like a PTA meeting, or the United Nations. Because things would actually get accomplished in the Senate.

The Senate rule that should be replaced is the Cloture Rule better known as the filibuster. You want to keep the filibuster, fine. But limit to only final passage of bills, not motion to proceed or presidential nominations, or on amendments. And make it real, meaning that senators would actually have to filibuster and hold the floor, speak on the floor about the bill at hand and have to speak and hold, until there are 60 votes to cut the senator off, or until the senator yields to floor.

Reforms like this an establishing a real Rules Committee in the Senate and make that bipartisan. And then we would actually see something strange in the Senate, senators working and producing. Instead of just showing up and getting a great tan from all of their own Hot Air. 

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CBS: Best of MASH Season 1- The Best of Off-The-Cuff-Humor

Source: CBS- Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake-
Source: CBS: Best of MASH Season 1

I've been asked a lot in my lifetime all thirty-eight years of it by people who know me, but perhaps not very well, people who I'm friendly with. "How do you describe your sense of humor"? Because if I'm friendly with you and we get along and open up with each other, my humor will come out of lot because it is a big form of communication for me. Because I use it to basically let people know how I'm doing and how I'm feeling.

I have a real good friend who I met in high school over twenty years ago. (Damn! That makes me feel old!) Who gets the same question, actually her sister asked him that the same question. Actually she asked us together one night when we were hanging out together. And I'm going to give you the same answer as I gave her and my buddy feels the same way. Because we essentially have the same sense of humor. Actually he stole mine, and I'm borrowing someone else's, but anyway. We both have a low-tolerance for stupidity, stupid questions or people acting stupid. And we use our spontaneous sense of humor to let people know what we think of that.

I posted the video of M*A*S*H in this blog because that show had the same sense of humor. Looking for funny moments in life wherever possible and doing it in the worst circumstances possible. Thousands of miles away from home in a land they perhaps never heard of before the Korean War. And having to try to save as many lives as possible in the heart of this war. When they could've been killed at any time, but using that humor to keep their sanity. And joy for life as much as possible as so many people around them lost their lives.

What makes M*A*S*H the best sitcom of all time is the writing and this style of humor. And Alan Alda who in many ways was playing himself when he was playing Captain Dr. Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce the Chief Surgeon of this 4077 M*A*S*H Unit. Unlike a lot of the sitcoms of today that are cookie cutter and use each other's material. Or lines they picked up from the last hit movie comedy or latest hit comedian. M*A*S*H used their own lines that hadn't been written before or only heard by very few people. And the humor was based around finding the funniest and stupidest things in a horrible situation. To keep their joy of life alive.

ESPN Films: Small Potatoes- Who Killed The USFL

Source: ESPN Films - The Donald Trump, when he was only New Jersey's, New York's, the USFL's and NFL's problem 
Source: ESPN Films: Small Potatoes- Who Killed The USFL

I could just write that Donald Trump by himself killed the old United States Football League that only lasted for three seasons from 1983-85 and I'm actually old enough to remember games from all three seasons. I could write that and it would be mostly true about Donald Trump. Because he was involved in the league owning the New Jersey Generals, but he was the Dan Snyder of the USFL. A great businessman outside of pro football with no business being involved in pro football.

But the whole story is that the USFL folded for multiple reasons and even though The Donald had a hand in several of those reasons why the league folded. It wasn't all his fault but with The Donald I could put down the facts that the league grew way too fast going to eighteen teams by 1985. And also expanding in NFL markets that already great established pro football franchises and weren't looking for another pro football franchise like. Washington, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, and Denver. And I could put the fact that Donald Trump decided the USFL should be playing in the fall and go up against the NFL. When they had the spring and summer all to themselves.

So yeah I could put most of the failures of the old USFL on Donald Trump. Because he had a hand in a lot of their management failures. But he wasn't the Commissioner of the USFL, but the majority owner of one of their franchises. And the USFL didn't have strong enough people amongst their other owners or a commissioner to stand up. And say "you know what we shouldn't be doing this. Going up against the NFL in their own markets and playing when they do. When we have all of these other major markets that do not have a major league pro football franchise yet". If they had strong smart people like that, they probably never go out of business. And have the spring and summer to themselves and still be in business in today.

Jeans Leder Nass: Wetlook Levis

Source:Jeans Leder Nass- Beautiful, sexy woman in a denim suit and leather boots, in the tub.
"A video out of 2001,wetlook in Levis Jeans and high heel boots in the tube.
The girl loves to be wet in her casual outfit of the day including her boots, only some little comments from the man behind the cam."

