John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, August 11, 2014

The National Interest: Opinion- Aram Bakshian- Richard Nixon: Hated For Being Right: The Consequences of the Richard Nixon Presidency

Source: The National Interest-
Source: The National Interest: Opinion- Aram Bakshian- Richard Nixon: Hated For Being Right

As brilliant and as great as a visionary as President Richard Nixon was in foreign policy, but in domestic policy as well the way he wanted to reform the relationship between the Federal Government and states to use as an example, his presidency failed because of how it ended. And it ended because of his actions going back as early as 1971 or even 1970 in creating a criminal operation inside of the White House. What his White House called an intelligence unit, but their job was to find intelligence against the Democratic opposition and even using illegal and unconstitutional means to find that intelligence.

Watergate probably never happens if the plummers unit that President Nixon and his Chief of Staff Bob  Haldeman created in 1971 is never put together. Without the plummers unit and their actions with the illegal break ins of Brookings and other places there would've never been enough reason for the House of Representatives to impeach President Nixon even with the taping system. And without the taping system the evidence to impeach President Nixon never materializes either. Because the tapes have the President on record as covering up the Watergate investigation by trying to get the FBI to drop the case.

Also had Richard Nixon not of won reelection in 1972 for selfish reasons and spent so much resources and energy on his own reelection and instead directed some of those resources and efforts to Congressional Republicans and seeing if he could get 20-30 Republicans elected to the House and 3-5 more Republicans elected to the Senate, again impeachment perhaps doesn't happen except for maybe the taping system. Because President Nixon might of had the votes at least in the Senate to avoid conviction on all charges. And instead the President gets elected with 55% of the vote instead of 59% and perhaps wins back one chamber of Congress to have the political support he needed.

There are a lot of mistakes that Dick Nixon made as President that led to his failures. And lot of them were made for selfish reasons like trying to get the most information possible on the other side even by using illegal means. And they were just simply stupid mistakes. And had he shown the same intelligence he did as far as governing the country as President as he showed running his own White House and political operation, he never gets impeached and probably goes down as a great President instead.
The Political Lion: President Richard Nixon's Legacy

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