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10/19/2021 - I think this is one of John F. Kennedy's best quotes, because you get to see the Classical Liberal (a real Liberal) in him. And it's a great argument against socialism and communism, as well.

Entrepreneur: "Words of wisdom from some of most influential leaders in U.S. history."

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. -- John F. Kennedy

The youngest president in U.S. history was regarded by many as a visionary. Not satisfied with the status quo, Kennedy spearheaded economic programs that launched the U.S. on its longest expansion since World War II and championed equality by calling for civil rights legislation.

Think of the entrepreneurs that you find more influential and innovative, chances are they went against the grain and had a different way of approaching things. Going the safe route is rarely the way to get noticed." 

Source:Entrepreneur- JFK

From The New Democrat 

8/20/2021 - This is one of the best quotes about actual racism that you will ever see and it comes from someone who is definitely not a Conservative or a Centrist.

Fred Hampton who was a member of the Black Panthers (self-described Socialists, Communists, and Black Nationalists) knew racism when he saw it and knew the only way you beat racism, is by not being a racist yourself, but through education and fighting actual racism with intelligence.

Fred Hampton: "You don't fight racism with racism. You fight racism with unity." 

1. 8/23/2021 - In President Franklin Roosevelt's first two terms as President, today he would be described as a Center-Left Progressive Democrat. But by 1944 he was moving into the direction of Henry Wallace and other Socialist Democrats in and outside of the Democratic Party, with his Economic Bill Of Rights, but ran out of time to implement his proposals.

Syracuse Cultural Workers: "As seen in Michael Moore's 2009 film Capitalism - A Love Story. Michael found footage of FDR reading his Bill of Rights at his January 11, 1944 State of the Union address. The footage was buried someplace in South Carolina! With corporate power and government complicity running amok, the Bill of Rights is an urgent reminder of what a very popular president thought was important."  

Source:Syracuse Cultural Workers- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York) in 1944.

From The New Democrat

2. So President Joe Biden is in-between the Neoconservatives and the Trump Nationalists, on Afghanistan. But so is President Donald Trump, which can happen when you have a Republican Party that's as divided as it is today.

CNN: "CNN's John Avlon breaks down how Trump allies' recent criticisms of President Biden's decision to leave Afghanistan ring hollow in light of their past statements." 

Source:CNN- 3 of President Donald J. Trump's (Republican, New York) NSC appointments.

From The New Democrat

8/24/2021 - Perhaps the thing that makes America not just different from Europe, but perhaps every other developed country in the world, is that we have a safety net (which was created by President Franklin Roosevelt) for people who fall on hard times. Whereas the rest of the developed world has a welfare state that's universal and provides the economic services that most Americans are able to get from their employers.

Amazon: "When the stability of American life was threatened by the Great Depression, the decisive and visionary policy contained in FDR's New Deal offered America a way forward. In this groundbreaking work, William E. Leuchtenburg traces the evolution of what was both the most controversial and effective socioeconomic initiative ever undertaken in the United States—and explains how the social fabric of American life was forever altered. It offers illuminating lessons on the challenges of economic transformation—for our time and for all time." 

Source:Amazon- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York)

From The New Democrat

1. 8/25/2021 - Right-wingers especially, like to label President #FranklinRoosevelt as a Socialist (and perhaps use other more extreme terms) but the fact is he was an anti-Communist. And for the first two terms of his presidency, was a Center-Left, New Deal #Progressive. To the right of Henry Wallace and other Socialists of that era.

History: "Cabinet members watch with mixed emotions as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, wearing a black armband, signs the United States' declaration of war against Japan at 4:10 p.m. Washington time on December 8, 1941." 

Source:History- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York)

From The New Democrat

2. In the 1950s, the faces of the Republican Party were Progressives, like President Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, Tom Dewey and many others. Ike was probably our first great civil rights President and he was a Republican.

James Miller Center: "Although there were dangerous moments in the Cold War during the 1950s, people often remember the Eisenhower years as "happy days," a time when Americans did not have to worry about depression or war, as they had in the 1930s and 1940s, or difficult and divisive issues, as they did in the 1960s. Instead, Americans spent their time enjoying the benefits of a booming economy. Millions of families got their first television and their second car and enjoyed new pastimes like hula hoops or transistor radios. Young people went to drive-in movies or malt shops, often wearing the latest fashions—pegged pants for men, poodle skirts for women.

Yet the Eisenhower years were not so simple or carefree, and the President faced important and, at times, controversial issues in domestic affairs. Managing the economy involved important choices about how to maintain prosperity or how much to spend on what we today call "infrastructure." Protecting freedom and the rule of law necessitated difficult decisions as civil rights became an urgent national issue. Dealing with the effects of the Cold War at home required complicated action because of the sensational charges of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy about Communist infiltration of government agencies. In the eyes of a majority of the public, Eisenhower usually made the right choices, as he often enjoyed approval ratings of more than 70 percent in the polls. Yet Eisenhower also had critics, who believed that he had not used his powers as President vigorously or effectively to protect individual freedom and ensure justice." 

Source:James Miller Center- President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican, Texas)

From The New Democrat

1. 8/26/2021 - President #FranklinRoosevelt, didn't propose health care reform at all until 1944 with his Economic Bill of Rights. But it's clearly something that he and his administration was thinking about.

JSTOR: "Whether we come to this form of insurance soon or later on, I am confident that we can devise a system which will enhance and not hinder the remarkable progress which has been made and is being made in practice of the practices of the profession of medicine and surgery in the United States." 

Source:JSTOR- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York)

From The New Democrat

2. For me at least, Ross Perot's Reform Party represents the early days of the Tea Party from the last decade. Americans who were fed up with debt and deficits, unemployment, skeptical about free trade and our oversees involvements, who weren't pushing a big government social agenda. Not the radical centrists that they portrayed as, but Center-Right Conservatives who were interested in fiscal responsibility and economic freedom.

Alamy Stock Photo: "Reform party presidential candidate Ross Perot speaks at the National Press Club October 25, 1996 in Washington, DC" 

Source:Alamy Stock Photo- Reform Party Leader Ross Perot in 1996

From The New Democrat

1. 8/27/2021 - President Ronald Reagan was damn right about Welfare. We should judge the program by how many people no longer need public assistance. Not by how many people are added to the Welfare rolls."

Ngan Tengyuen: "President Ronald Reagan is perhaps one of the better known republican presidents along with Abraham Lincoln. I am not an American but given a choice... 

Source:Gecko & Fly- President Ronald W. Reagan (Republican, California)

From The New Democrat

2. If you want to know what Donald Trump's base is: just look at Governor George Wallace's base in 1968 and before that. Because they share the exact same nationalistic, cultural, religious, and even racial and ethnic beliefs.

My San Antonio: "Remember Lyndon LaRouche? He either ran or tried to run for the Democratic nomination for president at least seven times starting in 1980.

Remember George Wallace, who sought to be the Democrats’ nominee twice — in 1964 and 1972 — with a run as a third party candidate in 1968?

Both were scorned by the party establishment, LaRouche as anti-Semitic, racist and more cult leader than leading political figure. Wallace, he of standing-in-the-doorway-to-stop-desegregation fame, was characterized as just plain racist.

Neither became the party’s nominee, and both were widely reviled and denounced, though Wallace did have a following among stubborn Dixiecrats in the South and so-called hardhats in the Midwest and other parts of the country." 

Source:My San Antonio- Governor George C. Wallace (Dixiecrat, Alabama)

From The New Democrat

1. 8/30/2021 - The debate between the William F. Buckley vs James Baldwin in 1965. represents the best of American politics, free speech, and debating in America, because you have two men with completely different perspectives, debating each other and making their points clear, without trying to destroy the other personally.

PBS NewsHour: "It has been 55 years since civil-rights activist, James Baldwin, and founder of the conservative National Review, William F. Buckley, Jr., met for a debate on race in America. That discussion and the lives of the two cultural giants are subjects of a new book, "The Fire is Upon Us." Zachary Green spoke with author and political scientist Nicholas Buccola about how the debate's still resonating."

Source:PBS NewsHour- Baldwin v Buckley (1965)

From The New Democrat

2. If you believe in phrases like you get everything that you deserve and you get out life what you put into it, then you know Mark Twain is right about this. Government and the world owes us nothing other than a right to exist and live freely.

Libertarian Comic: “Far too many now think everyone and everything owes them something and that's simply wrong" 

Source:Libertarian Comic- Mark Twain

From The New Democrat

1. 8/31/2021 - According to Tomi Lahren (from Fox News) anyone who disagrees with her on anything, is either a RINO or a tyrant, Un-American, etc, the usual Alt-Right talking points. So for her to say anything that's negative about Governor Gavin Newsome or anyone else in California, you should at least consider that first.

As far as the California recall: if Democrats forget to vote, then Governor Newsome might be in trouble. But that is a state where 7-10 voters are still Democrats and where Republicans whether it's Larry Elder or anyone else, has to have a low turnout just to be competitive, because California Republicans don't compete in the big cities there anymore."

Fox News: "Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren torched California Governor Gavin Newsom ahead of the recall election in September. Lahren joined "Fox & Friends First" and called out the governor for dining at high-end restaurants while the rest of the state was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.


TOMI LAHREN: I'm very confident, I think a lot of Californians are very confident, they're not forgetting what was going on in the last several months, in the last year and a half of Covid, they know what this governor has done while he was dining at the French Laundry and they were stuck in positions of having to, as I said, shutter their businesses. Now, many of them can't get people to come to work at their businesses." 

Source:Fox News- Not Necessarily The News With Tomi Lahren

From The New Democrat

2. You can criticize President Joe Biden's handling of the American military withdrawal from Afghanistan, but no one's made an argument for what we should do instead. Only Neoconservatives (who've been out-of-power since 2009) have been arguing for an indefinite occupation of Afghanistan. The rest of the county wants us out of there and perhaps do some nation building in our own country and making sure America is as secure as possible at home."

CSPAN: "President Biden spoke about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan one day after the last U.S. service member left the country closing out the 20-year conflict." 

Source:CSPAN- President Joe Biden (Democrat, Delaware) speaking about our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

From The New Democrat

1. 9/01/2021 - President John F. Kennedy is a hero of mine as a Classical Liberal, but he was far from perfect. And if he had to run for President 10-20 years later, he wouldn't have gotten away with a lot of his personal baggage, like with the womanizing. As his brother Senator Ted Kennedy found out.

People Magazine: "A woman claiming to be one of John F. Kennedy's former lovers is opening up about their alleged affair.

In an essay published on Saturday on Air Mail, Diana de Vegh said she engaged in an affair with the 35th president of the United States when she was 20 years old.

The relationship allegedly began in 1958, making him twice her age. De Vegh, now 83, said that Kennedy would often say there was "something special" about her, which admittedly captured her attention.

But this, she said, "is not a romantic story." In fact, she said it took "years to recover" from the romance — "almost as many years" as it took for her to come forward with her story." 

Source:People Magazine- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) 35th President of the United States (1961-63)

From The New Democrat

2. 9/01/2021 - Just for the record: I'm pro- choice on practically everything, just as long the personal choice doesn't involve hurting another innocent person. So no, I'm not in favor of the Texas abortion ban.

But for any so-called pro-choice Democrat who says that are also against this law, I have a question for them: did you bother to vote in 2016? If Democrats voted in 2016, Hillary Clinton wins the presidency and probably gets two center-left Supreme Court justices through a Democratic Senate, giving them a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court.

Elections have consequences. When your party doesn't even vote, it means the other party is now in charge. With a 5-4 Democratic majority, the Texas abortion probably gets thrown out. But with a 6-3 Republican majority, more of these laws are going to get passed and held up as constitutional.

New York Post: "A strict new measure that essentially bans abortions in Texas went into effect at midnight, despite protests and lawsuits against the harsh mandate.

The law prohibits women from getting an abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, and gives citizens the right to take legal action against doctors or anyone else who helps a woman terminate a pregnancy.

Most women who get an abortion in the Lone Star State are at least six weeks pregnant — the earliest a heartbeat can be detected — and will now be unable to receive the procedure, according to Planned Parenthood and Whole Woman’s Health.

The Texas bill differs from other similar “heartbeat laws” nationwide because it bars authorities from enforcing the ban, and allows anyone else — including people who live outside the state — to take legal action." 

Source:New York Post- freedom of speech in action in Austin, Texas

From The New Democrat

9/02/2021 - I generally don't like it when politicians make it personal in political ads, let alone political debates, but Donald Trump doesn't believe he has to follow the same rules that every other human being has to follow. Which is why I'm glad Joe Biden nailed him here. 

Joe beat Don in the first debate in 2020 simply by not being Donald Trump. When your opponent is drowning himself, you shouldn't give him a lifeline and try to out Donald him. 

Source:Tenor- Down goes Trump! (To paraphrase Howard Cosell)

From The New Democrat

1. 9/03/2021 - When I think about what's going on in Texas right now, whether it's abortion or anything else, I think Phyllis Schlafly and Jerry Falwell are somewhere up there in Heaven or Hell (depending on your perspective) celebrating together.

I also think I wish Governor Rick Perry would've gone through on bullshit threat to succeed from the Union, after Barack Obama became President in 2009 and then Americans wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of living in Texas right now.

