John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Green Party: Bill Kreml Envisioning a Functional Government- Bringing Social Democracy to America?

Source: Green Party USA-Bill Kreml-
Source: Green Party: Bill Kreml Envisioning a Functional Gov't- A Green Party Presidential Candidate

I gotta admit and there are not many Social Democrats, or Democratic Socialists that actually empress me, but Bill Kreml even with his hippie socialist look came off as very sober and knowing exactly what he's talking about here. We don't agree on social democracy, or democratic socialism, but he made an excellent presentation here.

I've said for about four years now as a blogger that Social Democrats in America, of course they want to change the U.S. Constitution. If not throw it out, or start over, or not bothering to replace it with anything else. And change the Federal Government and that is assuming they would leave our Federal system in place, change it to a social democratic majoritarian system. Where the people in power could essentially do whatever they want, because who, or what the hell would stop them? America is a Constitutional Federal Republic with liberal democratic values and protections that protect us from a majority that would go to far. Of course our Constitution is anti-majoritarian. Why should Americans lose their constitutional rights because of a big government party right or left that comes into power that doesn't believe in them?

The one suggestion that Mr. Kreml made that I actually like not sure if I'm in favor of it, but is certainly worth consideration would be to have the House of Representatives serve four-year terms instead of two. I would be open to this as long as you split up the House and 218 Representatives run during a presidential year and the other half run during mid-terms. So the people could still hold the President and his party accountable before the reelection campaign if they don't like what the current administration is doing and don't like what his party in Congress both House and Senate is doing either. But a better solution here would simply to hold Congress more accountable. End gerrymandering in the House whether it comes from Republicans or Democrats. And establish full-disclosure for all Senators and Representatives and Congressional candidates. So if someone is being bought the people will know who those people are.

Mr. Kreml hinted that a pure social democracy wouldn't work in America because of our size and political diversity. And neither would a unitarian government to replace our federal system. You take away the federal system and replace it with a unitarian system and you would see states leaving the union with Washington having to decide if they should use the military or not to prevent Florida. Texas, California, Alaska, whoever it might be from leaving the union. Because those states and perhaps every other state would say, "why should Washington tell us how to educate our kids, build our roads, get to spend most of our tax revenue, etc, etc, when we're more than capable of doing these things for ourselves?" But Mr. Kreml does make a good argument about the House of Representatives. Which of course needs to be reformed, but the question is how to do that.

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