John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mox News: Video: CNN's Situation Room: U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann vs. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Poverty

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I don't know why anyone takes Representative Michelle Bachmann seriously on anything. Except when it may come to satire or what is stupid in the world today. I could just concentrate on the fact that the spends her time repeating Tea Party talking points that are completely false. The Obama War on Women to use as an example, the Obama War on Success or the Obama War on Energy. Are just a few examples and that fact that CNN brings her to debate someone as serious as knowledgeable. As Senator Bernie Sanders whose also a gentleman and let's people speak, is beyond me.

You want to know why CNN's ratings are down and they are actually losing viewers to that joke called a. News network MSNBC, I'll tell you anyway. Because Wolf Blitzer and other's at CNN bring on Michelle Bachmann and people just as ignorant and rude as she is. And just basically let her talk the whole time and when they have what they call debates with her there. She not only get's to speak as long as she wants to. But get's to take the person's she's debating with time as well. Not stopping her awful interruptions and as a result viewers have to listen to turn to all of her garbage. That doesn't get questioned or turn to another channel.

As far as poverty in America, I actually watched the entire video of the interview of the. Poor single mom and what she was said was that she needs additional skills and education so she can. Get herself a good job and not need public assistance at all. Because she knows she simply can't support herself on public assistance or working a minimum wage job with public assistance. Which has been one of my main points when it has come to the so-called War on Poverty in America.