John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bloomberg View: Opinion- Nick Hanauer & Eric Liu: 'Libertarians Are The New Communists': Say What?

Source: Reason Magazine
Source: Bloomberg View: Opinion- Nick Hanauer & Eric Liu: 'Libertarians Are the New Communists'

Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu, argued in Bloomberg View, that "Libertarians, are the new Communists, because both Libertarians and Communists, argue for policies that are doomed to fail." I agree that both lets say anarcho-libertarianism, which is essentially a form of anarchism and communism are doom for failure. Communists, argue for a superstate over the individual. Anarcho-Libertarians, (The New Anarchists) argue for the individual over everything else. They consider arresting suspects of kidnapping, (to use as an example) well as kidnapping. That somehow the police don't have a right to arrest people. And that if someone is kidnapped, is up for them to free themselves, or people to voluntarily help them out. Mainstream Libertarians, believe in law enforcement and even national security, to protect the innocent from predators.

Both communism, or as I prefer Marxism, (jury still out on the definition of communism) and anarcho-libertarianism, are doomed to fail. One would bring total unitarian state domination over all individuals. Because they view individual freedom as dangerous to the state and as purely as the freedom to make mistakes. But lets go over to the other side and anarcho-libertariansm. If you want to know what an anarcho-libertarian state looks like, look at Somalia. Look at Afghanistan certainly ten years ago and still to a certain extent today. Look at Iraq ten years ago. This is what countries look like when they can't, or choose not to govern themselves. But they fail for different reasons and are completely different from one another. One, puts all of its faith in the supremacy of the state over the individual. The other has essentially no real role for a state at all, which leads to chaos.

As an actual Liberal, whether you want to call me a Classical Liberal, or a Real Liberal, I prefer just Liberal, or Liberal Democrat, I have a lot in common with Libertarians and libertarianism. I talk with them on a regular basis and we tend to agree on probably all of the social issues and perhaps 9-10 of the economic issues. It is really just the role of government, especially the Federal Government and America's place in the world, where we tend to disagree. Actual Libertarians, both Conservative Libertarians and Left Libertarians, Social Liberals even, aren't looking to eliminate the state and even all taxation. They simply want to send a lot of this power back to the states and private sector in the areas of social insurance, to use as an example and I agree with them on that. To call Libertarians, "The New Communists", is an insult to Libertarians and even Communists. Because both factions are nothing alike and have nothing in common.
Reason Magazine: Are Libertarians The New Communists?

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