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Washington Times:An Addiction Democrats Can’t Kick

Source:The FreeState

If we wanted to have a real War on Drugs in America, then we would have ten-million or so perhaps even more than that, people in prison because of the War on Drugs. If the War on Drugs were really a public health issue, we would have ten-million people in prison or so. Instead of the hundreds of thousands of people or so that are in prison today because of the War on Drugs. Because we would outlaw a hell of a lot more drugs that we do today. Alcohol and tobacco, certainly would be illegal, because of all the physical damage that consumption of those drugs have done to society. And even if the Mike Bloomberg Progressive nanny statists had their way, sugar and salt would also be illegal. Corrections and law enforcement, would become the two dominant professions and industries in America. Along with the military industrial complex closing the borders to keep all of these newly illegal drugs from coming into America.

I’m not in favor of the War on Drugs. Actually a strong opponent against it and I’m not a prohibitionist from a progressive or neoconservative perspective. I’m not even in favor of locking people up for simple possession of marijuana, which should be legalized anyway. Or even locking people up for simple possession of heroin, cocaine or meth. But if we had a real War on Drugs, we would also outlaw tobacco, alcohol, junk food and soft-drinks as a country. That do just as much damage as marijuana if not more when they aren’t regulated, or over consumed. There are several ways to cut our healthcare costs, but they all get to personal responsibility. I know that’s a Conservative term that Progressives hate and I’m not even a Conservative.

But I’m also not a Progressive, but someone who believes this is the way forward and something that todays so-called Conservatives use to be in favor of. But we cut our healthcare costs by universal access to either health insurance or a health savings account. With the mandate and tax credit under the Affordable Care Act. Most of the country, will have that now, but we should go further. And also apply personal responsibility to what’s called preventive care. That if you choose to live unhealthy, you not only pay for those purchases upfront. But you also pay for the healthcare that you are going to consume in the future for living unhealthy. That would go to the hospitals especially emergency rooms and tax payers.

Taxpayers, get stuck with the health care costs of people who are junk food and soft drinks addicts. Because many times these patients tend not to be insured. And we get stuck paying for the uncompensated healthcare that they receive. Todays so-called Conservatives, use to be in favor of personal responsibility, even as it related to healthcare reform twenty years ago. Until Democrats became in favor of it back then and today and decided to use this issue against Democrats to make them look like tax and spenders. But it was a good idea back then and is a good idea today as well.

NFL Films: NFL 1979- A Tale of Two Seasons

Source:The Daily Press

A Tale of Two Seasons is the perfect way to describe the 1979 Los Angeles Rams. Because they were essentially a 500 team or worst in the first half of 1979. I believe the traditionally lowly and last place New Orléans Saints were poised to not only record their first winning season in 1979, make their first playoff appearance and win their first divisional title.

The Saints had a pretty solid team and with a better coaching staff and avoiding key injuries, maybe the Saints make the NFC Playoffs in 79. But all of these things happening weren’t because they were real good, but the Rams weren’t in the first half of 79. Because they were real beat up in 1979. With all sorts of key injuries in the backfield, offensive line, receivers and on defense as well.

The second half of the 79 Rams season were the real Los Angeles Rams that year. Because they got their players back and found their starting quarterback in Vince Feragamo. Who not only got healthy, but took over the starting QB position. They figured out who they were offensively with Feragamo. A running ball control team, with both short, middle and vertical threats in the passing game.

Which meant defenses including the great Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl 14. Because the Rams could run the ball with either Wendell Tyler or Cullen Bryant, but could also beat you deep with Vince Feragamo in the passing game. And had a defense that only the great Steel Curtain Steelers were better than in 79. The 79 Rams were a 12-4 or 13-3 team on paper that were even better than the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC. But with all of their injuries, we didn’t see the great Rams team until the second half of 79 and in the playoffs.

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Focus On The Family: Dr. James Dobson Interviewing (1989)

Source:The Daily Press

Some background is needed for this interview. Dr. James Dobson is one of the leaders of the religious-right or the so-called Moral Majority in America. That looks down on alcohol, tobacco, pornography, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s to be more specific. And Ted Bundy is one of the most successful serial murderers we’ve ever seen in the United States. Ted Bundy is trying to simply save his life. And Dr. Dobson wants to show Americans the dangers of pornography.

And late in his life I guess after Ted Bundy finally admitted that he was guilty of the murders he was convicted of he started explaining why they happened and how they came about. And as he says in the interview he’s not blaming alcohol and pornography for what he did. And takes responsibility for these murders at least in this interview. But saying that he was under the influence of alcohol and pornography during these crimes. Which gave Dr. Dobson an opportunity to push his message of why alcohol and pornography are bad for society.

This was about Ted Bundy trying to save his life and show people that he’s not as evil as he was portrayed because of all the horrible murders and rapes that he committed. That was Bundy’s motivation here and why he also admitted to other murders that he wasn’t convicted of. Because he wanted a stay of execution and not be executed. Even if that meant living the rest of his life in prison. Dr. Dobson at the very least was smart enough to see that. But I believe used this interview anyway to try to showcase what he sees as the dangers of pornography in America.

CBS Sports: NFL 1990- NFC Final-New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers: Full Game

Source:The Daily Press

This is one of the best NFL football games period of all-time and perhaps the best conference championship of all-time as well. Two great teams that had a lot of respect for each other and who didn’t like each other. Whose fans hated the other team because of all the great games that they’ve played against each other over the last ten years. The 49ers looking to make history and win a third straight Super Bowl and perhaps go down as the greatest collection of teams from 88-90 in NFL history. The Giants obviously having different plans and looking to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1986 and winning another one.

The 49ers of the 1980s were obviously stereotyped as soft and as a finesse team. Even though they had the best all around running back in the league at this point in Roger Craig. Who was a power runner and ran the ball up the middle for the most part, as well as power sweeps. A 6’0 225 pound tailback the power of a fullback and the speed of a great wide receiver. Who was both a great all around running back and a great receiver and blocker as well. The 49ers even though having a light offensive line in weight ran the ball very well against everyone and ran the ball up the middle as well.

And the 49ers were always big and strong on defense and have a very good tough defense in 1990 like they had for most of the 1980s. But yet they were called soft because they were a pass first team that threw a lot of short passes. Playing a team that was known for being tough and strong as the Giants were with tough physical defense, big powerful offensive line and a great power running game. This was not a matchup of a power team in the Giants vs. a finesse team in the 49ers. When the fact was both teams were two of the strongest and most physical teams in the NFL in 1990. And as a result this was one of the most physical games in the history of the NFL as far as all the big hits in it from both teams.

This game also represents the end of an era. The last time that Joe Montana would represent the 49ers as their starting quarterback and leader. Who took a huge hit late in this game from Giants defensive end Leonard Marshal. And suffered a concussion and back injury that would cost him the entire 1991 season and most of the 1992 season. This was also the last season that 49ers would enter the year as the favorite to win the Super Bowl, or expected to win the Super Bowl. The rest of the NFL at least the good developing teams were getting better and were catching up. Including a young team that represents Dallas, Texas. So this was a very important game in NFL history.

