John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Politico: Opinion- Kenneth Vogel & Tarini Parti: The Existential Crisis of the Liberal Millionaire

Source: Politico- David Brock-
Source: Politico: Opinion- Kenneth Vogel & Tarini Parti: The Existential Crisis of the Liberal Millionaire

Just so we are clear that Liberals and Democrats (and I mean real Liberal Democrats) aren't against millionaires and wealth. How I know that because the Democratic Party if anything may have more wealthy millionaire individual donors than the Republican Party. It was Barack Obama who had the most contributions from Wall Street in 2012. Not Mitt Romney in case anyone wasn't familiar with that. Wall Street doesn't back incumbents and candidates they believe are against them, or trying to put them out of business, or being wealthy.

There are plenty of Liberal Democrats who are multi-millionaires and if anything worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Hollywood is a perfect example of that and Democrats always get more contributions from Hollywood than Republicans. And the Hollywood types who are all in favor of being economically successful and being wealthy. But tend to be very liberal if not libertarian on the social issues. As well as tend to like liberal economic policies as it relates to education and infrastructure investment.

And these liberal donors back Democrats that they like who tend not to be on the Far-Left. They back center-left Liberal Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry in 2004. And are very friendly with the Bill Clinton's in the Democratic Party. So when you hear things that "Liberal Democrats are against wealth and being rich", you should look at the Democratic donor list and where Democratic politicians get their political contributions. You'll see a lot of union contributions, but you'll also see a lot of contributions from very wealthy Liberals as well.
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