The Onion: "AUSTIN, TX—In a milestone victory for the anti-abortion movement, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a new law this week that would offer private citizens $10,000 for the names of anyone they heard was a slut. “From the middle-aged woman on her second divorce to the 16-year-old girl making out with her boyfriend under the bleachers, we’re asking that everyday citizens assist us in tracking down these hussies,” said Abbott, who invited Texans as well as residents from outside the state to come forward with any information they have that could help identify tramps, whores, and other loose women. “Maybe her pants are too tight, maybe she looks like she’s having a little too much fun at the bar. It doesn’t matter if she’s ‘a huge skank’ or a bit of a ‘ho’—we promise that you will be handsomely rewarded for whatever information you have.” At press time, Abbott added that the state was also asking for the names of any complicit friends, family members, and fashion retailers." 

Source:The Onion- don't mess in Texas! LOL

From The New Democrat

2. There are Atheists and then there are people who call themselves Atheists, who rarely put down or criticize any non-western religion. Christopher Hitchens whatever you think of his politics was a real Atheist.

CSPAN: "Christopher Hitchens on Billy Graham, $cientology and religious hypocrisy. Christopher Hitchens briefly mentions the Scam of $cientology in this interview at around 2:18 mins." 

Source:CSPAN- author/columnist Christopher Hitchens, on CSPAN in 2008.

From The New Democrat

9/20/2021 - I know it's a couple weeks late, but Theodore Roosevelt represents what real Progressives think whether its about Labor Day or any other holiday. Not Socialists who pretend to be Progressives.

T Roosevelt Center: “Our ideal,” Theodore Roosevelt said on #LaborDay 1910, “should be a rate of wages sufficiently high to enable workmen to live in a manner comfortable to American ideals and standards, to educate their children, and to provide for sickness and old age."

Source:T Roosevelt Center- Teddy Roosevelt on Labor Day.

From The New Democrat

9/28/2021 - President John F. Kennedy giving I believe the best speech of his short presidency, other than maybe his inaugural, at #AmericanUniversity in 1963.

JFK Library: "In 1963, JFK outlined a "strategy of peace" in his commencement address at American University, which included a nuclear test ban treaty. #InternationalDayofPeace... 

Source:JFK Library- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) at American University in Washington, in 1963.

From The New Democrat

9/29/2021 - Senator Tom Cotton, getting schooled by General Mark Milley, about how the U.S. Military operates. 

CSPAN: "@SenTomCotton
: "Why haven't you resigned?"

Gen. Milley: "It would be an incredible act of political defiance for a commissioned officer to just resign because my advice is not taken." He also says, "My dad didn't get a choice to resign at Iwo Jima." 

Source:CSPAN- U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (Republican, Arkansas) getting a lesson in American military 101. 

From The New Democrat

9/30/2021 - President John F. Kennedy standing up for the civil rights of James Meredith and other African-Americans in 1962.

JFK Library: "President Kennedy addressed the nation regarding James Meredith, the first Black student to enroll in the previously all-white University of Mississippi, #otd on September 30, 1962." 

Source:JFK Library- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) talking about James Meredith in 1962.

From The New Democrat

10/03/2021 - Unfortunately #GeorgeWill is one of the last of the true American #Conservatives, since the Center-Right in the #RepublicanParty has all but vanished. 

CSPAN: "This week on 
's #Afterwords Podcast

Syndicated columnist 
. He reflects on what he calls the 'unruly torrent years' between 2008-2020 with 
 columnist and 
 political contributor 

Source:CSPAN- conservative writer George Will.


2/24/2022 - The New Democrat: The three best laws that LBJ ever signed were the Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and the Immigration Act. Those laws are why we have the America that we do today.

6/24/2022 - Randy Dellinger: "It was better before LBJ" 

The New Democrat: "How?" 

Source:YouTube- Major Kong. President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat, Texas) 36th President of the United States (1963-69)

From Freedom Forum

5/03/2022 - The New Democrat: At risk of stating the obvious: (and apparently this needs to be said more to Democrats than Republicans) elections have consequences. When Democrats didn't even bother to vote in 2016, that allowed for Donald Trump to be POTUS, with a Republican Congress. Which is why Roe V. Wade will probably be struck down this summer. 

5/04/2022 - The New Democrat: For Democrats and for anyone else who is interested in preserving women's right to choose and abortion in America, there's really one thing that we can do about it: vote like the future of American democracy and freedom of choice and the right to privacy depends on it. 

5/04/2022 - Dan Rather: "A real question for educators, from law school professors to civics teachers. How do you teach about the Supreme Court in light of what we see here?" 

The New Democrat: "That SCOTUS is a reflection of American democracy. When one party has the ability to work its will and get its people appointed, SCOTUS become an arm of that political party."  

Source:Twitter- Dan Rather.

From Dan Rather 

5/05/2022 - The New Democrat: Trying to force a vote to make abortion the law of the land, might feel good in the Senate. But when you know you only have a 50-50 Senate and you might lose 3-5 of your own people and not pick up a single Republican vote, it at the very least looks like a waste of time. 
For Democrats who want to protect abortion rights in America, there's only one real solution: vote in 2022 as if abortion rights and American democracy depends on it. And at least hold the Senate, if not the House. And then in the next Congress you'll have more room to work with. 

5/06/2022 - Aaron Parmas: "As you go to bed tonight, know that Generation Z will never stop fighting until Roe v. Wade is codified into law." 

The New Democrat: "Generation Z could start with voting in 2022 to protect Roe V. Wade."  

From Aaron Parmas 

5/07/2022 - Aaron Parmas: "Generation Z is ready to kick ass and take names at the ballot box." 
The New Democrat: "I hope you are damn right, Aaron. But I wouldn't bet on young people turning out to vote, with a Democratic POTUS and Congress, since they're such an unreliable voting bloc." 

Source:Twitter- Aaron Parmas.

From Aaron Parmas 

5/08/2022 - Aaron Parmas: "Mitch McConnell now says that a nationwide ban on abortion is possible. 
If you care about reproductive freedom, vote blue." 

The New Democrat: "Now you are talking, Aaron." 

From Aaron Parmas 

5/09/2022 - The New Democrat: Not to sound like I'm punching a punching bag over and over again, but elections have consequences. 

The Democratic Party lost the Senate in 2014, because their left-wing didn't bother to turn out and vote, or at least vote Democratic. 

Democrats lost The White House and failed to win back the Senate in 2016, because their left-wing didn't bother to turn out and vote, or at least vote Democrat. 
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced today that if Republicans win back Congress this year, you could see bills in Congress designed to outlaw abortion Federally. 

The only question that I have now is, what are Democrats going to do now? They don't have the votes in Congress to make abortion legal today. But if they expand their majorities in the House and Senate by actually turning out to vote, they could make abortion legal Federally, next year. 

5/10/2022 - Senate Democrats: "Watch Senator Tammy Baldwin explain that “if Roe is overturned and we don't pass the women's health protection act, Wisconsin women will be taken back into the mid1800's.” “I sure am not taking women in Wisconsin back to 1849." 

The New Democrat: "If the left-wing of the Democratic Party, just bothers to get out and vote in 2022, (unlike in 2014 and 2016) Democrats can save the right to an abortion in America."  

Source:Twitter- U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin.

From the Senate Democrats 

5/11/2022 - The New Democrat: I understand Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's reasoning on forcing vulnerable Senate Republicans to have to vote on abortion. But he knew he didn't even have a majority, let alone 60 vote pass the Democrats abortion bill. 

If Democrats want to make the right to an abortion a Federal right, they have to not just vote in 2022, but vote Democratic across the board, so Democrats can expand the majorities in the House and Senate. And then pass their bill in the next Congress. 

5/12/2022 - The New Democrat: For people who are worried about The Donald Trump getting off and not being held accountable: a lot of organizations and groups that have info and evidence on him, are not under his control, like the National Archives and U.S. DOJ. 

5/12/2022 - Dan Rather: "If you are voting against aid for Ukraine, or you excuse away Putin’s murderous aggression, it might be a small tip off to what you really think of freedom and democracy." 

The New Democrat: "Well, Mr. Rather, Senator Paul might need the Putin vote, to get reelected in Kentucky." 

From Dan Rather 

5/13/2022 - The New Democrat: If Elon Musk does get Twitter, then maybe the answer is to have more competent, social media networks. If the Musk's of the world get a company the size of Twitter, there will be less free and accurate information available for everyone else. 

5/14/2022 - The New Democrat: I have one question for people who are marching and protesting for abortion rights in America: how many of these folks plan on actually voting on election day in November? Because if most or a lot of them don't even bother to vote in 2022, they can kiss abortion rights goodbye. 

The Hill: "Thousands are gathering in Washington, D.C., and other cities around the country to protest the possible elimination of abortion rights, amid fears the Supreme Court is set to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision this summer.

The protests are taking place less than two weeks after a draft Supreme Court ruling leaked. The ruling signaled five conservative Supreme Court justices are set to reverse Roe v. Wade, which could lead to a number of states eliminating access to abortion.

“We are here because a handful of people have weaponized the very structures of our democracy,” Kelley Robinson, the executive director for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said at the start of the D.C. protest amid a light drizzle.

“We are here to show them that we are the majority, y’all. Look around. You’re the majority. And we’re here this weekend with a clear message to anyone that wants control of our bodies: Keep your bans off our bodies y’all.”

Protesters at the event carried signs saying things like “get your THEOLOGY out of my BIOLOGY” and groups within the crowd passed around abortion rights literature while others had conversations together on the topic." 

Source:The Hill- rally for abortion rights in Washington.

From The Hill 

5/16/2022 - The New Democrat: At risk of making this very personal: I'm having a hard time coming to grips why anyone of Slavic ancestry would want anything to do with the so-called Replacement Theory, since the Slavs were one of the people's that the Nazis in Europe wanted to eliminate. You would think Representative Elise Stefanik would know a helluva lot better, then to be associated with this garbage. 

The Hill: "Democrats are taking Republicans to task this week following a racist mass shooting in western New York, accusing GOP lawmakers of fomenting violence by embracing the same white nationalist views as the alleged gunman.

Lawmakers in both parties have been horrified by the massacre in Buffalo, where a lone gunman shot 13 people — 10 of them fatally — at a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. The suspect, an 18-year-old from Conklin, N.Y., a small rural town 200 miles east, had reportedly posted a long, online screed voicing fears that America’s white population is being overrun by growing numbers of minorities...  

Source:Twitter- U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik (Republican, New York)

From The Hill 

5/17/2022 - The New Democrat: Republican primary day in several states. I'm wondering if the mental patients in the party will be recaptured, allowing the adults in the party to come back and takeover and reclaim the GOP. 

5/18/2022 - The New Democrat: Even with the baby formula shortage, Far-Right Republicans seem to want fewer or no abortions and more babies. How do they expect to meet the new demand of all these new babies, without less baby formula to go around? 

5/19/2022 - The New Democrat: According to CNN, President Trump's Attorney General William Barr, has agreed to testify in front of the House Jan 6 Committee. He's been very honest and frank about his time as AG since leaving office. So he should have plenty of information about the last days of the Trump White House to share, if he wants too. 

5/20/2022 - Erie Siobhan: "Does it make me a bad person if I want to see Elon Musk lose all his money and go broke in his attempt to buy Twitter?" 

The New Democrat: "Perhaps not, but maybe one of the most honest people in the world. That alone should earn you a lot of respect." 

Source:Twitter- Erie Siobhan.

From Erie Siobhan 

The New Democrat: In case there's anyone out there whose just coming out of a coma or whose trapped in a cave in Mongolia (or some place) there are mid-term elections coming up in November. 

I'm not an economist (and neither are most politicians) but with Wall Street crashing, economic shortages, rising energy costs, and skyrocketing inflation, none of this can be good for President Joe Biden and the Democrats. As the great political strategist James Carville said: "It's the economy, stupid." 

For Democrats to have any real shot at even retaining the Senate and not getting blown out in the House, the economy has to improve under their watch before November and their left-wing has to turn out and vote in huge numbers.

5/23/2022 - Jon Cooper: "Kellyanne Conway will be releasing her book in the next few weeks.

Raise your hand if you'll NEVER buy it!" 

The New Democrat: "Don't bullshit us, Jon. You know you'll read it and perhaps even buy Kellyanne's book." 

Source:Twitter- Jon Cooper

From Jon Cooper 

The New Democrat: For what's left of the Center-Right in America, this is great news. Now the real Conservatives can have an opportunity to take back what was the Republican Party, from the escaped mental patients, wannabe dictators, and criminals, that now have so much influence over the party. 

The Hill: "President Trump and the MAGA movement are showing signs of moving in different directions. 

By no stretch of the imagination is Trump’s base deserting him. But nor are those voters willing to simply do his bidding.  

In some important primaries this year, they have instead bucked his wishes — and they’re set to do it again. 

The dynamic looks like it will become starker on Tuesday, when primaries are held in Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia. 

The Republican gubernatorial primary in Georgia will be the most closely watched race of all. 

Trump’s fierce criticisms of incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R) appear unlikely to pay dividends. Kemp has a wide lead in opinion polls over Trump’s preferred pick, former Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.). In the RealClearPolitics polling average on Monday, Kemp led by 22 points. 

The situation is cloudier in the GOP Senate primary in Alabama. There, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) has surprised Trump World by picking up steam in the final weeks." 

Source:The Hill- Newspaper

From The Hill 

5/24/2022 - Joe Walsh: "I don’t give a fuck where u stand on any issue. I don’t give a fuck if u think Dems are too far left. Our very democracy is under attack. And for u to support the party attacking our democracy is fucking treasonous.”

Me, to every Republican yesterday who said I’m a traitor." 

The New Democrat: "God damnit, Joe, you fucking cuss a lot. What the fuck? LOL"  

Source:Twitter- Joe Walsh

From Joe Walsh 

The New Democrat: Hopefully "temporary" is the key word here and the House gets un RNC records. 