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Joey Teefizz: Video: MISL 1982-Baltimore Blast @ New York Arrows: First Half

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The New York Arrows were around in the early days of the MISL. Late 1970s to mid 1980s or so. Pro indoor soccer has never caught on in New York. Which is a shame, because New York is a great sports market. A great pro soccer market and the biggest sports market in America. And indoor soccer is a great sport when played well and is a very exciting fast-paced game. But only the New York Red Bulls of the MLS an outdoor soccer league has ever caught on and done well in the New York/North Jersey area. Unlike the Baltimore Blast, that have been around since I believe day one in the MISL, which was 1979 and are still in business today. And like the San Diego Sockers are the class of American indoor soccer. As far as the type of fan support that they’ve had and all the championships that they’ve won.

Cato Institute: Doug Bandow: America on Welfare

Source:FreeState Now

If we were really serious about reducing poverty and government dependence as it relates to the economy, people would be making more money working than not working. And people who are not retired, or physically or mentally disabled, would make less money in cash payments, than people who are working. Even if they are low-income workers. Because we would have laws in place that prevent the unemployed who are on Welfare Insurance from making more money than people who are working and collecting cash payments. And they would still get the public assistance that they need to survive like. Food Assistance, public housing, Medicaid to use as examples. But they would receive less in direct income than someone whose working full-time whatever they are making. Instead of having this policy that basically says, “look, you are barely surviving at all on your own right now. How about you quit your job and get on Welfare where you could make more money.” Which is what we’ve been doing since the New Deal and what we should do instead is incentivizing people to work over not working.

You want more people working and fewer people not working and collecting from public assistance, then work simply has to pay more than not working. And work has to pay enough so people prefer to work. So instead of having a minimum wage for workers, you would apply that to the unemployed on Welfare. Where they would make what someone working full-time making 7.25$ an hour would make. But low-income workers would make 10$ an hour working full-time. And still collect the public assistance that they would be eligible for with their income. But also eligible for financial assistance for eduction and job training. So they can get themselves better skills and leave their low-skilled low-income job for a good job. That allows for them to leave public assistance for the middle-class. And someone whose on Welfare, but in an education or job training program is now making 8.25$ and hour. While they are preparing themselves to go to work. Instead of 7.25$ an hour that the person on Welfare whose not in education or job training currently.

A low-income worker now making at least the living-wage at 10$ an hour is still working, but also eligible for financial assistance to go to school, or to a job-training program. So they can improve their skills and get a good job. That gets them off of public assistance all together and into the middle-class. Because now we are incentivizing work and independence over dependence. And a difference between what a welfare state is, or an entitlement society, compared with an empowerment society, that empowers people to be able to take care of themselves.

The Celebrated Misterk: MISL 1979-3/23-Philadelphia Fever @ New York Arrows: Highlights

Source:The Daily Press

The MISL got of to a good start in the 1979 season with the Philadelphia Fever selling out the Philadelphia Spectrum. Drawing crowds at the Spectrum that the Flyers and 76ers drew. The New York Arrows who won the MISL Finals in 1979 also drew good crowds at the Nassau Coliseum. Arena soccer is an American sport designed for American sports fans with all of the fast paced action. With teams being able to score a lot if they are that good offensively. But for goalies able to be successful as well, especially if they have a good defense in front of them. Because unlike soccer the rules indoors do not favor ether the defense or offense. And because of all of these factors I’ve never understood why the MISL has never been more successful in America. And even become the fifth major sport in this country.

A&E Biography: The Manson Women

Source:The Daily Press

The Manson girls were the female members of the Charles Manson’s family what was known as the Manson Family which was basically a cult. But it wasn’t a religious cult, but a crime cult, a crime family, a gang. They were basically a criminal gang that included murder. But also robbery and even torture to get things they wanted because they didn’t have the character to work for it or earn it. And these somewhat smaller crimes eventually led up to murder, but not random murders.

Even though the Manson Family didn’t know who they were murdering, because the people they murdered to them represented what they wanted to eliminate. Which was the establishment or the power-structure in America that the Manson Family especially Charles Manson believed were holding the Manson Family down and why they needed to come together to move away from mainstream society. Where they were failing to make it, especially Charlie who already at this point in his early and mid thirties, had already spent more than half of his life in prison in one form or the other.

And Charlie Manson just getting out of prison in the late 1960s and ending up in the San Francisco area and not knowing what to do with the rest of his life. Sort of catches onto the Hippie movement that was going on then. And saw these people or some of them as his chance to get back at society for all the things he believed were done to him. That cost him half of his life in prison and sees these young women and men late teens and early twenties who were somewhat lost and not knowing how they fit into society.

These young people struggling to make it on their own and showed them the respect and love they weren’t getting in life and formed this family or gang. And now had the soldiers he needed to get back at society. The people he believed were holding him down as well as his cult members. And ended up brining in people who otherwise would’ve been in college at that point and all had the skills and knowledge to of done very well in college and been successful in life.

In Leslie Van Houten’s case, she was beautiful and intelligent. Probably could’ve made it in Hollywood or in college and had a very successful career in entertainment or business or something had she never of met Charlie Manson and never fallen into his cult. But she made a really bad decision early on in life which led to even worse decisions later on in the Manson Family. Which can sum up the rest of the Manson Family and all of the waste that they represent. And what could’ve been had they just made better decisions in life.

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EFAN: Video: George McGovern’s 1972 Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech

EFAN: Video: George McGovern’s 1972 Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech

Former U.S. Senator George McGovern, who served a total of twenty-two years in Congress. Served in the House of Representatives from 1957-61, before serving in the Kennedy Administration from 1961-63, then getting elected to the Senate in 1962 and serving there until 1981. A victim of the 1980 Reagan Revolution and lost his Senate seat. Was a public servant and man who knew himself very well and where he stood and what he represented and what he believed in. He ran for President in 1972 as what I would call a true Socialist-Liberal. Really, the last one we’ve seen as a presidential nominee. Someone with strong liberal positions on social issues. Who believed in a good deal of personal freedom, but someone who was more Progressive-Socialist on economic policy. And ran on raising taxes, creating a real welfare state in America and building off of both the New Deal and Great Society in America. And cutting the defense-budget. So you knew what you were getting from George McGovern and where he stood.

One thing that I respect about George McGovern, was that he didn’t meet all the stereotypes that have been thrown at Progressives. At least since he ran for President in 1972, but ever since. This was a man who grew up in South Dakota and was proud of it and represented South Dakota in Congress for twenty-two years. Winning five Congressional elections, two in the House and three in the Senate. He was not from Boston, or New York, or Washington, or Chicago, or San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Stereotypical progressive cities in America, where many Progressives either come from, or live now. Senator McGovern, was an American Patriot, who served his country proudly in World War II, not a Pacifist. He was a devout Christian, not an Atheist. And also simply because of his honesty and consistency, he was against the Vietnam War when it was popular in the mid 1960s and was against it when it was unpopular the rest of the way.

George McGovern’s legacy in the Democratic Party, is a positive one. At least in this sense because of his political judgement. And he knew how the civil rights laws and the Great Society of the 1960s were going to cost the Democratic Party in the South. That the Democratic Party were going to need new voters. Similar to the Republican Party of today and they were going to need new voters. So what he and his campaign did was change the rules of the Democratic Party to get more Democrats represented in the party. African-Americans, Latinos, Jews, women and others and making the Democratic Party a true national party. That didn’t have to have the South to be a competitive party nationally.

