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Los Angeles Times: Report: Esmeralda Bermundez: The Bluesman Knows Whereof He Sings

Los Angeles Times: Report: Esmeralda Bermundez: This Bluesman Knows Whereof He Sings

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I love probably everything about blues music. And if there’s something about it I don’t love, I don’t know what that is off the top of my head. I love the beat, the sound, I love what blues music is written about. And its versatility and no it’s not all depressing. I probably love the singing voices that come with blues music the most. And the passion that blues vocalists put into their singing. I especially love it when blues is mixed in with classic rock. My two favorite types of music and you get blues rock out of it as its combo.

From artists like Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews Sheryl Crow and others. Combining the worlds of rhythm and blues with classic rock into one perfect sound. It takes a special type of voice to sing the blues, not everyone can sing it. You have to be able to reach way down into your vocal cords and pull it out without screaming. You need to have a lot of passion in your voice as well as true feeling. Which is one reason why I love the sound so much.

Because it takes a lot of talent to pull it off. And not everyone can sing it, which makes the great blues artists that much better because of how they stand out. Because they represent such a small percentage of people who can sing to this music. I love watching and listening to the blues. I love watching Sexy Women dance to it. It’s the perfect sound and perfect style of music, which is why its the best. The diversity of blues rock as well. It’s not owned by one ethnic or racial group in America. Or one region, but it is truly an American form of music that represents America as a whole.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bristol RE: Video: Women in Jeans in Boots in London

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One of the things I like about traveling and even flying and hanging out at airports, especially big city airports in big metro areas like Washington, is spending a couple of hours of free time checking out sexy women there. And how they look and what they are wearing. Whether I’m at the gate or at a food court and watching them walk by, as I’m doing something else. So I don’t look like an undercover agent or worse, a pervert. 

Sexy women feel the need to look great out in public. "look at me check me out", it's one of the things that makes them sexy. Perhaps especially at big city airports, where there are lot's of people. What type of luggage they are carrying, what type of technology they have. And my favorite, actually the only thing I pay attention to in this regard, what they are wearing and how they look in their outfits. 
Sexy women seem to have a need to wear tight outfits at the airport, not complaining here. Especially tight denim jeans and of course they love wearing them with boots, under their jeans or over their jeans. You even see them in America wearing tight leather jeans at the airport. But unfortunately not many other places, except for maybe clubs and concerts. It really provides motivation for me to show up at the airport on time. 
So I have time to kill and see what else is going on. If you're a big fan of sexy women wearing boots with tight jeans, check out your local airport. That is when you're flying it picking someone up, or have other legitimate business there. Not there to pick up girls like a pimp or something. Especially if you live in a major metro area and you’ll see plenty of women that you like.

Motor Eagles: Video: Advice on Women Bikers: Sexy Real Women on Bikes

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The sexiest look on women today in my opinion, is the tight denim jeans with boots look. Whether they are jeans in boots or over boots. You see sexy women all the time wearing boots with their tight denim jeans, because it's the perfect way for a women to show off her legs and butt. Sexy women to me physically, beautiful and well-built. Personally sexy women to me are confident women that know that they are sexy because they are sexy. 

Women who have the confidence to look sexy out in public. We see tight denim jeans with boots on women in all cultures. Celebrity, Rock & Roll, biker, country, hip hop they are all over the place. It's a mainstream and universal look, that became popular in the late 70s. With the tight dark wash designer denim jeans look that exploded in America. That was brought back into style around 2005 and has stayed ever since and if anything getting larger. 

Because this look is the perfect way for sexy women to show off their bodies. That they work hard to maintain by eating healthy balanced meals and working out. And guys including myself love these ladies for it. Ladies just need to make sure that they are wearing the right tight denim jeans for their bodies as well as boots. Because there isn’t much room for error with them because of how revealing they are. Its great to see biker chicks and sexy women of all backgrounds wearing this look. And just more evidence of how universal it is. 

Sexy Records Channel: Video: Sexy Women in Tight Denim Jeans

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I love confident women who know they look good and sexy. Women who know that they are sexy and know men know they are sexy. And want the world to know that they are sexy and have the confidence to show people that they are sexy. I’m not talking about arrogance or women thinking they are more than they actually are. But beautiful well-built women who take care of themselves, who eat full-balanced meals and workout. 