The Hill: "A federal appeals court on Tuesday temporarily blocked the House Jan. 6 select committee from obtaining Republican National Committee (RNC) records while the GOP challenges a subpoena for documents pertaining to its fundraising efforts in the weeks leading up to Jan. 6, 2021.

A three-judge panel for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the RNC a temporary administrative injunction prohibiting third-party vendor Salesforce from turning over the party’s fundraising records to the select committee. The injunction will remain in effect until the judges decide the RNC’s emergency motion for a more lasting injunction, the panel said in a brief order.

“The purpose of this administrative injunction is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the emergency motion for an injunction pending appeal and should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits of that motion,” the panel said.

All three judges on the panel were appointed by former President Trump.

Salesforce would have been able to turn over the records as early as Wednesday when a lower court’s injunction was set to expire.

The RNC is appealing a federal judge’s decision from earlier this month ordering Salesforce to comply with the subpoena. The national committee had asked the D.C. Circuit panel to prevent the subpoena from being enforced while it makes its case on appeal.

“Without an injunction, the RNC will have no opportunity to obtain relief on appeal, as Salesforce has indicated it will respond to the Subpoena and the Congressional Defendants claim the Court is without authority to award relief once Salesforce produces,” the RNC’s lawyers wrote in a court filing earlier this month."  

Source:The Hill- House Jan 6 Committee

From The Hill 

5/25/2022 - The New Democrat: We're not even half way done with 2022 yet, but they're already good signs that The Donald Trump might be finally losing is grip on the Republican Party, with what's happened in Georgia and other states, with Trumpian candidates going down badly. Which means we might finally see Republicans running as Republicans again and the Center-Right finally reclaiming that party again. Which is great news for anyone who believes in American democracy. 

The Hill: "Former President Trump had his roughest night of the midterm cycle so far Tuesday, when his chosen candidates in marquee primary races in Georgia — a state he fixated on after his 2020 loss there — fell far short against their opponents. 
In multiple contests, incumbents who had resisted Trump’s efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election held double-digit leads over candidates who built campaigns around the former president’s false claims. 
The biggest loss for Trump was in the state’s gubernatorial GOP primary, in which Gov. Brian Kemp bested former Sen. David Perdue, in whom Trump had invested significantly, by more than 50 points. 
Perdue centered much of his campaign around Trump’s unfounded claims that voter fraud cost him victory in Georgia in 2020 and that Kemp could have reversed the election results. Kemp, meanwhile, did not directly take on the former president and instead focused on pushing a slate of conservative policies while in office, including stringent abortion restrictions, loosening gun laws and more, all while pointing out Perdue’s loss in a 2021 Senate runoff. 
Beyond his endorsement, Trump funneled more than $3 million to pro-Perdue groups through his leadership PAC, appeared at a rally for Perdue and held a fundraiser for him at Mar-a-Lago, recorded robocalls and more.  
However, it ultimately became clear that it wasn’t enough, with polls late in the race showing Kemp surpassing the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff. Perdue acknowledged late in the race that he might not win, but said “I guaran-damn-tee you we’re not down 30 points.” 
Perdue ultimately lost by over 50 points, and Kemp easily cleared the runoff bar by getting almost 74 percent of the vote. 
Lower on the ballot, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) fended off a spirited primary challenge by Rep. Jody Hice (R), who also had Trump’s support. 
Raffensperger famously rebuffed Trump’s request for him to “find” the votes needed to reverse President Biden’s victory in Georgia in 2020 and became a target of the former president’s ire. While he won by a narrower margin, he still beat Hice by nearly 20 points and garnered over 52 percent of the vote, avoiding a runoff. 
Trump critics basked in the losses, with former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) praising Kemp and Georgia voters. 
 “I am so proud of and happy for my friend—and just as importantly for the Georgia GOP and the people of Georgia. They were not going to kick out a great Governor or be willing participants in the DJT Vendetta Tour,” Christie tweeted, using the former president’s initials.
To be sure, Trump did have some wins Tuesday night, including in Georgia. 
Herschel Walker, the former football star and Trump’s chosen pick in the Senate GOP primary, skated to the Republican nomination. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s former White House press secretary, won the Arkansas gubernatorial GOP primary with ease. 
Trump undoubtedly remains the GOP’s de facto leader, and polls continually show that should he run for president again in 2024, he’d likely outrun his competition by hefty margins. But Tuesday night’s results in Georgia showed that voters take more into account when entering the voting booth than who Trump prefers in any given race, particularly if his chosen candidates are running against incumbents with sterling conservative credentials." 

Source:Facebook- The New Democrat.

From The New Democrat 

5/26/2022 - The New Democrat: I know what Democrats, (especially left-wing Democrats) can do, (assuming they're serious about gun reform) they can turn out and vote for Democrats for Congress (House and Senate) in 2022 and give the Democratic Party the votes and members that they need, to finally pass commonsense gun reform next year. Otherwise all this talk and people saying how badly they feel about children being murdered by madmen with guns, is just a lot of talk.

The Hill: "Even though President Biden has nearly exhausted his options to confront gun violence with executive action, advocates and allies say there are a few steps he could take in the wake of horrifying mass shootings in Buffalo and Texas.

The limited possibilities include stepping up enforcement of existing laws or looking to health agencies to address gun violence as a public health issue.

But the administration and advocates alike say such steps are minimal compared to the actions Congress could take through legislation to reduce gun violence.

Biden has pressed for the Senate to take a vote on background check legislation that could make it tougher for people to get guns. Even stronger measures such as a ban on assault weapons — previous legislation expired nearly two decades ago, in 2004 — could do even more to make the mass shootings plaguing the country less common, based on the experiences in other countries.

But any kind of assault weapons ban seems like a non-starter in the Senate, and even the background checks legislation faces a very difficult road.

Those realities have frustrated Biden as much as the wider public, say people close to the White House.

“I think he’s just angry, as a lot of us are, that there is just an inability to do anything at all – I mean zilch, nothing,” said Doug Jones, the former Democratic senator from Alabama who more recently served in the White House to help guide the Supreme Court confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson."  

Source:The Hill- The White House

From The Hill 

5/27/2022 - "Do you support ending the NRA's tax exempt status?

Yes👇  Yes👇  Yes👇" 

The New Democrat: "Damn, right! I also support fresh air and clean water. (In case anyone is wondering." 

5/31/2022 - The New Democrat: For Democrats who say they want to protect women's right to choose and our reform our gun laws: Vice President Kamala Harris has a message for you. 


From Pinterest 

6/01/2022 - The New Democrat: Just the fact that any House Republican is even open to the idea of banning any type of handgun in America, is I guess a sign of progress when it comes to commonsense gun control. But unless House Republicans feel they need to get behind any kind of gun control in 2022 to retake the House, don't expect much if anything to come of this. And then this will be left up to the voters to decide if they want real gun control in the next Congress (House and Senate) and will vote according to that. 

The Hill: "A trickle of House GOP lawmakers have expressed support for or openness to banning assault-style rifles in recent years and in the wake of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, last week. 
As a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the Senate discuss potential legislative action on gun violence in wake of the massacre, the House GOP members’ positions show a small yet notable contingent of Republicans in favor of some type of gun restrictions despite the party being largely averse to gun control measures.
Two Republicans, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) and Rep. Chris Jacobs (N.Y.), expressed openness to such restrictions in the aftermath of the Uvalde massacre, which left 19 elementary school children and two teachers dead.
​​“I have opposed a ban fairly recently. I think I’m open to a ban now,” Kinzinger said on CNN Sunday when he was asked why private citizens need “weapons of war.” 
“It’s going to depend on what it looks like because there’s a lot of nuances on what constitutes certain things, but I’m getting to the point where I have to wonder,” Kinzinger said. “Maybe somebody to own one, maybe you need an extra license. Maybe you need extra training.”
Jacobs said in a press conference and during a Buffalo News interview last week that he would support such a ban, but not confiscation of such weapons.
“If an assault weapons ban bill came to the floor that would ban something like an AR-15, I would vote for it,” Jacobs said." 

Source:The Hill- U.S. Representatives Adam Kinzinger (Republican, Illinois) and Chris Jacobs (Republican, New York) left and right.

From The Hill 

6/02/2022 - The New Democrat: We don't need to be like Cuba or North Korea to solve the gun problem in America. We can always be a free society that respects the rights of individuals to their self-defense, while at the same time respecting the rights of the innocent to live and not be shot down by madmen with firearms. We just need some commonsense, as well as the Republican Party taking on their Far-Right, as it relates to the 2nd Amendment. Or voters getting the choice to decide if gun control is something that want and are willing to vote for the people in Congress who'll give that to them and vote against the people and NRA who are blocking it. 

6/03/2022 - The New Democrat: I have a better idea: instead of Senate Democrats trying to suck up to Senator Joe Manchin (the self-proclaimed West Virginia Democrat) Democrats just turn out and vote in huge numbers in 2022, as if control of Congress (House and Senate) were up for grabs. And then they could reform the filibuster in the next Congress with their expanded majorities. And the Manchin's and Sinema's of the world will no longer be relevant. 

The Hill: "Democrats and Republicans are competing for Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) attention when it comes to what elements of President Biden’s agenda are still in play ahead of the midterm elections knowing full well Washington will soon move into full-time campaign mode.
While Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is attempting to get Manchin on board with climate change and lower prescription drug price proposals, GOP lawmakers are trying to divert Manchin’s attention toward bipartisan negotiations on gun control and energy legislation — anything to keep the pivotal senator out of the New York Democrat’s office as much as possible.  
Schumer is privately trying to negotiate with Manchin on a budget bill that addresses climate change and lowers prescription drug prices all while anti-tax activists are running ads in West Virginia pressing him to reject proposed fiscal increases to fund such Democratic priorities.    
“If he gets something within the parameters as he’s discussed it, I think he is a possible ‘yes,’” said Mike Plante, a West Virginia-based Democratic strategist, who noted: “Obviously we’re running out of time here.”  
But Plante cautioned that Manchin has set out strict parameters for what kind of package he can support, emphasizing it must reduce the deficit. 
“It’s got to be something that comports with his view of what’s appropriate,” he added. “I don’t think there’s a lot of wiggle room for Joe Manchin on what he would find acceptable.  
“I think there’s a very narrow path on that. It would have to be something that dealt with prescription drugs, climate, deficit reduction, and didn’t contribute to inflation,” he said." 

Source:The Hill- U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (Democrat, West Virginia)

From The Hill

6/06/2022 - The New Democrat: The Senate Watergate Committee from 1973, was Congress's first look into President Richard Nixon's 1972 reelection campaign and the actions that led up to the Watergate break-in in June of 1972. Those hearings are now available on YouTube to watch. 

If the House Jan. 6 Committee's public hearings this week are anywhere near as interesting, it should make for some great TV as far as how the American government worked and the last days of Donald Trump's presidency. 

6/07/2022 - The New Democrat: Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, if Democrats had bothered to turn out and voted for her, she not only becomes POTUS, but Democrats probably win back the Senate that year as well and Roe V. Wade is not in jeopardy today. Sometimes when you wait for a disaster to happen, it's too late to do anything about it after it's already there. 

The Hill: "The White House is quietly preparing for a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, a consequential decision expected to come this month that will create immediate pressure to respond and take action. 
Members of the administration have held listening sessions with state officials, advocacy groups and other stakeholders on abortion rights regarding the legal barriers to abortion already in place in certain states.  
Individuals who participated in those meetings told The Hill that they are encouraged by the White House’s attention on the issue but are waiting for concrete details about how it will answer the expected decision.
“I believe that we are at least setting the stage to fight a bigger fight that’s going to happen,” said Marsha Jones, executive director of The Afiya Center, an organization devoted to the health of Black women and girls in Texas. “The White House, at least they are giving the perception that they are willing to fight this fight with us.” 
“I do need to see something tangible,” added Jones, who participated in a May 21 meeting with Gender Policy Council Executive Director Jennifer Klein and Vice President Harris’s domestic policy adviser Rohini Kosoglu. “We’re all just sitting on pins and needles.” 
Publicly, President Biden has been largely mum on the issue of abortion in the weeks since he expressed outrage at the Supreme Court draft ruling nixing Roe, which leaked at the start of May.  
Harris, meanwhile, has become one of the administration’s leading voices on the subject, holding a roundtable on Monday with faith leaders on abortion rights in Los Angeles and releasing a video on social media last week arguing that other rights are at risk if the court overturns the landmark abortion ruling." 

Source:The Hill- Newspaper

From The Hill 

6/08/2022 - The New Democrat: Peace is finally restored, in this Greenwich, New York neighborhood. Grace Kelly, ain't bad looking. (By the way) 

Movie Clips: "Jeff (James Stewart) sleeps peacefully by the window with two broken legs with Lisa (Grace Kelly) by his side." 

Source:YouTube- Movie Clips

From Movie Clips 

6/09/2022 - The New Democrat: What I'm hoping to see tonight and what I believe the House Jan 6. Committee needs to show us tonight, is information about Jan 6. that we don't already know, that is very important, about Donald Trump's last days and hours as POTUS. 

6/10/2022 - The New Democrat: One of FNC's Sean Hannity's best nights is 5 million viewers, the House Jan 6. Committee on their first night got 20 million. Trump Republicans can't argue that no one is watching these hearings, since they already have their bullshit talkings points in response of the hearings. 