Tru-TV: Video: Lizard Lick Towing, No One Calls Amy A Bitch

I don’t watch this show from very often. But it is pretty funny and sort of represents every single stereotype that Yankees and people who live in big cities and urban areas in general have of country folk lets say, Rednecks even. The people who work at Lizard Lick Towing in North Carolina are fairly intelligent, at least the owners Ron and Amy Shirley. But a lot of the people they deal with who just got their vehicles and other property towed because they didn’t pay their bills on them look like, frankly stereotypical country bumpkin dipshit hicks. Who believe they live under different rules as everyone else and don’t have to do such inconvenient things like paying their bills on their cars and trucks. And that is what you see in this scene.

Jack Hunter: Conservatism's Future: Young Americans For Liberty

Source:The FreeState

The Barry Goldwater conservative movement of the mid 1960s and even late 1960s launched Ron Reagan into office as President of the United States in 1980. But actually Congressional Republicans didn’t get the majority back in the House, or Senate in the mid and late 1960s, but made them a strong minority in both chambers. As well as Richard Nixon elected and reelected President of the United States in 1968 and 72. Placed Ron Reagan in strong place to be the GOP frontrunner for President.

After losing in 1976, Ron Reagan became the Republican frontrunner in 1980. The way Gerry Ford governed as President of the United States in the mid 1970s, fiscally conservative, as well as respecting personal freedom and civil liberties, all of these things started with Barry Goldwater when he ran for President in 1964. And took sixteen years for it all to come together with a Republican president in 1980, a Republican Senate for the first time, since 1952 and a large Republican minority in the House of Representatives in 1980 as well. Where House Republicans led by Minority Leader Bob Michael, could work in coalition with right-wing Southern Democrats in the House. To pass and block legislation.

What happened with the Barry Goldwater conservative movement of the mid 1960s and what it finally led up to and what’s going on with the Ron Paul libertarian movement of today in the Republican Party, both have one thing in common. That neither one was big enough to be a governing coalition in the United States. Or even a leading coalition in the Republican Party. Where they hold a lot of leadership positions. Back in the mid 1960s, America was still in the LBJ Great Society Progressive Era.

Where Americans by in large wanted and liked big government taking care of them. And we are obviously pass that now. But Ron Paul’s problem in the Republican Party are the Neoconservatives and Religious-Right are still in charge of the Republican Party. But what they also have in common with the Goldwater Conservatives of the 1960s, is the old-guard is dying off and losing influence. While the Goldwater Conservatives were growing back then. And the Libertarian Republicans are growing today, as the Religious-Right and Neoconservatives are dying off and losing influence.

As then U.S. Senator Jim DeMint said back in 2012 before he became President of the Neoconservative Heritage Foundation political action group, “the Republican Party needs to become more Libertarian for them to be successful in the future.” But they do not have to embrace all of their positions, but they have to move in that direction on social issues. And get back to being a real fiscally conservative party. And stop nominating presidential candidates who run as fiscal Conservatives, but have records that suggest otherwise. Who run as Religious-Conservatives, but have records that also suggest otherwise. And get back to being a real Conservative-Libertarian Federalist party again. That can compete and be successful all over America.

Fat Hawaiian Man: The Tomorrow Show- Tom Snyder Interview: of Charles Manson (1981)

Source:Fat Hawaiian Man- Serial murderer and cult leader Charles Manson, being interviewed by Tom Snyder in 1981, for NBC News.

Source:The Daily Press 

"The infamous Snyder interview from 1981 uploaded in full for the first time- Snyder spends most of the time chain smoking and goading Manson on in any way possible, while a somewhat sedated Manson rues having to talk." 

From the Fat Hawaiian Man

I’m glad that Tom Snyder would be wiling and even wanting to interview Charlie Manson. And that Charlie would be willing to do an interview like this and probably wanting to do this interview in the first place. Perhaps looking for the limelight and the chance to show Americans what he was about and what he’s been up to and so-forth, so the country could see what this guy was about and how people can end up like this if they aren’t given a good opportunity to be successful in life.

The Manson Family felt that society was against them and so-forth, with all that anger building up and once he gets the opportunity to strike back at the people he believes have done him harm and so-forth and his chance to get those people back which is a lot of what the Manson Crime Family was about: taking on the establishment and bringing them down. And that there are people like this in society and this not how you want to end up.

No good reason for Charlie ending up the way he did and how his cult ended up. But when kids aren’t raised right like in Charlie’s case and always moved around from home to home with no one seeming able or willing to love them and raise them right, it is really hard to come from an environment like that and not be angry. To not get involved with people with similar backgrounds growing up. And feel now it's their turn to strike back or get back at the people they believe did them harm.

As far as this interview: Tom Snyder was about as good as anyone when it came to doing the difficult interview. Which are interviews where the person being interviewed is not there to talk about them self. Even though that is why the interviewer is talking to them in the first place. And Snyder got Manson to talk about things he probably didn’t want to talk about. Like his cult and how he came up and why he’s been in prison for so much of his life. Which makes for an interesting interview because the interviewer keeps coming. And is so tough and gets the person to say things about themselves that they normally wouldn’t.

Joey Teefizz: MISL 1982-3/26-St. Louis Steamers @ New York Arrows: Highlights

Source:The Daily Press

The St. Louis Steamers were one of the better franchises in the MISL. I believe they’ve been in the league since day one of the 1978-79 season. And are still there and are sort of like the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers of that league as far as the amount of success that they’ve had. St. Louis is a great arena soccer market, but for whatever reasons they still do not have an MLS soccer franchise. New York on the other hand, a great soccer market at least as far as the old North American Soccer League and now Major League Soccer. But never caught on as a very good arena soccer market. The MISL alone tried three clubs there and went to Long Island with the Arrows and Express. And East Rutherford, New Jersey with the Cosmos. The MISL could succeed in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and add Washington and Boston to that list, this league could take off. Because they would be successful in the biggest markets in America.

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Joey Teefizz: MISL 1985-12/01/84-Cleveland Force @ New Jersey Cosmos: Highlights

Source:Real Life Journal

The New York Cosmos were also a North American Soccer League team that played at Giants Stadium in the 1970s and 80. And I believe the people who owned the Cosmos of the NASL and MISL were the same group. And they moved their NASL franchise indoors to arena soccer and the MISL when the NASL folded in I believe 1984. The Cleveland Force are one of the standout franchises of American arena soccer. Also known as the Cleveland Crunch of the old NPSL that I believe folded and reemerged as the new MISL in the late 1990s or so. Cleveland and New York/New Jersey are great soccer markets, including arena soccer. And why the MISL has never been marketed better and perhaps set up a partnership with MLS so they would be much bigger today, I may never know. But it is a great sport and just needs a great league to promote it.

