John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tampa Harley Group: Harley Davidson- Motorcycle Riding Boots For Women

Source: Tampa Harley Group- THG biker chick-
Source: Tampa Harley Group: Harley Davidson- Motorcycle Boots For Women

What goes better for sexy biker women with their biker jeans than biker boots. Riding boots, brown and biker leather with the metal decoration, I'm not sure what you call those things on the foot of the boots. Sexy biker women with great legs and a great butt, showing those assets off with their sexy riding boots. No secret why guys love biker women, it is like checking ourselves out. Except that we aren't checking out guys, but beautiful sexy biker women on their bikes.

Another thing I love about biker women is that they are real. They aren't stick figures, or large dykish tom boy lesbian looking women. (Pardon my language) But they are real women who eat real food, who are real feminine, who take care of themselves and workout because they have to because of the lifestyles that they live. The woman in this video is the perfect example of that and what a real biker woman looks like. Very feminine and sexy who can also probably handle a bike as well as many guys.