The Hill: "Nearly 20 million people watched Thursday night’s first hearing of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol across broadcast and cable news, according to preliminary ratings figures from Nielsen.
Each of the major broadcast television news networks preempted their regularly scheduled programming on Thursday to show continuous live coverage of the two-hour hearings. 
ABC took the largest haul of viewers, earning 4.8 million of them, while NBC and CBS carried 3.5 million and 3.3 million, respectively. 
On cable, MSNBC pulled in a whopping 4.1 million viewers during the hearings, nearly four times what the network averages on a typical weeknight. 
Usually dominant Fox News Channel came in second place on cable on Thursday night, averaging 3 million viewers from 8 to 10 p.m. CNN came in third place with 2.6 million. 
Fox took criticism this week for its decision not to air continuous live coverage of the hearings on its main cable channel. The network did not preempt its regularly scheduled opinion shows, featuring hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.
Instead, Fox relegated live coverage of the hearings to Fox Business Network, which ratings figures show pulled in 223,000 viewers from 8 to 10 p.m. Fox also provided its live coverage on various streaming platforms and made it available to its affiliate stations across the country. 
Friday’s preliminary figures are likely to grow and do not include viewers who watched the hearing via streaming service online through YouTubeTV or other platforms." 

Source:The Hill- U.S. Representative's Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Representative Cheney is the Vice Chairman of the House Jan 6. Committee.

From The Hill

6/13/2022 - The New Democrat: Keep in mind, these are the people that then President Donald Trump personally appointed to work for him, that he was probably calling great, loyal, Americans, just 2 years ago. 

The Hill: "The House committee examining last year’s attack on the Capitol accused former President Trump on Monday of lying purposely to the public in order to stay in power and raise money from sympathetic supporters — an orchestrated effort the panel said led directly to the deadly insurrection of Jan. 6, 2021.

Gathered on Capitol Hill for the second in a series of public hearings into its investigation, the select committee leaned heavily on the testimony of some of the leading figures in Trump’s political orbit to hammer home the notion that, not only were Trump’s claims of rampant voter fraud false, but also that he knew them to be so." 

Source:The Hill- a look at House Jan 6. Committee.

From The Hill

6/14/2022 - The New Democrat: This means that the bipartisan gun reform bill in the Senate will pass, since Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, not only won't try to block it, but he actually supports the bill. The question is whether the House will even take the Senate's bill up. 

The Hill: "A bipartisan framework to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and boost funding for mental health treatment has strong momentum after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) endorsed it Tuesday.

McConnell says he is planning to vote for legislation based on the framework, which would make him the 11th Republican in the Senate to back it.

That would give the legislation at least 61 votes — one more than necessary to break a filibuster — barring an unexpected meltdown.

“For myself, I’m comfortable with the framework, and if the legislation ends up reflecting what the framework indicates, I’ll be supportive,” McConnell told reporters after the weekly Senate GOP lunch." 

Source:The Hill- U.S. Senator John Cornyn (Republican Texas) on the left (not ideologically) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican, Kentucky) on the right.

From The Hill

6/15/2022 - Jordan Lauer: "Show me one gun law that can regulate morality out of people🤔" 

The New Democrat: "Right after to show me a beach house in South Dakota, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean." 

The New Democrat: Without the Vietnam War, most of Lyndon Johnson's legacy as President, would be mostly positive. 

6/22/2022 - George Neuhauser: "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the performance?" 

The New Democrat: "I think LBJ was simply trying to protect his legacy and share the decision-making process that he went through as President." 

6/23/2022 - Daniel Terry: "went crazy with social programs, likely why we have a 31 trillion dollar debt now,  HEW,  HUD ,HEAD START ETC..

The New Democrat: "The total non-Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid social welfare budget, is like 50 billion dollars, in a 7 trillion-dollar Federal budget, in today's dollars. So where does 30 trillion in debt that you are are talking about coming from? 

Before President Clinton, LBJ was the last POTUS with a balanced budget."

"In an interview filmed ten days before his death, former President Lyndon B. Johnson discusses with Walter Cronkite his commitment to civil rights and his achievements in this area: the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Equal Housing Law of 1968
originally shared on the Internet archive. I do not own the rights." 

Source:YouTube- Steev Rawjers. President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat, Texas) 36th President of the United States (1963-69) being interviewed by CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite in 1973.

From Steev Rawjers 

6/16/2022 - The New Democrat: The Amazing Grace Kelly could be Jeff's (played by Jimmy Stewart) baby girl, in Rear Window. 

Eddie 77: "Rear Window (1954) Grace Kelly, James Stewart , *HD*" 

Source:YouTube- Eddie 77

From Eddie 77

6/20/2022 - The New Democrat: I watched John Dean's testimony to the Senate Watergate Committee over the weekend. His opening statement is a lot more interesting than the questioning that he got from the committee, at least so far.  

Associated Press: "White House Counsel John Dean was interrogated on his role in the Watergate affair. he was questioned by by Senator Daniel Inouye."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press 

From the Associated Press

6/21/2022 - The New Democrat: Senator Sam Ervin I guess showing that you can vote against the civil rights laws and not be a racist.

Associated Press: "Senate Watergate Committee chairman, Sam Ervin and Senator Baker make statements, defending the reputation and intergrity of Senator Dan Inouye and his part in the Watergate hearings." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press

6/22/2022 - The New Democrat: Congress trying to get documents from The White House and then not getting them or then having to take The White House to court over that, is nothing new, especially when Congress or just the Senate or House, is controlled by a different party than The White House.

Associated Press: "Senator Sam Ervin plans to obtain White House documents germane to the Watergate case for use in the Watergate hearings."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

6/23/2022 - The New Democrat: I think it's obvious that John Dean kept a diary and took excellent notes, at least when he took over the Watergate coverup in The White House. Because he was a good enough lawyer to know that it good blow up in his face and he wanted to be able to cover his ass.

Associated Press: "President Nixon's White House Counsel, John Dean answers questions form Senator Sam Ervin concerning Watergate."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

6/24/2022 - The New Democrat: Vice Chairman Howard Baker might have started off these hearings as being a defender of President Nixon, but the Senate Watergate Committee wouldn't have had the credibility that it had without him.

Associated Press: "Washington statements of Watergate committee Chairman and Deputy Chairman, Sam Ervin and Howard Baker, on the presidents refusal to handover his bugging tapes." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

6/27/2022 - The New Democrat: What Attorney General John Mitchell is talking about here, is that what the Nixon White House was really worried about. If they came clean on Watergate, the public would know about their secret, illegal security state and intelligence unit. That's why they covered up Watergate, to protect their secret security state.

Associated Press: "Ex-Attorney General John Mitchell questioned by Senators about his role in Watergate and other items" 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press

6/28/2022 - The New Democrat: Watergate did lead to a lot of new campaign finance laws in the 93rd Congress (1973-74)

Associated Press: "Senator Sam Ervin, Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee, makes a statement after its final report is published." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

6/29/2022 - The New Democrat: Alexander Haig was already President Nixon's Chief of Staff by this point.

Associated Press: "Members of the Senate Watergate Committee and General Alexander Haig arriving for wednesday hearing, statement by Senator Sam Ervin committee chairman." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

6/30/2022 - The New Democrat: So in 1973, the Senate Watergate Committee in Congress, wanted access to information from The White House, that the President didn't want to give up. Where have we seen this before? 

Associated Press: "Howard Baker and Senator Sam Ervin on securing the secret tapes from President Nixon." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Howard Baker (Republican, Tennessee) Vice Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

7/01/2022 - The New Democrat: Here's one thing that the Senate Watergate Committee has in common with the House Jan 6. Committee: key witnesses unwilling to testify under oath for fear of incriminating themselves.

Associated Press: "Maurice Stans and Bernard Barker, testify at the Watergate hearings. Maurice Stans is questioned." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. Maurice Stans was President Nixon's Reelection Campaign Committee finance chairman.

From the Associated Press

7/05/2022 - The New Democrat: I guess it was always good for Senator Sam Ervin to be back home in North Carolina. 

Associated Press: "76 year old Democrat Senator from North Carolina, Sam Ervin, is amongst his fans in Philadelphia, taking time out from chairing the Watergate hearing." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

7/06/2022 - The New Democrat: Howard Hunt testifying to protect his freedom at this point.

Associated Press: "Central Intelligence Agency operative E. Howard Hunt gives evidence to the Senate Watergate committee."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. Former CIA and Nixon Reelection Committee intelligence officer Howard Hunt.

From the Associated Press

7/07/2022 - The New Democrat: I believe Richard Helms is referring to a conversation that he had with John Dean, when Dean was still running the coverup at The White House, as White House Counsel.

Associated Press: "Former CIA Chief, Richard Helms, speaks at the Senate Watergate Committee on possible continuation of CIA salaries being paid to any members imprisoned... 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. Former CIA Director Richard Helms.

From the Associated Press

7/08/2022 - The New Democrat: Bob Haldeman playing a guy who has Alzheimer's, whose forgotten almost everything that important that happened during the Watergate coverup.

Associated Press: "White House Chief of Staff H R Haldeman testifying before the Senate Watergate Committee in Washington." 

Source:YouTube- Associaterd Press. President Richard M. Nixon's Chief of Staff (1969-73) Bob Haldeman.

From the Associated Press

7/11/2022 - The New Democrat: It's true that not every Republican on this committee supported this investigation, like Senator Edward Gurney.

Associated Press: "A disturbance in the Senate investigation into the Watergate scandal as attorney Gerald Alch testifies against his former client, convicted consprirator James McCord. The film also includes footage of Sam Ervin speaking."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. From right to left: Senators Howard Baker (Republican, Tennessee) and Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress) and Democratic Chief Counsel Sam Dash as well.

From the Associated Press

7/12/2022 - The New Democrat: John Ehrlichman giving the best possible to defense for President Richard Nixon.

Associated Press: "John Ehrlichman questioned on Nixon and 4th amendment"

Source:YouTube- John Ehrlichman: President Richard M. Nixon's Chief Domestic Policy Advisor (1969-73)

From the Associated Press

7/13/2022 - The New Democrat: As Martha Mitchell told Tom Snyder herself, she was crazy. But she was absolutely adorable, hilarious, and pretty sharp. A lot smarter then even her husband John Mitchell ever gave her credit for. 

Associated Press: " Interview with Martha Mitchell, wife of Attorney general, John Mitchell on how Senate hearings are rehearsed and not spontaneous. How everyone is tired of Watergate and states that she was kidnapped in California." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. Martha Mitchell was the wife of U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell.

From the Associated Press

7/14/2022 - The New Democrat: "You are crazy, Baby!" Is probably what I would tell Martha Mitchell, if I ever had a chance. But she was sane about one thing, supporters of President Nixon did want to kill her. 

Associated Press: "Martha Mitchell q & a to press after giving info at lawyers office (info on Watergate) 

 "Martha Mitchell" shows:  Martha winks and says hi, waves then sof q&a:  press crowd around martha as she leaves:  bgsof thru out:  atty Henry Rothblat"

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. The Loudmouth of Watergate, Martha Mitchell, holding a press conference in NYC.

From Associated Press

7/15/2022 - The New Democrat: I think sleeping pill is the best answer. Because damn, Martha Mitchell could talk and talk and would even talk about her husband John Mitchell and what he was up too. Which wasn't good for any Republican who was involved with the Nixon Administration.

Uncle Mike NJ: "September 18, 1973: Watergate was then heating up, and while it wasn't explicitly said, "Martha" could have been Martha Mitchell, wife of John Mitchell, former Attorney General and Nixon campaign chairman, who was up to his neck on the scandal. And, to anyone who would listen, Martha was telling what she knew - and what she suspected. The joke was that Nixon's people would soon have to silence her." 

Source:YouTube- Uncle Mike NJ. One of the celebrity panelists.

From Uncle Mike NJ

7/18/2022 - The New Democrat: Imagine had Saturday Night Live been around during Watergate. That's sort of the role that Laugh-In played in the early 1970s.

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: "Hosted by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, this ground-breaking variety show was a fast moving barrage of jokes, one-liners, running skits, musical numbers and made fun of the social and political issues of the late 1960s and early 1970s. 

A group of regulars, Gary Owens, Lily Tomlin, Judy Carne, Arte Johnson, Ruth Buzzi, Alan Sues, Goldie Hawn, Chelsea Brown, Henry Gibson and JoAnne Worley left a lasting impression on America." 

Source:YouTube- Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Lilly Tomlin and the real Martha Mitchell.

From Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

7/19/2022 - The New Democrat: It seems to me that President Nixon knew what was coming down the road for him. At least according to this conversation that he had with Howard Baker.

UT Knoxville: "John Seigenthaler and Howard Baker discuss a conversation with President Nixon which resulted in Baker's determination to find the facts, regardless of his personal relationships with those involved. This clip is taken from "A Conversation with Howard H. Baker, Jr. and John Seigenthaler, Sr." videotaped at the University of Tennessee on September 30, 2005." 

Source:YouTube- University of Tennessee Knoxville. U.S. Senator Howard H Baker (Republican, Tennessee) Vice Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the University of Tennessee

7/21/2022 - The New Democrat: Then Senator Kamala Harris, debating then Vice President Mike Pence, at the 2020 Vice Presidential debate and telling him politely to shut the hell up. She's even adorable when she's being tough and making a strong point. 


From Google

7/22/2022 - The New Democrat: Congressional committees (House and Senate) aren't prosecutors or law enforcement officers. But they are investigators and have the ability to make cases for either new legislation, or for actions to be taken by others like DOJ, against certain individuals. Or to make the case to voters why certain people should never be able to hold public office again. Which is what I believe the House Jan 6. Committee did tonight and all along against former President Donald Trump.

