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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Alfred Hitchcock: Strangers On a Train 1951- Featuring Ruth Roman

Source:Alamy- Leo Carrol, Ruth Roman, and Robert Walker 

I've been watching a lot of Ruth Roman movies and TV the last couple of months ( TCM, Movies TV Network, and YouTube ) because they've been on and I've had a bit of a crush on her since 2013 when I saw her in Untouchables episode. She has this Elizabeth Taylor quality, because she looks like her, especially with the beautiful black hair and cheeks, but not quite as adorable and more mature, as well as sexier.

I believe the best way to describe Ruth Roman is as a sexier and more mature Liz Taylor. Not saying she's as good as an actress as Liz Taylor, but she does have this Taylor quality that makes you want to see her over and over again, hear her voice over and over again. Unlike the associate who waits on you at the grocery store, Ruth was not an ordinary woman who you would say: "just someone at the grocery store." ( or wherever the place ) she is someone who stands out and grabs your attention.

Saw her in an old episode of Cannon with William Conrad last night where she plays the devoted and overly protective mother of the murderer in that episode, until she realizes that her son was the ringleader of these murders in their small town and then she turns him in. She was already 52 when that episode appeared in 1974, but you wouldn't know that because she still had the beautiful black hair, the big beautiful sweet cheeks, and the sweet voice.

This scene from Strangers on a Train from 1951, which is one of Alfred Hitchcock's best, represents what I'm talking about here. She plays the fiancee of a young and up and coming pro tennis player, who is also a murder suspect that the local Washington Police is keeping an eye on. Bruno ( played by Robert Walker ) is the real murderer here and they meet for the first time in this scene.

Source:Eddie 91: Strangers on a Train 1951- Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Walker - Farley Granger and his sister in the movie
"Strangers on a Train (1951)   Howard St. John , Leo G. Carroll , Kasey Rogers" 

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