From Jeans Leder Nass 

Here’s a woman who I guess feels very horny in her skin-tight jeans, perhaps especially her skin-tight Levi’s denim jeans and wants everyone else to see that and perhaps get off on that and be as horny with her. Can’t say I blame her because she’s a great denim diva.
Source: Jeans Leder Nass- Wetlook Levis, from Jeans Leder Nass.

This is one of those posts I put for for my guilty pleasures. It is that simple, I love the woman in this video as far as how she performed in this video and how she looked in her wet Levi's denims and boots with her studded belt and well, denim suit all around.

I'm not going to try to convince that there is some broader role for society, or try to make the case that this post has anything to do with the greater good for society. Or any other, well, bullshit like that. This post is purely for the pleasure of it for myself and anyone who gets to check it out as well. The video and hopefully like my candor about the video.

A very sexy woman in a classic Levi's suit with black leather boots, taking a bath in her suit and moving around in the bathtub in this outfit as she's getting soaked in her Levi's suit. Not saying that this has some type of artistic quality or value other than letting guys get off and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

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Marilyn Monroe: 'It's My Life- Living Your Life To The Fullest'

Source: Inspiration Boost- Hollywood Baby Goddess Marilyn Monroe, with some sound advice.
Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the bullshit, take chances & never have regrets, because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted."  

"Music video by Bon Jovi performing It's My Life. (C) 2003 The Island Def Jam Music Group." 

Source:Bon Jovi- performing his best song ever. 
From Bon Jovi 

Marilyn Monroe is not known for saying a lot of intelligent things. Not saying she was dumb or anything because I believe the opposite is true but how she presented herself in a lot of ways gave a lot of people the impression that she was a less than an intelligent person, who may of had more than just depression issues. But she did have the ability to put things exactly as they should be put. Like when it came to life and her point in this photo is poetic and perfect.

Marilyn’s message here is your life is your life and only your. And of course we all have people who care about us and want the best for us and all of that and that none of us live in a vacuum. But at the end of the day our lives are exactly that and we and only we are responsible for all of the decisions that we make and have to live with all of the consequences of all of the decisions that we make and if we only live our lives to fit and be cool. And not to stand out and never live as individuals and always as members of groups, then we aren’t living our lives, but we are living in order to please others and just to fit in.

I wrote a couple of blog posts last week talking about that I believe that people have the right to make their own beds in life and then are responsible for living in their own beds that they make for themselves. And I meant a lot of that from a liberal political point of view and I meant every word of that. But this can also be used as a way of looking at life as well that we all have the right to make our own beds. So the beds we make for ourselves better be beds that are comfortable for us and beds that make us happy.

Doing what we want to do even if others do not approve of the beds that we make for ourselves, is literally what individual freedom is all about. People shouldn’t be afraid to standout in life especially if they are happy and are productive with what they are doing and are good, caring, people, and so-forth, just because how they live, think or speak may be different from whatever the so-called popular will at the time thinks different of how we are living our own lives.

Life has followers and leaders: people who follow the leaders and people who lead the followers. And that is generally how life works out with people who set trends. People who follow trends and people who may seem different but aren’t necessarily bad people. Or unproductive people, but good successful people who are simply different from how the establishment lives, speaks and thinks. But at the end of the day the followers, leaders, rebels and establishment all have at least one thing in common: they all are responsible for their own decisions in life and are held accountable for them. 

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PBS: Video: NewsHour: Shields & Brooks: Islamic State in Syria & Iraq

Of course Congress has to and needs to not only approve any new war America gets involved in Syria and Iraq. Because what President Obama and the National Security Council are considering is a new war and new operations as they involve Syria and Iraq. Air strikes in Syria for the first time in Syria at least from this President. And perhaps the possibility of us putting ground troops on the ground in Iraq especially Kurdistan to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group there. This should be the first debate that the House and Senate deals with when they come back in September.

AP Archive: Vice President Designate Nelson Rockefeller Speaks to U.S. Senate Rules Committee

Source: Associated Press- Vice President Designate Nelson Rockefeller-
Source:AP Archive 

Nelson Rockefeller becoming the second appointed Vice President of the United States in less than a year in 1974. Right after Gerald Ford in late 1973 because of course having to do with President Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal that forced him to resign as President. But also having to deal with Vice President Spiro Agnew's resignation because of a tax and bribery case that he was under investigation from the State of Maryland and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Baltimore.

Jim Heath: Video: CBS News: Election 1982 Highlights

The recession of 1981-82 was huge and cost Congressional Republicans especially in the House a lot of seats. House Republicans lost something like thirty-five seats. Going from the low 190s in the House to the upper 150s where they were going into the 1980 general election. So House Republicans especially lost everything that they picked up in 1980 in 1982. Similar to House Democrats that lost everything that they picked up in 2006 and 08 in 2010. Senate Republicans managed to retain control of the Senate after 1982, but they lost a couple of seats as well.