What the House Jan 6. Committee has been doing and will continue to do, is to make the case for why Donald J. Trump should never ever be within the same zip code, of The White House. And especially make that case to Republicans who don't like the man, but voted for him because they like his policies. And hopefully get those Republicans to look at other Republican candidates who have similar policies, but who aren't corrupt and wannabe authoritarians, and who believe they're above the law.

7/25/2022 - The New Democrat: It's not so much that Richard Nixon suffered enough, but that country suffered too much thanks to Watergate and the coverup. And that President Nixon was forced to resign because of his coverup, was a helluva punishment for him face. Plus, all the other issues relating to the economy that President Gerald Ford inherited when he became POTUS. 

CSPAN: "Full Program Airs October 12, 2014 at 8pm & midnight ET. For More Information... 

Source:YouTube- CSPAN. President Gerald R. Ford (Republican, Michigan) addressing the House Judiciary Committee over his decision to pardon President Richard Nixon, in 1974.


8/08/2022 - The New Democrat: I believe the way Richard Nixon handled John Kennedy's assassination, is one of the best moments of his career. He handled it with class and intelligence. 

Helmer Reenberg: "Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon talks about his friendship with late President John F. Kennedy and the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby in Dallas, Texas." 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg. U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon (Republican, California, 1953-61)

From Helmer Reenberg 

8/09/2022 - The New Democrat: Richard Nixon became a wealthy man as a corporate lawyer, when he left the Vice Presidency in 1961. 

Helmer Reenberg: "In late November of 1963, Pepsi scheduled a corporate meeting in Dallas, Texas. This meeting coincided with a national soda pop bottlers convention there. Pepsi invited former Vice President Richard Nixon to Dallas for the corporate meeting. While he was in Dallas, on November 21, 1963, Nixon gave a press conference in which he criticized the policies of President John F. Kennedy.

The huge soda pop convention took over the big new Market Hall site. That meant that John F. Kennedy, arriving in Dallas on November 22, 1963, had to choose a different place for a speech he was to give. This would have been at the Dallas Trade Mart. That location meant the JFK motorcade would take the route through downtown Dallas to the Trade Mart, past the grassy knoll area and the Texas School Book Depository. Pepsi and other sugar-needing soda pop purveyors did not cause the "hair-pin turn" fine-tuning, but they helped put the JFK motorcade in the general vicinity.

It always later bothered Richard Nixon how he had ended up in Dallas on the day John F. Kennedy was slain. It was "that whole Bay of Pigs thing" which the CIA had files upon yet would not allow Nixon to see when he became U.S. president in 1969." 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg. Vice President Richard M. Nixon (Republican, California, 1953-61) in Dallas, Texas, in 1963.

From Helmer Reenberg 

8/10/2022 - The New Democrat: I wouldn't think that Billy Graham and Jack Kennedy were friendly. But that just tells you how different American political culture was back in the 1960s.

Helmer Reenberg: "November 1963 - Evangelical leader, Pastor Billy Graham's remarks shortly after the murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas" 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg 

8/11/2022 - Ben Collins: "NBC News confirms the suspect in the standoff in Cincinnati who tried to shoot into an FBI office today is Ricky Shiffer, who was at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Story coming with 

CarolAnn Bailey Lloyd: "He was also conversing with Marjorie Greene... 

The New Democrat: "You might need to be a resident at the nuthouse, to understand what they were saying." 

Source:Twitter- Ben Collins

From Ben Collins 

The New Democrat: How awful must had it been for anyone who lived in Dallas, Texas, just after the JFK Assassination. 

Helmer Reenberg: "This is Captain G. D. King, administrative officer of the Dallas Police. 
Captain Glen King of the Dallas Police force.
Q. -- information a little while ago about the search for additional suspects.
KING . Well, early this morning, members of this Department and the representatives from our district attorney's office, with a search warrant in their possession, went to an address here in Dallas to talk
to a person who was associated, where, with the--Oswald--the place where Oswald works. There were met at the door by this person and he asked them to came in, and they went into the house at his--on his
invitation. The search warrant was not executed because he did invite them in . They asked permission from him to look around the house this permission was given. They were not able to find anything there
to--that would indicate his association with his--nothing in the house at that time to indicate it, so they asked him to come down to the police station this morning at 11 o'clock for interrogation and he
agreed to do so . He did come down this morning at 11. He is at the present time being interrogated, but we do not haws anything definite on it, whether there will be my association or not, of course, now
we don't know.
Q. Do you regard this man as a suspect in this case at this moment?
KING. This I do not know.
Q. What's the name of the man involved?
KING. I don't want to identify him, ne, because there's not, there's not an adequate amount of evidence of any involvement on his part to warrant identification of him.
Q. Is this person referred to earlier as having a subversive type record who lived--who worked at the same place?
KING. Yes.
Q. Is he a colored man, sir?
KING. No." 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg. Dallas P.D. Captain Glen D. Young.

From Helmer Reenberg 

8/15/2022 - The New Democrat: The main reason for President Kennedy going to Dallas, was for him to try to unite the right-wing of the Democratic Party, with the center-left. Which is why he met Governor John Connally there, who was a Conservative Democrat. 

Helmer Reenberg: "Texas Governor John B. Connally's aide, Julian Read, had been hired to work with the news media during President Kennedy's trip to Dallas on November 22, 1963.  Read was aboard the presidential motorcade bus carrying White House news reporters. They were four or five vehicles behind the car carrying the president, the governor and their wives. Read followed the victims to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he provided reports on Connally's condition, coordinated a news conference for Mrs. Connally, and fielded questions from around the world." 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg 

8/16/2022 - The New Democrat: Anyone who thinks that The West Wing was just a political drama, doesn't understand that show. It was a great political satire, with a lot of great comedic writers and actors. 

Buzz Feed: "The West Wing DVD boxset costs next to nothing these days. You can also catch it on-demand."

Source:Pinterest- Buzz Freed. Brad Whitford & Allison Janney.

From Buzz Feed 

8/17/2022 - The New Democrat: The CFL struck out in Shreveport as well. Pro football could work in Shreveport, just not major league football. Perhaps as the division 2 affiliate of the New Orleans Saints or something like that. 

SMU Jones Film: "Includes halftime performance from the Grambling State Marching Band and players Danny White and Jim Nance.

WFAA Collection" 

Source:YouTube- SMU Jones Film

From SMU Jones Film

8/19/2022 - The New Democrat: Anyone whose familiar with the Washington area and flies often out of here or to here, knows the name Allen Dulles.

Helmer Reenberg: "Warren Commission members Allen W. Dulles and John Sherman Cooper in Dealey Plaza during an investigative trip to Dallas, Texas in 1964." 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg

8/23/2022 - The New Democrat: Winston Churchill said: "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest." I would only add that liberal democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest. Freedom and self-governance, can always be difficult. But they always beat authoritarianism, because people by nature like are free birds who like to make their own decisions with their own lives. 

Source:Google- The Ripon Society

From The Ripon Society

8/24/2022 - The New Democrat: Not that I like Jacky Ruby or think that he was a good man, because I don't, but it would've been nice had he lived a normal life in years, so we would've learned what he knew about the JFK assassination.

Helmer Reenberg: "On July 18, 1964, Jack Ruby voluntarily took a polygraph examination to test his truthfulness. The Warren Commission did not rely on the results of this examination in reaching the conclusions stated in the Warren Report.
On September 9, 1965, in Judge Louis Holland's court, Ruby disregarded his lawyers who were telling him to be quiet."

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg

9/06/2022 - The New Democrat: This woman worked for Dallas nightclub owner/gangster, or at the very least a friend of Dallas Italian and Jewish gangsters, Jack Ruby.

Helmer Reenberg: "Little Lynn interviewed in the Skyliner Ballroom in Fort Worth, Texas
Karen Bennett Carlin, whose stage name was "Little Lynn," was one of the last people to speak with Jack Ruby before he shot Lee Harvey Oswald. On Sunday morning, November 24, 1963, Mrs. Carlin had a telephone conversation with Ruby, in which she asked him for a $25.00 advance so that she would be able to pay her rent and buy groceries. Ruby agreed and volunteered to stop at the Western Union office and send her a money order, as he said he had business in downtown Dallas that afternoon. Ruby drove into the downtown area, parked across the street from the Western Union office, paid for the money order, and then walked the few remaining blocks to the Dallas Police Department, where he shot Oswald." 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg

9/07/2022 - The New Democrat: Wouldn't surprise if there was a long line of shrinks, on every block in the City of Dallas, waiting for an opportunity to examine Jack Ruby.

Helmer Reenberg: "Jack Ruby taken to clinic for mental tests.
Jack Ruby, charged with the murder of accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, returned handcuffed to the Dallas County Jail after having undergone a day long series of psychiatric test at an undisclosed location. The tests were ordered by District Judge Joe B. Brown. The Ruby defense attorneys claim Ruby was temporarily insane when he shot Oswald."

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg. Lee H. Oswald's assassin, Jack Ruby.

From Helmer Reenberg

9/08/2022 - The New Democrat: This is an apparent JFK assassination conspiracy theory, about Jack ruby and the Dallas P.D. 

JFK 63 Conspiracy: "How tight was Jack Ruby with the Dallas Police and how many officers did he know ? In this interview with Mark Lane, former Ruby employees Nancy Hamilton and Joseph W. Johnson answer that question."

Source:YouTube- JFK 63 Conspiracy

From JFK 63 Conspiracy

9/09/2022 - The New Democrat: Joy Dale reminds me of Ava Gardner. I bet Jack Ruby really liked her.

Helmer Reenberg: "In 1963, Joy Dale worked as a stripper at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. She spoke with Ruby at the club the afternoon of the assassination and was later interviewed on live television the day of the Oswald shooting.
Q. Will you give Your name, please?
DALE. Joy Dale.
Q. Joy, what do you do?
DALE. I dance at the Carousel.
Q. Did you say dance? What kind of dance? What do you mean?
DALE. I work with fans In the exotic dancing.
Q. You are an exotic dancer at the Carousel owned and operated by Jack Ruby?
DALE. That's right.
Q. How long have you been working for Jack Ruby?
DALE. About two or three months.
Q. Are you a Dallas girl?
DALE. Yes, I am.
Q. What, what do you think of Jack?
DALE. I think he is a very swell person." 

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg

9/12/2022 - The New Democrat: John McCormack was Speaker of the House and Representative from Massachusetts. So he probably knew John F. Kennedy fairly well, since they served in Congress for a while and were part of the same Congressional delegation.

Helmer Reenberg: "Speaker of the House of Representatives, John W. McCormack's reaction following President John F. Kennedy's death. Between the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas and the swearing-in of Hubert Humphrey as Vice President on January 20, 1965, McCormack was first in the line of succession for the presidential powers and duties, thus he received Secret Service protection."

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg. John McCormack (Democrat, Massachusetts) Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

From Helmer Reenberg

9/13/2022 - The New Democrat: Jack Ruby's trial must have been real reality TV, because he was quite a character.

Helmer Reenberg: "In 1964, Jack Ruby was brought to trial for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. In that same year, he was convicted and sentenced to death. In 1966, the judgment of death was reversed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and he was granted a second trial. On January 3, 1967, Jack Ruby died from the effects of galloping lung cancer before his second trial could begin.
Retssagen mod Jack Ruby startede den 17. februar 1964 og sluttede den 13. marts 1964. Dagen efter blev Ruby kendt skyldig i mordet på Lee Harvey Oswald. Han blev idømt dødsstraf. Dommen blev appelleret og sagen trak derefter i langdrag. I januar 1967 døde Ruby af pludselig cancer på Parkland Memorial Hospital - sammen sted som Lee Harvey Oswald og John F. Kennedy.
(Mordet pĂĄ John F. Kennedy)"

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg

9/14/2022 - The New Democrat: One thing that populists (left or right) can never figure out, is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Which is why they're generally not in power in their own party. Huey Long was no different.

John Cabal: "...well, almost.  Huey Long was assassinated in 1935.  But the spectacle of Bush, and the Democrats, and the Republicans all making nice and getting together to bail out Wall Street - at the expense of the common people - brought his words to mind.  For more, see the excellent Ken Burns documentary "Huey Long".

Source:YouTube- John Cabal. Governor Huey Long (Democrat, Louisiana)

From John Cabal

9/15/2022 - The New Democrat: Another way of putting what President Kennedy was saying here is: "United we stand, divided we fall." And he was right about that.

JFK Library: " President John F. Kennedy speaking before the UN General Assembly on September 25, 1961."

Source:YouTube- JFK Library. President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) addressing the United Nations in New York, in 1961.

From the JFK Library

9/16/2022 - The New Democrat: Classical Liberal Democrat (the real Liberals) President John F. Kennedy, talking about the American economy, in 1961.

JFK Library: "An excerpt from President John F. Kennedy's first State of the Union Address -- January 30, 1961."

Source:YouTube- JFK Library. President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts, 1961-63) addressing a joint session of Congress in 1961.

From the JFK Library

9/19/2022 - The New Democrat: I wonder if Socialists and Libertarians have a problem with the United States declaring war and going to war with another country, that just physically attacked them. 

War Archives: "President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares war on Japan the day after American naval and military forces were attacked at Pearl Harbor." 

Source:YouTube- War Archives. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York) 32 n President of the United States (1933-45)

From the War Archives

9/20/2022 - The New Democrat: I think what President Kennedy is talking about here, is a world where we all live together and respect others right to exist and live peacefully and live in freedom.