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ESPN: CFL 1995-Grey Cup-Baltimore Stallions vs. Calgary Stampeders: Short Video

Source:Real Life Journal

One thing that was great about the CFL American experience in the early and mid 1990s was that we got to see a North American Football Championship game. Not once, but twice in 1994 and 95. The Stallions lost to the Vancouver Lions (as I call them) in 1994 and then beat the Calgary Stampeders in 1995. Baltimore, being one of the premier American football markets and now with one of the premier franchises and premier histories as well. Calgary, being one of the premier Canadian football markets, franchises and has one of the best football histories in Canada. The Stallions and Stampeders, were clearly the two best teams in the CFL in 1995. And both had a host of players that either played in the NFL, or went on to play in the NFL.

The CFL American experience didn’t fail because of lack of quality talent on the American teams. But because outside of Baltimore the franchises weren’t run and marketed very well. And outside of Baltimore there wasn’t a CFL American market that badly wanted in to or back into the NFL. Baltimore loved the Stallions, but they also used the Stallions to get another NFL club. To show the NFL how much they wanted another NFL club by the way they supported the Stallions. And as a result Baltimore is the only city in the world actually, that has won the NFL Championship, including multiple Super Bowls, the USFL Championship and the CFL Grey Cup Championship.

The CFL American experiment, was a good idea that was poorly executed. And if the USFL ever comes back, they should look at the CFL as a possible merger. With lets say ten American clubs that are all outside of NFL markets. With 9-10 CFL clubs and play a couple inter-conference or inter-league games for each club in this new league. So fans in both countries can see how they play against each other. Play in the spring and summer, instead of the fall and winter. So they’re not going up against the NFL. Get a player agreement with the NFL so they can have access to NFL players who are talented, but aren’t playing much right now. Because they are not ready and need experience. And get a revenue sharing agreement as well. And this new Can-Am league I believe would do very well both in America and Canada.

Joey Teefizz: Video: MISL 1985-1/13-Cleveland Force @ Pittsburgh Spirit: Highlights

The Force-Spirit rivalry was one of the better rivalries in the MISL. And had the MISL knew anything about marketing then and now, they would’ve done a good job at marketing this rivalry especially in North Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, the areas that the Force and Spirit represented respectfully. Indoor soccer is a perfect sport for America and American sports fans, because it is so fast paced and up in down. With the rules not really benefiting either the offense or defense. Which is how classic American sports fans like it. There is a lot more scoring in arena soccer or futsal than in soccer itself. But that is because the playing fields are smaller and the rules don’t favor either side. Unlike in soccer where the rules are designed to keep scoring down and as a result it is a more defensive game. But for whatever reasons arena soccer has never really caught on in America. Even though it is an American sport designed for American sports fans.

Tenn Fan 76: Video: The Steel Curtain Steelers: The Steelers Become Champions Again

Source:The Daily Post

What made the Pittsburgh Steelers of the late 1970s even better than the Steelers of the mid 1970s, was the rule changes on offense in the NFL in 1978. That improved the blocking and opened up the running and passing games on offense. And opened up the passing game also with the illegal contact rule that allowed for WR’s to be able to get off of the line of scrimmage and run their patterns. 
Before the rule changes the Steelers were a power run ball control offense. That would rely on their Steel Curtain defense to set up great field position for them and get them takeaways. And when defenses tried to take their running game away by stacking the line of scrimmage, the Steelers also had deep threats in the passing game with WR’s John Stallworth and Lynn Swann and QB Terry Bradshaw. 
Bradshaw being one of the best deep passing QB’s of all-time, but with the rule changes on offense the Steelers had to find more ways to score and to be able to score more points. As we saw in Super Bowl 13 against the Dallas Cowboys and Super 14 against the Los Angeles Rams. The 1978 rule changes on offense in the NFL opened up the Steelers offense and made them a vertical passing and power running team, to go with their great defense.

Joey Teefizz: MISL 1987-12/19/86-New York Arrows @ Chicago Sting: Highlights

Source:The Daily Press

I guess the Chicago Sting struggling to draw fans to their games. And moved from the Chicago Stadium, which was one of the better downtown sports arenas for both hockey and basketball, as well as concerts and other events in America. And out to Rosemont, Illinois one of the suburbs of Chicago. Chicago was never a great market for the MISL. The Sting and other clubs that they tried in that huge market which is one of the better soccer markets in America, was never great for arena soccer. Not that arena soccer can’t work there, but the sport needs to be better marketed in that market. Same thing with New York, Los Angles, Washington to use as other examples. Where there are several other sports franchises in those markets. But also where there’s also a lot for people to do there outside of sports.

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Canada Classic Sports: CFL 1974- Grey Cup- Montreal Alouettes vs Edmonton Eskimos: Full Game

Source:Canada Classic Sports- with the 1974 Grey Cup, from Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada.

Source:The Daily Times

“1974 Grey Cup Championship Game, Canadian Football League, Montreal Alouettes vs Edmonton Eskimos.” 

An interesting year for the CFL, at least in the sense that only one team won ten games the entire year, the Edmonton Eskimos, who finished 10-5 in the regular season. Which would be like having only one team in the NFL only winning 10 games, which is rarely if ever has happened. At least since the 1960s or so. Or only have one team in the NHL or NBA only winning 50 games, which may of never of happened, at least yet. 

At least in the NFL and I imagine the CFL as well since both leagues play 16 and 18 games respectfully, a ten win season for a team means they are a good team and had a good year. So when you only have one team in the entire league accomplish that, it means there weren’t a lot of real good teams. Unless you’re a big fan of parity or something where everyone is fairly equal.

NBA-TV: NBA 1971-NBA Finals- Milwaukee Bucks vs. Baltimore Bullets: Highlights

Source: NBA-TV- Bucks vs. Bullets-
Source: FRS Daily Journal Plus

The Bullets never seemed to be able to get into sync either offensively or defensively against the Bucks in the whole 71 NBA Finals. The Bullets were either getting stopped and turning the ball over, or giving up big buckets to the Bucks. The Bucks big three especially of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson and Bob Dandridge. And the only question about the Bucks would be, who was a bigger part of the big three. Kareem or Oscar, because you could make a good case they are the two best players who’ve ever played. As well as the best center and point guard of all-time.
The Bullets were really on defense all four games of this series. Because the Bucks were doing what they wanted to do really the whole time. They knew who get to the ball to and when on offense and who to stop on defense. Let Oscar run the show and hit Kareem deep in the post, where the Bullets had no one who could handle him. And when the Bullets spend too much attention either trying to defend Kareem or Oscar, because there wasn’t really much they could do against, the opened up things for Dandridge.
NBA-TV: NBA 1971- NBA Finals- Milwaukee Bucks vs. Baltimore Bullets

TLC: Prison Diaries- Till Death Do Us Part

Source:The Learning Channel- from the TLC show Prison Diaries.

Source:The Daily Times 

“Prison diaries full episodes – Till death us part- – [Prison life documentary 2015]”

Just because I’m not a complete cynic, I tend to be willing to give prison inmates the benefit of the doubt when they say they are sorry for what they did that landed them in prison and sorry for the crime they committed. Of course not knowing whether they are truly sorry, or not especially if they are up for parole, or have a shot at one day being released from prison.

I have this forgive, but not forget aspect about me. But we have a prison system in America and I imagine in other countries have prison systems for other reasons as well.