Not women who starve themselves or eat like there’s no more food around. But women who take care of themselves and have the confidence to show others how healthy they are. Sexy women to me love wearing tight jeans, whether they are denim jeans or leather jeans. Leather jeans on women being more popular in Europe than in America. Unfortunately from the perspective of an American man. 

Tight jeans are a perfect way for a sexy women to show off their body. Because they highlight their curves so much. But they have to be careful with them and make sure they are wearing the right pair of tight jeans, denim or leather. Because if they have an aspect they don’t want the world to see, if they are wearing the wrong pair of tight jeans, everyone will know. 

Because of tight jeans highlight a women’s curves. Sexy women should have no problem showing the world how they look. Because they are sexy and a lot of people, especially men would like to see that. But if you are rail-thin, or you are lets say twenty-pounds or more overweight and even obese, you'll look even much more so, especially if you are wearing skin-tight or skinny jeans. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PZI Jeans: Model Lynette- Shows Off Her Curves in PZI Denim Jeans

Source: Action Plus- Rear look at PZI Jeans curvy model Lynette 
Source: FRS Daily Post

I don't think I've ever seen a bone-thin woman who I considered sexy at least physically. I'm not into stereotypical valley girls, the tall rail thin blonde woman with light complexions. That freak out about gaining a pound and put down people who eat full meals and work out. Brittany Spears would be an example of a valley girl who actually eats full balanced meals and works out and has an excellent body. But generally these ladies are rail-thin and put down people who aren't. Curvy women back in the day were considered fat and unattractive in the 1970s and 80s. But by the late 1990s curvy women became stylish as long as they had tight curves and weren't fat.

And this trend that started in the late 90s has been that way ever since and hopefully always be that way. And now we even see tight denim skinny jeans for curvy women and that will continue to grow. Women who are curvy, with tight curves, are sexy women to me because they are healthy. They eat full balanced meals and work out, they want to look good and show the rest of the world what they are working with. And because they are sexy, they are confident without being arrogant and have another sexy quality about them. They look great and know it.

And from a guys point of view, you see sexy curvy in tight denim jeans a lot, out in public or on TV. Rachael Ray being a perfect example of this, a woman who I would describe as the Queen of Hip Hugger Jeans. She knows she has a great body and wants the world to know it. And in some cases especially in Europe, you see healthy curvy women in tight leather jeans like on their soap operas. Health curvy women to me are sexy women because they take care of themselves and don't starve themselves. And they should be proud of that and not be afraid to let the world see that because men especially will love them for it.
PZI Jeans: Curvy Model Lynette- Shows Off Her Curves

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sandy Sticklake: Women Putting On Tight Jeans

Source: Sandy Sticklake- Too tight?
Source: FRS Daily Press Plus
Thanks to revolution of tight designer dark wash denim jeans of the late 70s and into the 80s and with those style of denim jeans coming back in the late 90s and exploded even further in the last decade and has kept growing, sexy women in America and around the world now have another ability to show off their sex appeal. Especially with acceptance of tight and now skinny denim as a mainstream versatile pant. That can be worn in multiple ways and in multiple places. 
You now see women wearing tight jeans to the office and not just on Casual Friday anymore. And we now see women wearing them with suit jackets and blouses. And of course with leather jackets and of course my favorite with boots, leather and suede. You see women wearing tight denim in boots and over boots. That first came into style in the late 70s, but came back in a big way six years ago and I don’t think that look is going away anytime soon. 
Especially for the fall and winter, because denim is both a practical look, like in bad cold weather, but also very stylish and sexy. Men love sexy women who wear tight denim on a regular basis. And women know this and apparently are more than willing to get our attention with them. There are women who literally wear tight denim jeans everywhere and all the time. 
The only thing about tight denim, especially as it comes to skinny jeans, is there’s not a lot of room for error with them. Women better be wearing the right tight denim jeans for their body. Because they are very revealing, just like skin-tight leather jeans. (Just ask Jim Morrison) So if you have something about your body, especially your lower body that you don’t want to reveal, skin-tight denims are not the pants for you. 
Sandy Sticklake: Women Putting On Tight Jeans

Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Enterprise Institute: U.S. Representative Paul Ryan- ‘How the GOP budget differs from President Obama’s’

Source:AEI- U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (Republican, Wisconsin) speaking to the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, about the Federal budget.

