John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Relive Retro Network: Video: CBS Sports: NFL 1986-Week 14-New York Giants @ Washington Redskins: Pat Summerall Intro

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One of the classic games in the great Giants-Redskins rivalry with the Giants winning at RFK 24-14. Breaking a trend in the rivalry where both teams would win at home every year. As well as the Giants sweeping the series. But the 1986 Giants were special and accomplished things they hadn’t accomplished in while like winning an NFL Championship for the first time since 1956. As well as sweeping the Redskins and beating the Redskins in Washington. And beating the Redskins in the NFC Final in a 17-0 shutout.

But this post is really about the Pat Summerall intro. He was the master at that and is no secret why he was the number one play-by-play NFL announcer at CBS Sports for what twenty-years. Because of his voice, his delivery and his simple great knowledge of not just the NFL, because he played himself, but because of his knowledge of the New York Giants, Redskins and NFC East more broadly, because he and John Madden did so many NFC East games together. Because they were the number one NFC broadcast team at CBS Sports and the NFC East was a great division back then.

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