John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Prager U: Derryck Green: Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

This video is so stupid that I really can only make fun of it. Because to take it seriously you would have to assume that everything this guy said in this video is accurate. And to do that you might need to take a four-hundred pound man who hasn’t seen their own two feet since they were a kid seriously, when they say diet and exercise is a good thing. Because how would he know, he’s never done either.

I think I’ll go to the so-called voter ID issue. The countries that he point out that have voter ID laws, don’t have the history of racial discrimination that we’ve had. Where one race of Americans, or Europeans have been denied the ability to vote and go to good schools and even be allowed to be educated simply because of their race. Those countries tend to be racially and ethnically pure, by in large. With very small populations of racial and ethnic minorities.

Unlike America where the whole world lives here. Where we don’t have an ethnic majority. The two largest ethnic groups in America, the Germans, such as myself and the English, are both about twenty-percent each. In within thirty years or so America will no longer have a racial majority population as well. The European-American population is falling. And since Derryck Green says that Europe has voter ID laws, so should we, they also have universal higher education. Where their federal government’s are the primary payer when it comes to college education. Where everyone in the country can afford to go to college. Does Mr. Green want that higher education system for America as well? I don’t and I’m a Liberal. No such thing as free education, or free anything else that government does.

The fact is if you’re a Liberal, or a Conservative, you’re not a racist. Racism, is built on stupidity and ignorance, hate and perhaps some form of craziness. Where you see things about people who simply aren’t there. Where you judge people by their hair, or complexion, instead of how they present themselves as an individual which is their character. You look at characteristics of other members of a race and assume that everyone in that race is exactly the same. I’ll probably never get a Tea Partier, or Neoconservative to believe this, but tolerance is a huge liberal value, along with Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice. Conservatives, are taught to treat people as individuals and not as members of groups. Individualism, is a big conservative value. So if you actually are a Liberal, or a Conservative, you’re not a racist. But you might play a Liberal, or Conservative on TV, or online.

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