That we hold people accountable for the decisions that they make in life for good and bad. And that if you make good decisions in life, chances are you will be rewarded for those decisions. But if they make bad decisions in life, like hurting innocent people, you’ll also be held accountable for those decisions as well. And as it turns out, we tend to hold people more accountable for their bad decisions than their good decisions.

The prison system is filled with people who’ve made a lot of bad decisions in life. And we also have a lot of people who are in prison for making bad decisions, but who didn’t hurt people. And have never been a threat to anyone in society and aren’t now except to themselves perhaps. But generally speaking, we have a lot of people in prison because they’ve hurt other people either intentionally, or unintentionally. But they are there for hurting people and are being held accountable for what they’ve done.

And this represents a perfect example of why prisons are a place which of course aren’t perfect, but that place where we hold people accountable for making bad decisions and hurting other people. And that’s what they should be for holding people accountable for hurting other people. Generally physically, but economically as well. And they shouldn’t be for people who hurt themselves. We have too many people in prison for that. And there are better ways we can be dealing with addiction than prison.

Prisons are full of people who’ve made a lot of bad decisions as you can see in this video. And these people just of made better decisions with their lives starting as adolescents. And then moving on as adults, which is why they are probably not in prison today. Which tells me at least that people need to think before acting. And not act off of anger, or emotion, but take the time to think about what they are doing and what’s the best course to take from there.

Joey Teefizz: MISL 1983-3/15-Chicago Sting @ Cleveland Force: Highlights

This is what the MISL has needed from day one and have only had from time to time which is TV coverage and especially network TV coverage. A lot if not most of their clubs had local or regional sports coverage. But only from time to time have they gotten the network TV coverage so people around the country can watch the MISL and become fans of what could’ve been a great successful league by now, if not sooner. The MISL has never figured out how to market themselves and promote their league which is designed for American sports fans. Not European or Latin American soccer fans who like the slower outdoor game where scoring is not considered necessary in order to be successful. Arena soccer is designed for both the offense and defense to be able to play as well as their players and coaching will allow for them. With basic rules that protects the players. Which is how basketball, baseball and American football are all designed for.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Austin Peterson: Anarchism, Socialism & Libertarianism Summit

They are both very diverse political philosophies and take libertarianism to use as an example. Where the basic idea of libertarianism is that you combine personal with economic freedom as long as individuals aren’t hurting innocent people with what they are doing. But that government is there to protect us from invaders, terrorists and criminals. Thats the basic idea of libertarianism. But then there’s also anarcho-libertarianism, which is borderline anarchism if not anarchism all together. Where Anarcho-Libertarians basically have no role for government in society. And are even interested in privatizing things like prisons, fire departments and law enforcement to use as examples.

Socialism, another diverse political philosophy where you have Socialist-Libertarians like Noam Chomsky. Socialist-Liberals like Ralph Nader and people with this philosophy believe in personal freedom like Libertarians, but that government needs to be there to sure that economic wealth is distributed equally in society and where no one is rich, or poor. But then there are Socialists who are statist across the board and not only want to prevent people from becoming what they would call too wealthy and not poor at all.

But that government also has a role to protect people from getting hurt and even protecting us from ourselves. And making bad decisions with their own lives. Like prohibition, which is definitely a progressive idea. The whole junk food and soft drinks ban, the War on Drugs to use as examples, are all progressive ideas. And people like this I would call Progressive-Socialists, or Progressive-Paternalists. People who are socialist on economic policy, but also Statist on some key personal choice issues.

Progressive-Paternalists, want to use government to control what people can eat, drink and smoke to use as examples. You also have Marxists-Socialists, people who believe in eliminating capitalism and the private sector all together. Where the government would own the economy all around on behalf of the people. And then you have Socialists who believe in both capitalism, but that is highly regulated and taxed to finance a large welfare state. So with Libertarians we would get a lot less government in society. And with Socialists a lot more government especially as it relates to the economy.

Redskinrey Hail: Redskins Super Bowl Week 1972

Source:The Daily Press

I’m sure, actually I’m positive that the Redskins wanted to beat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl 7. But beating the Dallas Cowboys in the 1972 NFC Final was their Super Bowl victory and championship that year. That is the goal that they set out to accomplish. Not that different from the 1982 Redskins that admitted to feeling better about beating the Cowboys in the 1982 NFC Final than beating the Dolphins in Super Bowl 17. The Super Bowl was sort of icing to the Cowboys victory. That is how important these rivalry games are to teams. Especially the team that isn’t traditionally as successful as the other team. Which the Redskins are in the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry and perhaps hate the Cowboys more than the Cowboys hate the Redskins. And may if anything see other teams and games as more important to them.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hockey Videos: Video: CBC Sports: NHL 1982-Stanley Cup Finals-Game 4-Long Island Islanders @ Vancouver Canucks: Highlights

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on WordPress

The NHL and NBA are the only leagues where you’ll see a great team with a great record, great talent and coaching, versus a team that just barely made the playoffs and play each other in the league championship. And made the playoffs with a losing record and made the playoffs basically because more than half of the teams in each conference make the playoffs. The 1982 Islanders, were truly a great team, which is why they won their second straight Stanley Cup. But another reason why they won their second straight Stanley Cup in 1982, is because they played the Canucks. That only won 30-80 games in 1982 and got hot in the playoffs. Had they played a good team like the Edmonton Oilers or someone else, maybe they don’t win their second straight Stanley Cup in 82. They probably would’ve, but it would’ve been a much better Finals and looked like a real Stanley Cup Finals.

Camp Constitution: Dan Smoot Report: The United States Constitution

Source:FreeState Now

The whole purpose of the United States Constitution, is to layout what are the powers and responsibilities of the Federal Government. As well as how the Federal Government interacts with state and local governments and what are the powers of the people as well. What freedom the people in the country have and what is our relationship with the government and what authority does government have to represent us in a civilize society.

Which is how we establish rule of law and what makes us a. Constitutional Republic in the form of a liberal democracy. Without a constitution, we wouldn’t have limited-government and rule of law. Because government in theory anyway, would have unlimited power to either represent us, or use over us. Which is why the Constitution is so critical so government knows what powers and responsibilities it has. But also to protect the people from unlimited government and authoritarian rule.

This show was done in 1962-63. Some time around then when the Kennedy Administration, had a broad economic agenda built around on building the safety net in America. Which was part of Jack Kennedy’s Great Frontier agenda. And part of that had to do with expanding affordable housing, medical insurance for senior, citizens, as well as the working poor and low-income Americans in general. As well as an across the board tax cut to deal with an economy that was growing slowly. And Federal aid to education.

What Dan Smoot and other Conservatives and people who would be called Conservatives Libertarians today, such as Senator Barry Goldwater, is that the U.S. Constitution, did not grant the Federal Government all of this power. They argued that the New Deal in the 1930s, was unconstitutional. The Federal Highway System of the 1950s and every new Federal social insurance program like the Great Society of the 1960s, are all unconstitutional. Which is why I say Dan Smoot, is one of the first Tea Party leaders. But from the 1950s and 1960s. Because they make similar arguments today and perhaps use Mr. Smoot as one of their inspirational leaders.