JFK Library: "An excerpt from President John F. Kennedy's commencement address at American University on June 10, 1963."

Source:YouTube- JFK Library. President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) speaking at Americans University, in Washington, in 1963.

From the JFK Library

9/21/2022 - The New Democrat: I think what President Kennedy is talking about here, is a world where we all live together and respect others right to exist and live peacefully and live in freedom.

JFK Library: "An excerpt from President John F. Kennedy's commencement address at American University on June 10, 1963."

Source:YouTube- JFK Library. President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) speaking at Americans University, in Washington, in 1963.

From the JFK Library

9/22/2022 - The New Democrat: Yes, the threat of nuclear weapons was always there during the Cold War. But what the world had going for it, was the United States and Soviet Union was never dumb or crazy enough to use them, at least after World War II.

JFK Library: "President John F. Kennedy speaking before the UN General Assembly on September 25, 1961."

Source:YouTube- JFK Library. President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) addressing the United Nations in New York City, in 1961.

From the JFK Library

9/23/2022 - The New Democrat: John F. Kennedy was simply a realist when it came to foreign affairs and knew that you couldn't eliminate communism, simply by bombing Communists states. That sometimes you had to talk and listen.

JFK Library: "President John F. Kennedy speaking before the UN General Assembly on September 25, 1961."

Source:YouTube- JFK Library. President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) addressing the United Nations in New York City, in 1961.

From the JFK Library

9/26/2022 - The New Democrat: President Lyndon Johnson predicted that signing the civil rights laws of the 1960s, would cost the Democratic Party, at least the deep, rural South, to the Republican Party. And LBJ was right, the deep, rural, South, is now MAGA-Christian-Nationalist country. But he was damn right to sign those civil rights laws, which guarantee that all of our constitutional rights apply to all Americans, not just English-Americans.

LBJ Library: "Video clip of LBJ's speech and signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Broadcast live  from the East Room of the White House. July 2, 1964."

Source:YouTube- LBJ Library. President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat, Texas) signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

From the LBJ Library

9/27/2022 - The New Democrat: George H.W. Bush goes from running as a Barry Goldwater, Classical Conservative Republican in 1964, when he ran for the U.S. Senate, to a Nelson Rockefeller, Progressive Republican in 1966, when he ran for the U.S. House.

Helmer Reenberg: "In 1964 George H. W. Bush ran for the U.S. Senate. Bush served as Chairman of the Republican Party for Harris County, Texas in 1964, but wanted to be more involved in policy making, so he set his sights high: he aimed for a US Senate seat from Texas. After winning the Republican primary, Bush faced his opponent, incumbent Democrat Ralph W. Yarborough. Yarborough attacked Bush as a right-wing extremist, and Bush lost the general election. Bush's ticket mate, Jack Crichton of Dallas, lost by a much wider margin in the same election to Governor John B. Connally, Jr."

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg

9/28/2022 - The New Democrat: Oh, yes, the 1980s, back when the outgoing President accepted the election results. Something MAGA Republicans could learn today. 

Bob Parker: "Evening News January 20, 1981 covering the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan, and the Iran Hostages release. Part 1 of 3."

Source:YouTube- Bob Parker. President James E. Carter (Democrat, Georgia) 1977-81

From Bob Parker

9/29/2022 - The New Democrat: If you are familiar with the movie All The Kings Men (1949) with Broderick Crawford, then I think you have a pretty good idea who Huey Long was ideologically, at least economically. He was against people having a lot of money for themselves, while so many other people had to go without.

Bruce Magee: "Huey Long's "Evangeline Speech," from Ken Burns' America.
This video is for education purposes only."

Source:YouTube- Bruce Magee. Governor Huey Long (Democrat, Louisiana)

From Bruce Magee

9/30/2022 - The New Democrat: I loved ABC News anchor Frank Reynolds, especially in the 1970s when America seemed to be going through one crisis after another. He always seemed to be on his game, very sharp, and not afraid to show his humor.

Bob Parker: "Evening News January 20, 1981 covering the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan, and the Iran Hostages release. Part 2 of 3."

Source:YouTube- Bob Parker. President Ronald W. Reagan (Republican, California) 40th President of the United States (1981-89)

From Bob Parker

10/03/2022 - The New Democrat: When Bob Dole met Dan Inouye, I doubt they had any idea what the politics of the other was or what political party they were members of. They were both soldiers and brothers in the military, not political partisans.

Daniel K. Inouye Institute: "Senator Robert "Bob" Dole talks about his friendship with Senator Daniel Inouye during an interview for the Daniel K. Inouye Institute's Oral History Project."

Source:YouTube- Daniel K. Inouye Institute. Former U.S. Senate Republican Leader Robert J. Dole (1985-96)

From the Daniel K. Inouye Institute

10/04/2022 - The New Democrat: If I ever had an opportunity to speak to Martha Mitchell, I would tell her: "You are crazy, Baby! And absolutely hilarious." She was also one of the best and most intelligent insiders in the whole Watergate story.

Associated Press: "3 May 1973) Martha Mitchell, wife of former US Attorney General John Mitchell, mobbed by reporters on the way to attorney's office."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press

10/05/2022 - The New Democrat: Sam Ervin was the perfect choice to lead the Senate Watergate Committee in that Congress, because he was a Dixiecrat (or right-wing Southern Democrat) who couldn't credibly be accused of being some left-wing partisan, who hated President Richard Nixon.

Orco Development: "Senator Sam Ervin discusses the events that led to the end of President Richard Nixon's presidency."

Source:YouTube- Orco Development. U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (Democrat, North Carolina) Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From Orco Development

10/06/2022 - The New Democrat: Not the best singing voice that I've ever heard. But Barack Obama is a professional politician, not a singer. And that's pretty good on the spot.

The White House: "At the In Performance at the White House: Red, White & Blues event, President Barack Obama sings Sweet Home Chicago."


From The White House

10/07/2022 - The New Democrat: John F. Kennedy was so, freakin funny. He would've made a great political satirist or talk show host. His off-the-cuff humor was excellent.

Helmer Reenberg: "Senator John F. Kennedy interrupted during speech during his Presidential Campaign. (JFK humor and wit)"

Source:YouTube- Helmer Reenberg

From Helmer Reenberg

10/10/2022 - The New Democrat: I think what Alex Butterfield is basically saying is that Richard Nixon was a good President, but not a good man.

San Diego Tribune: "On July 16, 1973, with much of the nation watching on television, Butterfield testified before a Senate committee investigating Watergate and revealed the existence of a secret voice-taping system in the Nixon White House. The tapes provided evidence of the president’s role in the cover-up and led to his resignation."

Source:YouTube- President Richard M. Nixon's Executive Assistant Alexander Butterfield.

From the San Diego Tribune

10/11/2022 - The New Democrat: Sounds like FBI Director Pat Gray, was trying to warn President Nixon about the President's own people in The White House and on his campaign in 1972.

Associated Press: "4 Aug 1973) Former FBI Director, Patrick Gray, testifies at the Senate Watergate Hearings, recounting a conversation he had with President Nixon, warning him that people on his staff are trying to wound him by using the CIA and FBI...

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press

10/12/2022 - The New Democrat: Robert Haldeman did a good job of playing braindead and saying nothing, at the Senate Watergate Committee.

Associated Press: "(2 Aug 1973) Senator Sam Ervin, chairman of the Watergate hearing committee, in conversation with defence attorney Wilson,  Harry Robins Haldeman lawyer."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From Associated Press

10/13/2022 - The New Democrat: As President Nixon's assistant Bud Krogh said: "John Erlichman did the best job you could do, with a very weak case to work with, defending President Nixon as best as you could."

Associated Press: "(31 May 1973) White House Advisor John Erlichman concludes his testimony to the Watergate Senate Committee."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. President Richard M. Nixon's Chief Domestic Policy Adviser John Erlichman.

From the Associated Press

10/14/2022 - The New Democrat: Howard Hunt was a fascinating character, because he was not only a CIA agent, but he was an author who wrote spy stories, perhaps about his own experiences or experiences close to what he went through.

Associated Press: "(24 Sep 1973) Convicted Watergate conspirator, E Howard Hunt, questioned."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press

10/17/2022 - The New Democrat: As President Nixon's assistant Bud Krogh said: "John Erlichman did the best job you could do, with a very weak case to work with, defending President Nixon as best as you could." The Nixon White House was using the argument that since the country was at war (meaning Vietnam) that they had the constitutional authority to take extra-legal and extra-constitutional actions.

Associated Press: "25 Jul 1973) John Ehrlichman, is questioned over the break in at the Watergate complex and Daniel Ellsberg."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. U.S. Senator Herman Talmadge (Democrat, Georgia) member of the Senate Watergate Committee (93rd Congress)

From the Associated Press

10/18/2022 - The New Democrat: If John Ehrlichman was so innocent, (as he said) then why did he resign from the Nixon White House?

Associated Press: "(26 Jul 1973) John Ehrlichman questioned over Watergate scandal and cover up, claims innocence and blames others."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. John Ehrlichman was President Richard M. Nixon's Chief Domestic Policy Advisor.

From the Associated Press

10/19/2022 - The New Democrat: John Dean is viewed by many people who covered the Watergate story, as the author of the Watergate break-in, or at least approved the plan and ordered it.

Associated Press: "(11 Jul 1973) Ex-Attorney General John N. Mitchell questioned by Watergate investigation committee."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press

10/20/2022 - The New Democrat: What Howard Hunt is saying here, is that what he did, he believed was in the best interest of the country, but he now knows what he did was illegal.

Associated Press: "(11 Jan 1973) Interview in Washington with Howard Hunt, the former CIA agent released on bail pending trial for his part in the Watergate Affair."

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press

10/21/2022 - Vice President Kamala Harris: "Republican governors have passed some of our country's most radical anti-women laws to ban abortion with no exceptions even for rape or incest. They want to criminalize health care providers for simply doing their job. 
Now, many extremist so-called leaders are calling for an abortion ban nationwide. 
They believe the government—not women—should make decisions about their own bodies. We do not.
We trust the women of America." 

The New Democrat: This is exactly what Democrats need to be doing to get out the Democratic vote. Especially the left-wing Democratic vote. 

The New Democrat: Jeb Magruder has said in the past that he believed Attorney General John Mitchell was the author of the Watergate break-in.

Richard Nixon Library: "Sep 12, 2013  Citation
Jeb Stuart Mitchell recorded interview by Tim Naftali, March 23, 2007, the Richard Nixon Oral History Project of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum."

10/23/2022- Vice President Kamala Harris: "Democrats stand for the middle class. 

We stand for working families and for equality and equity for every American. 

We fight for good jobs. 

We fight for affordable health care and opportunity for all. 

When Democrats are in charge, we deliver." 

The New Democrat: "The Vice President trying to get out the Democratic vote. I like it." 

U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert: "The American people will have their voices heard loud and clear very soon.

The “woke” era will be over." 

The New Democrat: "The American People," MAGA's definition of The American People, is Americans who think, act, believe, and perhaps just act like them." 

10/24/2022 - The New Democrat: I think John Dean is the perfect example of a good, moral, man, who got hooked up with and worked with the wrong people.

Richard Nixon Library: "John W. Dean, the White House Counsel in 1972, recounts how he learned about the arrests at the Watergate after returning from an official trip to Manila. Dean recalls conversations with Magruder and Liddy on June 19 that spell out the links between the burglars, the Committee for the Re-election of the President and the White House."

Source:YouTube- Richard Nixon Library. John W. Dean was President Richard M. Nixon's Chief Counsel (1969-73)

From the Richard Nixon Library

10/25/2022 - The New Democrat: I think what John Dean is essentially saying here is that there's no evidence that President Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in, but he created an atmosphere where people around him believed that this was OK and that he wouldn't have a problem with it.

Richard Nixon Library: "John W. Dean, counsel to the President in 1973, offers the view that Watergate emerged from the siege mentality in the White House created by Vietnam and the Cold War. President Nixon believed the White House had to do what the FBI would not do to restore order."

Source:YouTube- Richard Nixon Library. John W. Dean was President Richard M. Nixon's Chief Counsel (1969-73)

From the Richard Nixon Library

10/26/2022 - The New Democrat: I don't believe a word that Gordon Liddy is saying here. Just look at the backgrounds of both Gordon Liddy and Jeb Magruder and tell me which one is lying. Liddy was an intelligence officer. Magruder dealt mostly with finance and public relations.

Richard Nixon Library: "Citation
G. Gordon Liddy recorded interview by Tim Naftali, March 06, 2008, the Richard Nixon Oral History Project of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum."

Source:YouTube- Richard Nixon Library

From the Richard Nixon Library

10/27/2022 - The New Democrat: I think it's pretty clear now (perhaps for a while) that Attorney General John Mitchell, ordered the Watergate break-in. And perhaps he got the idea from Gordon Liddy.

Richard Nixon Library: "G. Gordon Liddy recorded interview by Tim Naftali, March 06, 2008, the Richard Nixon Oral History Project of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum."

Source:YouTube- Richard Nixon Library

From the Richard Nixon Library

10/28/2022 - The New Democrat: The so-called Hippies that Alfred Baldwin was talking about, that Gordon Liddy mentioned, were Washington police detectives. I believe at least one of the detectives was a sergeant.

Richard Nixon Library: "G. Gordon Liddy, who oversaw the Committee for the Re-election of the President's political espionage unit, recalls how the burglars were caught in the Watergate and his subsequent actions. The next day he went to Committee headquarters and shredded compromising materials."

