John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Greg Hengler: Contessa Brewer- Interviews Catherine Moleski: 'Britain's Free Healthcare'

Source:Greg Hengler- Catherine Moleski, talking about the United Kingdom's health care system. 
"MSNBC Cheers Britain's Free Healthcare: It's Free For Tourists Too!"  

From Greg Hengler

Social Democrats and single payer health insurance and health care supporters would do themselves a huge favor and perhaps even risk building their support for their movement if they were simply accurate if not honest about how they say their system would be paid for and stop calling it free. 

There's no such thing as free anything that government provides. Even if they borrow the money to pay for some service they are giving their people, their people still pays for that in interest on the national debt. When you are spending other's people's money even for them, they are paying for the services that you give them.

Contessa Brewer who is not exactly a genius and generally does realty TV and technology related reporting and so-called human interest stories and not hard news, figured out pretty quickly that the U.K. NHS or National Health Service in Britain is not free and neither is their public health insurer that NHS also runs. It is paid for by British taxpayers and they pay for their own health care, just like Americans pay for there's. But Americans generally pay for their health care out of pocket or through their private health insurer. The British pays for their health care in taxes.

Show me free government services and I'll show you a beach house with an ocean view located in Minnesota. I would prefer however that you go first though, because producing a beach house with an ocean view in Minnesota would at the very least be a tall order. I would probably have better luck trying to swim from New York City to London, England. 

The whole Milton Friedman line about spending other people's money is perfectly appropriate here. Because money that government spends of behalf of its people or even at their expense, does not come from some Monopoly game.

Money that government spends for their people doesn't magically appear from thin-air or some genie wiggles their finger and it suddenly appears. Or they print counterfeit money, well I hope about the counterfeit part, because government does so many things in secret, who knows what they are doing. 

But we do know that we pay for whatever they're doing supposedly on our behalf through either taxes, fees or interest on the debt. Government services are as free as cable bills or smart phone bills. Meaning not at all and people who want a government that is big enough to manage our lives for us, need to acknowledge that, if they actually want to have the big government they talk about. 

You can also see this post at The Daily Post, on Blogger. (No pun intended)

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  1. You can also see this post at The Daily Post: on Blogger. (No pun intended)


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