John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paul Ryan: Video: NBC News In Plain Sight: Brian Williams Interviewing U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, We All Have a Role to Play

I rarely agree with Representative Paul Ryan on anything, but he actually makes some good points about poverty in America. And what I respect about is that he makes his points in an interesting way that leaves me to believe that and intelligent person can believe what he is saying. And say, “yeah I see how an intelligent person could agree with that. It might not be my approach. But it is a good alternative to what I’ve been talking about on these issues.”

Now here is where I agree with Representative Paul Ryan. Where he says that we all need to be in this together. Meaning the whole country when it comes to dealing with poverty in America. That the Federal Government can’t do all of it by themselves as much as they may want to. That the states and locals need to be involved here as well as the private sector. And for me that would be about empowering the non-profits in the private sector with the resources to train low-income workers. Give them health services, find and build them housing, give them childcare etc.

Representative Ryan was talking about the one size fits all solution to combating poverty in America. Meaning the Federal Government trying to manage everything themselves. That needs to stop and allow for the states and locals to have the resources to meet the needs of their own residents. With basic national standards in place, as well as empowering non-profits to deal with these issues. Empowering people in their own communities to take on poverty in their communities.

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