John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Friday, November 22, 2013

The American Conservative: Opinion- Gene Healy- John F. Kennedy Was No Conservative

Source: The American Conservative: Opinion- Gene Healy- John F. Kennedy Was no Conservative

Damn I found something that I agree with Conservative-Libertarian Gene Healy on. Jack Kennedy was no Conservative and I we completely agree. And you can say he was moderate on some things like his late entry for pushing for civil rights legislation. But the fact is if you are a real Conservative or Liberal, you do not believe in legal discrimination based on race. And Jack Kennedy was always in favor of civil rights legislation, including voting rights legislation. But had a more moderate approach before the summer of 1963 in how to get those bill through Congress.

Because he knew the uphill battles he would have and the political capital he would need to spend before being reelected in 1964, because of the power of the Southern Neo-Confederate Democrats. And a lot of these men in Congress were basically racists who had no interest in passing this legislation. Whether you agree with the Kennedy Administration’s strategy on that or not, that was what it was about. But he was always in favor of those bills but was slow to come out in favor of them.

As far as President Kennedy being in favor of tax cuts and a strong, but limited national defense. This is in the liberal democratic tradition that today’s so-called Progressives and today’s overly partisan right-wingers do not understand, or want to acknowledge. Because they both want liberalism to be seen as soft, dovish and about big government spending programs for the people. And giving them so-called free stuff and having a big centralize federal state deeply involved in the economy and in people’s lives for our own good.

Because today’s so-called Progressives and hyper partisans on the Right, want Liberals to be viewed as people who view private and individual power as dangerous. But it is the type of tax cuts and why President Kennedy wanted a large tax cut that made this policy liberal as well. Because the tax cuts that yes were across the board, but that were designed to benefit middle class families. And also cut a lot of wasteful tax loopholes in them to pay for them and to have a cleaner tax code that was more beneficial to everyone.

There are liberal tax cuts and there are conservative tax cuts and to a certain extent there are even progressive tax cuts. But in the classical progressive tradition like the Earned Income Tax Credit. That even President Ronald Reagan was in favor of. Three out of the last five tax cuts were signed into law by Democratic presidents. Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and just one more reason that made Jack Kennedy a Liberal Democrat. Because he believed in tax cuts that benefited middle class families and believed in individual power and freedom that benefited the many. As opposed to the few and a strong, but limited national defense that was based on defending America, not trying to govern the world.

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