John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Daily Caller: Real Time With Bill Maher- Senator Bernie Sanders: Sneers at Americans For Not Demanding European Style Social Benefits

Source:The Daily Caller- Real Time With Bill Maher 
Source:The Daily Caller: Real Time With Bill Maher- Bernie Sanders: 'Sneer At Americans For Not Demanding European-Style Welfare Benefits

What is lost in this whole America vs. Europe socialism vs. what I call real liberalism and others call classical liberalism debate, is the economics and economies of both. Well in America's case at least a country, Europe together and united and I'm talking about the European Union west of the slavic states, especially Russia would be a monster economy and superstate. But take Germany out of the picture, and we are talking about mid-size to fairly big economies in developed countries. Compared with America which is a superstate and super sized economy and the only superpower in the world.

You want America to spend more on social insurance and have that Scandinavian or Anglo socialist sized welfare state and that means spending a lot less on national defense, as far as the American military budget. And that means pulling troops and resources out of Europe and sending them home. And telling those socialist states that are supposed to be so rich while America is so poor, "hey buddy, get off your fat lazy asses and go defend yourselves! Because America is pulling out of you socialist utopias and going home to try to build their own".

Not! Wrong! Try, try, try again, not going to happen. We pull out of Europe and Europe will freak out over the nightmarish thought of, "of no! We'll actually have to defend ourselves and learn how to shoot guns and fly planes and drive tanks! Hell we might even have to defend ourselves and have real militaries! The cruelty of it all! Those Americans are meanies!" Or perhaps something stronger and in a different language or in several different languages. I would love for America to pull out of Europe and go home to rebuild America. Not create that King Kong size welfare state, but rebuild our collapsing infrastructure and public schools.

America can't defend the world, we no longer can afford to do that or have to do that since we are the only superpower in the world and you have other large developed countries like Europe as a single entity and Japan that can afford to defend themselves. Let alone create a socialist sized superstate where personal responsibility and initiative is essentially outlawed. Because big Uncle Sammy is now in charge of at least our economic lives if not personal lives as well. If you were to include the nanny state and what people on the New Left want to do about the media. What they call democratize, is really about nationalization and state control of the media.

America a liberal democracy full of initiative and individualism and creates new things and freedom for different people everyday. Europe a socialist collectivist society where those values are considered selfish and materialistic. And what Europe is now learning with their debt and deficit situations and with so many states either in recession or barely growing, like France is that they can't afford to be as socialist as they want to be as well. And they are scaling back what their central government's do for their people and perhaps scaring the hell out of them by having them actually, now get this, take responsibility for their own lives and welfare. A hellish thought for a lot of Europeans.

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