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Mr. Manifesto: Teddy Roosevelt- 'Saved The U.S. From a Communist Revolution'

Source:Mr. Manifesto- Theodore Roosevelt, vs. the Socialists 
"Why wasn't there a Communist Revolution in America?
I explain my theory on how Theodore Roosevelt prevented a Communist Revolution in The United States of America."

Source:Square Deal- Theodore Roosevelt: the father of the Progressive Era?
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The guy in this video, ( I wouldn't bet a penny that his given name is Mr. Manifesto: I mean what father in the world, would be willing to call their own son Mr? LOL ) is essentially arguing that there are two factors that prevented America from becoming a communist state through a communist revolution or any other means.

One, Theodore Roosevelt became President because he was President William McKinley's Vice President and President McKinley was assassinated in 1901.

Two, that Teddy Roosevelt wasn't a Communist or Socialist himself and that he didn't want communism or socialism governing America.

The guy is right that pre-TR, America was govern by corporate-friendly ( if not corporatist ) President's, as well as Congress's. America, was basically an Ayn Rand wet dream or book ( except this story wasn't fictional ) where government especially at the Federal level had almost no role in the economy.

You had business executives and owners that were very wealthy and most of the country was working very hard for very little and struggling just to pay their bills. And TR wanted to change that first with his Square Deal ( which created the regulatory state in America ) as President and when he wanted to become President again in 1912, he ran on what his cousin Franklin as President would put in place in America in the 1930s what became the New Deal, which created the public safety net in America.

Even when Teddy Roosevelt ran again for President in 1912, the Communist Revolution in Russia was still about 5 years away. Teddy, wasn't a Socialist or Communist and didn't want America to become a socialist state of any kind and did believe in liberal democracy and individual freedom, but was against what's called income inequality, where you have very few people at the top doing very well, while the rest of the country struggles just to survive.

TR, believed that government could come in and help close that income gap and allow for more Americans to succeed economically in America and that government could help people do that, while retaining the great American progressive values that he believed in as a Progressive: like work, production, economic freedom, and individualism.

So based on that had President Teddy Roosevelt not had gotten his Square Deal through Congress and then later the New Deal in the 1930s, maybe America thanks to the income inequality back then and then later the Great Depression, becomes a socialist state.  

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