Source:The Daily Times 

“The House Budget Committee chairman argues that Obama’s budget proposal will send America spiraling into debt at an even faster rate. The GOP budget, Paul Ryan describes, is “very different.”

From AEI 

Democratic Representatives Anthony Weiner and Tim Ryan (from Ohio)  were on the House floor Wednesday night after the House conducted its last vote in the Defense Authorization bill, talking about the House GOP plan to reform Medicare, that Speaker Boehner has now decided is off the table on Medicare reform.

Congressional Democrats as well as the White House will keep the so-called Ryan plan on the table on the campaign trail. And we’ve already seen success with with New York House election Tuesday night. Bad week to be a Republican, but that might be a different story.

Representatives Anthony Weiner and Tim Ryan were saying that the GOP vision of Medicare reform would be to essentially eliminate it. I would amend that and say they would eliminate Medicare and replace it with something else. They have their own plan to provide assistance for senior citizens to get health insurance.

The House GOP  would eliminate Medicare and replace it with a voucher system that would still be financed by the payroll tax. And then seniors would get vouchers to go get their own health insurance in the private sector.

I hate, let me rephrase, I’m against any health care reform plan that cuts back on choice in where people can get their Health Care and how they pay for it. Whether it’s through health insurance or a health savings account. Just as long as they pay for it. Which is why I’m against single-payer health insurance and Medicare for all in America. I believe in competition and freedom of choice: in other words, capitalism.

I’m also against he House GOP Medicare plan that eliminates Medicare. I love the idea of non-profit health insurance, coming from both the private and public sectors. Which is why I supported the public option in the Health care reform debate of 2009-10. Just as long as its parts of and overall package that people can decide for themselves where they get their health insurance .

My idea of Medicare reform would be to give it autonomy from the Federal Government, while it would still be a non-profit health insurance service, so both parties in Congress can no longer mess with it. As well as the Administration and charge high-earners more as far as the payroll tax and their premiums.

Then we would no longer have to deal with ridiculous legislation from both the Far-Right and Far-Left, by letting Medicare run itself. Fix the financing of Medicare and let it continue to do what it does so well. Without Congress and the Administration messing with it.

Geo Beats; How To Pick Denim- Women's Fashion Guide

Source: Geo Beats- Woman, with a rear look 
Source: FRS Daily Press Plus  

As a man, you gotta love women who know they are sexy and aren’t afraid to let the world know it. It's a major reason why we love women and what get's our attention at first site. And once they have our attention, then we can get to know them. If we like them not just physically, but personally as well, then we see them again. If they like us, it's a beauty in the male-female relationship. 
We get each others attention with our eyes. "Hum, I think I’m attracted to that person, I would like to meet them". And if you discover you like them personally as well and they like you, then  you go out with them and you continue to see each other. As long as you get along and find each other interesting. But it's the physical attraction that get's our attention first, it's really that simple. 
Some might say that's superficial, others like myself believe that's just honest and truthful. If you see an unattractive woman or man in a bar, restaurant, club or whatever, your first instinct, unless there’s a financial motivation involved, generally won’t be to walk up to them and get to know that person. Generally speaking, that's just being honest and truthful. 
It's people's eyes that draws their attention to other people in public. Especially at bars, restaurants and clubs. And sexy women and men know this, which is why they’ll look and dress in a certain way to get people to notice them. And when they have our attention, we'll approach them if we believe they are single and approachable, generally. And we take both take it from there. 
Geo Beats: How To Pick Denim- Women's Fashion Guide

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IMS Soccer News: Report: Brian Quarstad: USL Announces Merger With Major Indoor Soccer League

IMS Soccer News: Report: Brian Quarstad: USL Announces Merger With Major Indoor Soccer League

As someone who grew up as a sports junky, but now considers myself a recovering sports junky as an adult, who still have a healthy appreciation for sports, even though it’s no longer my main interest, perhaps not even by far, I was introduced to indoor soccer in my late teens. Seeing the MISL on ESPN and the Baltimore Blast who are still in business today on local sports TV. I got to appreciate and understand the game. Its sort of like a combination of basketball and hockey, as far as the side of the field and the ball movement. With the positives of soccer as well, but its a much faster game inside. Smaller field, fewer players and faster, with no offsides. So players have more freedom to actually try to score and to win.

