Friday, January 3, 2014

Robert Wenzel: ‘Happy New Year from the Freedom Socialist Party!’

Source:Freedom Socialist Party- proud American Socialists.

“Freedom and socialism appear to me as exact opposites, but that doesn’t seem to bother the Freedom Socialist Party. They have high hopes for 2014.” 

“The Freedom Socialist Party works to replace the ugliness and unsustainability of capitalist rule with international workers’ democracy.

We fight as one for all who are exploited and oppressed and for a healthy future for the planet.” 

Source:Freedom Socialist Party- proud American Socialists.

From the Freedom Socialist Party 

“Emily Woo Yamasaki of New York, NY and FSP National Comrades of Color Caucus coordinator continues the panel “Beyond the Myth of a Post-Racial Society: Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution” by discussing the Freedom Socialist Party’s position on race issues.

This discussion took place at the Freedom Socialist Party National Convention 2010 on Saturday, July 10th in Olympia, WA. To learn more about the convention and the Freedom Socialist Party, visit:Freedom Socialist Party." 

Source:Freedom Socialist Party- the people at this convention would not take offense of being called Socialists.

From the Freedom Socialist Party 

The Freedom Socialist Party, hum that is a title that makes me want to go well, hum. Yes, I know there are Democratic Socialists and Bernie Sanders comes to mind pretty quickly. But when I and a lot of other Americans and myself perhaps less than the average American think of socialism at least the economic form of it, I think of really high taxes, lots of regulations, huge centralized government, huge welfare state. And that’s is assuming that the private sector and private enterprise is left in place.

In most socialist countries today there is a private sector and private enterprise. But every other socialist characteristic is also in place. So I don’t tend to think of freedom when it comes to socialism, at least not economic freedom.I think of all sorts of centralized government programs and services. With people not being able to decide for themselves how they receive these services. 

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