The Phil Donahue Show: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson (1970)

Source:The Phil Donahue Show- The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, on Phil Donahue in 1970.
"Please show your support for all the time and effort I've put into recording, collecting, as well as storing, transferring, editing, and uploading all of these interviews which are sometimes very rare and hard to find. Please send your Paypal donation to    Your support is very much appreciated!!"

Johnny Carson is not the best interviewer of all-time, but he was a very good interviewer. A bright guy who did his homework. Johnny is not the best standup comedian of all-time, but he's certainly on the short list of greatest standup comedians who have ever performed. 

But what Johnny is, is the best comedy talk/variety show host of all-time because of his ability to do so many things and play so many roles. That generally started off with a very good standup performance of his own, followed by an interview that he would do.

I think what made the The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson work (and there is really only Tonight Show, at least as far as I'm concern) but what made that show work was that it didn't try to be anything other than what it was. 

Johnny would interview everybody and only interview those people as himself. Not interview a politician as if he was Walter Cronkite. Not interview a great athlete as if he was Curt Gowdy. Or interview a great entertainer as if he was Barbara Walters. He was comedian first and foremost and played the other roles on the show as himself doing the best job he can.

The Johnny Carson Show was real and it was about Carson and what made Carson work. The standup part for him and perhaps the comedy skits were natural for him. But the interviews and preparation were work because that wasn't his background, but he was intelligent and knew enough about the other issues he dealt with like interviewing public officials and politicians and interested in those things as well that he could interview people well and have intelligent conversations with them. 

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PBS: American Experience, Richard Nixon- The 1962 Last Press Conference

Since graduating from college in I believe 1935, Richard Nixon had been a winner his entire professional career up until 1960 when he lost that presidential election to John Kennedy. So he was going through a very difficult stage in his life that lasted from losing that election until probably as late as 1966 when he had a lost of success in 1966 campaigning for Congressional Republicans. Even though by 1963 he went back into the private sector as a New York lawyer and public speaker. But politics is what made him very happy.

Because of all these things and the mounting frustration that had built up of not only being out of public office for the first time since 1946 when he left the Vice Presidency in early 1961 and losing his second major election in 1962 in just two-years, Nixon just sort of went off and took his frustrations out on the press and let them have it. Calling this press conference his last, which of course it wasn't. I just don't think he put a lot of thought into what he was going to say here and went off instead.

William Shanley: The Made-For-TV Election- Starring Martin Sheen

Source:William Shanley- A 1980 ABC documentary about American political elections.
"A William Brandon Shanley film available at

"Pertinent, powerful, persuasive. Handsomely produced... Brilliant." -- Los Angeles Times.

"Profoundly enlightening. A devastating look at television's impact on the presidency." -- Helen Thomas, "Dean" of the White House Press Corps.

"This film should be seen by every American in every city and town." -- Norman Lear, TV Creator.

Hollywood star and activist Martin Sheen shows how broadcast TV networks create winners and losers in US presidential elections by typecasting the candidates in a drama of their own making in this long-suppressed and sabotaged documentary about the 1980 Presidential Election Campaign when former Governor Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter.

Watch how network news shows use polls, gaffes, flip-flops, stereotypes, and show business values to pump the ratings and misdirect you from what you need to know to be an informed citizen and understand what's really happening in America. The program dissects network coverage and reveals TV's "hidden hand" in changing the outcome of the most important election since 1968, exposing the myth of the Reagan Revolution and the made-for-TV "conservative tide" that so tragically changed America's course.
Host Martin Sheen. Jimmy Carter (president) Ronald Reagan (Republican challenger) Ted Kennedy (Democratic challenger) John Anderson (Independent challenger) Walter Cronkite (CBS News "The Most Trusted Man in America").  Other media stars and guests include Frank Reynolds, Sam Donaldson, Helen Thomas, Ed Bradley, John Chancellor, Dan Rather, Leslie Stahl, Gerald Rafshoon, Jody Powell, Ted Turner.
A William Brandon Shanley film. Gerald J. Keane, co-producer and writer. Alvin H. Goldstein, executive producer. Joe Rothstein, studio director. Harry Miles Muheim, consultant. Running time: 102 minutes. A Production of News Analysis Associates in association with Capitol Video Communications. Copyright William B. Shanley & Gerald J. Keane - 1986-2014 - All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Evolution Solutions, Inc., a Connecticut not-for-profit corporation. Write to Will Shanley for more information:"

From William Shanley

Comparing the presidential election of 1980 to the presidential election of 2012 is like comparing today's culture and lifestyles of that of the 1950s. Or NFL football from the 1970s to the NFL of today, two completely different eras. And even though TV and especially TV news is no longer as dominant medium as it was back in the late 1970s and 1980, it is still crucial today and politicians still need to do well on it to be successful. Especially if they hope to be President of the United States.

