John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Washington Redskins-Redskins Chronicles: 18 Plays- The Story of Super Bowl 22

This game was really won on two plays. The two touchdown passes to WR's Rickey Sanders and Gary Clark. The rest of it as we now know was a show between a dominant football team the Redskins in this game, against a good young football team but a team that was simply overmatched physically up front and not enough speed in the secondary in the Denver Broncos defense to cover three great fast wide receivers in Art Monk a Hall of Famer, Gary Clark who should be in the Hall of Fame and Rickey Sanders perhaps the best third WR in the NFL at this point.

This is a game that made a drug addict whose been a screw up most of his life as an adult, look like a great running back in RB Timmy Smith for the Redskins who only played in this game because Pro Bowl RB George Rogers who probably deserves consideration for the Hall of Fame as well, was not healthy because of a bad foot, but that is how dominant the Redskins offensive line was in this game. And how great they were most of the time going up against an overmatched undersized Denver Broncos front seven.

Going into this game it looked like a great matchup. The Broncos having the best young quarterback in the NFL if not the best QB of the era. Against a very good team on both sides of the ball, the Redskins. With not a lot of great players, but with a few great players and a lot of very good players. But the game was a mismatch because of how the Redskins dominated the Broncos up front on both sides of the ball once the Redskins figured out the Broncos offense and defense.