John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Anarchist Collective: The Case For Self-Ownership and Property Rights

The case for property rights and as I argued last week, property rights extends to one's self which is self-ownership and the case for property rights is the case against Marxism. Who owns you? The state, who assumes responsibility for everyone's welfare, or the individual them self? That is what this debate is about. If you believe in property rights, you're not a Marxist. Other than maybe a moderate Marxist, (if there is such a thing) who believes the state should own all business in the economy, but that individuals should own their personal property. Homes, cars, clothes, food, the responsibility for raising their kids, etc.  You can't have a free society without property rights and that even includes self-ownership. Because the state would then assume full responsibility for everyone's welfare. And be the monopoly over the whole country.

And as a Liberal, of course I believe in property rights, including self-ownership, because I believe in liberty. Self-determination, the right for one to chart their own course in life and be able to make the best out of it as they can while still meeting their responsibilities to pay for the services that they receive, both private and public. And really only Marxists on the furthest Left that you can find, don't believe in property rights. People as Far-Far as Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, believes in both property rights and perhaps even self-ownership. From his positions on self-defense, reproductive rights, sexuality, marijuana to use as examples. But believes in a big centralized government to carry out the basic human services that we all need to live well in life. Education, health care, health insurance, childcare, would be examples of that.

And if you go over to the Far-Right, you'll find Neoconservatives, who believe in security and morality over liberty. And don't even believe in the Right to Privacy and have suggested that it doesn't even exist. And want a superstate when it comes to national security and social issues to see to it that no one is behaving immoral and is threatening the security of the country. So under a philosophy like this, people could own their homes and business's, but no Right to Privacy. So government could literally break in to one's home without even having a warrant if they believe someone is behaving immoral. Not just to break in to save someone who is being raped, or being assaulted, or about to be killed. But stop stop people from watching an adult film. Perhaps a non-married couple from having sex, to use as examples.

Its the Far-Left that tends to get accused of being against property rights and self-ownership. But the fact is most Socialists now in the world even and just look at Europe, believe in property rights. Its just really the Marxists on the Far-Left who are against really any form of individuality and self-expression, because they see it as a potential threat to the state. And if you go over to the Far-Right, like the Islamic Republic of Iran, or the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they'l by law will tell women what they can wear in public and force them to be sub-servant to their men. But by in large on the Right at least in the West, property rights and even self-ownership, are very popular and common. At least with the Center-Right. People in the West at least both Right and Left, all believe in at least a certain degree of individual freedom. Because we understand the benefits of self-ownership and property rights.

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