TV and videos we can see off the internet either off of YouTube or even videos we upload ourselves from our own laptops are the closest thing that we have to seeing someone in person. You can see what someone looks like and how they are feeling and doing simply by how they present themselves on TV. And even though the internet and even social networks are a huge factor in how we get our news, TV is still critical in how we are presented as people. 

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CBS News: Nelson Rockefeller Swearing In Ceremony As Vice President (1974)

Source:CBS News- Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller (Republican, New York) being sworn in as Vice President of the United States, in December of 1974.

"Nelson Rockefeller swearing in ceremony as the 41st Vice President. Nelson Rockefeller swearing in ceremony and remarks" 

Source:Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum

New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller being sworn in as Vice President of the United States, in December of 1974, at the U.S. Senate. After the House of Representative and Senate approved President Gerald R. Ford's nomination of Governor Rockefeller as Vice President, he was sworn in as Vice President at the Senate. 
Source:CBS News- Governor Nelson Rockefeller (Republican, New York) being sworn in as Vice President of the United States, December, 1974.


I'm not sure we've ever had a more qualified nominee for Vice President of the United States. And you might be thinking, "that is not saying much", (and perhaps with stronger language) but the fact is we've had very qualified Vice President's including the current one in Joe Biden. 

Vice President Biden's predecessor Dick Cheney whatever you think of him was a very qualified Vice President. And in a lot of cases served especially during the crisis of 9/11, served President Bush and the country very well. George H.W. Bush was a very qualified Vice President for President Reagan and you can go down the line.

Nelson Rockefeller was a very successful businessman running a couple of companies. Including Rockefeller Center in New York and the International Basic Economy Corporation. He was Assistant Secretary of State for American Affairs. Governor of New York for fourteen years from 1959-73. And all of these things happening before becoming Vice President of the United States. With the resume that Nelson Rockefeller had and that he and President Gerald Ford were fairly similar when it came to social and foreign policy, you would've think that President Ford would've used Vice President Rockefeller as his Chief Counsel and perhaps even Chief Operating Officer. But apparently that didn't happen. 

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Merv Griffin Show: Jane Fonda & Roger Vadim Interview (1967)

Source:Merv Griffin Show- Roger Vadim and Jane Fonda, in 1967.
“Jane Fonda and her husband, French director Roger Vadim, are interviewed by Merv Griffin in January of 1967 while promoting their film “The Game is Over (La Curee)”. They talk about their farm in France, Jane’s cooking, and Vadim’s experiences filming iconic women.

Merv Griffin had over 5000 guests appear on his show from 1963-1986. Footage from the Merv Griffin Show is available for licensing to all forms of media through Reelin’ In The Years Productions:Realin The Years."

From the Merv Griffin Show

I would be lying if I said I had any idea who the hell Roger Vadim is other then what I got out of this video. And I only like to lie when I’m in trouble. You know being questioned by police, on the stand being cross-examined. And if you are wondering how I get away with that. I cross my fingers when I’m put under oath and say: “I do”.

But Jane Fonda is very well-known and for good reasons. A beautiful baby-face adorable actress with a very quick wit and sense of humor. As well as intelligence that allows for her to play all sorts of characters that her career indicates that she has. 

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Hail to the Redskins For Life: News: Daniel Snyder: "Redskins Organization Has Started the Process of Designing a New Stadium"

Source: Curbed DC- RFK Memorial Stadium-
Source:Hail To The Redskins

This is something that should've been done twenty years ago. But back then Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke was dealing with Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly and her administration in Washington. And even though Mr. Cooke had offered to build the stadium himself and pay for the whole thing, which is something he and the Redskins can afford to do because of the value of the franchise, he couldn't get an agreement with the Kelly Administration in Washington to build the stadium there. There was also a factor with RFK Stadium because Washington was still looking for a new MLB franchise.

Times are much different now and not only is the City of Washington run much better and no longer dealing with runaway crime, or runaway deficits, or runaway debt, or runaway poverty. The education system is getting better and the city is no longer losing people, but actually adding people and has become one of the safest big cities to live in America. As well as having one of the best economies. And has Mayor's and a government as well as City Council that knows how to govern and to make deals.

The point is because of all of these factors not only does Washington want the Redskins back in the city. But the Redskins also want to back in the city they represent and Washington is still the best location for them in the Washington metro area. Because it is a great big beautiful city where a stadium there would be easy to for everyone to get to and where fans will no longer have to worry about getting stuck in Maryland traffic because they could either drive downtown, or take the train.