Jimm Magnet: NFL Films: NFL 1973-Super Bowl 8-Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins: Highlights

Source:The Daily Post

Had the Vikings offense just been able to move the ball at all in these Super Bowls, these games would’ve been different because the Vikings defense played well enough for them to win these games. For the most part but their offense didn’t give much if any help. The 1970s Vikings get stereotyped a defensive first, conservative offense second team. But they were pretty good in the offense as well, with a great quarterback in Fran Tarkenton, great running back in Chuck Formean, Pro Bowl receivers in Sammy White and John Gilliam, later Ahmad Rashad. They had very good talent on both sides of the ball, but in their Super Bowls they were simply overmatched upfront. And never established a running game in each of these Super Bowls. And had trouble stopping the run as well.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

NFL Films: The Story of the 1988 San Francisco 49ers

Source:The Daily Press

The 1988 San Francisco 49ers might be the most consistent inconsistent Super Bowl team of all-time. The 2012 Ravens might be close though, but the 88 49ers were a 10-6 team that on paper looked like they could’ve easily won 12 or 13 games. But 10-6 teams tend to be somewhat inconsistent and have great stretches followed by poor stretches. Otherwise they don’t lose six games and just barely win their division. But win their division going away, unless they play in a great division.
The reason why the 88 49ers struggled and had ups and downs, was their offense sputtered and were up and down. They had two starting quarterbacks that year, because Joe Montana was hurt in the season. So young but somewhat inexperienced Steve Young who would also go on to be a great Hall of Fame quarterback, was given the chance to be the 49ers starting QB. But Young was up and down as well and committed too many turnovers. The only consistent thing about the 88 49ers, was their defense which was usual in the 1980s was one of the best in the NFL.
The 1988 49ers are the perfect example of why their soft finesse label didn’t stick and was never accurate. They were about as strong and physical on defense as any team in the NFL in that decade and 1988 and Super Bowl 23 is a perfect example of that. They shut down the Cincinnati Bengals power ball control offense that moved the ball down the field and scored against everyone else in the league. And won several blowouts, but the 49ers stuffed Icky Woods, James Brooks and their running game and held them to 16 points.
The 49ers offense got hot late in the 88 regular season and that carried through the 1988 NFC Playoffs, but only RB Roger Craig and WR Jerry Rice and perhaps their offensive line was consistent during that regular season. But their defense was very good the whole season and dominated the 1988 NFC Playoffs against the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears and dominated the Super Bowl. Which is how a 10-6 inconsistent team can win the Super Bowl. You have something that carries you through the regular season. Get hot late and carry it into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Only Waxing: Real Time With Bill Maher- The Paul Ryan Budget

Source:The Daily Times

Source:Only Waxing- CNN host Elliot Spitzer on Real Time With Bill Maher, in 2011.

"Andrew Sullivan Schools Maher and Spitzer on Paul Ryan and Budget. Very surprising."

From Only Waxing 

What Representative Paul Ryan (Chairman of the Budget Committee) tried to do in the last Congress and so far in this Congress, was an attempt at least on paper to balance the Federal budget. But by only concentrating on around 15-20% of the Federal budget.

And most of those cuts coming from non-Social Security and Medicare social-insurance programs. And if you saw Bill Maher in this video someone who I normally disagree with layout, Chairman Ryan attempts to balance the budget by going after the small appetizers or side dishes. Imagine a meal consisting of steak, mashed potatoes and lets say a caesar salad (good meal, right) instead of targeting the meat of the meal or even the potatoes the stuff that fills people up in the meal normally. What Chairman Ryan goes after a couple of leafs in the meal. “Big meal with too much food, we are going to take away a couple of leafs and call it fat reduction instead of deficit reduction.”

The meat and potatoes in the United States Government’s budget is defense, Social Security, Medicare and to a certain extent Medicaid. And then there are a bunch of public assistance programs of around 30 trillion-dollars or so that aids workers who do not make enough money, or are unemployed. Which is why I believe Paul Ryan and his followers are as interested in deficit reduction, as the typical career politician (lets say House or Senate) is interested in raising taxes or cutting Social Security during an election year when they are up for reelection, or getting a real job and earning their money. In others words: not at all.

If House Republicans were serious about deficit reduction, then they would write and pass a plan that solves the problem by going at the meat of the Federal budget. And not just picking away at salad leaves in it. Chairman Ryan is right I believe about the seriousness of the debt and deficit, but is not ready to solve the problems. 

If I’m starving and its late at night and I haven’t had anything to eat all day, I don’t snack on a couple of crackers thinking my hunger will go away. I make myself a meal or buy one. The same thing with deficit reduction, that if you are serious about the budget you go where the meat is. Or in this case the money and you cut back in areas where you can afford to save money. That will help you solve the problem. 

ESPN: Video: June 17th 1994: The OJ Simpson Ford Bronco Chase

ESPN: Video: June 17th 1994: The OJ Simpson Ford Bronco Chase

I remember this very well, because I had just graduated from high school. And was in Delaware vacationing with my family and I believe I was watching the NBA Finals on NBC. And then of course NBC News breaks in with live coverage of this chase which was different from other Los Angeles car chases. Which of course aren’t rare in Los Angeles, but what made this care chase different was that it involved a celebrity and NBC News and other news organizations breaking into a championship series, or whatever they were showing and stopped showing, to cover this tabloid story. Is just another example and perhaps the biggest example of what news has become in America. At least TV news, where its not what’s important to cover that is important, but what is popular to cover and how you make the most money. Covering that story to spend so much time and energy covering one murder trial. Not that it shouldn’t of been covered, which of course the supporters of the coverage will say. But to cover it basically at the expense of every other news story thats going on.

So-called reality TV, which of course isn’t reality TV, but tabloid TV, didn’t start in the late 1990s or 2000, with Survivor on CBS. It started in the mid 1990s in 1994 with OJ Simpson. And his famous duel murders and his Trial of The Century. Before social networking and before Google, but right in the early days of cellphones and the Internet. And when cable news was becoming very important with the 24 hour news cycle. You also have to remember that OJ, was not just an actor, but an accomplished one and perhaps not someone you want doing your taxes for you, but smart enough and with the personality to get people’s attention and put the focus on him. He knew he was going to jail and perhaps never coming out and had money and a gun in his truck. And I guess was going to make a run for Mexico, but perhaps smart enough to know he probably wasn’t going to make it.

The Ford Bronco Chase, was the ultimate publicity stunt and so-called reality TV. But it wasn’t what is called reality TV, which is not reality TV, but tabloid TV. Where producers of those shows encourage people to act out to get the most ratings possible. But this chase was real reality TV. A grown man, who up to this point was a very well-liked and respected man. Who had a Hall of Fame NFL career and one of the top 5-10 running backs of all-time. Who put together a solid sportscasting career with NBC Sports and acting career and did commercials. Who was going through a horrible time, I imagine and perhaps feeling horribly guilty about his two murders and perhaps lost it and didn’t know what to do about it. But again, we are talking about an actor here and this could’ve simply been a publicity stunt. But this was real reality TV and not made up.

