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Dusty Mendoza: Janet Jackson- 'Live in Tampa, Florida: December 4, 2011'

Source:Dusty Mendoza- Janet Jackson, Up Close & Personal.
"Janet Jackson Live Tampa, Florida December 4, 2011" 

From Dusty Mendoza

I think the thing that most impresses me most about Janet Jackson, is the dancer. Janet dancing on stage is truly a pleasure and watching her dance in a music video the same thing. She is not someone who typically sits on a stool, or stands in front of a microphone and just sings. She sings obviously, but she's usually on the move as she's singing and having to perform the song as well. Her own music and the dance routine at the same time. 

And then you combine the great body and the great shape that she's always in and those classic Levi's black denim jeans with the boots and t-shirt or leather jacket and get to see her move in that outfit and showing everyone what she has to work with (so to speak) and you have one of the most entertaining and sexiest performers you'll ever see. Even if you're not crazy for her music, but perhaps crazy for great entertainment and sexy yet professionally well-done entertainment. 

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