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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Gene Tierney: Mysteries and Scandals

Source:Hannah Howe- Hollywood Goddess Gene Tierney. 
"A lovely quote from Gene Tierney, discovered while researching her life and career, “A romantic picks the rose and is careless with the thorns.”

Source:Jacinto Ruffeew: Gene Tierney- Mysteries and Scandals- Oleg Cassini: one of Gene Tierney's husbands 
"Joaquin Smithey farkıyla sunulmuştur.Lütfen takip etmeyi unutmayın.Mysteries and Scandals (also known as Mysteries & Scandals) is an American television program hosted by A.J. Benza. The series was originally broadcast on."

When I think of actress Gene Tierney, ( and this might sound corny ) but I literally think of the woman when she makes her entrance, she steals the show. That as soon as she appears, the only person and only thing that anyone can concentrate on is her. Maybe the woman who owns the show and just takes it over and everyone just automatically assumes the show is now hers. She was literally not just that beautiful, but she was so adorable in an adult and sexy way, lot a little girl way like Marilyn Monroe and a lot of other Hollywood babydoll's from that era, but she was so sweet and sexy at the same time and literally mesmerized any man who saw her.

If you are a political junky such as myself and you are interested in Hollywood political movies and you are also interested in Congress specifically, then Advise and Consent from 1962 where Gene Tierney plays the girlfriend of the Senate Majority Leader, is a great movie for you.  ( Played by Walter Pidgeon ) Gene, essentially plays the role of a Washington political wife even though she and the Majority Leader aren't married yet, but she throws Washington parties for her boyfriend in the movie.

There's this one scene in Advice and Consent where a couple of Senator's are arguing about foreign policy and one of them ( played by George Grizzard ) gets frustrated and stars yelling. Gene's character enters the room where this debate is going on and there's nothing but complete silence in room, because everyone is mesmerized by Gene's character. That was Gene Tierney in Advise and Consent and Gene Tierney in real-life where you really believe that peace could break out where she appears simply because of her presence.

There's another scene in Advise and Consent after their Washington party where she and the Majority Leader ( her boyfriend ) are alone together in their apartment. And Gene's line in that scene is and I'm paraphrasing here: "someone in Washington once said that any bitch with a million bucks, a big house, and a good caterer can be a social success in Washington." And then she asks her boyfriend: "do you think I'm a bitch?" With her boyfriend replying: "well if you are one, you're certainly a perfectly nice one." If all bitches were Gene Tierney, that word would completely lose its meaning, because she was a total sweetheart who always seemed way too cute to ever be mean.

Gene Tierney, was a Hollywood Goddess of Hollywood Goddesses and someone who wasn't just beautiful and adorable, but someone who was extremely special because of how sweet and beautiful that she was. Who is also one of the best actresses of her generation ( if not ever ) because she always owned every room and scene that she was ever part of, because of her beauty and ability to own every scene she was ever part of.  

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