In outdoor soccer, managers and teams, tend to play not lose and for a tie. Which happens a lot in soccer. And with this sports fast paced and high scoring, I always wondered why the sport has never taken off. And least become as popular as Major League Soccer. I just don’t believe the sport which I call futsal, which is what it’s called in Europe and I believe in Mexico, has been marketed very well and doesn’t have a strong enough connection with pro soccer. And it doesn’t have a farm system, like pro minor Leagues as well as college level leagues. Or like little leagues for kids. Americans, generally don’t grow up playing futsal. They come by it as pro soccer players, because they haven’t made it to the majors generally.

I’m glad the MISL has merged with the United Soccer Leagues or USL. Which is basically in charged of minor league soccer in America. Because this will save the MISL and prevent it from going out of business. But I believe the MISL is a lot better than a minor sports league. And at some point could become a major pro Sport in America, like in Mexico. Because the players are here to make that happen. But for that to happen, I believe the MISL needs to merge with Major League Soccer. And have each MLS franchise sponsor and run a MISL franchise in their market. With the MISL playing in the fall and winter and of course the MLS playing in the spring and summer. This would save the MILS indefinitely, because the leagues could market each other together and grow together.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Los Angeles Times: Opinion: Alexandra Zavis: Homeless Aid: Community Project Gets Dozens of Homeless Off The Streets of Hollywood

Los Angeles Times: Opinion: Alexandra Zavis: Homeless Aid: Community Project Gets Dozens of Homeless Off The Streets of Hollywood

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Here’s an example of how we should be combating homelessness in America. By getting them off the streets and into motel rooms or small apartments. That could be financed through Section Eight Housing. Get them temporary financial assistance through Welfare or Unemployment Insurance. Instead of just giving them a meal and a cot and sending back on the streets the next day. This is what this project in Los Angeles is doing.

I’m not sure about the public assistance from government. Thats my approach, but what they are doing is getting them off the streets and into apartments. How they are financing the rest if at all, I’m not sure. But this approach is a hell of a lot better than what we did a a country in the 1980s. By kicking mentally ill people out of mental hospitals and sending them out on the streets. And then we saw a spike in poverty and homelessness in that decade. Which by in large was a very productive decade for us economically. And then we went to the give them a cot and a meal and send them on their way approach, which means they are still homeless, but with some food and one less night on the street.

This would be just my first approach to combating homelessness in America. Then I would move into health care, including mental health for those who need it. Including alcohol and drug rehab for those who need it. As well as education and job placement, again for those who need it. These things can all be financed through Public Housing, Welfare and Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid. As well as requiring the clients who benefited through these services to pay back what they collected, once they are on their feet. We wouldn’t have to create a new government agency to finance it. And figure out how to finance it. Homelessness is one big problem that we can solve as a country by just using our available limited resources better.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mary Queen of Shops: Video: Designer Jeans Advice From Mary Portas

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The jeans denim explosion especially since the late 1990s and which went even further in the last decade and has probably gotten even bigger in the first two years of this decade especially with skinny denim and leather jeans for women. And with skinny jeans for women that have been around since 2005 or 06 which as guy I gotta admit I think it's great checking out sexy women who love their tight jeans. Especially checking out sexy female celebrity's in their tight jeans. And now that even tight jeans have become such a versatile pant for women, no longer considered just a casual pant. It has completely changed how sexy women dress in and out of work.

With women now wearing skinny jeans to the office, not just on Casual Friday, as well as out on the weekend and at night. And wearing them in all weather not just in the fall or winter. But during hot humid summers, like in the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Wearing tight jeans not just with t-shirts and tank tops, but with sweaters, blouses, suit jackets it's become very important for women to make sure that when they are out in tight jeans or shopping for tight jeans, that they are wearing the tight jeans and buying the tight jeans that show off their bodies as best as possible.