Source:YouTube- Richard Nixon Library

From the Richard Nixon Library

10/31/2022 - The New Democrat: I'm with Vice President Harris. Everybody who believes in democracy and is eligible to vote next Tuesday, should vote. But Democrats and Independents especially.

Vice President Kamala Harris: "You have the power to stop Republican-led attacks and ensure that women, not their government, make decisions about their own body.
Text VOTE to 43367 to find your nearest polling place today." 

The New Democrat: Sounds like Senator Lowell Weicker is criticizing Richard Nixon's reelection campaign, over negative advertising. But the fact is if negative advertising didn't work, politicians wouldn't do it.

Associated Press: "(27 Jul 1973) On Friday in Washington John Ehrlichman was questioned by Senator Lionel P. Weicker Jr. about his role in the Watergate events"

Source:YouTube- Associated Press. John Ehrlichman was President Richard M. Nixon's Chief Domestic Advisor (1969-73)

From the Associated Press

11/01/2022 - The New Democrat: Vote for Democrats next Tuesday, if you believe in American democracy. 

Vice President Kamala Harris: "Vote for Democrats." 

The New Democrat: Dick Cheney gets stereotyped as someone without a sense of humor. But that story of how President Ford got double-appointed, is classic and pretty funny.

Richard Nixon Library: "Former Vice President Richard B. Cheney, who was Gerald R. Ford's chief of staff, describes the role of a president's Chief of Staff, how it effects the presidency, and the changes that were made in light of the lessons of Watergate." 

Source:YouTube- Richard Nixon Library. Richard Cheney was President Gerald R. Ford's (Republican, Michigan) Chief of Staff (1975-76)

From the Richard Nixon Library

11/02/2022 - The New Democrat: I guess before John Dean was an informant, he was a real, bad guy.

Richard Nixon Library: "Excerpt from George P. Shultz's recorded interview by Timothy J. Naftali, 10 May 2007, the Richard Nixon Oral History Project of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum."

Source:YouTube- Richard Nixon Library. George Shultz was President Richard M. Nixon's Secretary of the Treasury.

From the Richard Nixon Library

11/03/2022 - The New Democrat: Howard Hunt mentioned Richard Ben-Veniste, who was one of the Watergate prosecutors. I'm sure Howard Hunt must have preferred being at home in his home office, or perhaps at another office, writing books and articles, instead of testifying about his role in the Watergate break-in.

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press 

11/4/2022 - The New Democrat: I freakin love Baltimore Memorial Stadium. Great place to watch baseball, with a great atmosphere and beautiful background. And the Orioles were generally good when they played there.

Lost Ballparks: "I was lucky enough to catch a game there (Memorial Stadium/Baltimore) in the summer of ‘89. I was a 10 year old California kid, who got to do an east coast baseball trip with my dad. Trip of a lifetime!" - Jordan Schoeck" 

Source:Facebook- Lost Ballparks

From Lost Ballparks 

The New Democrat: William Safire saying about Richard Nixon what a lot of people already know about him, but putting it differently. Richard Nixon was very human and very complicated.

Richard Nixon Library: "Excerpt from William L. Safire's recorded interview by Timothy J. Naftali, 27 March 2008, the Richard Nixon Oral History Project of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum."

Source:YouTube- William Saphire was one of President Richard M. Nixon's (Republican, California) speechwriters.

From the Richard Nixon Library 

11/07/2022 - The New Democrat: Since MLB didn't have a dominant team in the 1980s, only the Dodgers won more than one World Series and they won 2, you could argue that Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog is the manager of that decade.

80s Baseball: "Whitey Herzog is named N.L. Manager of the year after taking the Cardinals to the World Series for the second time in four years.
Here is the rest of the day in 1980s Baseball...  

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

The New Democrat: Who wouldn't have paid to get a ticket to see this courtroom hearing?

Associated Press: "(5 Dec 1973) White House Chief of Staff, General Alexander Haig, and Rose Mary Woods, President Richard Nixon's secretary, arriving for continued Watergate tape inquiry."  

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press 

11/08/2022 - The New Democrat: Damn right! Thank you, Madam Vice President. 

Vice President Kamala Harris: "If you are in line before the polls close today: stay in line." 

The New Democrat: Howard Hunt is supposed to be the spy novel and fiction writer. But Gordon Liddy had the great stories to write from his own mind.

Associated Press: "(14 Jun 1973) White House advisor Jeb Magruder offers his testimony to the committee investigating the Watergate affair." 

Source:YouTube- Associated Press

From the Associated Press 

11/09/2022 - The New Democrat: Well, coming up on 8:30PM, Wednesday night and we still don't know who'll control the House and Senate in the 118th Congress, starting next year. If you predicted that on Monday night, you would probably be a millionaire right now. 

The 2022 mid terms just goes to show you that American democracy not only works and is very important, but that every vote matters. And when you don't even participate or use your right to vote, you can put your right to vote in jeopardy, because the opposition will gain power, simply by you not voting. 

11/10/2022 - The New Democrat: For about 5-10 years in the 1980s, Jack Clark  was one of the best, all around, power-hitting 1B and hitters in MLB. But he moved around a lot, which I think hurt his overall career and production. Otherwise he might be in the Hall of Fame today.

80s Baseball: "Happy '80s Birthday to Jack Clark, who played the vast majority of his career in ballparks that were horrible for power hitters. He slugged .665 at Three Rivers. Imagine what he could have done had he played his entire career with the Bucs.
Here is the rest of the day in 1980s... 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball
From 80s Baseball 

11/11/2022 - The New Democrat: If Tommy Lasorda isn't the MLB manager of the 1980s, then Whitey Herzog is. When only the division champions made the playoffs in each league, Lasorda was leading the Dodgers to the NL Playoffs on a regular basis.

80s Baseball: "Tommy Lasorda is named N.L. Manager of the Year after leading the Dodgers to a World Series title. Having Fernando makes one a smarter manager... 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

11/12/2022 - The New Democrat: If I had to pick the two best pitchers in the National League, if not all of MLB, during the 1970s, it would be Steve Carlton and Tom Seaver. Both won a tone of games and were dominant in doing that. And in Carlton's case, won a lot of games with bad Phillies teams in the early 1970s. 

80s Baseball: "From 1968 through 1984, Steve Carlton AVERAGED 266 innings pitched per season with a 1.21 WHIP.

That's ridiculous" 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

11/13/2022 - The New Democrat: The Lizard King Jim Morrison, in 1968. Wearing one his pairs of snakeskin leather jeans, the dark brown jeans that he didn't wear very often, as his other brown leathers or black leathers. But I'm sure they were just as tight.

Paul Gretny: "(Northern California Folk-Rock Festival (1968)" 

Source:Facebook- Paul Gretny

From Paul Gretny 

11/14/2022 - The New Democrat: Not use to seeing so many outfield seats at Wrigley Field.

@baseballinpix: "Game four of the 1935 World Series between the Tigers and Cubs"

Source:Facebook- Baseball In Pics

From Baseball In Pics 

11/15/2022 - The New Democrat: Redskins FB John Riggins, I'm guessing from 1978 or 79, because the Redskins are obviously at home and the field is grass, but they're wearing their red jerseys and white pants. The late 1970s and 1980s was back when the Redskins-Eagles rivalry, was one of the better rivalries in the NFL. Similar to the rivalry that both teams had with the New York Giants, with a lot of tightly fought, physical games.

Marc Havenner: "John Riggins in action against the Philadelphia Eagles." 

Source:Facebook- Marc Havenner

From Marc Havenner 

11/16/2022 - The New Democrat: If Tom Seaver is not the best pitcher in MLB in the 1970s, it would be Steve Carlton. They were both that dominant.

@baseballinpix: "Tom Seaver pitching in the game where he struck out ten consecutive Padres, 1970" 

Source:Facebook- Baseball In Pics
From Baseball In Pics 

11/17/2022 - The New Democrat: If Tom Seaver is not the best pitcher in MLB in the 1970s, it would be Steve Carlton. They were both that dominant.

80s Baseball: "Thirteen men threw more than 4,000 innings and finished their careers with an E.R.A. of under 3.00.

Tom Seaver is the only one who threw a pitch after 1930. On his birthday, let's take a look at some numbers that define the greatness of Tom Seaver." 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

11/18/2022 - The New Democrat: If you want to know why the St. Louis Cardinals played the way that they did in the 1980s, just talk to Whitey Herzog. He built his club around Busch Memorial Stadium, with the hard field and deep dimensions in the outfield. And wanted his team to run all day long and are the opposition to throw them out. And Willie McGee and Vince Coleman were two of the best base stealers and runners of that decade.

80s Baseball: "Willie McGee wins the N.L. M.V.P. after leading the league in batting average (.353) and hits (216). He also stole 56 bases." 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

11/21/2022 - The New Democrat: Mike Schmidt put up 31 HR's and 91 RBI, in a little over 100 games in 1981, in the National League which had much bigger ballparks back then. Think about that for a while, before you celebrate the power hitters of today, who put up big numbers in much smaller parks, against weaker, thinner pitching, where managers are happy if they can just get 5-6 decent innings out of their starter.

80s Baseball: "Michael Jack Schmidt wins the N.L. MVP for the second straight year.
Schmitty hits a career-high .316 with 31 homers and 91 RBI in the strike-shortened season... 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball

11/22/2022 - The New Democrat: The Green Bay Packers won the NFL Championship in 1962. So they had the best team. But the Detroit Lions were 11-3. It's not until the 1970s where you see the Lions having one losing, bad team after another, that extended into the 1980s and even 1990s, with few exceptions. They were consistent winners in the 1950s and 60s. The Packers and Lions, at Detroit Tiger Stadium.

On This Day in Pro Football History: "1962-11-22 Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions (NFL Week 11)

Game Box Score" 

Source:Facebook- On This Day in Pro Football History

From On This Day in Pro Football History 

11/23/2022 - The New Democrat: Donald Trump is learning what it's like to live in a country with a system of checks and balances and what it's like not to be above the law.

CNN: "Former President Donald Trump absorbed a stunning defeat at the Supreme Court over his long-running campaign to hide his tax returns, which are now set to land before a Democratic-run House committee. Republican-appointed appeals court judges, meanwhile, appeared cool to his latest bid to slow the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case.  #CNN #News" 

Source:YouTube- CNN

From CNN 

12/05/2022 - The New Democrat: You can't credibly call yourself a U.S. Constitutionalist, when you don't even in believe in the U.S. Constitution. Donald Trump is nothing but a Trumpist. He only believes himself and is willing to do anything he can to protect and advance himself. 

Justin Stapley: "I stand against the assaults of Trumpism on our system of government, but where I depart greatly from the Democrats is in how their rhetoric also assaults the very things they claim to defend. The 2020 election was horrifying but should also give us hope. The system worked.

Instead of holding up the efficacy of the system and the ways it weathered the storm, the Democrats and their enablers have responded with histrionics and proposals to dramatically alter the electoral system that, in the end, held Trumpism at bay.

And worse, their rhetoric has convinced yet another group of Americans that democracy hangs on the balance of partisan victory, and they have perpetuated more fear, more loathing, and more hatred.

In moments such as we find ourselves, we need calm and steady voices who can put our anxieties in historical context & ensure the American people that our system of government is still strong and worthy to the tests put upon it. The Democrats are not providing these voices." 

Source:Facebook- Justin Stapley

From Justin Stapley 

12/06/2022 - The New Democrat: I'm not saying I'm a fan of the cookie-cutter stadiums. I prefer baseball parks that don't have upper decks in the outfield. But Busch Memorial Stadium, for baseball, was a good-looking baseball park. Take out the astroturf and the upper deck in the outfield, maybe the Cardinals are still playing there today.

Lost Ballparks: "1967 World Series, Game 3, Busch Memorial Stadium, Boston Red Sox (3B Line) at St. Louis Cardinals (1B Line) Opening Lineups. Saturday, October 7, 1967. View from Right Field Bleachers." Photo: Greg Ahrens, from the Ahrens Family Collection." 

Source:Facebook- Lost Ballparks

From Lost Ballparks 

9/07/2022 - The New Democrat: For about 3-5 seasons in the mid and late 1980s, Minnesota Vikings WR Anthony Carter, was one of the best big play receivers in the NFL. And not just because of what he did to the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park, during the 1987 NFC Divisional Playoff. He had great speed, hands, he ran great routes, and the Vikings had the perfect big play passing game for him, where they utilized a lot of different players, receivers and RB's, making it very difficult for any defense to just concentrate on one player. 

Sports Illustrated: "Bing Crosby's daughter (it now can be told) shoots J.R. Less suspensefully, Ronald Reagan routs Jimmy Carter, whose decision it was to boycott the Moscow" 

Source:Pinterest- Sports Illustrated

From Sports Illustrated 

12/08/2022 - The New Democrat: The Lizard King Jim Morrison in 1968. Happy Birthday, King. 


Source:Pinterest- Sofi's

From Sofi's 

12/09/2022 - The New Democrat: The Anaheim Rams (as I call them) invading their old stadium in Los Angeles, to play the Raiders.

NFL Throwback: "Check out the 1982 Week 15 game highlights between the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Raiders!" 

Source:YouTube- NFL Throwback

From NFL Throwback 

12/10/2022 - The New Democrat: The St. Louis Cardinals playing the San Diego Padres, at Jack Murphy Stadium, perhaps in 1982. Ozzie Smith is the great MLB defensive SS ever, but Gary Templeton was a great two-way SS, who should also be in the Hall of Fame.

