John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Friday, August 17, 2018

The Blaze: Glenn Beck- 'Comedy Has Been Taken Over by Insanely Self-Important People Like Stephen Colbert'

Source: The Blaze- The real Glenn Beck 
Source: The Blaze: Glenn Beck- 'Comedy Has Been Taken Over by Insanely Self-Important People Like Stephen Colbert'

My counterpoint to Glenn Beck here is going to sound like an impression of Captain Obvious and perhaps put me in contention for the World Championship of obvious statements and yet Glenn Beck seems to miss this here.

Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert- The real Stephen Colbert 
Comedians like anyone else in our great, vast liberal democracy we call America with our guaranteed constitutional liberal right to free speech don't live in vacuums. Everything that any of us say in this country is opened to interpretation and and reaction. The best comedians in America and everyone else go where the material is and joke about not only what they believe is funny, but more importantly to their bottomline what their viewers and audience believes is funny. The reason why comedians are more political now and Glenn Beck is right that we've seen more comedy in politics in the last twenty years or so, but the reason for this is that the country is more political now.

If comedians tell jokes and do material that only they believe is funny or the people they work with believe is funny, their performances and writings will be as humorous as a preacher giving a sermon on Sunday and they'll either sound like they have no comedic timing or that they're dead serious. Thanks to the internet and now social media, new technology Americans are more engage now with politics and their government, as well as entertainment and what comedians are saying about our politics and government. And they see so much to be frank bullshit and corruption in our politics, as well as partisanship that they want to laugh and perhaps need to laugh about it to avoid having to check into some rest home and having to go under medication to treat their depression.

If a lot of our politicians weren't so stupid, dishonest, corrupt, and partisan and everyday life in politics was like a day in Pleasantville and Pleasantville was the capital of the United States instead of Washington, comedians wouldn't be joking so much about politics in this country because everyday life in politics wouldn't be so funny and they would find other things to do with their time and material. We live in a liberal democracy with a private market economy. If people here want to hear jokes about politics and their government, that's exactly what they're going to get. Because successful comedians go where the material and jokes are.

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