For just the simple reason that Washington now has MLB again and has it's downtown at Nationals Parks with the Nationals, RFK Stadium not in it's current form, but either though renovation and expanding it with two or three additional decks and perhaps a retractable roof dome for a Super Bowl and other indoor events. Or simply tearing the stadium down and replacing it with a hundred-thousand seat stadium, that spot becomes a perfect location for the Redskins in Washington where the Redskins now and always have belong.
WJLA-TV News: Daniel Snyder- Wants New Retro Stadium For Redskins

Investigating Power: Mike Wallace- A Friendship With Richard Nixon

Source:Investigating Power

What I get from this interview of Mike Wallace is that he liked Richard Nixon because he was impressed by the man's intelligence and knowledge. That they could talk about a wide range of issues and that he would learn things from Nixon that he didn't know before. That Nixon was intelligently interesting and was someone you want to talk to and to get to know. This is not even a six minute video, but if that is what Mike Wallace likes about you, you should take that and be happy. Because Wallace I believe is the best news interviewer of all-time because of his own intelligence about a wide range of issues and his preparation and ability to interview anybody about anything.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The LBJ Library: President Lyndon Johnson & Governor Nelson Rockefeller (1/07/1966)

Source:LBJ Library- President Lyndon B Johnson (Democrat, Texas) talking to Governor Nelson Rockefeller (Republican, New York) in 1966.
"Telephone Conversation between President Johnson and Nelson Rockefeller. 

Citation No.: 9458

January 7, 1966
Time: 1:01 PM

Speakers: President Johnson and Nelson Rockefeller

General Topic: Business; Congressional Relations; Disasters; Federal Budget; Housing; Labor; Legislation; National Politics; Press Relations; Public Relations; Transportation; Urban Affairs; Veterans; Welfare

Topics: Rockefeller Asks LBJ To Declare NYC Disaster Area, Requests Small Business Loans, Veterans Loan Guarantees, OEO Help For Those Affected By Transit Strike; LBJ Suggests Other Methods Be Studied Before Issuing Disaster Declaration; Strike Negotiations; RFK" 

Governor Nelson Rockefeller (Republican, New York) trying to get President Lyndon Johnson (Democrat, Texas) to give him some public assistance from the Federal level, to deal with some small business issues and problems that were going on in New York City. Perhaps having to deal with riots or other social unrest the city was going through in the mid and late 1960s. Which was a rough time for New York during this period with high crime and high poverty and other issues dealing with social unrest in a city of roughly eight-million people that was crucial to the whole State of New York.

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Jeremy Richey: Phil Donahue Show- Jane Fonda: 1972 Vietnam War Interview

Source:Jeremy Richey- Hollywood Goddess and New-Left political activist Jane Fonda, on Phil Donahue in 1972, talking about President Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War.
“Jane Fonda Interviewed in 1972.”

From Jeremy Richey

Jane Fonda at her highest peak as an anti-war New-Left political activist, calling members of the American military criminals, murderers, including the President of the United States Richard Nixon and perhaps President Nixon’s predecessor Lyndon Johnson as well.

The wing of the American Left, the New Left people who are called McGovernites for their support of U.S. Senator George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign took over the Democratic Party in the late 1960s and early 1970s. And gave the Democratic Party a real bad name for over twenty-years.

We’re talking about people who simply don’t live on Planet Earth or at least in America (politically, at least) who believe that everything that America is supposed to stand for is somehow either imperialistic, materialistic, immoral, racist, bigoted, etc. Even though a lot of members of this political faction are urban, yuppies and some of the most successful and well-known, as well as talented and wealthy people in the world, such as Jane Fonda who is literally one of the best actresses of her generation, if not ever.

And yet the New-Left in America (Socialists and Communists) they constantly bash American capitalism and power, even though they’ve done so well with it. Even where designer material fatigues (that we’re probably made oversees) at their rallies. 

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NBC News: Meet The Press- U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon (1960)

Source:NBC News- U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon (Democrat, California) on NBC News's Meet The Press in 1960.

"Vice President Richard Nixon appears on Meet the Press on September 11, 1960"  

From NBC News 

Vice President Richard Nixon trying to make the point that America was still stronger than Communist Russia at this point across the board. This was one of the biggest issues of the 1960 presidential campaign between Vice President Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy: was America moving forward and advancing and at its strongest point possible to take on Russia if it needed too. 

The Vice President seemed to believe that America was, but that we could always do better. Senator Kennedy constantly making the point that America stagnated especially economically with the recession of the late 1950s and early 1960s and that we needed to get moving again. 

