John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

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Source:Orange County Register- Liberals?

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10/19/2021 - I think this is one of John F. Kennedy's best quotes, because you get to see the Classical Liberal (a real Liberal) in him. And it's a great argument against socialism and communism, as well.

Entrepreneur: "Words of wisdom from some of most influential leaders in U.S. history."

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. -- John F. Kennedy

The youngest president in U.S. history was regarded by many as a visionary. Not satisfied with the status quo, Kennedy spearheaded economic programs that launched the U.S. on its longest expansion since World War II and championed equality by calling for civil rights legislation.

Think of the entrepreneurs that you find more influential and innovative, chances are they went against the grain and had a different way of approaching things. Going the safe route is rarely the way to get noticed." 

Source:Entrepreneur- JFK

From The New Democrat 

8/20/2021 - This is one of the best quotes about actual racism that you will ever see and it comes from someone who is definitely not a Conservative or a Centrist.

Fred Hampton who was a member of the Black Panthers (self-described Socialists, Communists, and Black Nationalists) knew racism when he saw it and knew the only way you beat racism, is by not being a racist yourself, but through education and fighting actual racism with intelligence.

Fred Hampton: "You don't fight racism with racism. You fight racism with unity." 

1. 8/23/2021 - In President Franklin Roosevelt's first two terms as President, today he would be described as a Center-Left Progressive Democrat. But by 1944 he was moving into the direction of Henry Wallace and other Socialist Democrats in and outside of the Democratic Party, with his Economic Bill Of Rights, but ran out of time to implement his proposals.

Syracuse Cultural Workers: "As seen in Michael Moore's 2009 film Capitalism - A Love Story. Michael found footage of FDR reading his Bill of Rights at his January 11, 1944 State of the Union address. The footage was buried someplace in South Carolina! With corporate power and government complicity running amok, the Bill of Rights is an urgent reminder of what a very popular president thought was important."  

Source:Syracuse Cultural Workers- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York) in 1944.

From The New Democrat

2. So President Joe Biden is in-between the Neoconservatives and the Trump Nationalists, on Afghanistan. But so is President Donald Trump, which can happen when you have a Republican Party that's as divided as it is today.

CNN: "CNN's John Avlon breaks down how Trump allies' recent criticisms of President Biden's decision to leave Afghanistan ring hollow in light of their past statements." 

Source:CNN- 3 of President Donald J. Trump's (Republican, New York) NSC appointments.

From The New Democrat

8/24/2021 - Perhaps the thing that makes America not just different from Europe, but perhaps every other developed country in the world, is that we have a safety net (which was created by President Franklin Roosevelt) for people who fall on hard times. Whereas the rest of the developed world has a welfare state that's universal and provides the economic services that most Americans are able to get from their employers.

Amazon: "When the stability of American life was threatened by the Great Depression, the decisive and visionary policy contained in FDR's New Deal offered America a way forward. In this groundbreaking work, William E. Leuchtenburg traces the evolution of what was both the most controversial and effective socioeconomic initiative ever undertaken in the United States—and explains how the social fabric of American life was forever altered. It offers illuminating lessons on the challenges of economic transformation—for our time and for all time." 

Source:Amazon- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York)

From The New Democrat

1. 8/25/2021 - Right-wingers especially, like to label President #FranklinRoosevelt as a Socialist (and perhaps use other more extreme terms) but the fact is he was an anti-Communist. And for the first two terms of his presidency, was a Center-Left, New Deal #Progressive. To the right of Henry Wallace and other Socialists of that era.

History: "Cabinet members watch with mixed emotions as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, wearing a black armband, signs the United States' declaration of war against Japan at 4:10 p.m. Washington time on December 8, 1941." 

Source:History- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York)

From The New Democrat

2. In the 1950s, the faces of the Republican Party were Progressives, like President Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, Tom Dewey and many others. Ike was probably our first great civil rights President and he was a Republican.

James Miller Center: "Although there were dangerous moments in the Cold War during the 1950s, people often remember the Eisenhower years as "happy days," a time when Americans did not have to worry about depression or war, as they had in the 1930s and 1940s, or difficult and divisive issues, as they did in the 1960s. Instead, Americans spent their time enjoying the benefits of a booming economy. Millions of families got their first television and their second car and enjoyed new pastimes like hula hoops or transistor radios. Young people went to drive-in movies or malt shops, often wearing the latest fashions—pegged pants for men, poodle skirts for women.