@80sbaseball: The Padres trade Ozzie Smith to the Cardinals for Garry Templeton. The deal isn’t finalized for a few months due to Ozzie’s contract situation, but it was the final piece of the puzzle for Whitey Herzog’s remake of the Cardinals. 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

12/12/2022 - The New Democrat: Hal Morris was good contact-hitting 1B and fielder. Probably not enough power to play for most good MLB teams back in the 1990s, even in the National League with the bigger ballparks. Here he is during the 1990 World Series against the Oakland Athletics, at Cincinnati Riverfront Stadium.

80s Baseball: The Yankees trade Hal Morris to the Reds for P Tim Leary and OF Van Snider. Morris hits .340 and helps the Reds win the World Series the following season. 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

12/13/2022 - The New Democrat: How about this for a Hall of Fame combo: Minnesota Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton, going back to pass, with Los Angeles Rams DT Merlin Olson, trying to pressure him. I don't know the date of this game. 

Getty Images: "Minnesota Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton in action, making under pressure pass vs Los Angeles Rams Merlin Olsen at Metropolitan Stadium. Bloomington," 

Source:Pinterest- Getty Images

From Getty Images 

12/14/2022 - The New Democrat: The play against Phil Simms, is questionable. I think it gets rid of the ball before he's in the grasp. But then the question there would've been grounding and that would be a safety as well. Interesting quarter between the New York Giants and Anaheim Rams. (As I call them)

Sports Talk 101: "Sports Talk 101 with Ray & Aaron LIVE every Tuesday night 10pm ET / 9pm CT / 5pm PT | Hosted by Sports Cast Network!!" 

Source:YouTube- Sports Talk 101

From Sports Talk 101 

12/15/2022 - The New Democrat: Super Bowl 12 between the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys. Put a list together of the top 5-10 NFL Super Bowl teams of all-time, the 77 Cowboys would be on my list. In a year where defenses dominated and offenses looked overmatched, the Cowboys not only dominated defensively, but offensively as well. Just a great, complete, dominant football team, that was put together by Tom Landry. And this is coming from a Redskins fan.

Getty Images: "Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys scrambles with the ball against the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl XII on January 15, 1978 at the Louisiana Super dome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Cowboys... 

Source:Pinterest- Getty Images

From Getty Images 

12/20/2022 - The New Democrat: The Anaheim Rams (as I called them) definitely had the better team. But the Green Bay Packers in 1989, were good enough and coached well enough, to play with the really good teams.

All Highlights: "All rights go to ABC, ESPN, Fox, CBS, NBC, the NFL & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only." 

Source:YouTube- All Highlights

From All Highlights 

12/21/2022 - The New Democrat: Julie Newmar as Pussycat Woman. She was so cute and gorgeous.

: Julie Newmar as Catwoman 

Source:Facebook- Classic TV Beauties

From Classic TV Beauties 

12/22/2022 - The New Democrat: When you are talking about the greatest all around 3B in MLB history, Mike Schmidt would be that, at least in the National League. Here he is at bad for the Philadelphia Phillies, at Philadelphia Veterans Stadium.

@thisdayinbsball: On December 21, 1981, the Philadelphia Phillies sign future Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt to a six-year contract worth $1.2 million per season. During the strike-shortened 1981 season, Schmidt led the National League in home runs (31), RBI (91) and runs (78).

During the course of the contract, Schmidt will lead the league in home runs 3 times, finish in the top ten in MVP voting 4 times including winning the award for the third time in 1986. He will also add in 4 Gold Gloves and Silver Slugger awards. He will retire during the 1988 season and be inducted into the Hall of Fame 5 years later. 

Source:Facebook- This Day in Baseball

From This Day in Baseball 

1/22/2023 - The New Democrat: To Have and Have Not is definitely one of the top 5 Bogie-Slim movies ever.

@HumphreyBogart: To Have and Have Not, the great film featuring the on-screen fireworks between Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall that launched their legendary real-life romance, was released on this day in 1945. 

Source:Facebook- Humphrey Bogart

From Humphrey Bogart 

1/28/2023 - The New Democrat: The adorable, beautiful, and sexy Elizabeth Shue, from CSI Las Vegas. 

Source:Facebook- Elisabeth Shue Fans

From Elisabeth Shue Fans 

1/29/2023 - American History TV: The next State of the Union Address is scheduled for February 7 - watch it on 
. Here's a look back #onthisday to 2002 to President George W. Bush's post 9/11 address. See more archival #sotu at 

The New Democrat: I wonder if "axis of evil" are three words that both George W. Bush and David Frum would like to have back. At least privately. 

Source:Twitter- American History TV

From American History TV 

1/30/2023 - Staff Sergeant Gonell: Miss universe has nothing on this eloquent response from the director wannabe.

The New Democrat: And Donald Trump says he doesn't drink alcohol or take illegal drugs. You wouldn't know that from this statement here. 

Source:Twitter- Staff Sergeant Gonell Aquilino

From Staff Sergeant Gonell Aquilino 

The New Democrat: This is from the 2nd season of The Facts of Life, with Jo (played by Nancy McKeon) looking like a beautiful, adorable prom queen and Blair Doll (played by Lisa Whelchel) looking like a beautiful, sexy, biker baby. Very funny.

David Davis: Cindy & Jo makeovers ... 

Source:Facebook- David Davis

From David Davis 

1/31/2023 - The New Democrat: The Lizard King Jim Morrison and The Doors, in Germany in 1968. The rock god in his patent black leather jeans, concho belt, and cowboy boots. 

Getty Images: GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 14: Photo of Doors. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images) 

2/01/2023 - C-SPAN: Speaker Kevin McCarthy: on meeting with President Biden: "I've just walked out having an hour conversation with this president that I tell you in perspective was a good conversation. No agreements, no promises except we will continue this conversation."

The New Democrat: I would probably take Speaker McCarthy seriously when it came to the national debt, deficit, and debt ceiling, if he and Paul Ryan, didn't let the budget deficit double in their least two years as House Speaker and Majority Leader. Just one example of why Kevin McCarthy struggles just to be taken seriously, he takes positions solely based on his own political interests. 

Source:Twitter- CSPAN


2/04/2023 - The New Democrat: Up Close and Personal with The Lizard King Jim Morrison. I guess he got so excited, that he wanted the whole world to see him sticking out, on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967. 

Source:Facebook- Jim Morrison: Best in The World

From Jim Morrison: Best In The World 

2/06/2023 - The New Democrat: Hollywood actress Tammy Lauren made a career in the 1980s and 90s making guest appearances on popular TV shows, like The Facts of Life and Family Ties. And then she kind of disappeared from Hollywood. 

David Davis: Episode Spotlight — “Runaway”
đź“ş            •• 18 Tidbits ••
1. Episode 18 of season three originally aired on Wednesday, February 24, 1982 on NBC. 
2. Written by Bernard Burnell Mack; directed by Asaad Kelada.

Source:Facebook- David Davis

From David Davis 

2/07/2023 - The New Democrat: Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, presiding over this joint session of 118th Congress. How long do you think they've dreaded the moment where they would actually have to work together?

Valerie Beaudoin: La vice-prĂ©sidente des États-Unis, Kamala Harris, et le prĂ©sident de la Chambre des reprĂ©sentants, Kevin McCarthy, attendent l’arrivĂ©e de 

Source:Twitter- Valerie Beaudoin

From Valerie Beaudoin 

2/08/2023 - The New Democrat: Swiss-German Goddess Ursula Andress in James Bond's Dr. No. Seriously, do you need any other reasons to watch this film? 

Source:Facebook- Maely Lopes

From Maely Lopes 

2/10/2023 - The New Democrat: John Kruk was one of the best contact-hitting 1B in MLB in the 1990s. He also was a solid RBI hitter and had solid power as well. I'm not a Kruk (to paraphrase Chis Berman) at the plate for the Phillies, at Philadelphia Veterans Stadium. 

@80sbaseball: Happy Birthday to Krukker!
He is one of the game's great characters and the man could really hit.
Here is the rest of the day in 1980s Baseball: 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball

2/11/2023 - The New Democrat: Lenny Dykstra was a good leadoff hitter for both the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. I would have to think that's rare for an MLB player to have success with both franchises, considering how big rivals they are.

@80sbaseball: Happy ’80s Birthday to Nails, who spent 12 years in the big leagues, won a World Series with the Mets, and was the catalyst of the 1993 N.L. Champion Phillies. Dude is... interesting.
Here is the rest of the day in 1980s Baseball: 

Source:Facebook- 80s Baseball

From 80s Baseball 

2/13/2023 - The New Democrat: The Lizard King Jim Morrison in concert. I don't know the year or the place, but I do know he's all leathered up in his rock god leather suit, with the jacket, jeans, and cowboy boots. 

Source:Pinterest- The Doors

From The Doors 

2/14/2023 - The New Democrat: Apparently President Nixon's April, 1973 Watergate speech didn't take, because it just got worst for him and his administration after it. George H.W. Bush doing his best to kiss President Nixon's ass in this phone call. 

Richard Nixon Library: "On a newly released tape, President Richard Nixon (possibly drunk) talks to future-president George Bush, who was then Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), about an emotional speech Nixon had given earlier that night on the Watergate scandal. During the speech Nixon announced the resignation of his closest aides, Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, who were implicated in the Watergate cover-up. This occurred prior to the Ervin Committee Hearings and before Nixon himself had been publicly accused of involvement.

Bush praises the speech and tells Nixon that he's proud of him and that the people are behind him. Both men complain about the press reaction to the speech. Bush insists that "some arrogant bastards" in the media didn't give Nixon credit for the feeling that came through during his speech. Nixon trusts that people will understand his speech, even if the commentators do not. "The hell with the commentators," he adds.

President Nixon's daughter, Tricia Nixon Cox, was sitting with him in the Lincoln Sitting Room that night and initially takes the call for him. Several conversations from that same night are currently on YouTube, including ones with Ronald Reagan, Bob Haldeman, Elliot Richardson, and Hobart Lewis."

Source:YouTube- Richard M. Nixon Library

From Richard M. Nixon Library 

2/15/2023 - The New Democrat: I think what President Nixon is trying to do here, is get an idea of what his situation was with House Republicans and his support there. And then who better to do that with, then House Minority Leader Gerald Ford?

Richard M. Nixon Library: "President Richard Nixon talks with then House Minority Leader (and later President) Gerald Ford the day after Nixon fired his closest aides, H. R. (Bob) Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, for their involvement in the brewing Watergate scandal. Nixon later likened the firings to cutting off his right arm and his left arm. Ford pledges his loyalty to Nixon.

(Photo: The Chowder & Marching Society, a social club started by then Congressmen Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford)" 

Source:YouTube- Richard M. Nixon Library

From the Richard M. Nixon Library 

2/16/2023 - The New Democrat: I don't think Richard Nixon cared at all about ethnicity and religion, unless it helped him politically.

Richard Nixon Library: "President Richard Nixon talks with his Attorney General John Mitchell about the placement of a woman on the Supreme Court. Nixon came close to naming Judge Mildred Lillie as the first woman on the court (the honor later went to Sandra Day O'Connor). Nixon hoped that Lillie's religious affiliation (Catholic) and the ethnicity of her husband (Italian-American) might help win him more support in those communities. Mitchell tells Nixon that Lillie has a good personality and is not a "frigid b*tch."

Nixon's wife Pat, in particular, pushed him both publicly and privately to appoint a woman to the court, but he decided against appointing Judge Lillie after the National Bar Association declared that she was not qualified for the nation's highest court. Nixon appointed William Rehnquist instead. 

(Photo: President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon walking their pet dogs.)" 

Source:YouTube- Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library

From the Richard Nixon Presidential Library

3/06/2023 - The New Democrat: I love Andy Young because he's a true American Progressive who was always trying to make life better, especially for people who needed progress. who never makes the perfect the enemy of the good. 

@Carter Library: "In the Presidency, he got a sense of the fact that the world can be changed and it doesn't take a government to change it. It can be changed one person at a time, one disease at a time, building one house at a time. He's led by something within and he follows it where ever it leads..and it's not a matter of it being easy or successful, it just needs to be done..and if nobody else will do it, he'll try." (nlc00149.4a)
-Ambassador Andrew Young describing President Jimmy Carter 

Source:Facebook- Carter Library

From the Carter Library

3/07/2023 - The New Democrat: At risk of sounding partisan: I think John F. Kennedy's quote here would be excellent advice for Vladimir Putin that he should take.

@John Fitzgerald Kennedy: “If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help.”

John F. Kennedy 

Source:Facebook- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

From John Fitzgerald Kennedy

3/31/2023 - @The New Democrat: Perhaps the best way to make sure that Donald J. Trump never becomes POTUS again, is to keep him under permanent prosecution. So first Manhattan, then Atlanta, and then finally U.S. DOJ. 

From the Facebook page. 

4/04/2023 - @The New Democrat: Assuming Donald Trump's mind visited Planet Earth, specifically Manhattan, New York, (which is not a safe assumption) DJT not only learned what it's like to be an American citizen, but a criminal defendant as well. Which has to be a big shot to the ego, to anyone whose mentally healthy. 

From the Facebook page. 

4/24/2023 - @The New Democrat: Thom Paine couldn't have said this any better himself. 

@Thomas Paine: Stop watching opinion entertainment news.

News is about learning about events and putting those events into context. It is not about having your view being reinforced, be those views be based in love of humanity or hate. Any opinion news show that doesn’t abide by basic journalistic standards should be clearly labeled throughout the show. 

Source:Facebook- Thomas Paine

From Thomas Paine

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