John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hart to Hart: Video: Season One 1979 Pilot

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Hart to Hart is a strange show to me, because it is about this very wealthy businessman with his own company, that he doesn’t seem to spend much time running. Sort of how some pro sports franchise owners treat their clubs and have someone else running their club for them. And his wife who is like a part-time writer, but basically acts as the first lady of her husband’s company. And hosts a lot of parties and charity functions and so-forth. And yet this power couple in Los Angeles is always dealing with crime cases as if they’re the primary detectives on the case. Either as pi’s which they are or police detectives.

And they also don’t make it very clear what type of company Hart Industries, owned by Jonathan Hart played by Robert Wagner, is and what they do. If Hart Industries was a private eye firm run and owned by this power couple the Hart’s, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, played by Hollywood goddess Stefanie Powers, who has real Raquel Welch qualities, that I’ll talk about in a future blog, then this show would make sense. Except for Hart Industries, they would need to call it Hart Pi’s or something like that.

But this show does have things that make it worth watching. Like Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner, especially Stefanie and this show has a lot of good humor and it and the plots are good. It’s just not very realistic that the two main investigators on the show aren’t investigators. They aren’t police detectives or private detectives. But people who work in finance and do other things. And yet they end up doing most of the investigative work on the show and solving the cases themselves.

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