Yet the Eisenhower years were not so simple or carefree, and the President faced important and, at times, controversial issues in domestic affairs. Managing the economy involved important choices about how to maintain prosperity or how much to spend on what we today call "infrastructure." Protecting freedom and the rule of law necessitated difficult decisions as civil rights became an urgent national issue. Dealing with the effects of the Cold War at home required complicated action because of the sensational charges of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy about Communist infiltration of government agencies. In the eyes of a majority of the public, Eisenhower usually made the right choices, as he often enjoyed approval ratings of more than 70 percent in the polls. Yet Eisenhower also had critics, who believed that he had not used his powers as President vigorously or effectively to protect individual freedom and ensure justice." 

Source:James Miller Center- President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican, Texas)

From The New Democrat

1. 8/26/2021 - President #FranklinRoosevelt, didn't propose health care reform at all until 1944 with his Economic Bill of Rights. But it's clearly something that he and his administration was thinking about.

JSTOR: "Whether we come to this form of insurance soon or later on, I am confident that we can devise a system which will enhance and not hinder the remarkable progress which has been made and is being made in practice of the practices of the profession of medicine and surgery in the United States." 

Source:JSTOR- President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat, New York)

From The New Democrat

2. For me at least, Ross Perot's Reform Party represents the early days of the Tea Party from the last decade. Americans who were fed up with debt and deficits, unemployment, skeptical about free trade and our oversees involvements, who weren't pushing a big government social agenda. Not the radical centrists that they portrayed as, but Center-Right Conservatives who were interested in fiscal responsibility and economic freedom.

Alamy Stock Photo: "Reform party presidential candidate Ross Perot speaks at the National Press Club October 25, 1996 in Washington, DC" 

Source:Alamy Stock Photo- Reform Party Leader Ross Perot in 1996

From The New Democrat

1. 8/27/2021 - President Ronald Reagan was damn right about Welfare. We should judge the program by how many people no longer need public assistance. Not by how many people are added to the Welfare rolls."

Ngan Tengyuen: "President Ronald Reagan is perhaps one of the better known republican presidents along with Abraham Lincoln. I am not an American but given a choice... 

Source:Gecko & Fly- President Ronald W. Reagan (Republican, California)

From The New Democrat

2. If you want to know what Donald Trump's base is: just look at Governor George Wallace's base in 1968 and before that. Because they share the exact same nationalistic, cultural, religious, and even racial and ethnic beliefs.

My San Antonio: "Remember Lyndon LaRouche? He either ran or tried to run for the Democratic nomination for president at least seven times starting in 1980.

Remember George Wallace, who sought to be the Democrats’ nominee twice — in 1964 and 1972 — with a run as a third party candidate in 1968?

Both were scorned by the party establishment, LaRouche as anti-Semitic, racist and more cult leader than leading political figure. Wallace, he of standing-in-the-doorway-to-stop-desegregation fame, was characterized as just plain racist.

Neither became the party’s nominee, and both were widely reviled and denounced, though Wallace did have a following among stubborn Dixiecrats in the South and so-called hardhats in the Midwest and other parts of the country." 

Source:My San Antonio- Governor George C. Wallace (Dixiecrat, Alabama)

From The New Democrat

1. 8/30/2021 - The debate between the William F. Buckley vs James Baldwin in 1965. represents the best of American politics, free speech, and debating in America, because you have two men with completely different perspectives, debating each other and making their points clear, without trying to destroy the other personally.

PBS NewsHour: "It has been 55 years since civil-rights activist, James Baldwin, and founder of the conservative National Review, William F. Buckley, Jr., met for a debate on race in America. That discussion and the lives of the two cultural giants are subjects of a new book, "The Fire is Upon Us." Zachary Green spoke with author and political scientist Nicholas Buccola about how the debate's still resonating."

Source:PBS NewsHour- Baldwin v Buckley (1965)

From The New Democrat

2. If you believe in phrases like you get everything that you deserve and you get out life what you put into it, then you know Mark Twain is right about this. Government and the world owes us nothing other than a right to exist and live freely.