NFL Films: NFL 1960-The NFL Champion Philadelphia Eagles

Source:The Daily Press

1960 was an interesting NFL season for several reasons. You had a different NFL champion for the first time since 1958, because the Philadelphia Eagles won the championship in 1960 dethroning the Baltimore Colts who won the championship in 58 and 59. The great Giants-Eagles rivalry went to a new level as Eagles LB Chuck Bedmarik closed line which was legal back then, but he closed line New York Giants star RB/WR Frank Gifford. Knocked him out cold which cost Gifford an entire season. The Chicago Cardinals moved to St. Louis and I’m sure people in Chicago helped the Cardinals pack. Because they were an awful team and Chicago is Bears country anyway.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the 1960 NFL season were the Eagles. A blue-collar team with a great quarterback in Norm Van Brocklin and a great head coach in Buck Shaw. And the team they played in the NFL Championship the Green Bay Packers who hadn’t been an NFL contender since the early 1950s. And 1960 was Packers head coach Vince Lombardi’s first shot at the championship. And last playoff game he would ever lose. Interesting matchup because the Eagles were a pure passing team without much of a running game. And the Packers were a power running team that could also throw the ball when they needed to. But didn’t throw the ball very often.

The Eagles in 1960 were sort of like the Miami Dolphins of the mid and late 1980s. With a much better defense, but they moved the ball through the air primarily and would run when the defense was completely focused on taking away the pass. Similar to the New England Patriots of the last ten years or so. Where the Packers were a run, run, run team that would beat you up on the ground and up the middle. And could get to outside with their power sweep. And hit big passes in running situations and when you were expecting the run. Which made for a great championship matchup especially since both team were also good on defense.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

C-SPAN: Video: Professor Eric Foner: Lectures in History: Socialism in America

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeStates on WordPress

I actually saw this lecture from Eric Foner back in the summer of 2012. And I would love to see a lecture from Eric Foner in person at some point. But what I want to do in this blog is to explain why socialism hasn’t quite caught on America. And the history of it in this country and where it is today. Which is actually alive and doing well considering how individualistic of a country America is both Liberals and Conservatives. And write about that as a non-Socialist, but someone on the Left whose interested in political philosophy and political history.

I agree with Eric Foner that socialism in the early twentieth century became about the Progressive Era of Teddy Roosevelt. And then later became the New Deal with his cousin Franklin. And actually got some, lets call them socialist welfare state or safety net programs into law. And then moved to the Fair Deal with Harry Truman and then later the great Society with Lyndon Johnson with more welfare state or safety net programs. And that socialism essentially became about the welfare state.

And having government do the basic human services that Socialists do not trust the private sector to do. But that the private sector and American capitalism was here to stay. That they should make the best of capitalism. And not try to destroy it, which is basically how Scandinavia deals with capitalism as well. But where I disagree with Historian Foner, is that socialism in the twentieth century graduated and became what we now know as liberalism today. That liberalism is somehow about the state. And government and what government can and should do for the people.

Liberalism has never been about the state or what government can do for the people. But socialism is that and always has been. And is about that the people together are better off than if we try to do everything for ourselves. Because for the people to be able to do as well as they can and for the economy to be as strong as possible, every American whose physically and mentally able should be able to get the skills. And the have the freedom to be as successful as they possibly can for the society to be as strong as possible.

And that government can help the people who’ve been left behind for whatever reason or reasons,get themselves the skills that they need so they to can be successful in life. Which is the liberal model for government at least as it relates to the economy. And there are plenty of Socialists in Congress today. Not just Senator Bernie Sanders who believe in the same things as Senator Sanders, but prefer to be called Progressives.

The reason today’s Progressives or Progressive Democrats call themselves Progressives and not Socialists or even Democratic Socialists, is because of how successfully the Partisan Right in America, have campaigned against Socialism, going back to the 1930s. So when a lot of Americans think of Socialists, they think of someone who believes in the state should own the means to production of society. In other words the economy and start nationalizing industries and enterprises and so forth.

Or they think of Communists even though today’s Socialists for the most part like Economist Richard Wolff might be an exception to this, aren’t interested in nationalizing industries for the most part. But perhaps basic human services that they do not believe that should be run for profit. In the areas of healthcare, health insurance, retirement, banking, energy. But that the economy for the most part should be in private hands.

All I need to prove my point that liberalism and socialism aren’t the same political animals, but with different labels is to look at the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Which is made up of eighty or so members of the U.S. House of Representatives. And a few members of the U.S. Senate, including Senator Bernie Sanders. Where these members of Congress probably agree with Senator Sanders 90-95% of the time. But prefer to be called Progressives. Because again of the negative stereotypes that come with socialism. But that Socialism is not only alive, but alive and well. And all the way up to the U.S. Congress including statewide in the U.S. Senate. Not just in progressive leaning House districts. And it will stay alive in America as long as it’s about the welfare state, education and the right to organize. And never becomes about nationalizing the economy.

NFLN: Pat Summerall: A Life Remembered

Source:The Daily Press 

As Pat Summerall’s former partner at CBS Sports and FOX Sports during the NFL season John Madden said, “Pat Summerall was the voice of the NFL. The best whoever was and is when it comes to calling NFL games.” Because he had a great voice and also because he knew what he was talking about. He was the play by-play announcer with an analyst’s voice because he not only could see what was happening, but he knew what it meant because he use to play the game himself. So you were getting an insiders look not just from the analyst, but the guy calling the game. Similar to Frank Gifford when he did play by-play for ABC’s Monday Night Football. Frank Gifford not only being a great announcer, but a hall of fame player for the New York Giants and a teammate with Pat Summerall.

I also feel lucky to be able to hear Pat Summerall as the lead play by-play announcer when I did. He and John Madden became partners and CBS Sports lead announcers for the NFL on CBS in 1981 or 82. Which meant they got the top game in the National Football Conference every week. My first year watching football was in 1982 just as the Redskins my team were starting their big run in the 1980s. Winning two Super Bowls in that decade and three NFC Championships. So I got to see Summerall and Madden calling a lot of Redskin games that decade.

And it seemed like every Sunday at one point Summerall and Madden were calling the Redskins game and they were either playing the Giants or Cowboys or Eagles on Sunday afternoon at 4PM. And if they weren’t playing at 4PM they were the Monday Night or Sunday Night game. A big reason why I fell in love with football so early in life was because I was fairly athletic early on as a kid. And enjoyed playing football for fun, as well as the Redskins being so good early on. But also because I got to hear the best broadcast duo of all-time calling so many Redskins games.

When I think of Pat Summerall I think of the voice of the NFL and especially the voice of the NFL when it came to intros to games. And a lot of those intros involved Redskin games. Again I feel lucky to of heard him call so many Redskin games, because he would do the intro almost as if he wrote it himself. It seemed so natural to him and his ability to deliver when it came to calling game action. Or talking about the NFL seemed so natural which is why he is the voice of the NFL. And while he be missed because there will never be someone as good and as talented calling NFL games.

