Wednesday, July 3, 2019

George Carlin: Assholes

Source:George Carlin- George Carlin, talking about a distinguish group of Americans.
"Different degrees of which a person is an a$$hole!"

From George Carlin

Source:George Carlin- Sounds like the people who can't handle the truth and honesty, ( to paraphrase Jack Nicholson ) are the real assholes. 
This was covered on this blog yesterday, but since this is about George Carlin, we're going to cover assholes again, not that Carlin was ever an asshole, but just because he was an expert on this particular, distinguishing group of people. Congratulations, George!

There assholes who don't respect anyone else's feelings ( except for perhaps themselves and are the biggest candyasses known to man when people are honest with them ) and then there are people who are so stupid, that they don't even know how stupid that they are. One thing to not know what you actually know, or should know, it's another to believe you know a helluva lot more than you actually are. It's the moron wing of the asshole club ( one of the largest clubs known to man ) that I'm going to focus on when it comes to assholes.

It's one thing to have a high respect for yourself if you deserve it and then brag about how awesome ( or whatever word you want to use ) you think you are and then deliver on all of your talk. Larry Bird, one of the best trash talkers in the history of the NBA, but he always backed up what he said. And it's another to think that you're so smart, so knowledgeable, that you should be the President of the Ivy Leaguers of America, when the actual truth is you overslept or were drunk on the day that God handed out brains and you missed your opportunity in life to even be an intelligent person, let alone a genius.

Those are the people that you need to look out for, because they're really dangerous because they have a bad habit about making decisions about things they know nothing about, that affect the lives of others and are the people who can't handle the real truth about themselves, because it sounds like the opposite of what they are in real life. People who make real decisions not just their real lives, but about the lives of others, ( like career politicians ) are the most dangerous of the assholes. And would all be in contention for President of Assholes of America.

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