Libertarian Comic: “Far too many now think everyone and everything owes them something and that's simply wrong" 

Source:Libertarian Comic- Mark Twain

From The New Democrat

1. 8/31/2021 - According to Tomi Lahren (from Fox News) anyone who disagrees with her on anything, is either a RINO or a tyrant, Un-American, etc, the usual Alt-Right talking points. So for her to say anything that's negative about Governor Gavin Newsome or anyone else in California, you should at least consider that first.

As far as the California recall: if Democrats forget to vote, then Governor Newsome might be in trouble. But that is a state where 7-10 voters are still Democrats and where Republicans whether it's Larry Elder or anyone else, has to have a low turnout just to be competitive, because California Republicans don't compete in the big cities there anymore."

Fox News: "Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren torched California Governor Gavin Newsom ahead of the recall election in September. Lahren joined "Fox & Friends First" and called out the governor for dining at high-end restaurants while the rest of the state was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.


TOMI LAHREN: I'm very confident, I think a lot of Californians are very confident, they're not forgetting what was going on in the last several months, in the last year and a half of Covid, they know what this governor has done while he was dining at the French Laundry and they were stuck in positions of having to, as I said, shutter their businesses. Now, many of them can't get people to come to work at their businesses." 

Source:Fox News- Not Necessarily The News With Tomi Lahren

From The New Democrat

2. You can criticize President Joe Biden's handling of the American military withdrawal from Afghanistan, but no one's made an argument for what we should do instead. Only Neoconservatives (who've been out-of-power since 2009) have been arguing for an indefinite occupation of Afghanistan. The rest of the county wants us out of there and perhaps do some nation building in our own country and making sure America is as secure as possible at home."

CSPAN: "President Biden spoke about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan one day after the last U.S. service member left the country closing out the 20-year conflict." 

Source:CSPAN- President Joe Biden (Democrat, Delaware) speaking about our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

From The New Democrat

1. 9/01/2021 - President John F. Kennedy is a hero of mine as a Classical Liberal, but he was far from perfect. And if he had to run for President 10-20 years later, he wouldn't have gotten away with a lot of his personal baggage, like with the womanizing. As his brother Senator Ted Kennedy found out.

People Magazine: "A woman claiming to be one of John F. Kennedy's former lovers is opening up about their alleged affair.

In an essay published on Saturday on Air Mail, Diana de Vegh said she engaged in an affair with the 35th president of the United States when she was 20 years old.

The relationship allegedly began in 1958, making him twice her age. De Vegh, now 83, said that Kennedy would often say there was "something special" about her, which admittedly captured her attention.

But this, she said, "is not a romantic story." In fact, she said it took "years to recover" from the romance — "almost as many years" as it took for her to come forward with her story." 

Source:People Magazine- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) 35th President of the United States (1961-63)

From The New Democrat

2. 9/01/2021 - Just for the record: I'm pro- choice on practically everything, just as long the personal choice doesn't involve hurting another innocent person. So no, I'm not in favor of the Texas abortion ban.

But for any so-called pro-choice Democrat who says that are also against this law, I have a question for them: did you bother to vote in 2016? If Democrats voted in 2016, Hillary Clinton wins the presidency and probably gets two center-left Supreme Court justices through a Democratic Senate, giving them a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court.

Elections have consequences. When your party doesn't even vote, it means the other party is now in charge. With a 5-4 Democratic majority, the Texas abortion probably gets thrown out. But with a 6-3 Republican majority, more of these laws are going to get passed and held up as constitutional.

New York Post: "A strict new measure that essentially bans abortions in Texas went into effect at midnight, despite protests and lawsuits against the harsh mandate.

The law prohibits women from getting an abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, and gives citizens the right to take legal action against doctors or anyone else who helps a woman terminate a pregnancy.

Most women who get an abortion in the Lone Star State are at least six weeks pregnant — the earliest a heartbeat can be detected — and will now be unable to receive the procedure, according to Planned Parenthood and Whole Woman’s Health.

The Texas bill differs from other similar “heartbeat laws” nationwide because it bars authorities from enforcing the ban, and allows anyone else — including people who live outside the state — to take legal action." 

Source:New York Post- freedom of speech in action in Austin, Texas

From The New Democrat

9/02/2021 - I generally don't like it when politicians make it personal in political ads, let alone political debates, but Donald Trump doesn't believe he has to follow the same rules that every other human being has to follow. Which is why I'm glad Joe Biden nailed him here. 

