John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TruthDig: Opinion: Sonali Kolhatkar: "The Rise of the New Liberal Islamaphobia": The Differences Between Muslims and Islamists

TruthDig: Opinion: Sonali Kolhatkar: The Rise of the New Islamaphobia

Sonali Kolhatkar column in TruthDig just illustrates my point about the political correctness movement on the far-left in America when it comes to Islam. In their little world its acceptable to bash the Christian-Right. But when you bash lets say the Islamists who ideologically in a  lot of ways do not look much different from the Christian-Right at least on culture issues, like women's place in society, you get put down as a racist. Why? Because Muslims tend not to be Anglo and Western-European ethnically and racially. Which is really what this is about. Protecting non-Caucasians against people they see as bigots.

Liberals aren't putting down Muslims as a people and perhaps even Islam. Even though Islam is probably way too restrictive for the average Liberal. We are putting down and critiquing Islamists, which is different. Islamists are terrorists and people who support terrorism in the name of Islam. The same way the Christian-Right when they bash gays and other people claim to be doing that in the name of Christianity and Christ.

ISIS/ISIl in Iraq and Syria are not Muslims in the sense that they do much of a job of living up to Islamic principles and values. They are terrorists and murderers and do those horrible deeds in the name is Islam. Which makes them Islamists and they want to control the Levantine area of the Middle East and murder as many Americans as they can to achieve that. And these are the people that Liberals and others on the Left are critiquing and putting down, because they deserve that. Even if the far-left calls us racists as we are doing so.

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