John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Friday, December 12, 2014

HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- Monarchy and State: Absolute Power Equals Big Government

Source: HBO-
Source: HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- Monarchy & State

For all of you lets say Social Democrats on the Left in America who prefer to be called Progressives, or insult liberalism by calling yourselves Liberals, who want America to be more like Britain with their form of government, imagine a George W. Bush, or here's a worst nightmarish thought, imagine a Ted Cruz as President of the United States without having to legally report to Congress and be accountable to Congress. Why? Because he's now a king at least with the power of one, because now America has a monarchy or unitary executive, where most of the power in the U.S. Government is centralized with the White House.

Now of course Britain is a functioning social democracy where executive power resides with a Prime Minister and their government and they at least to a certain extent are accountable to the U.K. Parliament. And the Prime Minister is not king and even though they are more powerful inside of the U.K. Government than the President is inside of the U.S. Government, Britain no longer has absolute power in the national government. Their monarchy instead of now presiding over the country and the government, now is part of the government with ceremonial power. And no longer running the country.

But back in the day the King of Britain or the United Kingdom, was exactly that. The King of that country, a dictator with absolute power that could pretty do however they please without having to report to anyone or get permission. Can you imagine some loony Neoconservative in America with that much power over Americans, a much wealthier and much larger and more powerful country than Britain. Could you imagine Rick Santorum as King of America with the Christian-Right in his back pocket. You could forget about the Federal Republic and Separation of Church and State that Sarah Palin and all of her wisdom sees as a myth if that were to happen.

Bill Maher is correct that Founding Fathers (the Founding Liberals of America) broke away from Britain, because they wanted to escape authoritarian dictatorial rule from the United Kingdom. And no longer have to live in a country where they had to get permission from the King to blow their nose, use the bathroom, bang their wife or mistress, or even another man. That they wanted to create a free society, a liberal democracy where the people could make their own decisions themselves. Which is why they created the Federal Republic with the Checks and Balances that they did. So we wouldn't live under a dictatorship and be free to live our own lives.

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