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David Von Pein: Meet The Press: Senator John F. Kennedy (October, 1960)

The early 1960s was one of the hottest periods of the Cold War (no pun intended) and spending the first ten minutes of Meet The Press talking about China and other communist activities in Asia should be no surprise to anyone familiar with this period. Senator Kennedy who is a political hero of mine and perhaps my number one political hero and a big reason why I am a New Democrat. But he sounded on the defensive on the issue of Asia and China's influence in Southeast Asia. And seem to want to move past that issue by saying that "Richard Nixon and I agree on this issue".

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Joe Pyne: Joe Pyne Interviews Jack Anderson- April, 6, 1969

Source:Richard Remembers Joe Pyne- investigative journalist Jack Anderson, talking to Joe Pyne in 1969.
"JACK ANDERSON is the author of Washington Expose, and has some startling things to say about politics and politicians." is the description on the film can, courtesy of Hartwest Productions, Inc.  Dated April 6, 1969. Joe Pyne." 

From Richard Remembers Joe Pyne

Jack Anderson was a Washington columnist and a watchdog of Congress and wrote columns and did investigations with his partner Drew Pearson about what they saw as potential Congressional corruption. And I guess Senator Thomas Dodd of Connecticut was one of Mr. Anderson's victims. Senator Dodd was accused of political corruption, by using his own campaign funds for his personal use. As Joe Pyne said in the video Senator Dodd claimed poverty, but as Anderson said "the man lived like a millionaire". And the Senate agreed with that and censured the Senator in 1967.

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David Von Pein: U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy Townhall, April 19, 1968

If you listen to Senator Robert F. Kennedy talk about the Vietnam War in 1968, it is not that different from how Barack Obama sounded about the Iraq War when he was running for president in 2007-08. And how President Obama now sounds about the Iraq War now. "We can help and we should help where we can, but at the end of the day this is their country and their war and they need to fight it and win it if they can". Just replace Vietnam with Iraq and you have two different men from two different generations talking about two different wars, but they sound very similar.

The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder: Ayn Rand (1979)

Source:The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder- Objectivist author Ayn Rand, on The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder in 1979.
"Ayn Rand Interview with Tom Snyder" 

From Mens Business Education

Tom Snyder trying to learn about Ayn Rand’s objectivism and in this interview they are getting into religion. And Ayn telling Tom that “religion is wrong and not for people who base their beliefs on religion”. And that is probably putting it nicely. 

Snyder was a lifelong Catholic, so probably hearing Ayn Rand who was what I would call a fundamentalist Atheist talking about why she doesn’t like religion is probably hard for him to hear. But that is why Snyder did these interviews to learn about how others think even when he disagrees with them. 

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Bob Parker: ABC News Nightline- October 1980 Presidential Campaign

Source:Bob Parker- ABC News Nightline anchor Ted Koppel.

"ABC's Nightline looks at the 1980 Presidential Campaign." 

From Bob Parker

By 1980, but probably much further back then that going back to 1968 or 64 TV and TV news especially was already a huge factor in how Americans got their political news and other current affairs news. Because even by 1980 ABC News, NBC News and CBS News broadcast news was the really the only game in town when it came to TV news coverage from. There was radio, but most Americans got their radio news in the car and not so much at home except when they are getting ready to go to bed or getting ready for work in the morning.

CNN was the only cable news network on TV and they were just getting started in 1980. And C-SPAN again had just gotten started and them along with CNN probably had about the same amount of viewers as PBS. 

This was way before the whole menu of cable news networks and so-called news networks like FNC, MSNBC, and RT. This was also pre-internet, so of course there were no blogs and as a result the print publishing business was in much better shape with newsmagazines and newspapers. So broadcast TV news was the leader at this point in how Americans got their news.

NBC News: Senator John F. Kennedy On The Jack Paar Show (1960)

Jack Kennedy running for president in 1960 because he thought it was the most important job in the world. And that if he was going to be able to do the most for his country, serving in Congress even both in the House and Senate that he did for a total of fourteen-years in Congress was not going to be good enough. That he needed to be President of the United States and that America needed to be an example in the world when it came to freedom and take the lead in showing the dangerous effects of communism.

There are more reasons why Jack Kennedy ran for president in 1960. He thought the country was starting to fall behind Russia in some key areas like with exploring outer space and perhaps in technology and influence in the world. And that the Eisenhower Administration had felt satisfied with how things were going in the country, which is how Senator Kennedy felt. And that America needed to get moving again and he believed he was the person to get America moving again.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Richard Remembers Joe Pyne: Joe Pyne- Interviews Governor Lester Maddox (1968)

Source:Joe Pyne- Joe Pyne and Governor Lester Maddox (Democrat, Georgia) in 1968. 
"GOVERNOR LESTER MADDOX, Governor of Georgia, argues with Joe Pyne about the current state of the nation and his role; after about 25 minutes of acrimonious dialogue, Governor Maddox stalks off the set and refuses to return." is the description on the film can, courtesy of Hartwest Productions, Inc.  Filmed/broadcast date circa November 1968. Joe Pyne." 

