Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Janet Jackson: Cincinnati PNC Pavilion (2011)

Source:Philly BN Lou- Up Close & Personal With Janet Jackson, from Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2011.

"Janet Jackson
Number 1's Up Close and Personal Tour
PNC Pavillion, Cincinatti

Janet Jackson is simply one of if not the sexiest female performers live and in concert. Because she's a not just a singer, but a performer who is also a great dancer. And then you combine that with her beautiful baby-face appearance and the great body and how well she shows off her body and I don't know of a sexy performer right now. She is so professional and not just great onstage, but the work she does offstage to remain the great performer that she is.

If you have a front row seat to a Janet Jackson concert, that seat should be probably worth somewhere around a million dollars. Even if you are not a fan of her music and I like some her songs,  but not all of them. But whatever she's singing, she always looks great singing and performing because of talents and ability to both move and sing as a performer. And all of the work that she does offstage to stay in the great shape she's always been in. 

Also, no one moves and dances better, perhaps even as well, in skin-tight, denim jeans and boots, than Janet Jackson. And no one looks sexier in that outfit, or perhaps as sexy, then Janet Jackson. I almost feel guilty watching her perform for free.

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