John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TruthOut: Opinion: CJ Polychroniou: The Future of the American Left and Authoritarian Rule

I hate it when people regardless of their political affiliation regard the American Left as the Left. Because the Left in America is not just one, but several different political factions with different political philosophies who are yes on the Left-Wing, but differ from each other. On the Left you have Liberals such as myself on the Center-Left. Then move a little further you have Franklin Roosevelt New Deal Progressives. And then you go to the Far-Left and you have Democratic Socialists and Social Democrats. Who are democratic in nature but have a very large role for the central government in the economy similar to Scandinavia. And would like to see America adapt their political systems and form of government as well.
So talking about the future of the Left as if it is one united faction that looks at most of the issues the same way is like looking at the future of three football teams each having different players and coaches and philosophies that are all different from each other as if they are all part of the same team. It simply doesn’t work, but what can you do is talk about the future of liberalism, progressivism and socialism in America and see where those political factions are headed. And where they are strong and weakness’s of each philosophy and its members. Which is what I’m interested in as a Liberal especially since America is moving in a liberal direction and now wanting both a great deal of personal and economic freedom.
Americans who want both economic and personal freedom, but who don’t quite see themselves as Libertarians people who want government out of the economy all together. But just don’t want government trying to run their lives for them from either an economic or personal perspective is good news for Liberals and Liberal Democrats.
This is bad news for Democrats who have both paternalistic leanings as they relate to both economic and and personal issues. The so-called progressive nanny-statists in the Democratic Party and outside of the Democratic Party the Mike Bloomberg supporters. As well as bad news for those on the Right nanny-statists when it comes to homosexuality, gambling and marijuana. It is also bad news for security hawks who may not be that far to the Left or Right, but have big government leanings when it comes to privacy and the War on Terror. People like Joe Lieberman and unfortunately even to a certain extent Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
The future of liberal Leftists or the liberal Left is very good because that is where the country is moving. Americans who are not anti-government, but do not want government to try to run our lives for us. Just protect us from predators who would harm us. And help out the less-fortunate and empower them to be able to take care of themselves.  

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