Chicago Tribune: NFL 1963- 63 Bears Reflect on Championship Season

Source:The Daily Press

This was an end of an era because this would be the last time that the Giants and Bears would play each other for the NFL Championship. Because even though both teams were still competitive for the rest of the 1960s, they were no longer NFL Championship contenders. And by 1970 they were now playing each other in the same conference what is today known as the National Football Conference, after the NFL/AFL merger. So the 1963 NFL Championship wasn’t the end of one of the best NFL rivalries, but it certainly changed and was no longer very important as far as the current league. Because both teams were fairly mediocre for the rest of the 1960s. Both teams were bad in the 1970s, only making the NFL Playoffs a total of two times. The Bears both times in 1977 and 79. With both clubs not becoming contenders again until the 1980s.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NFL Films: NFL 1967, The Atlanta Falcons First Campaign

The 1966 Atlanta Falcons I guess could go down as one of the worst NFL expansion teams of all-time. Especially if you consider that they gave up over thirty-one points a game in the mid-1960s NFL where the rules still benefited the defenses. So take that up to the 1980s and we are definitely talking about one of the worst defenses of all-time. There offense wasn’t much help either only scoring 204 in fourteen games. The great defenses are going have a hard time being successful when their offense is only giving them less than fifteen points a game to work with. But a franchise’s expansion year isn’t really about having a good season. What you do with that season is use it almost as an extended preseason and look at a lot of players unless you find some very good ones early on and just go with. But generally you use that year to see where are strong early on and where you need to improve going forward. On a positive note, the Falcons did win 3-5 games in 1966 to finish at 3-11.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catarina Troiano: Video: The Doors Live 1968

Catarina Troiano: Video: The Doors Live 1968

I’m thinking the cameraman, or perhaps the camerawomen, really liked Jim Morrison and was really attracted to him. Because in the first two minutes of this show alone, you see several closeups on Jim Morrison’s leather legs and leather suit, sitting on the stool with his legs sticking out in his skin-tight black leather jeans and black leather jacket, with his concho belt. It has been said that Morrison, wore the skin-tight leather pants, leather jeans really, with the concho belt, because he wanted to highlight his crotch. Which makes a hell of a lot of sense, because if you watch this show, or Live at The Hollywood Bowl, or The Doors in Copenhagen, or The Doors in London, The Doors on Ed Sullivan, just to use as examples, there are several closeups upfront of Morrison in his leather suit and right on his legs, butt and crotch. I mean if you’re actually attracted to the man, watching all of this footage is a great way to see him.

As far as this show, I think it’s The Lizard King as it his best. Just wish this show was in color and since it was done in 1968, that would’ve been a fairly easy thing to do. But with Morrison, you get great vocals and his role-playing and acting and moving around and the dancing. And Ray Manzarek, if anything who had a better singing voice than Morrison, at least singing blues, doing a great job on the keyboards. When The Music is Over, and Love Me Two Times, I think are their best songs in this show. Love Me Two Times, comes with a great music video as well. And you have Morrison going off the cuff and doing a little story telling as well. And they finish with, well The End, what else. Which is their great war song, even though it wasn’t written directly for the Vietnam War. But considering this was 1968, the timing of this song was simply perfect.

As what can be said about a lot of The Doors performances, I just wish they were shot in color. Which is one reason why Oliver Stone’s version of The Doors, whatever you think of the movie, is actually very important. Because it gives you a very good idea of what The Lizard King was like in color. Even with Val Kilmer, being a much larger and taller man than Jim Morrison. But it would be nice to see a colorized version of a lot of these performances. But the sound of these performances and how Morrison sounded and how the band played, is very good, even in black and white. Which doesn’t affect the sound of these shows. But the shows would’ve been better had they been done in color. Like with The Hollywood Bowl, Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers, Jonathan Winters. And maybe a colorized version of this show, will be available at some point.

Monday, April 15, 2013

John F Kennedy: Video: CBS News: Walter Cronkite Announces The Death of President John F. Kennedy

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Newscasters and journalists in general are trained to never show their feelings and give commentary. That old Joe Friday saying of just the fact. For all of you Dragnet fans, but these people are exactly that, people and they have feelings too. And when you’re reporting on the death and not just death, but the assassination of someone you personally know, like, respect and even admirer, all things that Walter Cronkite felt about John Kennedy and then throw in the fact they were the same age and from the same generation, how you not show your human side in this situation.

And you’re reporting on the assassination of someone who is just 46 and you’re same age, to go along with all the other factors, I would’ve been disappointed had Cronkite not given people at little into what he was feeling about this horrible tragedy. Cronkite was at the top of his game during CBS News’s coverage of the JFK assassination that he anchored. And part of Cronkite’s greatness was that he was a human being the whole and not afraid to let others know that.

USFL Forever: USFL 1983-Week 1-New Jersey Generals @ Los Angeles Express: Full Game

Source:Real Life Journal

I can see why ABC Sports and the USFL would want New Jersey and Los Angeles for their week 1 matchup on ABC. The biggest markets in America in Los Angeles and New York/North Jersey. And try to get a big week one TV rating from this game. And maybe they did, but the New Jersey Generals were 6-12 in 83 and were much better in 84 and 85, but they were a bad team in 83, at least as far as what they showed. And the Los Angeles Express were 8-10 a mediocre team that again were better in 84 and 85.

I think what is rememberable about this game is that it was Generals running back Herschel Walker’s first professional football game. No question the best college running back in 1982 and instead of playing in the NFL, he ends up in the USFL because he lost his college eligibility for speaking to pro agents too soon. Either a bad rule or big mistake on Herschel’s part. Because had Herschel played his whole career in the NFL, we are talking about a guaranteed first ballot hall of famer. But that is how good the USFL was as far as the talent that they had and the players they brought in.

David Von Pein: Huntley Brinkley Report: Outtakes From An Interview With President John F. Kennedy

Source:The Daily Press

President Kennedy, getting a rare opportunity at a retake of an interview that he had before. David Brinkley and Chet Huntley, interviewing President Kennedy about Vietnam. Which of course in 1963 was going through a civil war between Communists in the North and Democrats in the South. The Eisenhower Administration decided to back the Democratic North in a limited way through aid and other resources. That the Kennedy Administration decided to continue when they came into office in 1961. Almost three years later in late 1963 President Kennedy was in a position where he needed to decide how much should America help the Democratic South after they sent advisers into Vietnam to assist the South. But I think it was clear that he wasn't in favor of sending American troops in to fight the Vietnam Civil War.

The second question being about the Kennedy tax cuts of 1963 that President Lyndon Johnson finally got through a Democratic Congress in 1963 after the assassination of President Kennedy in November of 63. The American economy of 1963 wasn't that different from the American economy of 2011-12. As far as economic and job growth. The economy in both periods was growing and creating jobs, but not very rapidly and slowly recovering from previous recessions. What President Kennedy wanted to do was put through an across the board tax cut and pay for it by cutting loopholes. To drive consumer spending and economic growth. There were concerns in Congress about how a tax cut that size would affect the deficit. And that is what the President was dealing with then.

Jack Kennedy, was a true Liberal Democrat, because he believed that liberty was worth defending here at home. That America had to be strong at home first economically before we try to show strength abroad. And the we way we should try to show strength abroad was not to try to police the world by ourselves, but work with our allies to preserve peace and expand freedom to people who were looking for it, but didn't have it. Because they were being held down by an authoritarian dictatorial regime. Where they have very little if any say on what goes on in their own country. And these were the reasons that the President wanted to help Democratic Vietnam, get the Senate to pass the Test Ban Treaty and to pass a large tax cut. Because he wanted to defend freedom at home and abroad and strengthen the American economy. So more Americans could live in freedom.

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960