John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reason: Nick Gillespie Interview Arvin Vohra- Are Libertarians Spoiling the Midterm Elections?: A Future For Conservative Libertarian Republicans?

Reason: Nick Gillespie Interviewing Arvin Vohra- Are Libertarians Spoiling the Midterm Elections?

At some point Libertarians if they want to be a real political movement in America that can compete and win elections and come to power, get elected to state legislatures and governorships and win a big number of seats in Congress both in the House and Senate, they need to figure out what they are and what that want to be. And what is the best avenue to accomplish their policy goals. The Paul's Ron and is son Rand have already figured out and have decided the Republican Party is their best course to accomplish what they want to do.

The libertarian movement needs to figure out are they anti-big government, but pro-small government, meaning we would have a government, but that it is much smaller than it is today? Or are they anti-government period to the point they sound like Anarchists or are even Anarchists who don't want any government at all? If the first one is true, than I think they have a great future in American politics, especially after they decide what is the best political party to voice those policies. If they are Anarchists, they really don't need to run for office at all. Because they don't believe in government at all.

The future for both the Republican Party and the libertarian movement are Libertarian Republicans inside of the Republican Party. Conservative Libertarians inside of the Republican Party who'll just say no to big government. As it relates to a big government welfare state and a big government nanny state as it relates to social issues. Who would be Federalists inside of the GOP as it relates to both economic and social policy.

Scrap the Libertarian Party and move all of those resources inside of the GOP with their two-million or so members and create the Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party. Republicans who believe in good responsible decentralized small government. With that power from Washington going to the states and localities and more importantly the people to manage their own economic and personal affairs. And you would see members of Congress like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Jeff Flake and Ron Johnson from the Senate and Justin Amash, Walter Jones and others from the House join this caucus inside of the GOP.

The Republican Party is simply goes to have to be able to compete with young American minority voters especially Latinos to win and be competitive in the future. Despite the results of the 2014 election cycle that was older and more majority in race than it was just two-years ago. Conservative libertarianism is how they do that and that is how they counter liberalism on the Left with these voters. And tell them "we don't want to run your lives or tell you what to do and we are not anti-government. We just want big government out of people's lives.

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