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I blog about practically everything that I’m interested in and knowledgeable about. Primarily about current affairs, news, politics and history. But for history, is not just about government and politics, but it covers those things, but entertainment, from movies to music, TV, sports, movies that are not all about politics and current affairs. Whether the characters are played by actors, or whether the film is in documentary form.

I’m interested in a lot of different things and spend a lot of my time learning about those things to the point that I feel the need to tell everybody what I know and think about what I have learn. Not sure if that is a good thing, or not. Since I’m a blogger, I hope that is good. Again for current affairs and news, as well as politics, but what is going on in those areas today, but also what happened in those areas in the past. History, is about teaching today’s generation about what happened in the past. So we know what went well back in the day, but also what didn’t work. So we know what works and what doesn’t.

But again not just current affairs, news and politics. I love movies, especially classic movies. And when I’m not working and I’m at home, you can generally find me watching a movie. Or a ball game from that day, or a ball game from the past. And then if I’m really interested in what I’m seeing and I believe I’m pretty knowledgable about that, you can generally find what I learn from what I just watched up on my blog. You can physically take me away from my blog, but my mind is always there thinking about what’s next for the blog. Looking for the next piece to write about.

I’m also a big fan of bios and watch a lot of them and read about people I’m interested in a lot as well. And again when I see a good bio about someone that I’m really interested in and I’m knowledgeable about, you can find what I know about that person and era up on my blog. I love documentaries, true crime, bios and bios of all kinds. Actors, politicians, athletes musicians, activists, a lot of different people.

I blog about a lot of different things. So if you’re checking out my blog, but you’re only interested in perhaps a few areas, you’re probably not going to see a lot of what you’re looking for. And end up seeing a lot of things you could probably care less about. But if you’re someone who has multiple interests and knowledgable about those areas as well, I hope you check out my blog. Because I think we can learn from each other. I always welcome input to my blog. Just try to keep it professional and courteous. We can disagree with each other without trying to destroy each other. And perhaps even learn from each other.

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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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