That they don't wear tight jeans that make them look fat, skinny or look like hookers. Like with the famous ass crack jeans of 2001-02. Where if a women sat down or bended over, she was at risk of revealing her ass crack and perhaps seeing it on TV or the internet or both. Especially with the camcorder revolution and people being able to record video on their cell phones. Low-rise jeans, skinny jeans good. Ass crack jeans bad, women should find the balance that makes them look sexy in them. And shows off their figures but doesn't make them look like prostitutes looking for a man to pay their bills.

Perhaps this video can help women find that right balance. Also for me anyway, not a fan of trouser jeans, they might be stylish for a women and make them feel like they can wear jeans to work and still look dressy or professional. But the office far as I'm concern might be the only good place for them. I'm not going to get the feeling to check out a women, I don't care how sexy she is physically, just because she's wearing trouser jeans. I would get the same satisfaction checking out a women wearing baggy sweatpants or slacks.

Denim to me on women anyway, like leather are meant to be tight. One reason why there are both denim jeans and leather jeans and a lot of women and men shopping for both denim and leather jeans that are the tightest possible without sucking the blood from their legs so they can no longer walk. Sort of like that Senfeld episode (sorry I watched the show a lot) where Kramer was wearing designer jeans from like 1982 or something that were so tight that he literally couldn't move his legs in them.

So low-rise and skinny jeans great, jeans with boots, whether they are under or over the jeans are great. The tight dark wash designer jeans explosion for women in the late 1970s, the greatest advancement in style for women I believe ever. As far as Sex Appeal goes but women should where the jeans that are best for their body and don't buy jeans that are for another body. That just causes problems.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eshow Beauty: Video: Fashion Advice For Women: How to Weak Knee-High Boots With Denim Jeans

I love sexy women who know they are sexy and not afraid to show it. To me this is part of freedom and one of the many benefits of living in a liberal democracy. The freedom for people to be themselves and to live their own lives. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone else with their freedom. And not having big government tell them what they can and can’t do with their lives. Sexuality is part of that freedom, it's sexual freedom. 
The ability for people to show others what they have in a physical way. It’s the difference between living in a liberal democracy like America and authoritarian country like Iran. In America people have the right to essentially be themselves as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom. This is in the Constitution, which is unfortunately isn’t always enforced equally for everyone. 
The Equal Protection Clause isn’t always enforced properly unfortunately. We constantly have people fighting for their constitutional rights in court that they believe were violated by others. But under our constitution people essentially have the right to live their own lives. It’s just one difference between living in a liberal democracy like America and a authoritarian theocracy like Iran. 
Iran a country where freedom is constricted to what the central government believes is moral. Even if people aren’t hurting anyone with their actions. Thank God for women's liberation of the 1960s that if anything just grew stronger in the 1970s that led up to the designer denim jeans revolution of the late 1970s that went into the 1980s. That came back even stronger in the late 1990s, that we as culture are still go through almost twenty-years later culturally.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

History Channel: 39- President Jimmy Carter & The Late 1970s

Source:History Channel- President James E. Carter (Democrat, Georgia) 1977-81.

Source:The Daily Times

“From The History Channel Series, “The Presidents”.
Copyright held by The History Channel – for educational use only!”

This might be putting it simplistically, but Jimmy Carter’s presidency and the late 1970s might be able to be summed up in what was dubbed as his malaise speech. Even though it was a hell of a lot more complicated than that. Despite President Carter’s brilliant ability to examine issues and problems, this speech however you want to define it, sounded like a lecture on what was wrong with the American people.

Seeming to blame the problems that the country was facing on themselves. That what the center of our problems, the reason for our economic problems was materialism that we wanted too much. Instead of the fact that it’s not that the country wanted too much. But the fact that a lot of middle class Americans and low-income people were fighting just to survive, to make ends meet. Which was very difficult because of the high unemployment, high interest rates, high inflation and the energy shortage.

The bad economy was the center of America’s problems and that was bad enough. And then throw in the foreign policy issues of late 1978 into 1979 and 1980, with the Monarchy in Iran collapsing in early 79, the Iran hostage crisis of November, 1979, where Americans at our Embassy in Tehran were taken hostage and held for fourteen months, with Russia invading Afghanistan in 1980. It was a lot on any President’s plate, even for a President as intelligent as Jimmy Carter.

