John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

The National Interest: Opinion: Colin Dueck: Donald Trump, American Nationalist: Panderer of The United States

The Donald
The National Interest: Opinion: Colin Dueck: Donald Trump, American Nationalist

When you look at Donald Trump, you have to know that he's a businessman and a salesman. As well as the biggest narcissist perhaps in the history of the world. Who does these little things like running for president simply to bring attention himself. Whose has multiple positions on perhaps every single major political issue going back thirty years since he first got involved in American politics from the outside. You shouldn't take anything he says with a grain of salt,  years supply of salt. He goes where he believes the popular support is. He really should be running for both Narcissist and Faddist of the United States and run both offices at the same time. (He could afford to do it) Because who would beat him, or even challenge him. He's lucky politicians and candidates aren't required to take truth serum before they say anything, because he wouldn't be able to run for anything, other than maybe his own positions.

The Donald's latest venture and real reality show, Who Wants Donald Trump For President, is just an attempt to speak to so-called Middle-America Americans, Richard Nixon's Silent Majority. People who feel left behind from the New America. Anglo-Saxon Protestants primarily and to show them that he's with them. Even though he's nothing like them as far as where he's from, where he lives, the type of lifestyle he lives, the fact that he's not very religious at all. Maybe The Donald will get a new book, a documentary, perhaps an actual reality show out of this so-called presidential campaign. But he won't get the presidency, because the current group of Americans that he's pandering to are not enough for him to win the presidency. A Republican can't kiss off Latinos and women and hope to have any shot at winning the White House. So this is not about him being president.

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