John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Economic Policy Journal: Yonathan Anselem- 'Progressivism is a Blob of Alleged Rights That Results in Nothing But Structural Disorder': A Look at Modern Progressivism

Economic Policy Journal: Yonathan Anselem- Progressivism is a Blob of Alleged "Rights" That Results in Nothing But Structural Disorder

This blog uses terms like Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Social Democrat, New Marxist, Neo-Communist and New-Left, to describe people who we at least see are to the left of what would be called Progressives. In the Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ, New Deal and Great Society sense. Progressives, do have a big role when it comes to government and using government in America to create progress. Create an environment where everyone can  succeed in this country, but on their own. Where you don't need to come from wealthy parents to succeed in America, because everyone has the access to a modern infrastructure system, a quality education through higher education. A public safety net for people who truly need it, but not a welfare state to manage everyone economic and personal affairs for them.

The so-called Modern Progressive, who are really Democratic Socialists in the Bernie Sanders and back in the 1970s George McGovern, believe that the New Deal and Great Society simply didn't go far enough. They see the private sector is too big, the Federal Government too small, too much individualism in the American economy, taxes too low across the board. And as a result the Democratic Socialist believes the American economy is an economy where people can do too well in their view and where everyone else doesn't have enough. So they would say you need a big Federal Government to make up the difference and pick up the slack for the shortcomings of the private sector. You need to tax everyone at high amounts so everyone has what they need to live well that is provided by the Federal Government. And heavily tax the wealthy to take care of the poor.

So when this blog talks about lets say Franklin Roosevelt and his presidency, we do talk about the New Deal, the modern infrastructure system, but we also talk about World War II and the national security state that his administration created. Because progressivism, is a modern mainstream Center-Left philosophy, that generally sees America as a force for good (to sound corny) and America as a great country. To the point that it is worth defending and that we need to be strong enough to defend ourselves, but also defend our liberal values around the world. Of freedom and human rights and help people who are struggling to obtain those things for themselves. Where we and our allies can make a positive difference. Because Progressives understand power and aren't anti-military and use of force.

It is not just that Democratic Socialists today, tend to see government as too small and taxes too low and that government doesn't do enough for the people, but that our military are the real terrorists in the world. And that they believe that minorities deserve special protection and some right never to be criticized, at least not by majorities. And that masculinity is a bad thing and that men tend to be bad and what America stands for tends to be bad things. They are way to the left of what the Roosevelt's and Harry Truman and LBJ ever were ideologically. They are a new leftist political movement that
might considered mainstream in Europe, but look like Far-Left radicals in America. Just like the Christian-Right may look mainstream in the Middle East and South Asia, but look like Far-Right radicals in America.

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