Friday, June 25, 2021

Michael Smerconish: 'What is the Appropriate Sentence For Derek Chauvin?'

Source:Michael Smerconish- you be the judge?

"COMMENT what you think the appropriate sentence is!

"It is a given he will do a minimum of 15 years": NBC News National Reporter Janelle Griffith joins the show to discuss her predictions for today's sentencing of Derek Chauvin, using Judge Peter Cahill's track record of rulings as the basis of her analysis." 

I'm not a lawyer let alone someone who is familiar with Minnesota law, but just looking at what Derek Chauvin was convicted of which was second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter, you would think that Chauvin would be eligible for 20 years in prison for the second degree murder conviction alone. But Chauvin got 22 years total for unintentional murder, third degree murder, and manslaughter. I wasn't a math major either, but I know that 22 years for three crimes is a little more than seven years for each crime. 

The State of Minnesota is not Scandinavia, it's not Vermont, it's not Greenwich, New York, it's not Seattle, it's not San Francisco. This is not some radical hippie, Far-Left type of state. Minnesota is a middle of the road, middle of the country, Center-Left state, but not a Far-Left state. You would think they would be serious when it came murderers and not slap people on the wrist and ask them not to kill anymore innocent people in the future. Which is what seven years for a third degree and second degree murder  and manslaughter essentially is. 

I don't know who Judge Cahill is (the man who sentenced Derek Chauvin) but I believe if the same jury who convicted Chauvin of these horrible crimes were also sentencing Chauvin, the former officer is probably looking at 30 years if not 40 years. (Unless it was a jury of radical hippie leftists) Because it's hard to imagine a jury who believes a police officer is who guilty of three different types of killings, should probably do real time for it. Not seven years for each crime, which is what Chauvin got. 

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