John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

CFL Video: ESPN: CFL 1995-Week 7-Memphis Mad Dogs @ Baltimore Stallions: Short Clip

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The Stallions, weren’t the only good team in the CFL’s Southern Conference, American Conference, really. The San Antonio Texans, at 12-6 in 1995 were pretty good too. But they were the class of the CFL South. Maybe the only real Grey Cup contender in the entire CFL South in 1995. But you gotta know, the entire CFL South were expansion franchises. The Stallions, were in their second season. The Memphis Mad Dogs, were in their second season. The Shreveport Pirates and Birmingham Piranhas, were in their second seasons. The San Antonio Texans, who came over from Sacramento, were in their third season. The Las Vegas Posse, were in their second season in 1995. The CFL, wanted to create two conferences. A Canadian and an American, so the Grey Cup Final would be a Can Am Championship of pro football. Which was the right idea, but poorly executed. With the American clubs outside of Baltimore never marketed very well in America.

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