I’ve said this before, but Jimmy Carter as President had a brilliant ability to examine issues for what they were for and understand them. But lacked the ability to figure out how to solve the problems. The economic crisis on 1978-90 and the malaise speech is a perfect example of this. He knew what the issues of the bad economy of that era were, but didn’t have a prescription to fix the problems.

He saw the economic crisis as something to do with the budget deficit. Even though compared with GDP the deficit was very small back then. Thanks to President Nixon, Ford and yes Carter limiting federal spending. The main issues with the economic crisis had to with high unemployment, high interest rates and high inflation. And the way to solve economic problems is putting people back to work, even if that means running a short-term deficit. Or increasing the deficit, because once you establish solid job growth, you get the economy running again and you can address whatever budget deficit you had run up.

President Carter not only miss-diagnosed the economic crisis from a policy point of view, but from a political point of view. Because with a decent economy, President Carter gets reelected. I believe even with the hostage crisis, because President Carter actually scored decent ratings for the way he handled that situation. That election still would’ve been close I believe. But if he handled the economy properly, President Carter gets reelected and Ronald Reagan perhaps never becomes President of the United States.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Heritage Foundation: Blog: Ryan Messmore: Does Advocating Limited Government Mean Abandoning the Poor

There has been a lot of talk about deficit reduction. Which has been helpful and something we need to do and looking at our entitlement programs. And other social insurance programs and how we can make savings and make them work better. I have some suggestions in how we can do that, by accomplishing what they are intended to do. Which is to assist people in poverty as well as cut costs. By moving people out of poverty so they are no longer dependent on them. And no longer need those resources by empowering them to become self-sufficient. 
Since the War on Poverty was launched in 1965, the poverty rate then and now is about the same, 20-25%. But with the African American poverty rate actually falling. So thats been a great sign from 60-25%. But our overall poverty rate being flat with a major drop in poverty in the 1990s. With a booming economy as well as the Welfare to Work Act of 1996. But with the poverty rate spiking back up in the last decade. 
We had a couple of recessions in the last decade, including the Great Recession of 2008 which we are still recovering from. Which tells me with the trillions we’ve spent fighting poverty and the fact that we now have the same poverty rate as we started from, that we haven’t gotten our tax dollars worth and need to rethink how we address poverty in America. So we are more successful in actually moving Americans out of poverty and into the workforce with a good job. 
If you want to make savings and cut back in social insurance, the way to do that without hurting anyone, but actually helping them, as well as the most cost-effective way to accomplish this, is pretty simple. By getting them out of poverty so they are no longer dependent on public assistance and become self-sufficient. And are paying taxes instead of just collecting them, putting money they earned into the system. For people who have a place to live, but aren’t working, its a three step process. 
Temporary financial assistance, so they can support themselves in the short-term. 
Education, support them going back to school or going to school. So they can get themselves the skills that they need to get themselves a good job and become self-sufficient. 
And then job placement, helping them find a good job that will support them and their families. 
For homeless people its a bit more complicated. They will need a temporary place to stay, perhaps health care, perhaps drug rehab, perhaps mental rehab, perhaps education, perhaps job placement and housing placement. For other homeless people, they just might need a temporary place to stay, job placement and housing placement. It really depends on the client that you're trying to help. There’s no silver bullet that can help all people in poverty the same way. 
That's why it takes a grand strategy in fighting poverty, that's designed to empower people to get themselves out of poverty. But that has to be fought on multiple fronts. A strategy to deal with homelessness, hunger, education and job placement. There’s not one type of silver bullet program, private or public that wins this campaign. It has to be a combination of several different things. But that all have the same strategy, empowering people in poverty to get themselves out of poverty.
I wouldn’t call this easy, but the easiest segment of our poverty population, our low-income people who are working, a lot of times full-time jobs or multiple jobs, or even multiple full- time jobs. Again in a lot of cases just to make ends meet. They are the easiest people to address, because they are already working. But perhaps receiving other forms of public assistance, like Food Stamps or public housing. The good thing though, perhaps they just need to go back to school, like at a community college. To get the skills that they need to get one good full-time job. 
Or perhaps low-income workers just need to back to school to get retrained. Because they used to have a good job, but got laid off and their job that they are trained for no longer exists. So now they need a good job, but in a different field. This happens to the unemployed all the time. Or perhaps they are already well-skilled, but just need help finding a good job. This is the population we should really focus on and could move out of poverty again by empowering themselves to do it. And could do this fairly quickly.
The most effective as well as cost-effective to save money on our social insurance programs, is to design them in a way so they empower people to become self-sufficient. So they are no longer on public Aasistance and we wouldn’t have to spend as much money on them in the future.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girl Behind the Chair: How to Wear Tall Boots With Denim Jeans