Joe beat Don in the first debate in 2020 simply by not being Donald Trump. When your opponent is drowning himself, you shouldn't give him a lifeline and try to out Donald him. 

Source:Tenor- Down goes Trump! (To paraphrase Howard Cosell)

From The New Democrat

1. 9/03/2021 - When I think about what's going on in Texas right now, whether it's abortion or anything else, I think Phyllis Schlafly and Jerry Falwell are somewhere up there in Heaven or Hell (depending on your perspective) celebrating together.

I also think I wish Governor Rick Perry would've gone through on bullshit threat to succeed from the Union, after Barack Obama became President in 2009 and then Americans wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of living in Texas right now.

The Onion: "AUSTIN, TX—In a milestone victory for the anti-abortion movement, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a new law this week that would offer private citizens $10,000 for the names of anyone they heard was a slut. “From the middle-aged woman on her second divorce to the 16-year-old girl making out with her boyfriend under the bleachers, we’re asking that everyday citizens assist us in tracking down these hussies,” said Abbott, who invited Texans as well as residents from outside the state to come forward with any information they have that could help identify tramps, whores, and other loose women. “Maybe her pants are too tight, maybe she looks like she’s having a little too much fun at the bar. It doesn’t matter if she’s ‘a huge skank’ or a bit of a ‘ho’—we promise that you will be handsomely rewarded for whatever information you have.” At press time, Abbott added that the state was also asking for the names of any complicit friends, family members, and fashion retailers." 

Source:The Onion- don't mess in Texas! LOL

From The New Democrat

2. There are Atheists and then there are people who call themselves Atheists, who rarely put down or criticize any non-western religion. Christopher Hitchens whatever you think of his politics was a real Atheist.

CSPAN: "Christopher Hitchens on Billy Graham, $cientology and religious hypocrisy. Christopher Hitchens briefly mentions the Scam of $cientology in this interview at around 2:18 mins." 

Source:CSPAN- author/columnist Christopher Hitchens, on CSPAN in 2008.

From The New Democrat

9/20/2021 - I know it's a couple weeks late, but Theodore Roosevelt represents what real Progressives think whether its about Labor Day or any other holiday. Not Socialists who pretend to be Progressives.

T Roosevelt Center: “Our ideal,” Theodore Roosevelt said on #LaborDay 1910, “should be a rate of wages sufficiently high to enable workmen to live in a manner comfortable to American ideals and standards, to educate their children, and to provide for sickness and old age."

Source:T Roosevelt Center- Teddy Roosevelt on Labor Day.

From The New Democrat

9/28/2021 - President John F. Kennedy giving I believe the best speech of his short presidency, other than maybe his inaugural, at #AmericanUniversity in 1963.

JFK Library: "In 1963, JFK outlined a "strategy of peace" in his commencement address at American University, which included a nuclear test ban treaty. #InternationalDayofPeace... 

Source:JFK Library- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) at American University in Washington, in 1963.

From The New Democrat

9/29/2021 - Senator Tom Cotton, getting schooled by General Mark Milley, about how the U.S. Military operates. 

CSPAN: "@SenTomCotton
: "Why haven't you resigned?"

Gen. Milley: "It would be an incredible act of political defiance for a commissioned officer to just resign because my advice is not taken." He also says, "My dad didn't get a choice to resign at Iwo Jima." 

Source:CSPAN- U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (Republican, Arkansas) getting a lesson in American military 101. 

From The New Democrat

9/30/2021 - President John F. Kennedy standing up for the civil rights of James Meredith and other African-Americans in 1962.

JFK Library: "President Kennedy addressed the nation regarding James Meredith, the first Black student to enroll in the previously all-white University of Mississippi, #otd on September 30, 1962." 

Source:JFK Library- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) talking about James Meredith in 1962.

From The New Democrat

10/03/2021 - Unfortunately #GeorgeWill is one of the last of the true American #Conservatives, since the Center-Right in the #RepublicanParty has all but vanished. 

CSPAN: "This week on 
's #Afterwords Podcast

Syndicated columnist 
. He reflects on what he calls the 'unruly torrent years' between 2008-2020 with 
 columnist and 
 political contributor 

Source:CSPAN- conservative writer George Will.


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