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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Run and Pass: Video: ESPN's E:60, Bill Buckner Behind the Bag

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The 1986 MLB World Series is one of the greatest World Series of all- time. Not because of the Bill Buckner error at first base in Game 6. But because it was a matchup of two great teams, the two best teams in baseball in 1986. Who played about as well as they possibly could. This was a World Series with 3-4 great games, where both teams had opportunities to win each of these games, with a few blowouts mixed in. 

You could make a very good case that the Boston Red Sox should've won both Games 6 and 7, they had leads late in both games and didn't finish the job. Yes first baseman Bill Buckner made a big error late in that game. But what you gotta remember about that error is the ground ball going through his legs that led to Ray Knight scoring the winning run, was that the game was tied at that point. Its not like Buckner blew the lead for the Red Sox in that game. 

The Red Sox had a two run lead going into the bottom of the 10th Inning. Its the bullpen that blew the two run lead in that inning. And they gave up all the hits and runs, after already having two outs in that inning. Including the tying run coming off of a wild pitch from reliever Bob Stanley. This is something that Red Sox fans even though they watched this game, have just recently figured out.

I'm not making excuses for Bill Buckner, who was an accomplished first baseman. Who was more than capable of making that ground ball even with the bad feet he managed to put himself in position to make that play. He got to the ball and got his glove down in time. But misplayed it, tried to pick it up before the ball got to his glove and as a result the ball went right through his legs. 

I'm just saying that to put all of the blame on Buckner for the Red Sox losing the 1986 World Series, is unfair and borderline nasty by people who were so frustrated about losing a World Series that they should've won actually. They outplayed the Mets, especially in Game 6 and 7, as well as winning the first two games at Shea Stadium. Before you put the blame on Buckner, you should look at all of those runners that the Red Sox Offense left on base in that World Series. 

Especially all of the runners the Red Sox left in scoring position and the Red Sox Bullpen for blowing those leads. Even with the two bad feet that Bill Buckner was playing on, including I believe a broken ankle and yet he was their full-time first baseman. Even with the broken foot the Red Sox don't beat the Anaheim Angels in the American League Championship, a team that might of been better than the Red Sox on paper without Buckner.

The Angeles were up 3-1 in that series over the Red Sox and the Red Sox don't get to that World Series either, they wouldn't of been good enough to without Bill Buckner. So what the Buckner Family has been put through as a result, has been really unfair and there are Red Sox fans who should be ashamed of themselves.

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