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To me a sexy women is a women that's of course at least pretty, cute as well, but in a sexy way and not sounding and looking like a little girl with the personality to match, but looks and sounds sweet, but looks and sounds like a grown up women, as well a being well-built, with tight curves, a women who stays in shape and eats full balanced meals. 
Not an obese women who looks like they live in front of all you can eat buffets. Or a stick-figure who eats nothing but rice cakes, vegetables., fruit and vomits half of that up. But a well-built healthy women and what they look sexiest in as well as still looking classy with style, not looking like a women who needs to look good to make a living, like a prostitute for example, to me the sexiest clothing on women are tight jeans, skinny jeans that are low-rise, but don’t show a women’s butt crack when they stand up or bend over. 
But tight modern jeans and one thing that's  great about tight jeans, as well as their sex appeal, is their versatility. Women can where them casually with a t- shirt or tank top. Like on the weekends or to appointments and shopping. Or in some cases where them to work, with a suit jacket, blouse, sweater. They can where them when they are going out on the town. They look great with leather, boots and jackets especially, as well as suede.
Every time I see a sexy women on the street or in a store or at a restaurant or bar, or at a ball game, it's like being in paradise for me. It's a great moment that's hard not to forget. Especially watching sexy women walk, especially up stairs or bending over. Men should thank God that sexy women love tight jeans and where them as often as they do.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Doors: Video: The Lizard King Jim Morrison In Concert

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When I see Oliver Stone’s movie The Doors from 1991, I see a pretty entertaining movie. Where Val Kilmer plays Jim Morrison, the vocalist of The Doors, does a pretty good job of playing the Lizard King. Sings all of the lyrics himself, with no lip syncing. Except that he’s three inches taller and a bigger man physically than Jim Morrison. 

From what I know about The Doors, the only scenes that were accurate, were the Concert in New Haven from 1967. Where Morrison gets arrested in concert for being vulgar to New Haven police. And the Miami concert, where Morrison again gets arrest for in descent exposure and trying to incite violence. It’s a very entertaining movie, funny even, but a fantasy of what happened with that band and especially Jim Morrison in the late 60s. 

Oliver Stone is a big fan of Morrison, but I think he directed the movie, the way he thought Morrison was and his experiences of The Doors. Instead of the way they actually were. Val Kilmer who plays Jim Morrison in the movie, is in I believe all the scenes. The movie looks more like a fictional portrayal of Jim Morrison. Rather than an autobiographical movie of The Doors. Robbie Krieger who was the guitarist in the real band The Doors said that the only scene that happened in real life, was the Miami concert scene. 

The Miami concert wasn’t much of anything other than an improv. With Morrison showing up two hours late for the concert, more drunk than even usual. Jim Morrison didn’t drink like a fish, but a see of fish. He’s too drunk to sing, paranoid and a few minutes into the concert once it finally starts, Jim Morrison stops singing or giving his pathetic personation of singing. And starts cursing at the audience and insulting them. Actually accusing Miami of hiding Adolph Hitler of all people. The concert turned into Amateur Night at the Improv real fast.
One thing that Oliver Stone got correct besides Miami, was the Jim Morrison’s wardrobe. With over an hour of footage of the Lizard King wearing his famous skin-tight lambskin black Leather jeans. Silver concho belt, brown suede cowboy boots and black leather cowboy boots. There’s over an hour footage of Morrison wearing his black leathers the pants that he made stylish on his own. There's a great line in the movie where Pam, Jim's girlfriend tells to change those stinky leathers that he's been wearing the last three weeks. Classic Jim Morrison. 
The black skin-tight leather jeans you now see a lot of rockers wearing, I know this only because I’m a big fan of the Lizard King, I love blues rock, The Doors sound. And I own several books and movies about The Doors. So watching this movie was like reading a great fiction. Very entertaining, but you don’t learn anything knew about the subject that your watching. The real Lizard King is in this video.

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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