John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Diplomat: Opinion: Aurelia George Mulgan: Drop the Double Standard on Japanese Defense

You would think a large developed country of a hundred-thirty-million of people with an economy of four-trillion dollars which is what Japan is could defend themselves. America is not responsible for the national defense of India a huge democracy in a very tough region in South Asia a country of over a billion people. Or responsible for the national security of Mexico another large democracy with tough security issues of a hundred-ten million people. But we are responsible for the defense of Japan that has the third largest economy in the world and a great developed nation with the resources to defend themselves. 
This all goes back to Japan’s past especially World War II when they were an authoritarian state that seek greater power in the world. But those days are gone and not they are one of the greatest countries in the world. A thriving democracy with a democratic constitution where their people have the freedom to govern themselves and where they respect human rights in their country and abroad. They more than have the financial resources to defend themselves. And in case you are not aware of it America has its own problems domestic especially with our debt situation and an economy that is barely growing. 
The question is not whether or not Japan can afford to defend themselves. But whether or not America can afford to defend our huge country and defend other large countries like Japan at the same time. Especially when a country like Japan has the resources to defend themselves. 
I would argue that we do not and that this is where you go to cut the debt and deficit when it comes to the defense budget. The national defenses of countries that can defend themselves. Especially instead of taking it out of people who’ve risked their lives and given up their personal health to defend our country. 

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