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People's World: Series- '100 Years of The Communist Party USA'

Source:CPUSA- Communist Party of America.
"The world is on the verge of a new era. Europe is in revolt. The masses of Asia are stirring uneasily. Capitalism is in collapse. The workers of the world are seeing a new life and securing new courage. Out of the night of war is coming a new day… The class war rages fiercely in all nations. Everywhere the workers are in a desperate struggle against their capitalist masters. The call to action has come. The workers must answer the call!” — Manifesto of the Communist Party of America, 1919"

Source:People's World

"Despite the challenges of working for socialism, peace and social justice in the world's leading imperialist power, the Communist Party USA has played a dynamic role  for 100 years in the growth and struggles of our country's labor movement."

Source: Marxist Classes.
I sort of got into this last year on this blog about what exactly is communism as a political philosophy and what does it mean to be a Communist. And one of the biggest reactions and answers to that were that Communists are essentially Anarchists who believe in a stateless society: which anyone who is familiar with communism and how its portrayed at least ( if not accurately ) sounds like the opposite of what communism is supposed to be and what it means to be a Communists.

When people think of big, centralized government and that individualism and materialism two things that Americans tend to love, that those things are somehow dangerous, ( at least according to Communists and Socialists ) they think of Communists and Socialists as people who believe in that. And that you need a central government big enough with the resources to guarantee that everyone is taken care of and that people don't have the freedom to make big mistakes with their lives.

When you hear Communists talk today whether they're in America or outside of this country, they tend to talk about and push the same things as let's say the Democratic Socialists of America.

Whether you're talking about a big, centralized welfare state, or that individual wealth is somehow selfish and unfair and you need big, centralize government welfare state to sort of equalize things ( to use a soccer term ) and make sure there's enough resources for people who aren't wealthy. Rarely if ever today ( anywhere outside of North Korea, at least ) do you hear Socialists talking about the need of nationalizing this industry or that one. Except as it relates to private sector services that tend to be covered by a welfare state: like health care, health insurance, pension, education, etc. But not food, restaurants, technology, even airlines, etc.

If Communists actually do believed in a stateless society, ( which I gotta admit is a struggle to try to believe ) then how are they different from Anarchists? If Communists, essentially believe in the same things as Democratic Socialists of America and let's say U.K. Labour Leader Jermey Corbyn, how are they different from Democratic Socialists?

If Communists, are just what they believe they are and are people who believe that individual freedom both personal and economic are bad things and there shouldn't be any right to privacy at least, because there's no such thing as private or privacy in a true Communist State ( like North Korea ) and what you need instead if a big central government there with the resources to make sure that everyone is taken care of in society and that individualism is not even wanted, let alone needed because the Communist State is always there to tell people what to do and what to think, ( like in North Korea ) then its easy to see why they you would need to socialist factions: a Communist-Authoritarian faction and a Democratic Socialist faction.  

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