John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sindee Loohoo: A&E Biography- Sophia Loren

Source:Sindee Loohoo- The Italian Goddess Sophia Loren.
"Sophia Loren (born September 20, 1934) is an Italian actress. In 1961, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress for Two Women, becoming the first actress to win an Academy Award for a non-English-speaking performance. Loren has also won five Golden Globe Awards and received an Honorary Academy Award in 1991. Her prominent films include Boy on a Dolphin, A Countess from Hong Kong, The Pride and the Passion, El Cid, The Millionairess, Marriage Italian-Style, Ready to Wear, Grumpier Old Men and most recently the star-studded musical Nine... 

From Sindee Loohoo

Sophia Loren is the best looking Italian woman (American or native Italian) that Italy has ever produced, even though I'm more obviously more familiar with Italian-American women than native Italian women. I would put Sophia up against any other ethnic Italian woman who has ever lived and any other woman period who has ever lived as far as physical beauty and appearance go. 

A perfect example of Sophia's beauty and sex appeal, is her role in Grumpier Old Men from 1995 when she is 60 years old and still a goddess, turning on older and younger men at this point.

But as the corny saying goes, it doesn't stop there, because, like Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, and other goddesses who've worked in the entertainment business, she was a very talented entertainer who could act and sing and make anyone laugh and go toe to toe with great comic actors like Cary Grant when it came to wit and wisecracks, as in the movie Houseboat. She is an actress with great comedic timing and stage presence in addition to her physical beauty and stage command.

Another thing I love about Sophia is how real she was, coming from nothing and raised by people other than her parents in Rome, Lazio, Italy in the 1930s at the height of the fascist Benito Mussolini regime. She made something great of herself with incredibly hard work, especially after we saw the Sophia that the rest of the world is so familiar with, this tall, curvy hot baby-face goddess with the great Italian voice.

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