John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Bleacher Report: MLB: Matt Fitzgerald: Athletics May Reportedly May Play at Giants AT&T Park if New Coliseum Deal Fails

Bleacher Report: MLB: Matt Fitzgerald: Athletics May Reportedly Play at Giants AT&T Park if New Coliseum Deal Fails

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It is pretty simple, if the City of Oakland wants to have the Athletics and Raiders playing inside their city, they are going to have to step up and agree to have a new ballpark and football stadium for the Athletics and Raiders. A downtown ballpark and stadium on the waterfront on the bay would be most desirable for both franchises like a stadium complex. And get both clubs out of the Oakland Coliseum within 3-5 years and them playing in profitable stadiums each for themselves within 3-5 years. 
And that means a new 2-3 year lease for both franchises which gives them and the city time to negotiate the new ballpark and stadium. For the future which is something that Pittsburgh went through in the late 1990s that saved the Pirates and Steelers from moving from that great city. And is what Seattle did for the Mariners and Seahawks in the late 1990s as well that kept both clubs in that great city as. 
So if you want to be a major league sports city and perhaps a major league city period, you have to have major league stadiums, ballparks and arenas that teams want to play in. And will allow for them to be profitable in those stadiums. And Oakland just does not have that now in the run down Oakland Coliseum. With the current configuration with the miles of foul territory and the huge upper deck in the outfield that looks more like a downtown big city skyscraper instead of skyboxes that were put in to bring the Raiders back to Oakland. 
The Oakland Coliseum is a horrible place for the baseball now and those cold summer nights at that stadium makes it less inviting for fans as well. As the Athletics and road teams to play there which makes it very difficult for the Athletics to be profitable there. So a new short-term lease for the Athletics would be a better option instead while the new ballpark is being built. And knock down the upper deck in the outfield so it looks like it did before the Raiders came back which was one of the better looking ballparks in baseball. 
And move in the seats in the foul territory so the place has a better baseball feel in the last few seasons. Which would probably bring in more fans just to see the new ballpark as well it being the last seasons at the coliseum for baseball. And move the Raiders to California Memorial Stadium in Berkley home of the California Bears. As the Raiders are waiting for their new football stadium and build the new stadiums with private and public money that the Athletics and Raiders would pay back.
That is how the save the Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics that would prevent them from becoming the San José Raiders and Athletics. You renovate and build and they will come and you don’t even have to give these two great franchises that both have had great and the majority of their success in Oakland with free new stadiums at the cost of taxpayers. But with a private/public partnership that both franchises would pay back in sales taxes which would save and create thousands of new jobs in the City of Oakland. And keep it as a major league major city.

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