John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jewish News One: Video: Hollywood Star Karen Black Dies at 74: An Iconic Actress

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I wish Karen Black had another ten-years. But when you have cancer, unless it is found quickly and dealt with properly and the patient has the resources to deal with it correctly, it’s almost a death sentence. I wish she had at another ten years, because she was one of the best actress’s of her generation and era. Which was the 1960s and seventies and took big chances and made them payoff big time. Like with Easy Rider, Airport 1975, one of my favorite movies and I believe her best movie and role. And Nashville, which came out a year earlier than Airport 75.

She took risks on movies that not a lot of other actress’s would have when she didn’t have to do it and where the movies could’ve bombed on her and made it difficult for her to get big roles and big movies later on. And she would not only take the big risks, but they would pay off for her big time. And would be movies that would be remembered very well thirty or forty years later. And would do such a great job in these movies. Like in Airport 75, where she plays a head stewardess who has to take control of the plane during a mid-air collision with all three pilots no longer being able to fly the plane. And she ends flying the plane herself with the help of the runway tower and the pilot on the plane still being able to speak.

And Karen Black played these risky roles very well and will be missed. And then throw in how adorable and beautiful she was. And versatile she way with the ability to play tough characters. Like going from prostitutes with drug issues, in both Easy Rider and then later Nashville in the mid 1970s. To going to have to play a head stewardess in Airport 75 that at one point is actually flying the plane. And that is after she has to get ahold of the runway tower to let them know what is going on. Someone whose never flied a plane before and has no experience at all in doing that. Having to fly this plane over in the Mountain West and climbing mountains. And playing the terrified little adorable women who doesn’t know if she’s going to survive this experience. And yet has to pull it all together for the sake of herself and the people on the plane that she’s responsible for. And she did these role beautifully.

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