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Washington Redskins: NFL 1991-Washington Redskins Highlights

Source: Washington Redskins-
Source: Washington Redskins: 1991 Washington Redskins Season Highlights

What I remember about the 1991 Redskins as a fifteen and sixteen year old, is how dominant they were. They didn't win games, but they simply beat teams on both sides of the ball. Probably the most physical defense that they've ever had. Which is saying something, because they were always big and strong on defense under Joe Gibbs in the 1980s. But if you watch the 1991 Redskins, you see them simply hammering the opposition on defense game after game. The Lions, Falcons and Eagles games come to mind very quickly.

What I remember about the 91 Redskins is all of those blowouts that they won. They scored 485 points and only gave up 224, which meant they more than double points that they gave up. You do that by winning a lot of blowouts. They had probably the best running game in the league that year with the best offensive line. And then add quarterback Mark Rypien who was pretty good and accurate when he had a running game and pass protection and throw in The Posse as his receivers. Art Monk, Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders, someone was always open for Ryp to throw the ball to.

Not saying that the 91 Redskins are the best Redskins team ever, but they were the most dominant and perhaps the most complete. Really no weakness's on either side of the ball. But they played a fairly weak schedule, including the Falcons twice, the Lions twice. And then the AFC Central where the only winning team in that division was the Houston Oilers. I rather have Joe Theisman as my QB and John Riggins running the ball, with Dave Butz and Darryl Grant in the middle of my defense. With Dexter Manley as one defensive end to go with Charles Mann. But the 91 Redskins are about as dominant a Super Bowl champion that has ever played.

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