From Richard Remembers Joe Pyne

Joe Pyne to the left of Lester Maddux in this interview. Which just goes to show you that there's a certain point for smart right-wingers as far as how they'll go even when it comes to how we treat criminals and convicted inmates when they say: "Enough is enough, these people are people to and deserve to be treated like human beings. Criminals and inmates sure, but that doesn't mean treating people even inmates like animals, but people in prison that deserve the respect of being treated like a human being." 

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NBC: The Jack Paar Program- Richard Nixon in 1963

Source: NBC- Jack & Dick-

Richard Nixon actually showing a human side of him. A likable funny side that if he showed more people in public and in private, especially with his taping system, instead of coming off as a mean old, well dick (pun intended) he would've been more popular in public and in the media and would've had an easier time politically. And would've gotten more positive attention for his laundry list of accomplishments and Watergate probably never happens, let alone needed to be covered up, or brought out in the open. Because he would've ended up liking and trusting more people with the same feelings towards him from others.

Al Pacino: Any Given Sunday (1999) ‘The Game of Inches’

Source:Fight Back- Al Pacino as Miami Sharks head coach Tony Damato.
"How to Fight Back!!!!
Any Given Sunday speech by the Legend Al Pacino. Brilliant delivery of Dialogues.

“Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday – Peace by Inches”

Source:PSTIV-THNKN- The Green Bay Packers got that needed inch to become NFL champions in 1967.


Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday playing Miami Sharks head coach Tony Damato (which I believe was the name of his character) explaining to his football team that life isn’t just a game of inches, but football is as well. And that every inch and every play is important and can end up being the difference between losing a game and winning the game. And the most important games are where each play in the game are that much more important: “What if I only made that tackle, or made that block, or made that catch, saw that defender before I threw the ball and get it picked off.”

Life and football perhaps especially is a game of inches and plays. Not one inch, or one play, but you add them all up and they become crucial. And the bigger the game is, or the situation in life, the better you have to play and the fewer plays you are able to take off. Because every mistake and come back and bite you in the ass and leave asking a bunch of what ifs. Which is why you have to play every play like it is not just important, but crucial. The difference between winning and advancing and losing and going home. And that was Tony Damato’s message in this scene.

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The LBJ Library: President Lyndon Johnson's Meeting With Governor George C. Wallace, 3/18/65

President Lyndon Johnson talking about the need for Alabama Governor George C. Wallace's need to enforce the law in Alabama. And in this case the law was a Federal court order that said civil rights marchers in Alabama had a right to march and that Alabama was responsible for keeping the peace and keep order in Alabama. What Governor Wallace I believe was trying to tell the President was that keeping order during this march would be difficult. And what President Johnson was saying was that he would help him do that in anyway he can.

Bach Feuer: The Morton Downey Jr. Show- Jerry Falwell and the Christian Right

In the late 1980s starting in around 1987 I believe the TV evangelism was taking a big hit in America because of scandals that some of their TV reverends were under. Essentially preaching against what they were in favor of, but not in public, but in their own private lives. With Jim Swaggart it was about prostitutes, with Jim Baker it was financial issues. These reverends were saying they were the voice of God, the voice of Christ to be more precise and yet they were committing real vices that are immoral at least under the law that would've sent average Americans to jail for a long time.

John Stossel: You Can't Say That

Private organizations have the right to regulate themselves as long as they are within the law and their contractual obligations. They don't have to be fair or even consistent and I don't have a problem with them being able to do this as long as they are a private organization. Even though I tend to disagree with a lot of the decisions as they make when it comes to kicking people off the air as it relates to what they say may be offensive.

I'm not interested in outlawing fascists thoughts and people being able to express their fascist views whether they come from the Right or Left. As long as they aren't able to pass those views and policies through law. Because that of course would be against the First Amendment even if it does offend some people. Because again we have Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment and I having my right to argue against fascism and the political correctness movement from the Far-Left. Or the moral majority movement or whatever from the Far-Right.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The LBJ Library: President Lyndon Johnson- Meeting with Governor George C. Wallace (3/13/1965)

Source:The LBJ Library- President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat, Texas) talking about his meeting with Governor George C. Wallace (Democrat, Alabama) in 1965.

"President Johnson's Meeting with Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, March 13, 1965. Index terms: Civil Rights; Speeches; Press Conferences; George C. Wallace; Selma, AL; Voting Rights LBJ Library video MP 538 donated by CBS. No usage fees. Footage shown here was a gift from CBS for the LBJ Library. They are pool coverage of live presidential addresses and are not copyrighted.  The Library has made them available (excluding any network commentary) for decades without incident." 

