John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bernie Sanders: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow- Bernie Sanders Consistency

Source: Bernie Sanders: MSNBC Rachel Maddow- Bernie Sanders Consistency

This video of Bernie Sanders would have been much more enjoyable to watch if Rachel Maddow wasn't in it, or I didn't have to hear her speak. She's just one example of why MSNBC is so unwatchable and why they're going to change their prime-time lineup. According to Rachel, Bernie Sanders has served in both the Congress and the Senate as if they're separate institutions. I guess she's another American who failed social studies in high school, or didn't bother to take it. And could get use out of taking a U.S. Government course. And why we're somewhere around 40 when it comes to education in the world.

What is appealing about Senator Bernie Sanders who is still the only self-described Democratic Socialist in Congress, but not the only one, just the only one with the balls to call them self a Democratic Socialist, is his consistency. Other than consistently attacking, or going after Republicans, he doesn't sound like a politician. Unlike Hillary Clinton he knows who he his and what he believes and always has. He doesn't figure out what office he wants to run for and then decide who has to be and what special interest support he believes he needs to win that office and then figure out what his positions are going to be based on that. Because the man already knows what he believes and why he believes it and was introduced to himself before most of the country was born and knows exactly who he is.

I believe Senator Sanders is running for president because he actually wants the job. Unlike a Ron Paul from 2012 who was running for the most part to gain national attention for his libertarian message. Senator Sanders wants to be President of the United States and believes he at least has a competitive shot at winning the Democratic nomination for president next year and then winning the presidency. But again, because he knows who he is and what he believes and why he believes it and is a man of great character he's not going to say whatever he believes he needs to win. Which is something that if America had a lot more of in our politicians then a lot more Americans would bother to vote, because they believe they would know who they're voting for and why.

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