John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Mass Tea Party: Video: FNC's Sean Hannity: Ann Coulter, "If The GOP is This Stupid, They Deserve to Die"

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This just in, I’ve just seen my second video in where Sean Hannity was the most responsible person in the discussion. So either Sean is getting better or his guests are getting worst. The first time was from back in 2006 when she was interviewing a lawyer from the so-called Westboro Church, which is really a far-right cult, who protest funerals for Gays or soldiers gay or straight, they actually protest people who’ve died to protect their country.
Ann Coulter is pure entertainment for everyone on the Left and I bet a lot of people on the Right. Whether it’s immigration reform or whatever the issue, because she doesn’t get taken seriously very often as a commentator. But used and I mean used to talk about her. "Look Ann Coulter just spoke or wrote something again. This is what Far-Right is now saying and Ann Coulter is their spokesperson". The whole amnesty issue is a perfect example of that. It’s as if Neoconservatives do not know the word and the definition of it. Or they've made up their own definition and perhaps have written their own dictionary as well. 
Or Neoconservatives are simply being dishonest about the word amnesty. I’m not sure, I go all three ways a lot of times, but amnesty when it comes to legalizing illegal immigrants and not citizenship exactly, but saying they can live and work in the country legally and not have to pay any penalty for it, they are essentially pardoned for entering the country illegally. No one serious in the immigration reform debate who has any real power in this debate is talking about that. What we are talking about in the immigration reform debate is probational residency for people who entered the country illegally, they would become probational residents. 
Not legal immigrants or American citizens at least not until way down the road. But for probational residential status for illegal immigrants who’ve committed no other felonies other than entering the United States illegally, but haven’t committed any felonies since and are working and pay any back taxes they may owe and pay a fine based on how long they’ve lived in the United States illegally. Learn English and after all of these conditions are met, then they would be able to get at the back of the line. But if you're on the Far-Right, anything short of deporting 10-15 million illegal immigrants, or locking them up, especially Latin-Americans, is considered amnesty to them. 
Neoconservatives call this amnesty because they either do not understand the word, like probably in Michelle Bachmann’s case, or they have something against Latinos and seem them as invaders or something like in Pat Buchanan’s case. But with Neoconservatives like Ann Coulter and unfortunately many others on the Far-Right, is anything short of deporting ten to fifteen million illegal immigrants and perfectly securing the borders which is about as easy as making a country free of crime, is considered amnesty to them. 
What we can have in America is a safe and secure border, but not perfect and a country that has low crime rates. But we’ll never have a perfect system, but we can keep illegal immigrants from coming into the country in the future and do a much better job then we are doing now. You're never going to have a perfect immigration system legal and otherwise, as long as you're a huge country both in population and in land that is as wealthy and as powerful as we are. And where a lot of the rest of the world including neighboring countries live in deep poverty and want better lives for themselves and their children. And don't see that happening in their country. 
So when Neoconservatives who don't seem to support much of anything when it comes to immigration reform, except for increase border security, say we have to secure the border first. What do they mean by that, are they simply not intelligent enough to figure out that perfection is simply not possible in an imperfect world. Or do they want the border to the point that only so many people enter the country illegally every year. Secure the border is a cute political catch phrase, sort of like tough on crime, or fiscally responsible. But unless there are real policies behind those phrases, they are nothing, but political catch phrases and talking points. 

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