From The LBJ Library

Lyndon Johnson vs. George C. Wallace was a mismatch at least when it came to persuasion. Because Governor Wallace was a master at propaganda and touting his own, well excuse my French, but bullshit. Even though I doubt he believed his own bullshit, but instead use it to hold power. 

But LBJ wasn't someone you bullshitted without any response and LBJ would cut people off if they knew they were simply wrong. And tell them: "Don't shit me! We both know better." And tell them what is actually going on and ask them: "What you intend to do about it?"

What I believe happened here during this conversation between President Johnson and Governor Wallace at least according to the LBJ tapes, was the Governor trying to convince the President that he was limited in what he can do to see that everyone in Alabama can vote. Because he governed his own administration, but not all of the local governments in Alabama. 

And what the President said was: "Don't shit me, George! We both know who has the power in Alabama and that person is you. Now are you going to enforce the civil rights laws down there or, am I going to do that for you?" This according to President Johnson's speechwriter Richard Goodwin. 

Richard Remembers Joe Pyne: ‘Joe Pyne Interviews Jerry Rubin (1967)’

Source:Richard Remembers Joe Pyne- Left to right: Jerry Rubin & Joe Pyne.
“JERRY RUBIN is the leader of the student strike at the University of California at Berkeley, who broke up a House Un-American Activities Committee meeting by attending in a Revolutionary War uniform.” is the description on the film can, courtesy of Hartwest Productions, Inc. Filmed/broadcast circa January 1967. Joe Pyne"

Source:Richard Remembers Joe Pyne

First of all, this wasn’t a real interview and at best more of an attempt of Joe Pyne to cross-examine or prosecute Jerry Rubin who was part of the New Left in America from the late 1960s and early 1970s. A movement that was anti-war and American capitalism and wanted to see America move to some type of socialist economic system or social democracy.

What this TV performance was, was Joe Pyne telling Jerry Rubin that: “You are an asshole and I’m asking you these questions and showing you these things to show Americans how big of a piece of garbage that you are. And that you are poisoning America’s youth with your garbage”. And that is probably putting it nicely.

As far as what they almost talked about which is what the New Left called disobedience of laws. They weren’t so much talking about disobeying laws in general. (at least from what I know about them) But disobeying laws that they saw as unjust and even breaking the law to serve some cause that they saw as just. Like ending the Vietnam War, or ending what they saw as corporate greed. And very much inspired what we see from the Occupy Wall Street movement today. Who are the sons and daughters of the New Left from the 1960s and 70s. 

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FOX News: John Stossel- Stupid in America

Source:FOX News- TIME Magazine, talking about education reform in America.
""5-6-12 John Stossel - Stupid In America"

From FOX News

I take stupidity seriously and when you have a lot of Americans who are stupid, meaning they don't know important basic things that they should know. Like what state the Kentucky Derby is in, (first word being the giveaway clue there) I get concern simply as an American who wants to see my country do as well as it can. And as much as the Great Recession was caused by Wall Street, the fact that our workers especially the ones that lost their jobs during it do not have the skills they need to get another job, or our college and high school graduates do not have the skills that they need to get a good job, you know we have a serious problem.

And as serious as a problem that stupidity in America is, it is also impossible for me as someone with a quick off the cuff sense of humor to just let slide by without making fun of it. I mean seriously we have Americans who know what the latest smartphone is, or what's the latest rehab clinic or jail that Lindsay Lohan is at. But couldn't tell you to save their life who is on Mount Rushmore, what is the Bill of Rights, who was our first President, what was the Civil War fought over. How many states does America have  and you can go down the line.

We have become as a society where whatever is considered hot, awesome and popular at the time and that generally comes from either Silicon Valley or Hollywood, or it is not important "and like so not worth my time to like totally notice". To paraphrase some valley speak. "What is hot is what is now, and history is in the past" and when it comes to learning it is about what is hot and what is now so you can fit in and be as popular as possible. Where you are judged by how many followers you have on Facebook or whatever the hot social network is at the time and what is the latest technology. Instead of being judged based on how much you know and what are your actual skills.

I know this might sound nerdy or whatever, but people who believe that aren't my target audience and those people are the problem to begin with. If you want to be hot, awesome or cool, (and cool might sound old at this point) you might have to be stupid as well. And sound like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin, or even Johnny Football soon to be Johnny headed for Hollywood after he gives up on football Manziel. But if you want to be intelligent and successful outside of Hollywood or sports in America, then you have to be intelligent. And that only happens from learning about things that are actually important that gives you the skills to be successful in America.

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960